Thursday, December 16, 2004


It is a great loss to all people, great and small, rich and poor, kids from nine to ninety, when Christ is left out of Christmas. We would all be so very much richer by including the King of Love in our considerations-- the Christspirit of which Jesus became the Incarnation! It still lives in your heart and mine. Christmas is also a good time to remind ourselves that true spirituality, while permeating history, is not, cannot be, limited by history. It is never limited to one culture, one continent, one society, race, or religion, but is as universal as God (Love)!

It is also a great time to think aboutJesus-- a most beautiful man, a master of the Enlightenment Tradition, and masterteacher of the Way of Love. Like him, we are all called to discover the Christ-nature deep within our own hearts!:) The truly enlightened enjoy every day as "Christmas," for the Light of Love is continuously reborn in their hearts.

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