Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Chakras

The chakras (pronounced "chuck'-ruhs", not "shock'-ruhs") are visualized in esoteric anatomy as vortices or whirlpools that draw in energy from the environment. Visualize them as the ends of hoses from vacuum-cleaners, "sucking" in energy from the environment.

There are seven. They are generally portrayed as in the front of the body, but actually extend straight through and into the physical body. So, a chakra might well have a symmetric structure, drawing force into both the front and back of the body simultaneously.

As a system of "organs" in the invisible "lightbody," each has its specific function. The "colors" associated with the chakras are "spectrum 2" colors, invisible to the unaided eye because their frequencies are too high to be perceptible to normal vision. They can be "seen" with only the inner eye (sixth chakra, called the ajna in ancient Indian tradition). So, people who try to "see" the "aura" with the physical eyes are way off-track. The aura is a plasmic field surrounding and affecting the physical body. It enters the brain through the neural path of the physical eyes, giving the illusion that it is seen with them, but it is really seen only internally.

Btw, just fyi, here is a review of the seven chakras and their functions:

1) at a point parallel to the tip of the tailbone, the first chakra gives basic bio-energy and determines how energetic you feel. Kids have much larger first chakras than adults. This is the "energy" used for running, exercising, and bouncing off the walls. (Contrary to pop mythology, sugar is a sedative, and slightly reduces the first chakra.)

2) The second is located at a point parallel with about two inches below the navel, and resonates with spectrum 2 orange. It has functions that express in the worlds of materialism, money, and sex. Overdevelopment leads to greed and to sexual excesses.

3) The third is located at a point parallel to that about two inches above the navel, and resonates with a very clear and bright spectrum 2 yellow. Its function is to sharpen the intellect, logic, reason, memory, and general data-accumulation and data-processing. (Aromatherapeutically, it can be energized by peppermint and by lemon, among others.)

4) The fourth is located close to the heart. It resonates with a vivid spectrum 2 green. It regulates all matters of Love, from Love for yourself and your pets, Love for family, Love for Love-partners, and cosmic, universal Love.

5) The fifth is at a point parallel to the throat, and regulates all kinds of communication. Good and natural speakers have a larger, more developed fifth chakra than average. It also regulates more exotic forms of communication, including telepathy.

6) The sixth is located at a point parallel to that between the eye-brows. This is called the "inner" or "third" eye, and this is the chakra used in dreams. Your eyes are closed, but you are still "seeing" many bright forms and colors. This is the one used in clairvoyance, a word from French meaning, "clear vision."

7) This is located at the top of the head, and is called the "crown" chakra. It resonates with forms of the color purple, lavender, and violet. This chakra is still not activated, or even open, in most people. It is opened, and activated, when the soulmind grants a crystal-clear understanding of the nature of reality (truth). This is the famous "enlightenment" experience. Meditation opens and activates this chakra.

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