Thursday, June 30, 2005

Avoiding the Snare of Solipsism


Some teach that it is "impossible to love others." For, they say (correctly) that the cosmos is a complex series of multiple mirrors. But does this imply that "others" do not really exist?

Not at all. The mature and wise mystic knows that the "material" and "physical" world is all Mind. It is all maya or "illusion." The world is virtual, a dream. Mystics believe that Mind alone is real. God is Mind, and "Reality" is one common mystical name for God, or Lovemind. Just as you have Mind (because you have a mind), so mystics know that the divine One manifests as other very real minds. God is "playing" you, as a role, and is also "pretending" to be all other minds. So, others are just as real as you are.

The presentation that it is "impossible" to love others is not the accurate Way of Love, but a misunderstanding and distortion. This pseudospirituality emphasizes unhealthy solipsism rather than healthy other-centeredness and real Love. What is "solipsism"? It is a spiritual disease or disorder that promotes and supports ultra-egotism. It is the lonely, unfulfilling belief that makes ego into a false "god," as it is under the delusion that you are the only mind in the cosmos.

Since it implies that it is somehow "spiritual," solipsism is a counterfeit. That is why it can be more subtle, and more dangerous, than other beliefs. It pretends to be "enlightenment," but is a disastrous dead-end. It goes nowhere fast, and reverses true spiritual growth.

It is based upon an exaggeration of a truth: The cosmos is our teacher, and our school. It is, in many ways, the deeper psyche. But this collective Unconscious is so vast that it is like a tree, and we are all leaves from that one tree. You are one leaf, and your friends are others. Each is just as real as you. But mystics say that we have forgotten our interior connection with the One, or one Mind (Spirit, God, or Lovemind). The Way of mysticism helps us overcome this soulevel amnesia." We remember that we were never "separate" from Godmind, and neither has anyone else ever been. It is the practice of Love alone that can bring us to this stunning awakening.

But mystics have never allowed themselves to slip off that slippery slope into solipsism. That way is antispiritual because of the delusion that only the ego exists. And mysticism is only just beginning with the "death" of the ego, or, more correctly, its disappearance into cosmic Lovemind.

So, by emphasizing a small aspect of mysticism (that the world is a series of teaching "mirrors"), this group has failed to understand the essential and bottomline meaning of Love. And those who do not understand the basic component of Love should not try, out of ego, to be "spiritual teachers."

In saying that "loving others" was an impossibility, this group smashed the foundationteaching of all mysticism, from the Buddha and Lao Tzu to Jesus Christ. The great luminaries, masters and teachers, do not call upon us to do the "impossible." They, and their Way, challenge us actively literally to "lose ourselves" in the process of loving others. To "lose" yourself in Love is to merge mind with Mind, self with Self, personal mind disappearing into Lovemind. Nothing in the world is more fulfilling than that. Why? Because this is the purpose for which we were created!

Selflove is great, necessary, and wonderful. But if our Love stops there, as was implied in their earlier article, we are "Love-dead." For Love is brightest, warmest, and most beautiful when we learn to universalize it. That is, in fact, why we were born into this difficult world-- to learn patience, kindness, goodness, and the other aspects of Love that are expressed towards others. A so-called "spiritual" life without other-centeredness is a contradiction in terms, and is lifeless and barren. On the other hand, a life filled with Love expressed towards others is a life abundant in the riches of the Spirit, the jewels of the spiritual Journey.

Like Bonnie, the reader whom they display, I too find some of their messages incomprehensible, such as the one that you earlier forwarded to me about "Love's" being "impossible," except towards the Self. As this is egotism, thinly disguised, it can be dangerously unspiritual, or even antispiritual. The most perilous of all teachings are those which claim to be "very deep" spirituality, but have only an empty hole at their center. Love should be the Center of our lives, and of our truly spiritual messages. To follow this group, I feel, is to be lost in the cheap, shabby counterfeit of solipsism.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thoughts on War


You and I are on exactly the same page when it comes to the end of war. War is terrible, wasteful, and, worst of all, deadly. It ruins every life that it touches, and has left behind, after millennia, a planet sorely in need of all the healing that it can get! That is where the messengers and teachers of Love come in. For this poor little planet can be healed only one person at a time, and only through genuine spiritual education. We begin by awakening to the historical fact that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share the exact same centuries-old Love-tradition. As long as the planetary population is infected with the lethal bacterium, "War is okay," innocents will continue to perish, and babies drown in their own blood. We must present a united front in our own heartminds that recognizes war as having NO redeeming qualities. For the idea that it can be "justified" is part of the disease. And she who is not part of the solution is part of the problem.

Money or Human Life?


Fine dreams of total social improvement look wonderful on paper, but all cost money. So, the nuclear problem of initiating such great dreams goes even more deeply into human psychology: Everything depends on what we value. That is, in turn, decided by our education.

Here on earth, the situation is shameful. In history and policy, we often are analogous to a "planet of the apes," for our policies and actions are so conservative and backwards as to be actually antiprogressive. At the moment, we value only dollars (or their economic equivalents). We value gold over God-- money over compassion, over and above human life. The death of 112,000 mostly innocent Iraqis demonstrates beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that the administration values oil and money far above human freedoms and rights.

As long as money has the unqualified priority above human welfare, this utter greed will remain with us, as it has been among the rich and powerful for millennia.

But a new age is coming,and we stand right now at its threshold. That new age begins with YOU and me. It all starts with the right kind of education; for we are what we learn. We all need to educate ourselves thoroughly in the artscience of "agapology," the psychology of compassion (or Love). That is why we write, publish, and promote books designed precisely to educate people in agapology. For everything starts right now, and everything starts with your decision to selfeducate.

The world will, and can, change only after we change who and what we are.

Fulltime devotion to spiritual education can make it happen! Please spread the good word of liberty and liberation!

The following was sent by one of our most brilliant and socially aware

Inspiration came... to add some comments and "dreams" about how we might go about building a better world. The impulse was felt to share the writing with you...

If you believe the War in Iraq was (is) necessary and inevitable, this message is not for you. And, in that case, please, disregard it. But you might consider just reading the part I wrote about some of my dreams for a "better world", anyway. I imagine that we would be "on the same page" in that regard....I am an "Independent" voter, not a Democrat. But I thought this update might be of interest to free thinkers and sincere souls that long to find intelligent and effective, compassionate ways to build a more equitable and peaceful world for ALL. I know we are a VERY LONG way from erradicating countless global deaths from curable diseases and from hunger, and from abuse of power and exploitation of every conceivable type. But we have to start somewhere! Right? To paraphrase: a journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step.

Here are some fantasies of how to create a "better World". It is understood, of course, that it would take decades to accomplish the goals stated or implied by my dreams! No kidding!! :))

1) The US decides to create a "Department of Peace" that will focus on eliminating global illiteracy, overpopulation, and the deliberate exploitation of one nation (its people and resources) for the express material benefit of another; in effect, changing the current acceptability of the "First World vs. Third World" concept to a "One World" family consciousness; 2) The US establishes that the "Department of Justice's mission is to construct and oversee a plan to eliminate hunger in collaboration with other industrialized nations within a defined amount of years; 3) The National Institute of (Mental) Health starts an initiative to eradicate from our cultural values the notion that "materialism" and "progress" or "being civilized" are synonimous and that "multitasking" or incessantly "doing" is synonimous with "accomplishment" or "self-worth" :); 4) A Department of EmPOWERment is created and its mission is a total commitment to developing alternative sources of energy so that our energy needs may be met without the ultimate depletion of the Earth's soil and its resources and the poisoning of its waters and its oceans thus, ultimately, saving ourselves! 5) The international definition of "Violation of Human Rights" code is updated to include as "genocide" any/all institutionalized, ritualized and systematic violence that women everywhere are still experiencing today from the ubiquitous "domestic violence" in the US and most other nations to the acid burnings of wives and fire burnings of widows in Middle Eastern countries and in India, to the clitoral/vaginal mutilation of little girls in Africa, and the discarding of female babies by roadsides in China or in orphanages, to name some examples; 6) The Department of Foreign Policy in collaboration with the US Department of Health & HS, the CDC, Physicians Without Boundaries, the World Health Organization and other agencies and governments makes it part of its policy/mission to erradicate curable diseases in poorer nations. Thus, it makes it a top priority to bring together all these parties to work together toward this goal. The DFP makes a commitment to finance existing (and new) organizations in bringing healthcare (doctors, nurses, supplies) to poorer nations and to help finance the training of doctors, nurses, and aids in US schools and by providing materials to build hospitals (and supplies to run them) in poorer countries; 7) The Department of Agriculture in collaboration with other nations makes it a top priority to encourage and facilitate education and incentive for earth-friendly farming practices at home and abroad and to financially support existing (and new) organizations with a mission to provide materials, seeds and live stock to small farmers and fishermen in villages throughout the developing world to enable them to
feed themselves; 8) The Department of Tourism in collaboration with other governments and environmental groups commits funding and education to assist nations and groups whose livelihood depends on the killing of precious wildlife and endangered species, to substitute those activities with viable practices that generate income from tourism.

What are YOUR dreams? Would love to hear from you.

Love, Ramona

Control, or Letting It Be


Vernon Howard is a big-time "positive thinker" from way back. Decades ago, some of his stuff was read-- and rather voraciously, at that. He seems to believe that the cosmos is somehow forced into control by the conscious mind, if the "formula" is just right. This is as delusional as an ant trying to lift and carry an elephant. Still, this kind of thinking is amazingly and magnetically attractive to the fearnature. We fear the cosmos, in a kind of cosmophobia, fearing to let it take its own course, guided by only the great Mind, Tao, or God. If we have no faith in this Power, we then must "take over," and run everything ourselves. The placid, pleasant course of spiritual relaxation and trust is so much more satisfying! That is the essence of much of our teaching: Perfect faith is perfect relaxation. Again, running the entire cosmos is overload, like an ant trying to direct a whole herd of elephants!:)

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Lord of Love


It usually takes decades for people, under extreme social and psychological pressures, to develop a rabid, extreme, or out-of-control fear of God. This can be spiritually catastrophic! Obviously, this cannot be corrected overnight. It can take years to accommodate fullest recovery. But it is vital to get started right now!

There are steps that you can take right away, to at least begin your recovery: Stay away from people who believe that God is psychotic, brutal, evil, or murderous. Instead, find friends who know that God is Love-- loving, tranquil, the Fountain of all good and blessings. These people might be harder to find, but they are well worth the effort! So, please strive to replace all your old "friends" with friends of higher intelligence, sensitivity, and quality. One friend of wisdom is worth
more than thirty in ignorance.

Also, do not expose yourself to religious propoganda and programs randomly. Turn off the radio/tv if you sense, or know, that its message will be of the "god" of terror and horrors.

Stay away from churches and religions that promote fear.

Seek out faiths that support, enhance, and strengthen Love. For your convenience, we meet once every two weeks in Liberty Township, Ohio. If you are within driving-distance, we would all welcome you to come. Every two weeks, we have uplifting, positive, encouraging discussions of a God of pure Love, pure Light, pure goodness, uncontaminated by the hate-filled traditional religious views.

On a positive note, read, and reread, as often as possible, spiritual books that emphasize the pure God of Love. Several are available, free, on my website:

If you want to order actual physical books, that can be easily arranged. Fill your mind continuously with the studies of the Lord of Love, peace, and forgiveness. As often as possible, talk to this interior Lord in prayer. Affirm to yourself the Lord's Love, justice, kindness, forgiveness, and wisdom. Get a Concordance to the Bible, and do a word-study on the word "love," and you will find many affirmative statements. Focus on only the New Testament, since it is filled with the Lord of Light, while the Old Testament is usually about a completely different "god," the harmful, destructive Jehovah-myth. Christianity was started by Jesus Christ because this ancient Hebrew "god" was mistaken.

Keep writing emails to me, and to others who believe in a God of stainless and infinite Love. All good people will do anything that they (we) can to help you overcome the interior "hell" of a "god" of fear, torture, Lovelessness, and nightmare.

Pentecostalism and Speaking in Tongues


I have been to several Pentecostal churches, and have prayed with several varieties of charismatics. I even conducted a Communion service at a charismatic Catholic mass once.

The history of Pentecostalism traces itself to the "Day of Pentecost," celebrated by Jews in the first century. "Pentecost" means "fifty days," and has something to do with the Jewish calender. Pentecost came fifty days after another holy day.

In the first century, in the book of Acts, the record reveals how early Christians needed to communicate their message (the evaggelion or "good news") to a wide variety of people who did not understand the common tongue (Greek). Strange lights over their heads ("tongues of fire") symbolized and revealed that the Holy Spirit was present, and the Christians began to speak in different languages.

They knew nothing about the languages (were not educated in them). This is a phenomenon called "glossolalia," and was present in a number of early Christian churches. One can "have" the Holy Spirit without speaking in tongues, of course, and there is much blah-blah gibberish that is supposed to imitate glossolalia, but, once in a while, the "real thing" occurs.

Perhaps not everyone who "speaks in tongues" is "possessed" by the Holy Spirit. But, especially if it is the real thing-- not just repeating nonsense syllables such as "io shonda," the Holy Spirit is possibly the cause. One can also speak in a tongue or language spoken in a previous life, in which case, the phenomenon originates with the soulevel of the Unconscious. Or you can also "tune into" "other" minds in the collective Unconscious. So, all the events of this type do not originate within the Coremind or Lovemind (God). Glossolalia was also accompanied by other charismata (Greek word for "gifts" of the Spirit). Miraculous healings, precognition, telepathy, and a list of other "parapsychological" phenomena manifested, interpreted as evidence that the Holy Spirit was present. At times, these same phenomena occur outside of the church as well; so they might represent genetic predispositions too. (Some people might just be born with the dna that permits them to occur.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gurus, Helpful or Counterproductive


I have never made a blanket-condemnation of ALL "gurus." Never! Not a single time! This is the major misunderstanding to which you are objecting! But you are setting up, then attacking, a "straw man," for no such universal rejection of all "gurus" has ever taken place, in any of my teachings.

To do that, I would have to reject true teachers, the greatest of history, for the Sanskrit word guru simply means "teacher." But are most gurus genuine?

This is really the crux of our discussion. I do not believe that they are. Here, however, is where you make your most serious error: You assume that my rejection of gurus is "all or nothing." Only a fool would reject all "gurus."

Some design their entire lives, especially their economics, around self-styled "gurus." Some build into their lifeplan the actual worship of "gurus." Lifedesign is a personal matter. While we can, and are absolutely free to, seek help from anyone whom we choose, no one ever has the right, or the power, to design our lives, or our paths, for us. I have repeatedly made it crystal-clear that all my friends/students have this personal responsibility. Each chooses what she wants to believe about any particular teaching, or any particular guru. I have no interest in designing the lives of others. One life is plenty sufficient to keep anyone superbusy!

When it comes to cults, the depths of the personal wounds and agony go very deep. They have been inflicted on the self, and on many friends, by the disaster of cult-psychology. They are hideous and horrific. Every attempt is made to keep all my friends from making the most terrible mistake of their lives!

I have always been meticulously careful never to intrude, to be invasive, on the design of any person's spiritual path. In fact, many, many times, it has been said, "I will help you discover and design your spiritual path. But I promise not to try to design it for you." All those years in a harmful, destructive cult taught me, at a soulevel, that cult-psychology is explosively and karmically dangerous. Am I more sensitive than other teachers to this perilous and damaging path? You bet I am!

Cults are almost exclusively connected with the guru-phenomenon. Most gurus are frauds, fakes, and phonies. But that is lightyears from saying that "all gurus are bad, useless, fake, etc." It is a galaxy away from your claim that I've taught that ALL are illegitimate. I have never made this blanket-generalization, and never will. In fact, this universal rejection goes directly against all mystical teachings, for many of the great mystics were, in their day, "gurus."

I was also positively impressed by the Autobiography of a Yogi, which I read several times, several years ago. I agree with you that his followers have turned the fine spiritual teachings of Yogananda into a cult. I was positively impressed, and consider this man, for one out of many, to have been a true and genuine spiritual teacher. The Dalai Lama is another "guru" who is the real thing.

In my wide exposure to "channelers," gurus, cultists, and "new age" people, I've encountered a number of people who, through desperation, have fallen into acceptance of ideas that do not tally well with reason or Love. I've also met many phonies and fakes. That has been my experience, and my teaching reflects my personal experience, as well as cosmic principles. But I could never say that all gurus are phonies. Why? It's simple: I haven't met, or even read about, ALL GURUS!!

It is not necessarily a "mistake" to respond with silence when disagreeing with another. You can feel completely free to disagree with any statement by any teacher, as long as you do it with politeness, common courtesy, and kindness. For that is only decent, and promotes the peace that is so treasured by our hearts. At the Pneumarium, everyone has total freedom to say whatever she thinks, as she is also free to believe whatever she chooses.

My criticisms of "gurus" are not about all gurus. But a little reflection will prove that criticism for greed and power is absolutely applicable to MOST "gurus." That is both the intent and content of my teachings.

Is it possible for a "guru" to lead a life of honesty, nongreed, simplicity, compassion, and Love? Yes, of course it is, especially if we define "guru" in the way it is used in the ancient Indian mystical texts. All true gurus are supreme models and examples of living spirituality. And I have never denied this. What you have done is an error called "generalization."

You have generalized from my statements regarding dishonest, ego-driven "gurus" to ALL gurus.

You say, very wisely, and from the standpoint of history, "The definition of guru is not an ego-driven person who wants to be worshipped. The definition is a highly advanced spiritual teacher."

And you are absolutely correct. But this Sanskrit word, in American English, usually does not have such high and noble definitions. But this was the original, and probably still is the truest, literal meaning of that word. In common American English, however, the word ["guru"] very often has additional connotations of egotism, greed, and dishonesty. As noted, I have read Autobiography more than once, and consider its presentation of Kriya yoga excellent. It is a superb form of yoga. I have dozens of times spoken of yoga, in all its branches and forms, as a
true form of mysticism, and have given it high praise.

Your own letter proves that I have had the good sense to distinguish between "good" and true gurus and false. For you say, "I have heard you say you thought that Lahiri Mahasaya, who introduced this technique to the world, was a highly advanced soul,..."

If I did not think people capable of both minor and major breakthroughs, it would be a waste of timenergy to spend all my time in spiritual education.

Next, you write, "There are at least six web sites of people claiming to be 'Babaji'. All of them are frauds. If I claimed to be Jesus, people could rightfully call me a fraud." This is almost identical with what I have said about gurus. Yet you felt that you had a perfect right to express this opinion. Why, then, will you not grant me the exact same freedom of expression that you appropriate, and rightfully demand, for yourself? Would you like it if, on the basis of these words, I spread the false rumor that you disrespect, reject, or hate ALL gurus? If you can use discrimination and discernment to discover the "frauds" from the true "teachers," why can, why do, you not allow me that same right?

You have expressed the matrix of all my teachings in your next sentence: "As an adult, I can and will use whatever means available to grow spiritually." As long as those "means" are honest (non-fraudulent), I perfectly agree. You then say, "If that means availing myself to the the (sic) teaching of a guru, then so be it. You tell people to avoid gurus..." Yes, I do tell people to avoid gurus. But that is not because all gurus are antispiritual. Generally, avoiding "gurus" is very good advice. People have lost their entire savings, their lives, their best friends, their Love-partners, their sanity, their other friends, their virginity, their spirituality, and all hope, after having turned their wills over to gurus. The guru has ruined their lives. Are you seriously telling me that you would recommend that people generally follow gurus?

You next say, "As far as keeping a picture of a guru, I'm sure people do this out of love, just like keeping a picture of a spouse, a child, or a pet, for that matter." How can you possibly know this? Again, you have made the same mistake: I've never been fanatically anti-photo! I've never suggested that it was in any way "wrong" to keep pics-- of gurus or of anyone else. My objection was to the placement of the photo upon one's personal altar, as an object of adoration. So, you are objecting to something that I have never taught!

I agree with your next statement one hundred percent: "As an adult, I can also discriminate between a genuine teacher and a fraud. How? By the love I feel emanating from that person. I can also discriminate between cult-mentality, mind control, and genuine love. I will always choose genuine love. I won't waste my time on anything else." Bravo, my friend! In just a few words, you have summarized the essence of my teaching re a spiritual adult. And that is the fine goal towards which we should all, and always, be striving!

People Waking Up?


It is becoming ever-more-evident that there are a plethora of people of good sense in our community, nation, and world! Thank Love that they are at last speaking out! Let us continue to spread the "healing contageon" of helpful, reasonable words. Only reason and compassion can erase greed and its accompanying stupidity, ignorance, and bloody violence. For the very first time, though, it looks as if we have them on the run! Keep chasing the fools of evil and destruction! They cannot get away from truth!

The Pneumariumfamily and Our Code of Respect


Love impels the writing of this article. For honest communications among friends is an indispensable aspect of Love.

We in the Pneumariumfamily always welcome everyone into our little family. You should know that the Pneumarium actually serves some of the purposes of a church, synagogue, or mosque for our mystical family. In other words, it is a holy place. Of course, it is the Presence of Love alone that makes it so.

We all have very great respect for the place, and for the "energy" of Love there that makes it so very special. We come together to share some intellectual understandings. But, more importantly, we come together to share real Love, and tranquility, peace, and serenity, as well. This is very important.

As you probably know, mystics have no doctrinal structures or dogma. Each mystic is encouraged, by any good teacher, to discover the truth within herself. And the details of this "truth" might well vary from one mystic to another. There is no conformity or homogeneity among mystics. Nor is it even desirable that mystics embrace a "one size fits all" or "cookie-cutter" philosophy. Nature herself loves variety. Notice the ten thousand varieties of stars, and the equal number of

But we do all agree on Love, as nuclear to our sanity, peace, and happiness. We also agree on any quality that supports and nourishes Love, including courtesy. (We have spoken about this subject many times.)

Anyone is absolutely free, at the Pneumarium, to believe anything that she wishes. She is also free to express her beliefs, without restrictions or limitations of any kind.

But we do have a "code" that we try honestly to follow. It is the code of respect. In the two-year-plus history of the Pneumariumfamily, no one has ever been deliberately or maliciously disrespectful of another.

You are welcome to join us at any of our gatherings. You are also welcome to express any opinion, publicly, to the whole family.

We all follow the code of honor, respect, and courtesy that maintains the peace in our family. We all follow a policy of not using belligerent or dismissive, not to mention disrespectful, language in our many interactions in the Pneumarium.

Our Mystical Family: Some Notes


First, we need to restate a principle stated at the last Pneumariumgathering, just to make it crystal-clear: My intention is not, ever, to suggest that any person, under any conditions or circumstances, simply abandon any pharmaceutical protocol prescribed by a physician. Any recommendation to abruptly cease, or even change, any prescribed medication could be very dangerous-- and, in some cases, lethal!

It can be very difficult for a person to admit that she is held back, or held up, by depression. But there is absolutely nothing "shameful" about it, and it does in no way represent any kind of "failure." But changing medications must be done under the most careful supervision of a qualified physician. Neither sporadic, interrupted use of a medication, nor "cold turkey" discontinuance should ever be recommended.

Simply "dropping" prescription drugs can create some very serious sideffects.

Avoidance of extremist thinking, or extremist action, has been a core of our teachings for years.

A mystic uses respect, but will speak up absolutely against any government, any church, or any activity that hurts the people. Don't believe me? Read Matthew chapter 23! Your readings in the history of mysticism are incomplete if you see mystics as "doormats," or uncomplaining, neutral, or mousy people! They were often so controversial that they were crucified, or driven out of town.

Mysticism is not a religion. Nor can it correctly be reduced to a "belief system." Each person in the Pneumariumfamily knows that she is free to embrace any religion in the world. This has been repeated dozens of times in our sessions.

Tolerance is definitely interwoven at every point in the psychology and philosophy of the mystic. And nothing but tolerance has ever been practiced in the Pneumariumfamily, and nothing else has ever been taught in any of our sharings.

We are very sensitive to the damage that cults can do, to the person and to society. But we do not define them. They enjoy a crystal-clear academic and sociological definition, which includes nearly two dozen identifiers. This is not the place to go into them (out of mercy on you, for this article is already too long).

No, we, as mystics, do not always preface all statements with, "In my opinion,..." because the mystic is supposed gradually to erase as much of the lower self (the "I") as possible. But anyone with even half a brain knows that, when a person is talking, she is expressing an opinion. It has been made crystal clear dozens of times that no claim is ever made of supernatural or superhuman status, special knowledge, or "extraterrestrial" or "extradimensional" sources for knowledge or wisdom. (These are all superstitions.)

As mystics, we value humility, and try honestly to cultivate it. Among our little group, no one, to our awareness, has ever acted smugly superior.

As far as being open-minded towards other faiths and patterns of living, we not only agree that people have a right to them; but we have actually gone out of our way to present and discuss them together. We have carefully discussed dozens of religions and philosophies in the Pneumarium. Although calling a destructive act or teaching what it is, we have approached groups as variable as Catholics, agnostics, atheists, Buddhists, Baptists, and Hindus with only Love in our hearts. And we continue to do so, as a part of tolerance.

We have discussed in detail how the ancient gnostics gathered in groups, as did the sufis and the kabbalists. The "leader" was the servant of all-- the least, not the greatest, in the entire group! And that is honestly how others in the family are encouraged to see any teacher-- as the servant, the least, of all. What kind of "fame," "power," or "glory" could be involved in teaching a group that very rarely exceeds ten people?!

We have gone out of our way to show extra and extraordinary kindness. We had an entire Pneumariumsession about the challlenge of how to handle and to treat people whom we do not "like." Love given to anyone would never be "Love wasted."

Should Love ever be limited to like-minded people? No way! And it certainly is not! The family shows Love every minute of every day to people of all faiths and views, including fundamentalists, atheists, people who are strongly conservative, and others-- just to give you a sampling.

We are always superdelighted to see each other at the Pneumarium! But whenever a stranger comes to join us, we are all, and always, excited! As mystics, we seek to adapt our conversation-style and subjects to the other. We do not seek to shove spiritual wisdom or philosophy down the throats of others! And let's face it: In our culture/society, over ninety percent of all conversation is friendly "small talk." Mystics do this out of compassion, adapting to the perceived needs of the other. Besides, if two strangers know nothing about each other, "small talk" is absolutely and totally normal. It is what people do.

Love is never to be limited to familiar people -- those whom we already know. We encourage each other, at virtually every Pneumariumsession, to reach out actively to "love" friends, family, strangers, and neighbors -- no matter how "different" from us they happen to be! As mystics, we fully recognize that most people are very different from us. This is like a hyacinth and a rose: Different, but neither is "better."

We are all part human and part Spirit. To be born a human being is the greatest of all karmic opportunities.

We are never defensive if certain views are challenged. You are absolutely free to believe that the moon is made of green cheese if you choose to! But, as a teacher, it is my calling to facilitate the clearest understanding possible among friends/students/clients. I think that you will agree, we mystics deal with some "heavy" concepts! We don't do a lot of "Love light.":)

We mystics have never had the smallest, most microscopic hassle from knowing how many people disagree with us. In fact, it is the majority of the population of the world. But, historically, the "crowd" has usually been flat-out wrong!

The mystic is free to believe, and to express, any idea that she wants.

It is strongly sensed that you would like to be a spiritual teacher. The first ingredient is wisdom; the second, equally indispensable, is kindness.

But universal Love does not imply that we just roll over, and let anyone say absolutely anything to us; it does not mean that we allow ourselves to be hurt or "bull-dozed" by strong personalities. For those who present themselves as "strongest" are really the weakest; you know that this is a sound psychological principle.

Our Sister's/Brother's Keeper


We progressives do need to reinforce each other, and make, and keep, each other stronger by sharing regularly with people of like mind. We are now the only "voice of the people," and that voice of freedom and liberty must never be squelched by dictatorial and fascist politics.

Yes, my friend, I probably will do as you encouraged, and write more "justice and social activist" based articles for the uld ("universal Love Digest"). For, in the end, all questions of value, and how to treat people, cannot just be put in the "political" box and dropped into the ocean. These are issues in which we all are interested, and for which we all bear some responsibility.

The Hideous, Bloody Nightmare of War


This mini-article is not "political," although it does inevitably, unavoidably touch on that subject. But that is very peripheral. I do not care about politics. But I have a very welcome passion for morality. And this piece is all about the morality (which means "goodness") of a pres who touts loudly the name of my friend Jesus Christ. He behaves, in fact, as if he talks to Jesus, and gets "directions" from the Lord of Love. But the most cursory examination of his behavior will show, with glaring clarity, that the claim to be directed by God is a lie and an absurd farce. Ironically, his worst enemies, the fanatical Muslims, make exactly the same insane claim!

Evil reaches a certain threshold, hurts enough people, that it creates a pressure within good people to speak up! There comes a point where silence itself constitutes a tacit "approval" of the actions of a government. So, as a public teacher, it is painfully necessary for me to clarify what I believe to be the position of deep spiritual morality on these very human-destroying issues. I must, am forced by the inner Spirit to, speak out against anything that dehumanizes, and destroys, so much human life. And make no mistake: The issues are quite spiritual,
involving massive greed and murder.

The latest polls show, finally, that Americans are against the war, by a large majority! At last, even the dense, gullible, and greedy American public is starting to awaken to the oh-so-obvious fact that it has been hoodwinked by the strutting, smirking pretender into an unjust, unnecessary, and nightmarish war. Despite propoganda, there has been absolutely nothing "clean" or "just" about this ghastly massacre of harmless, incredibly poor people from a third-world country. We are forced to recognize that, from the perspective of hate-filled warmongers, the lives of the very poor have no more value than the blood-soaked mud-puddles in which they are dying. This is rampant, out-of-control mass-murder; and there is no other objective way to see it, flag-waving aside.

I am patriotic, and love this country, and the world. But this war's only purpose was to guard the interest of the fat cats at the top of the oil industry. Dubya could make a total cynic of the best of us. This cruel and dictatorial man has neither measurable intelligence nor compassion. He belongs to, and cares for only, the extremely rich. He has not a nanogram of concern for the common people, and despises and dismisses all foreigners as if they do not exist. He has, in fact, lightly brushed aside the screaming protests of billions of people in almost every country in the world. The U.S. need not let the rest of the world control its foreign policy, but, at the very least, should politely acknowledge, listen to, and care about world-opinion. America's reputation, like its ecology, has been shot to hell. No other administration or president has displayed such callous disregard for the environment, and present policies take us all the way back to the pre-1970's. They threaten truly to ruin and destroy Mother Earth in an ecological Armageddon-- all for the quick buck. As is so often the case, greed lies behind this horrendous evil. And that is supported by a blatant absence of compassion.

This gov has always rushed to support large corporations. It has hurt the common person-- the old, the young, students, the poor, even veterans, due to a consistent pattern of greed and "corporate welfare." Give-aways to giant corporations, plus the war, have stolen billions of dollars from the common people. Schools, libraries, streets and roads, parks, businesses, and almost every other structure that serves the public have suffered enormous economic cut-backs. Social services and medical facilities are actually being forced to close their doors, increasing human suffering.

The latest: The gov is rushing to protect the interests of giant tobacco. And although it is supposedly the Department of Justice bringing the case against it, the gov department has watered down its own case, and is now shamefully willing to settle for nothing. It clearly does not have the interests of the people at heart. This is the same gov that altered the pollution-laws so that our friends now suffer and die from emphysema, bronchitis, lung-cancer, and asthma. This gov has proved beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that it values money, and large corporations, over human life and health.

Iraqis love their children too. The massive genocide of 100,000 Iraqis who are innocent, on the blood-altar of big oil, is unconscionable and utterly hideous. We must never forget, or let the ppublic forget, this genocide. For it is a reliable barometer of the "morality" of the fake "Christians" at the top of this bloody farce. It is impossible to imagine Jesus Christ, or the Buddha, speaking up in defense of this greedy, blood-permeated mess, soaking and red with the blood of so many innocents. The lives of the one hundred thousand, and those of the sixteen hundred plus American children, call out to the divine One for justice. And they shall have it!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Looking Within


You do have all the Power deep within your mind to alter your lifeplans, lifegoals, and lifedesign. (I am a "lifedesign consultant" as well as a "psychospiritual advisor," so these issues are my psychological specialty.:) In fact, my work is in a new field of psychology called "agapology"-- the effects of Love on our selfimages, relationships, and lives.

It is to the fine profession of either psychology or social work that the interior Love-nature (Goddess) is calling you. And it is wonderful that you are now concentrating on your studies! That is precisely what you need to do at this time (phase or cycle) of your life. (You can handle other issues later.)

Deep within your mind is a great pool of wisdom, beauty, intelligence, goodness, and, most of all, Love. To get in touch with this interior Power, some form of meditation is necessary. While you are still on your way to developing a lifedesign, you can accept input from anyone who is trustworthy. But never take it for granted that a person is trustworthy simply because she belongs to a church. Both the wise and the unwise belong to churches.

And I feel much as you do when it comes to organized religion and churches. If going to a church, or joining one, would betray your spirituality, it would do incredible, untold damage to your selfimage and selfesteem. It would set you back many years on your path, and so, it is not recommended for you.

By good reading, meditation, and studying your dreams (only three of many methods), you can learn to solve your own problems with reason and Love.

(All Love begins with selflove.)

Beginning Spiritual Growth


Of regular communications, including emails, is good friendship made! I appreciate it that your emails are always so neat. You are one of the few who seems to proofread her emails, as they never contain sloppy mistakes and careless errors.:)

Almost everyone on earth is "messed up" in one way or another. For earth is not only a school; it is also a kind of spiritual clinic. We come here, not as "healthy" persons, but as "sick" souls needing recovery and healing. Yes, some claim to be "enlightened masters," but they are more screwed up than even the rest of us! For they carry a nightmarish burden of ego.

Probably the first, and most important, lesson that we are here to learn is that, deep within our minds, we are beings of purity, tranquility, and wisdom. Your mind-- the part that you know about, called the "conscious mind"-- floats in a great ocean or galaxy of Mind, called the great Mind, or the great Unconscious. This is a Mind of total Love, endless bliss, and bottomless serenity. It also contains immense wisdom.

In meditation, it is normal and natural to come across parts of the mind that contain less-than-beautiful contents. This is the notorious "subconscious" mind, the "garbage bin" of the mind. All people have a "garbage bin" in the subconscious. But we must push through this "wall" or "curtain." On the other side, we discover the bright, great Mind of Love and peace. This is a Mind filled with compassion, wonder, and joy.

Please never regard yourself as "worse" or "more evil" than others. You are not. You have just forgotten that this exquisite and gorgeous Mind -- the Mind of the Goddess -- lives within you. As we work and play together on the spiritual path, you will remember Her, and soon, will be able to get in touch with the Love-Goddess within yourself. (Note: This "Love" is "universal" or "cosmic Love," not just sex, and includes compassion, goodness, kindness, etc.)

Every day, we want to acknowledge this giant Infinity of goodness and beauty within us. We turn to Her in prayer, and share the delights of our lives. "Prayer" is not a formal, stiff "address" to the Goddess. Sometimes, the deepest and most sincere prayer can be, "Wow! What a beautiful sunset!" Or, "Great watermelon!" Or, and this is a mystical favorite, simple silence.

Every thought of Love is a prayer. We want, as often as possible, to fill our minds with thoughts of joy, compassion, peace, and related positivities. To turn our lives over completely, to surrender, to the Love within, is to change our lives for the better-- forever!

Here is a technique that can help you grow up more fully and outgrow the effects of your parents: You are an adult, and they are adults. To signal this to your subconscious, try calling them by their first names, as any other adult would do. I have seen this simple act result in almost miraculous changes, as it provides amazing freedom. As an adult, you must grow to the point where you have no "mommy and daddy" but have instead become your own "parent." This is a valid and valuable part of healthy maturation. You will be glad that you did it, even though, in the beginning, it feels strange. It is a liberating exercise.

It is good, and shows your brightness and wisdom, that you feel the need for self-repair. But growth is change, and your human (lower) nature might be afraid of change. But the worst choice possible is to allow fear to run, drive, or control your life. So, when you decide to change, you should celebrate! Change is good! It means that you are growing! So, when I challenge you to change, it is only because of my Love for you. I promise never to ask you to make any harmful, or even potentially harmful, changes.

Evolution and Design


As is true of nature on many levels, including the emotional, psychological, and spiritual, very complex systems do indeed evolve from the cumulative aggregation of very simple actions (atomic) and principles.

For me, however, it is still anti-intuitive, as well as anti-logical, to picture (visualize) the cell having just evolved from random molecules just drifting around aimlessly. Evolutionists have argued, with straight faces, that ten thousand monkeys, typing continually, would sooner or later produce a copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The nuclear fact that they conveniently delete is that all those monkeys could well type forever without ever producing anything coherent.

The single cell is more complex than the encyclopedia, if letters represent atoms and their correct arrangements symbolize atomic and molecular sequential reactions.

I do not believe that a "big daddy in the sky" directed the process of evolution. But I cannot help but think that some kind of ordering process exists within the cell. The cell was, from the protocell, guided by internal processes superordinate to molecular movements. Some "molecutropic" force orchestrated and choreographed the ultracomplex "dance" of molecules, and still does. Sequential and complex molecular reactions often require nanoseconds (billionths of a second) in timing, to coordinate the cytoprocesses. For lack of a better term, we might call this ordering principle "intelligence." Or, at least, we are forced to call the results "design." The astounding, amazing, mindboggling beauty of the life-dance moves the intelligent mind to recognize Mind in bioproducts and bioprocesses.

I believe that evolution is true. But I do not believe in its most reductionistic, simplistic, materialistic presentation of purely "random" processes. I believe that the process was (warning: bad word coming) teleological. That means that, from the beginning, it was designed to produce forms of life that could be intelligent-- but, even more importantly, spiritual. I believe that some of the ancient "gods" were xtraterrestrial biologists, and that earth was their biolab. At critical junctions, they made important alterations in dna that would result in the final evolution of dolphins, whales, elephants, and other sentient and potentially spiritual beings.

Sweet Letter from a Very Special Friend


Your [radio] message yesterday (Sunday) was super, as usual. "Enough" is certainly a good rule by which to live. Greed has become so rampant these days, and I have to wonder if it isn't, maybe, the downside of capitalism. But, I guess it's just part of the "human catastrophe," as Zorba would say, that has always been with us.

Last night's program was great, too, and [my husband] loved what you said(and I paraphrase), that 'it doesn't matter how much education or how many degrees a person lays claim to, it has little bearing on his/her level of spiritual understanding. It just blows us away that so many of our leaders (community, government, etc) with all their education and experience, file into church every Sunday like "sheeple," and come out with hearts and minds still full of hatred and intolerance. How can a
person run a corporation, much less a nation, without an ounce of spiritual awareness?! So much for "religion."...

Anyway, as we were sitting there [at church] listening to you, Sunday, noticed that you had the most beautiful aura around you. So bright. Last night, after we listened to you and Ron, I got to thinking about it, again. "He was glowing just like a diamond." Then, the word "facet" came to mind, which led to thinking about body, soul, spirit. Next thing you know, I'd written a poem about our dear friend.... It's almost as hard to put a title on thoughts and feelings as it is to pin a label on God, which is a label in itself. So, here it is, in all its unpolished spontaneity...:.

Beautiful spirit,
Nameless cosmic dancer,
You are the all in one
And one with all,
Boundless mindstuff,
Joyous creator,
Everlasting love.

Sweet ancient soul,
Tempered by lifetimes,
Although the path
Be fraught with challenges,
You play like a happy otter
‘Mongst the stars.
What fun to swim in Love!

Beloved [friend],
Gentle mystic visitor,
The Light indwells, surrounds you,
Radiates to all
Who share your space.
How blest are we
To call you teacher, mentor, friend!


Monday, June 06, 2005

Why Is There Earth?


The question that you ask, "Why does the earth exist?" is one of the oldest and most asked inquiries in the history of spirituality.

My way is the Way of realism. I do not ask you to believe anything "on simple faith," if it does not make sense to you. You owe it to yourself to "prove," or at least, seek evidence for, a philosophy that makes sense to you. In order to be accepted into my philosophy, an idea must be reasonable (in harmony with known facts) and loving.

The "Homeworld" (what Christians usually call "heaven") is our true home, as its name implies. No one lives permanently on earth; we are only visiting it. It is a school.

We need a school because, even in the Homeworld, we are not "perfect." There, our lightbodies and minds function perfectly-- without disease or flaw, but "perfection" is more: Perfection is also the fullest spiritual or cosmic education.

Our most important lesson is Love. In the Homeworld, everyone loves everyone. But, like any other lesson, the lessons of Love require tests or "exams." As beautiful and sweet as the Homeworld is, it never gives us an opportunity to test ourselves. For it is not a schoolworld such as earth. It is a pleasureworld.

From the immense, enormous, gigantic cosmic perspective of the soul, a visit to earth is exactly like going to a movie. We go to movies because of what they can teach us, but also because they are exciting. But we are not terrified to go to the movies, because even horror-flicks cannot possibly hurt us.

The soul knows that it cannot possibly be harmed in this "virtual" dream of earth, or "movie." Nothing that happens to you can harm the core-Self, your soul. (The soul is the "higher Self," deep in your Unconscious; this is the true Self, the one that lives in the Homeworld before birth, and that survives biological death.)

Earth exists because, eons ago, human beings fell into a kind of amnesia. We forgot that we were nonphysical, immortal, Love-filled beings called "souls." We started to believe that we were simple "animals," or biological creatures. (The Mind is not biological, and we are minds, not bodies.)

When people fell into this karmic amnesia, they set the terrible "wheel of karma" spinning. This nightmare is symbolized in the Bible by Cain's having killed his brother Abel. Due to the immense force of karma, souls are forced to return to earth. If it were not for this power-energy, no one would ever come here! But it is an irresistible power.

Over the ages, most have built up a significant "karmic debt," and life on earth is the only way to "pay off" that debt. Each act of goodness, kindness, and selfsacrifice not only creates "good karma" for the future, but also erases "bad karma" from the past. Someday, you, I, and everyone else will have worked off all karma. Then, we will have fully entered a complete recognition of grace. (All creatures are already "covered," one hundred percent, by "grace"-- God's total Love and forgiveness. But all do not realize this. God holds absolutely nothing against us. God does not create karma; we do that to ourselves. So, we are here to perfect and polish total selforgiveness. (Karma is maya, or illusion, like the rest of this world. It is all a very vivid, very convincing, dream.)

Although the world is not absolutely real, the Mind is. So, when the world causes the mind to change, that change is forever. The world is designed to change our minds. All suffering, for example, is designed to create or elicit compassion (Love).

As a person grows spiritually, she comes to identify less and less with her egoself and more and more with her Soulself. So, as we grow, pain lessens, since we are souls that cannot be harmed or affected by anything in this world. This world can have a powerful impact on the body, and also, on even the mind. But it cannot touch the soul.

These are just a few thoughts. Your question is so cosmic that it cannot possibly be addressed in an email-- or even, several hundred emails. For this reason, I've written a couple of books about this very question. You can read them free on the website

Please begin to read the one called Journey to the Center of the Soul, as on every page, it addresses these important inquiries.