Monday, December 27, 2004

Rekindling Original Passion for the Way

A message is being received via environmental archetypal interpretations. It is being sent through your nightdreams. It is this: You need to work assiduously and conscientiously. When the truth (the nature of Reality) was first introduced to you, you focused upon it with great enthusiasm, excitement, and passion! But now, it has somehow become "ordinary." The Mind is calling upon you to rekindle your original passion that you had when the message/discovery/Way was fresh and new!
Your path needs to become the allconsuming flame at the very zenith of your Mind. The specific need is to work on the cultivation and development of more emotional warmth, especially in matters of honest, fearless, nondefensive Love.

There is a strong need to stimulate or to ignite the fires of the first and original passion that you felt for Spirit in the beginning. The Spirit of Mind and Love wants to become your magnificent obsession. Working with a "shaman" is not necessarily the best way to develop these qualities. Instead, the need is for you to work with your inner and very deep Self. In doing this, a primary goal needs to be social, spiritual, and emotional independence. Developing a "cathecsis" (dependence) upon an "outer teacher" would be an antiprogressive step, moving backwards. The Center of life wants again to be your Center. Let It/Him/Her live in and through you, possess you, as gentle, tender Love.

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