Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ancient History, Religion, and Spirituality

Our new Way (the mystical path) has absolutely nothing to do with history. For example, we tend to see the Bible as a book filled with some history, some legend, some allegory, and many other components. Did a guy named "Moses" ever really exist? Or was he just legend? Honestly, this has no effect whatsoever on true spirituality, and so, is irrelevant.

Completely outside of vast interests in spirituality, however, many of us do find ancient history to be a captivating study. Mostly, we are interested, to be straightforward, in the more "aquarian" facets-- the indications, and nature, of the mysterious "gods," etc. A main nucleus of this theme is, Did extraterrestrials visit this planet in ancient times, and interact with the indigenous populations? This theory helps to explain many mysteries of history and of the Bible. For example, "Jehovah" was one of these "gods," called elohim by the ancient Hebrews. All cultures everywhere claim that very much in communication (including alphabets), mathematics, science (especially astronomy and astrology), medicine, and even laws to create social order were the "gifts of the gods."

Perhaps the most important of these beings, for society, was "Jehovah," more correctly named "Yahweh." He seems to have been one of the less-developed, less-intelligent, of the gods. He was violent, perhaps suffering from psychosis, and could not abide much celebration and fun. This anti-joyful aspect still pervades so very much in religion. And this attitude of, "If it's fun, it must be wrong," we owe to this primitive god-image.

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