Thursday, December 02, 2004

Finding Freedom

God is "in" us. The confusion arises from trying to see "God" as "another person." God is not a literal or physical "person," but an extremely deep level of Mind. In this very deep Unconscious lie perfect Love, perfect wisdom, perfect tranquillity, perfect bliss, etc.

When, through stillmind (crystalmind), in deepest meditation, we touch this Mind, we know many things that are revealed to us. The Greeks called this deep wisdom-state, in which living Love is felt as the Core of your own being, "gnosis." This is the mystical experience.

What is that? It is a powerfully moving and touching experience, often bringing forth floods of tears. But they are not tears of sadness. Instead, during this event, you see Something --and It is inside you-- that is so unutterably beautiful, so amazingly tranquil,and so immeasurably loving that it blows your mind. When you have this experience, your life is changed forever, for the better. You realize that you are not your ego-- the person named "Joe"-- but that you are the Soul, and "Joe" is just a role that It is playing in the "stageplay" of this earthlife. The ego "Joe" is not, iow, your whole Self. "You" are a Soul-- birthless, deathless, timeless, of enormous beauty and magnificent wisdom.

Your Soul is deep within your mind; and the Spirit (Absolute; God) is deep within your Soul. This is ultimate Mind, Ultramind, the great Dreamer Who is dreaming up the cosmos through your nervousystem. You are within that dream right at this moment. This whole "everyday" or "normal" worldis but a dream-- the dream of cosmic Mind. And He/She is using your mind to dream it up!

When you see the world this way, tragedies are not so horrible, and traumas not so nightmarish. The world cannot "cut" as "deeply." It brings you to a special altered state of mind that mystics call "detachment," which is not coolness, apathy, or aloofness. Detachment is just the realization that the world does not control you. It is awesome freedom!:)

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