Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some Notes on Numerology


Everyday numerology can tell us mostly peripherals about the directions and events of our lives. There are numerological extremists, who tend to be radically controlled by the numbers in their lives. They seem always upset, in a frenetic and kinetic frenzy!

Their problem is that they are always trying to control every factor of their lives. That word "control" always rings alarmbells in the mind of a mystic. Of course, there are many actions that we can take to improve our lives, and we should take them. But if we allow our lives to be over-regulated by numerology, and we attempt to regulate that, we can fall into a tailspin of fears and superstitions. This can dominate life rather unpleasantly, stripping it of its precious freedoms.

For numerologists fall far too easily into lives dominated by superstitions. Numbers are designed to give us signals, or feedback, from the Unconscious-- not to wrest "control" of our lives.:)

A nine means the end of a cycle of learning in your life. This is great, because the immediately passed learning-cycle has been a very tough one! Thank Love that it is over!

Five is not a "bad" number; as you might suspect, there are no "bad" numbers. Five does emphasize the cultivation of senses, and sensory, even sensual, experiences. It is the specifically human number, and, as an address, implies that human activities will be developed in the house. Since this includes biology, and all bio-activities, this could imply even a physical healing-- especially when combined with the nine.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Born Again"


When Jesus spoke of "being born again," he was not necessarily being literal, as in reincarnation-- although he might have also meant this.

As he often spoke allegorically or symbolically, especially in his famous parables, he was also speaking here of a psychospiritual process. It is one of dramatic transformation. In mysticism, to be "born again" is to receive, from the Spirit deep in the Unconscious, a new identity. Your human identity is your ego-- the name on your birth-certificate and driver's license.

But this is not your whole, or entire, identity. For, at a deep level of Mind, you are also a soul. This soul is much greater-- has much more experience, wisdom, beauty, and power than your ego. It existed, in "heavenly" realms, before this life, and will survive the death of your body and ego, at the time of your biological termination. Jesus and other masters taught that, when your mission or assignment is complete on earth, you will leave the earth, the earthlife, and the earthbody, behind. You will also have to leave behind your earthidentity. At that time, you will be "born again." You will adopt an entirely new identity; no one will even call you by your earthname.

But it is possible, while still alive, to embrace a rebirth experience or new identity. You can begin, at any moment, to identify yourself as a nonphysical soulmind. This is what deeply spiritual people have always done. You are not a body, but a mind. And deep in that mind is the soul, or soulmind. When you realize that you are a mind, you know that you are part of, arise from, a larger Mind. This is cosmic Mind or Spirit or God. This is the Lovenature deep within your unconscious Mind.

When you begin to identify yourself as Mind, not body, you begin to transcend (rise above) the merely "human" identity. You are not a body, as most human beings think; and the ego-self is tightly interwoven with the body.

Minds are not like bodies. Bodies are completely separated by membranes of skin. "You" are "in" your skin, and "I" in "mine." But minds are capable of melding and fusing in an "Interflow" process. They are not necessarily and always separate. In fact, no mind is ever "separate" from the one great Mind, the Spirit. (The illusion that it can be is the error of "duality," symbolized by the Eden story in Genesis.) So, after you have been reborn as the soulmind, you will later be reborn again, as the incarnation of the Love-principle or Lovespirit.

During our entire spiritual career as human students and learners, Love and fear exist together in the same mind. Our goal is zero percent fear and one hundred percent Love. It might well be impossible to reach this fine zenith, but striving for it makes human beings better by far. So, we keep this ideal before the mind as a longterm goal. For what we cannot do by our own power, God, through grace, can accomplish within us-- the complete erasure of all fear, and total in-filling with Love.

Politics and Compassion: The Forgotten Promise


No matter how dense certain people seem-- and those in public office can often seem denser than matter from neutron stars-- no karmic agenda can "take forever." But it must be admitted that any person responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths will take millennia, or even eons, to come back to an earthlike planet, and die as many deaths as he has caused. This is why the inevitable outworking of karma is not time-limited. The cosmic Mind of perfect justice and absolute equilibrium does have forever to work out the correct and adequate equations. You can rest assured that It thinks nothing of pitiable human "power," and that this sad, laughable little "power" is less than a hair on a gnat when compared with true Power! The Power that wraps, and unwinds, galaxies is the One that will enforce justice on a microscopic level, and It misses nothing.

As is the case with the brutality and subhuman atrocity of the seal-hunters in Canada, so with evil and greedy persons "in power." They are literally powerless before the One, the cosmic Mind. It records, remembers, and will recall all their voluntary, deliberate evil. A man who has been behind a hundred thousand deaths of violence must come back and die a hundred thousand violent deaths, as a poor, middle Eastern woman, man, or child. There is simply no getting around, or avoiding, the precise and absolute calculations of the karmic Mindmaster.

Sadly, many older people, who gave their all in WW2, are feeling nightmarishly betrayed as veterans' benefits have been curtailed. Many students are also feeling short-changed. Tons of money have been stolen from the public in order to finance murder. It takes truckloads of cash to slaughter tens of thousands of innocents, and more to massacre American girls and boys. Corporate bribes require even more money that actually belongs to the American people. This is not mere "politics." This is the deliberate practice of evil, the indulgence in mad egotism and out-of-control greed. In the long run, this hurts everyone.

A government is like an individual: It can "say" or claim anything. But only its behavior shows its true priorities and values. The only, sole, and single value of some in "power" is the dollar. They have proved, repeatedly and indubitably, that dollars are much more important to them than are human and other lives. These are absurd, backwards, and regressive policies. They are implemented by people who are both psychologically and morally arrested. These guys could not figure their way out of a room with twenty-five exit-doors! Nothing is as stupid as deliberate cruelty for cash. It will inevitably lead to disaster-- on both a personal karmic level and a social one.

The definition of "fascism" is sharing governmental power with corporations. In earlier decades, this word meant Hitler and his madness. Today, it means others and their insanities, created and fed by greed.

The hope of the country, and the world, is people of strong integrity. These are the truest and deepest "patriots," for they (we) speak against violence, robbbery (of both the people and the planet), and greed-- which hurt every American, and all global, citizens. We, the people and Communion of Love, must speak against greed and egotism gone mad. To remain silent would be a real and genuine betrayal. We must defend compassion-- not "compassionate conservatism," but the real thing!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

God and "Devil," Love and Fear


It is true that the view of reincarnation, by and in itself, might not trigger "Love" in every heart. But it is a kind of counterbalance to a rather Pollyannic view of life that can arise from "Love" alone. Love can present the hope of a most idealistic world, even one in which fear does not even exist! And one day, we shall live in exactly this kind of world! But that day will not be tomorrow, or within the next few millennia. Love is incredibly practical, in its cosmic application, and Love gives rise to the principles of karma. For the human species has a particularly thick skull, collectively, and is terribly unlikely to learn all its life-lessons through the gentle teacher of Love. So, it must learn some of them through the harsh teacher of fear. Can fear ever serve Love?

Surprisingly, yes. Just as the cosmic Mind uses illusion to highlight and outline many great truths or realities, so "fear," being a part of illusion, must, in the overall view, serve Love. One of the more interesting mystical names for cosmic Mind, in the history of mysticism, is "Love." But another is "Reality." (In most religiospiritual systems, the word "truth" is used synonymously with "reality.")

Since there is only one Mind, and since It has no real opposite, and since fear does exist, then fear must by definition logically be a part of the Mind-- as is the entire cosmos of maya or illusion. In karma, fear is the major tool used to shake awake the mind, like a splash of cold water, and then, to keep it alert (or "mindful"). Fear is by no means the goal, so let us not confuse method with aim. But fear can penetrate the mind, overcoming the dullness of the average human mind, tearing it free from apathy, ignorance, and other mental "cobwebs." Fear is used by Love to energize, awaken, stimulate, and alert!

This truth is probably the source of the notorious "fear of God" and its presentation as a good thing. When we first, in the very beginning, start to straighten out our lives, we often do so from a "healthy" fear of karma and karmic consequences. Like all the many, many other tools of illusion that the Mind uses to educate us, fear is just another instrument for our growth and education in agapology (the gentle art of loving).

It would be nice, even idyllic, if we could all learn everything needed under the much more gentle tutelage of Love. Then, we could all sing and whistle our ways through life, with everyone smiling all the time. Life could be, not an exciting drama, but a kind of musical comedy! But alas, the world, and the mind, are not "built" that way. Like a little kid who straightens out her life due to her "fear" of her parents' reactions, we too must begin the path of Love with and in fear. The path of reality begins in illusion. But, as our Hindu sisters and brothers say, "Every path that leads to God is good-- and all paths lead to God."

An objective analysis shows that our lives are probably, in the beginning, mostly error. But mystics see "error" as constructive, because it is the tool used to educate us. If we learn from error or "sin," then it too drives us to wisdom, peace, and Love.

But this does NOT EVER imply the simplism that "sin is good." This is not a license for licentiousness. Instead, it is a recognition that mistakes can be turned into stepping-stones to bring us closer to wisdom. Remember that this does NOT apply to pre-meditated, deliberate, voluntary activities. For there can never exist such a thing as a "deliberate mistake."

Fear is the enemy of enlightenment, and the conceptual "opposite" of God.

Responding with fear is the greatest mistake, error, or "sin" of our lives. Happily, universal forgiveness is more than adequate to cover it. Again, exactly as Love uses fools to do Its work (for there are no alternatives on earth), it can and must also use fear to accomplish its education. In theological terms, the "devil" (fear) exists by God's (Lovemind's) permission.

The views of the relative unreality of the physical world, and that of reincarnation, are capable of ugly and dangerous abuses. These have actually occurred throughout history, as in the "Christian" Carpocrates or the "Jewish" Frank. These pseudomystical systems made dangerous travesties out of what were helpful mystical truths. So, the entire mystical philosophy can be quite useless without a comprehensive understanding of Love. That is why, at the very top of all mystical teachings is Love. "God is Love," and no concept or behavior could have a higher interpretation.

Several Souls, One Life?


More than one soul cannot share an individual life, under normal circumstances. The rule is, one soul for one body, per life. This cuts way down on confusion, and helps keep matters in order karmically. In any average life, the center of response, and responsibility, is the conscious mind, usually expressed as ego. The only purpose of the conscious mind is to make decisions and choices, to sow and to reap the "seeds" of karma. Its function is not to control the world, but simply to experience it.

It is therefore supremely logical that cosmic law is arranged so that only one soul gives rise to only one single consciousness, or conscious mind. If dozens of people "believe" that they were all St. Francis, for example, this situation is nothing more than hyperoveractive imagination combined with egotism. Just fyi, I do not claim to have been the lovely saint, but he has been a very important role-model, for centuries.:)

At times, a very great spiritual person might become an "archetype." This is the case with both Francis and Jesus, and many others. An "archetype" in the Unconscious is a being or image so powerful that it strongly attracts minds to itself. It is probable that weaker minds, lacking discernment, can really come to believe that they were these powerful minds from the past. But that subjective, personal conviction proves nothing, and does not constitute an objective argument. In most cases, it is simple overcompensation for feeling worthless, or a pitiable cry for attention.

To answer sometimes complex spiritual questions, the principle called "Occam's Razor" is important. This is actually a principle borrowed from science, and goes back to the Middle Ages. It says simply that if you must choose between a simple answer and a complex one, the simpler is likely to give greater truth and understanding. And when many people all claim to "have been" John, "Melchizedek," or Merlin, the simplest and clearest explanation is hyperimagination combined with hyperegotism.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Slaughter of Seals and Dolphins


The fools and barbarians are at it again! Canadian "hunters," big, impressive men, have once again taken to the ice-fields to club and bludgeon to death baby seals-- some as young as twelve days old! These men are forced, and destined, to live in the worst "hell" imaginable-- their own minds! But their selfcreated "hells" have only just begun!

This atrocity strikes the gentle, sensitive heart like lightning. We do not want to hear about it, or read about it. That is understood. Still, from a spiritual overview, more is going on "behind the scenes."

The nightmare of this atrocity has been going on for thirty years in modern times, and for centuries before. One way that a tender heartmind can tolerate the horror is by the realization of karma.

For thousands of the baby seals being battered to death are the former human hunters of seals, reincarnated in the form of baby seals so as to get a truer perspective. Similarly, with the abuse of dolphins, they are not ALL "innocent" victims. By now, many thousands of dolphins are reincarnations of human beings who used to abuse, torture, and murder dolphins.

The same is true of the baby seals. About ninety thousand will be affected, and so, we must ask, "Is it possible that one single human soul could simultaneously reincarnate as several seals? Yes, it is certainly possible. This would significantly amplify the pain and agony, and would unforgettably imprint the lesson on the soul. So, looking at the horror of the slaughter, we can find a tiny bit of comfort in the outworking of a just and balanced law of karma that serves Love. Perhaps as many as one hundred percent of the seals and dolphins currently being murdered are really vicious human "animals" reincarnated to feel the ghastly agony that careless, callous stupidity and greed bring to our animal sisters and brothers.

Despite appearances to the contrary, perhaps the truest and fullest justice is working itself out through all the pain and loss. Only Love is great enough to erase or neutralize karma, and now, these beastly hunters are being forced to learn just how crucial and indispensable Love really is!

Please stay open to this explanation, as it is the only one that implies the creation of any justice amidst the storms of blood cshed by the horrific hunters. At this moment, those hunters are learning their lessons well. When, in the future, they return as human beings, it will be as tender, gentle, sensitive beings of compassion, sympathy, and Love.

Three Yogas


Yoga, a form of mystical practice common in India and elsewhere, comes in several varieties. Here, we will take a microglance at three of them:

Standard hatha (pronounced "hot'-hah") yoga is the yoga of the asanas,physical postures. Most do not know this, but it was not designed for healing. It was designed, by mystic masters, so that the body could be "parked" in a stable condition, and then, forgotten, left behind, for the cultivation of mindstates.

Raja yoga is the "royal" or highest form of yoga. It is pure meditation, an entry into stillness or crystalmind. It is all done in the mind. Its ultimate goal is the supremely altered state in which "your personal" mind loses its artificial boundaries and sinks into the great Mind of Love and Light.

Bhakti yoga is the Way of devotion.
A mantra, or repeated phrase consisting of a sacred divine name, is what separates bhukti (pronounced "buck'-tea") yoga from other forms. For example, a tight laserlike focus on the adoration of Jesus, Mary, Kwan Yin, Parvati, the Buddha, etc., would be a form of bhakti.

The word yoga means "yoke." A yoke was a harness that fit over the necks of two animals pulling a cart or plow, sharing the load. But Yoga is the "yoke" that joins you with Lovemind, the One, the Lord, or Brahman. God does most of the pulling; She does the major work of your llife, and lets you relax. But you are not just "along for the ride." You must also participate, and pull your fair share. For you are here to learn.

But yoga emphasizes "grace." God provides all the energy and circumstances that bring yu into enlightenment. Goddess or nature initiates the brain-body changes necessary to activate the chakral and other energy-systems necessary to enlighten the brain-mind system. So, nature (Goddess) and higher Mind (God) do all the real work.

Yoga is a very body-integrated system. It shows how you can use the body as your instrument for enlightenment. But the body, only a "package" of energies, contains the brain, the "transmitter" for the nonphysical Mind.

Yoga does not work unless you do. So, if you take up yoga, you must discipline yourself to do it regularly and consistently. If you do not structure your yoga in this healthy way, it will probably do little or nothing for you.

A Friend about to Die


Full recovery might not be what your friend in a coma wants. At the moment of actual death, all fear evaporates instantly. If we are lucky, we get a vision of the Homeworld, or afterlife condition. I was there: btdt! (been there, done that). When, at that moment, we are so warmly, brightly coddled by the Love of the cosmos, it changes everything. Also, if we get even a tiny glimpse of the afterlife world, we do not always want to "come back." Often, a coma gives us the perfect opportunity to see, or even to visit, the Homeworld. When that happens, a person simply loses interest in, and does not want to return to, the earthlife.

Whatever happens with your friend, you can rest assured that his mind has worked out a plan with the Lovemind, and that the will of Love will be done; Love will have Its way, no matter what any, or all, of us want.:) Your friend is in good hands-- and I don't mean "Allstate"!:)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Mind of Love


While not wanting to fall into the "conspiracy" paranoia, I do agree that we are influenced, on many levels, by what you might regard as "sinister" forces and people. The ultimate and hypertech "shield" against this is a balanced and active spirituality. This is nothing more, or less, than a mind filled to the brim with Love. This is a twenty-four seven pursuit. For it all occurs in the mind, and a mind that is firmly grounded and rooted in spirituality is invincible to fears and evils. They are no competition as "masters" to the Master of Love. In fact, they haven't the faintest ghost of a chance.

Sharing Ideas


In questions as complex as abortion, there are a thousand, and more, "sub-questions" that must be asked and answered. And do old men really have the right, or the knowledge, or the wisdom, to make the most important decision a young woman will ever have to make in her entire life?

The answer to this and many other questions is embedded in your entire view of the cosmos. It is part of your relationnship with the Infinite, with "God." (Like John and other ancient writers, I define "God" as "Love.":) This makes answering difficult problems both more complex, and simpler. All answers to all important questions are interwoven with images of self, selfishness, and kindness towards others. Most forms of Love begin with Selflove, and she who cannot, tragically, love herself is usually incapable of loving others with healing Love.

I'm not interested in "converting" anyone to any particular religion. I share my perspectives only after I am actively requested to do so. Spirituality is the main factor in my life. But that is said only as an intro to this: I am not a religious man. The deepest, most sincere practice of spirituality need not even imply religion. Jesus, and other great teachers, even went against the popular religions of their day. I have nothing against religious people. We need to try to make practical spirituality the Center of our lives. That, however, does not imply that I must "shove religion down your throat.":)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


When we call the extremist conservatives "neocons," we make them sound new and attractive, at least, to those who have no discernment. So, I suggest that we call them "presbycons." In Greek, neo="new," and presby="old." Since their ideas are all antique, going all the way back to Hitler and before, they are spouting old and recycled ideas that are dangerous. The word "presbycon" recognizes that their concepts are nothing but time-worn and recycled concepts.

Those old and greedy politicians have nothing new to offer. They just keep regurgitating the same old, dusty, and fascist bull.

Pass on the word to every politically active, or interested, person that you know. It's time that we started calling a spade a spade.

Protect the Canadian Seals

Dear Friends of the Heart,

Thank you for helping save seals by signing the pledge to boycott Canadian seafood. By joining the boycott, you've joined a large international movement urging the Canadian Government to end the brutal hunts, and pressuring the fishing industry that
profits from them.

Here are some more steps you can take to help protect seals: Download our free pocket guide to boycotting Canadian Seafood (pdf).

Donate to the Humane Society of the United States, and support our efforts to stop the hunts.

Spread the word! Click here to tell your friends about the campaign.

Sign up to get Seal Watch, our frequent update e-mail from the ice.

Learn more about the hunts.

Dualism in Ordinary Reality


It is undeniable that, in our timespace world of relativity, both negative and positive polarities of energy do exist. These exist as polar opposites-- opposite poles on a very wide spectrum of energy.

This is the case in the "physical, material, external" world. Why? Because this world has been designed by the great Mind as a school; and for our lessons actually to teach us, for us actually to learn and grow, it was necessary for the Creator to set up this world with that duality. If there were no "evil" and good, we would be clueless. We could not tell the difference between the polarities, and would be lost.

The good/evil division, then, is a great tool for teaching us. In being attracted to the good, and repelled by the evil, we are able to set up a lifedesign of reason, balance, intelligence, wisdom, and compassion (Love).

But there is a world "more real," and more important, than this relative world of spacetime and matter. For everything in this world passes. The greater, more significant, world is the interior "world" of Mind. This Mindworld precedes and creates the ordinary, everyday world of matter, and contains eternity, outside of time. Jesus called this the "timeless" life (using a Greek adjective, aionian, usually mistranslated as "everlasting.")

In this timeless mind-- which is deep within your Unconscious, there is no time, no matter, and no "outside." The entire "external" or "material" world is experienced in this interior Mindworld. For it is the source of perception, sensation, images, feelings, and every other mindevent. Because the "external" world is not "outside the mind," and because it is dreamed up by the mind, that is why it is secondary in importance. This view makes materialism appear extra foolish and absurd.

In the superior Mindworld, there is no "evil." That means that evil has only a relative existence; it is not absolute. It is a part of the maya, illusion, or dream of this present world. So, negative energies do exist in this world, but have no real, permanent, or lasting existence. They do not exist in pure Mind, and so, are "illusion."

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Help Us Change the World

We need small businesses and services that have a spiritual orientation, to support the new proposed radioprogram on WCKY. Right at the current moment, nothing is set in concrete; everything is "written on water," in a very fluid state. So, we are not seeking solid contracts, but are simply sending out this letter as a "feeler" to see exactly who is "out there," and who might reap the gigantic benefits of our advertising their services.

We, the team at Love Ministries, have been working, diligently and sincerely, for months, to get the radioshow, "High Spirits," on WCKY.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM. This program will be a one-hour, call-in show designed to aid, advise, and support people in confusion and crisis. We will emphasize practicality. Its theme is "agapology"-- the psychology of Love. This includes Love for the self as well as for others.

ABOUT THE HOST. Richard Shining Thunder Francis has been a spiritual teacher, lifedesign consultant, and psychospiritual advisor for thirty years. His formal training is in psychology (he has a master's in psych), but his passion is spirituality. He has written and published twelve books on spiritual psychology. He has served as advisor for the "Sixty Minutes" tv program, Newsweek and Time magazines, and his work has been mentioned in the New York Times. He is the founder of Love Ministries, Inc., the Institute of Agapology and Metaphysics, and of the
Pneumarium Network of discussion-groups. He has appeared on radioprograms throughout the U.S., and on national radio in Europe. He served as managing editor of Lovespirit and Cosmic Visions magazines, and is current managing editor of Lovelight magazine and the "Universal Love Digest." He has been the subject of three tv series, "The Way of Universal Love," "The Psychology of Spirituality," and, "Spiritual Awakenings." He does all his spiritual work free of charge, and it is all supported solely by Love-donations.

MORE ABOUT THE SHOW. "High Spirits" is planned to be a spiritual program, as no subject is more spiritual than Love. In its overall design, we plan to explore together the fascinating fields of psychology, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, parapsychology, nature, nontraditional and eccentric cults, and a wide spectrum of related topics. We will advocate no single religious path, for all have their jewels. But the show will orbit mysticism, the intercultural, inter-religious Way of Love and enlightenment. This was the path shared by Jesus, the Buddha, Solomon, Lao Tzu, Al Hallaj, and many other spiritual luminaries.

But full success still depends on how many local underwriters that we can drum up. We hope that you will help yourself and our community by becoming one of them!

An "underwriter" is a company, service, or individual who supports the show economically. So, here is our plan:

We are going to gather ten very lucky underwriters. Your cost would be only $2000 to have your contact info broadcast weekly. This could include:

your name
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Any combination of the listed factors will be highlighted before tens of thousands of potential eager customers once every week! This will also be no ordinary audience. For it will be a "hand-selected" and specialized audience with very specific interests in your products/services. This unique audience will be especially attracted to alternative lifestyles, health and healthy foods, "new-age" materials, and spirituality.

This would not be an expenditure, but a fine investment almost guaranteed to send your business into the clouds! In an instant, more people could learn about your enterprise than with years of ordinary word-of-mouth advertising! Working together, we can change the world!

If you have any questions, please feel free to share them, at:

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Richard Shining Thunder Francis

The "Eden" Parable


As was true of the account of the Flood in Genesis, so the story of "Adam and Eve" was also an allegory. Genesis was never meant to be a "scientific" or "historical" document. It was, and is, a spiritual work. So, it tells a parable that has a lesson.

The characters involved-- Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, etc., represent different parts of your own mind. This makes Genesis useful and practical, for it was written about you. Its story is also about me, and about everyone else.

So, if taken literally, it does produce some insoluble puzzles, such as, "Where did Cain and Abel get their wives?" Literalists assume that they married their sisters-- an imperfect solution, as the text nowhere mentions these others. So, it is a foundationless assumption embraced out of desperation-- not from contextual data. It is all sheer speculation, and that, in the spiritual life, can be worthless.

The "Flood" of Genesis


Most mystics believe that the Hebrew Scriptures are not literal history, but allegory or symbolic writing. This is especially true of Genesis.

The account of the "Flood" is a good example. Water is the symbol of the Unconscious. It is within the Unconscious that the deepest Mind, the Coremind, Lovemind, or Supermind, dwells. This is a galaxy of purest stainless Love. This is God or Spirit.

It is this Power of Love that is well represented by the "waters" of the Flood. It "kills" (deactivates) all the negative human energies (people) and animal nature (other creatures) within the Mind. In Genesis, the "Flood" occurs because of the "evil" in the world. So, the presence of apparent "evil" in the mind triggers our personal interior and cleansing "flood."

But it leaves all the human goodness (Noah and his family) as well as all the positive uses of animalmind (creatures in the "ark") intact. For "animal" force, or bio-energy is not bad. It just makes a nightmarish "master." Used to serve Love, it can be very positive and helpful.

Significance of Five


In numerology, including the spiritual and archetypal varieties, each of the ten numerals from zero through nine has a symbolic meaning.

The meaning of five in alchemical and metaphysical (as well as spiritual and astrological) numerology has always been those factors that are specifically human. This is due to the synchronicities of nature: Human beings have five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, five extensions from the trunk, and vfive normal senses.

So, it is a number that represents human art, human science, human religion, human philosophy, and even human history. Mostly, however, it represents human psychology, including human Love. Human Love, although somewhat limited, is a true form of genuine Love, and can be a human being's greatest delight.

The coming date 050505 is a great time to pursue the human social calender, to join hands with other people to accomplish goals that truly help human beings and fulfill human needs. Specifically, it is the perfect time to aid others medically, nutritionally, and physically. It would be an "auspicious" time to begin a nutrition-program, for example, or a physical-therapy or exercise program. It would also be a great time to begin any new human path, which does not imply spirituality (we are only "part human") or the higher paths, but things concerned with the human world-- economics, relationships, selfesteem, and other human concerns, which are many. If we do these "human" tasks well, they become or express Love, and thus, are no longer limited to the "human" factors.

Dates such as 050505 remind us that new beginnings are always enriching, even if they seem to "go nowhere" or to "fail." For we can always learn from them, and that is the very reason that we have come to earth. Earth is no place to "live," and no one "lives" here, but it is one heaven of a school!:) We are all "jvtp"-- just visiting this planet!:) Soon, we will be "outta here"! So, while we share this blue nanosphere, for but an eye-blink, it is a great time to strengthen our human Love in relationship by communication, giving, tenderness, forgiveness, and "little" acts of kindness. There is, after all, no "small" act of Love! Each is gigantic and megalithic in our cosmic history.

Since the month of May is under the influence of "taurus" energy in the early part, we can especially do "taurus" activities. We can give to charity, start or increase giving, or saving; we can work with flowers, trees, and living things; we can increase our own, or others' comfort; we can give ourselves the gift of moderate and healthy food and exercise; we can organize our homes; and we can act deliberately to break the harmful habits of procrastination: We can stop putting off that long-anticipated project, and actually begin to do it!

Giving In, not Just Giving Up


Life whips us around a bit, and it feels painful and even abusive. But this can really be the action of the deep Lovemind in the Unconscious. It is trying, due to our deeper Dreamind (Coremind or Creatormind at the Center), to force us into the position where we completely "give up." Only after that, when we realize that we cannot regulate our lives and create the best harmony, are we ready truly to surrender to the great Unconscious (God, Spirit, or Love). This is the best decision that you can or will ever make, but "getting there" is no fun!

So, you are making precisely the decision that the great Mind wants you to make. You are deciding to surrender control of your lifedesign. This is not easy, and it often takes several tries. It is not "copping out," or trying to avoid responsibility. It is just that your lifedesign is beyond your true responsibility. It is also beyond your personal capacity. Why? Because God (Lovemind) wants the job!

For example, a keyboard that had a life of its own-- things that IT wanted to write-- would be useless. To be an effective instrument, it has to serve the will of the person using it. And to be useful to God (Love), we must give up the many personal "I want" programs, and finally say-- even if we say it in discouraged exhaustion-- "Thy will be done."

Godimages and "New Thought"


Thanks for the uplifting words re the brochure. And many, many more thanks for sending it along to interested parties!!:) That is great, and precisely what we hoped would happen!!:) We do so very much appreciate your kind and thoughtful cooperation with the great mission of teaching Love to others.

It was a pleasure to respond in detail to your question re "God as Energy." Many people make this spiritually fatal error, and thus, come to see God in the language of "machinery," or dumb "energy." Thus do they lose touch with the central belief of reality or truth: God is Love. The moment that we forget this, we fall into many kinds of illusions, including false godimages such as "big daddy in the sky,"
"Santa Claus," the "genie," or the "white knight."

Some "new thought" teachings are indeed very profound and wise. But others are foolish, or just plain silly. Still others are wrong, or even dangerous. "New thought" is not homogeneous, but quite a "mixed bag.":)

Responsibility and Selflove


In this ultrabusy life, we must "carve" out the blocs of time to be good, and kind, to ourselves. This path of selflove allows for periodic and minor "indulgences," which are not "bad," as some religions claim. The needs of the world are vast and overwhelmingly colossal. You or I personally will never fill them, and so, it is good to structure your time with moderation, "scheduling in" time for selfrenewal. And no one should make the mistake of regarding herself as indispensable. If you do not get something done, the divine Mind will use another heartmind to do the job. You want always to do the best that you can, never "copping out," or avoiding true responsibility re other creatures. But the idea that ONLY you can do a task is antispiritual egotism. So, be sure to take time to rest and renew yourself.

Reincarnation, Justice, and Meaning


Thank you very much for your most valuable, and deeply appreciated, feedback on the show "Heartmind." Your suggestions re a show or two on the subject of reincarnation is especially welcome. This is a very good idea, and we have put it in the agenda for the near future.:)

After having read about, and carefully studied, all the philosophies and religions of the world, for decades, I've come to the conclusion that "polybiography," or reincarnation, is the only one that explains and fully addresses the apparent "horrors" and "injustices" of life on earth.
(Btw, it was a common concept among most early Christians, as well as among mystical Jews.) Only within this matrix can the "grotesque unfairness" of earthlife be explained as having meaning within a context of justice and Love.