Monday, May 28, 2007

Mild Spiritual Experiences


Professional psychological statistics show that between 33-48% of the populations of the U.S., Britain, and Australia have experienced mild "religious experiences," which some call "re's." In selfdescriptions and interviews, the characteristics associated with these tastes of altered states include:

  1. awareness of a beautiful, loving Presence, often called the "Presence of God."

  2. awareness that a prayer is being "heard," or even answered.

  3. awareness of strong interior guidance, not necessarily from "God."

  4. awareness of a sacred Presence in the self and in all of nature.

  5. awareness of some kind of order, pattern, and synchronicity in the cosmos.

  6. sometimes, awareness of the presence of a dead friend/relative.

  7. the experience of all things as somehow "one" or unified.

  8. disappearance of boundaries separating the "self" from the cosmos.

  9. feeling that you are a part of a vast, immense, immeasurable Supermind.

Some experiences are esthetic, and these can be quite as powerful as those described as "religious." Music or other forms of beauty often trigger these. The "beauty of nature" is a common trigger for religious experiences.

This term can refer to very mild religious feelings. But the way in which it will be used here is to describe intense altered states of mind, clearly differentiated from normal everyday consciousness.

The very zenith of religious experience is the mystical. It is the peak, the best. Perhaps two percent of all re's are mystical.

An re tends to have a lasting effect on your life; its "footprint" is always there, in your heart. Re's are very democratic, and occur regularly to people of all faiths. (They can be extremely rare in denominations or cults that try to "explain" everything intellectually; they occur far more often in the intuitive personality than in the intellectual or pseudo-intellectual.)

Re's are thought to give the normal mind access to interior but transcendent realities. They "carry" you to what shamans call "another world."

A genuine re is not just a feeling; it involves a genuine altered state of perception and reality. Highly visionary forms, as contrasted with the purely mystical (which alter feeling) might contain images of Jesus, the Buddha, Parvati, Krishna, or Mary. At one extreme, the person might feel that she has become a completely different "self." In Western culture, this intensity is often described as the "born again" experience, but, again, members of any faith-- or none at all-- can experience the sensation of rebirth.

Real re's tend to occur in solitude and silence.

In re's, people often report paranormal events, ranging from spontaneous healings to precognitive flashes. Deja vu, esp, and clairvoyance are common. True re's often happen to older people, with some education.

Re's lead to positive life-changes and to life-satisfaction. ("Occult" experiences can lead to the opposite.) Specifically, re's lead to increased tranquility, being "at home" in the universe, and greater happiness. Most rde's (real-death experiences) begin with extremely powerful re's.

Here are some other factors associated with spiritual experience:

  1. time stops; you enter a "timeless" state or condition.

  2. tranquility and serenity blossom beautifully and profoundly.

  3. bright light can be "felt" around the body., which can be felt to be "left behind."

  4. an otherworldly "being" or "voice" might be encountered.

  5. joy can spiral to ecstasy.

  6. the mind "enters" a mystical "realm" or "world."

God is known, in the deepest experiences, as being "inside" or "within" the person-- deep within the heartmind. The experience brings both interior healing, and healing of relationships. Love is seen as the only essential. Light is felt "within" and "all around" at the same time. Most importantly, the deepest experiences are marked by an inignorable sense of "unity" with an "Absolute," "Ultimate," or simply "everything."

The feeling is that of falling into a vast, immense Mind of pure Love.

It is not unusual for these amazing states to occur during meditation, deep interior (or silent) prayer, or yoga.

A true re always has a component of social transformation: It changes the relationship with community. It makes one more people-loving, and impels one to serve people (and other living creatures). The sense of ultimate, limitless Love flows over into social situations, and one might feel gently melted into warm Love; one becomes Love.

The re creates an increase in openness to the cosmos, to other views of "truth." It amplifies one's tenderness, gentleness, empathy, and forgiveness.

In the very deepest (mystical) experience, there are no images or visions. They all have to do with only feelings.

Here are some more feelings associated with the deep re:

  1. deep, utter, profound Love.

  2. deep, profound, utter peace.

  3. certainty that everything will work out okay

  4. personal need to give, contribute to others

  5. Love is the Center of everyone and everything

  6. joy and laughter

  7. "falling in Love" with self and everything

  8. great emotional intensity

  9. great advance in knowledge

  10. sense of being very ancient

  11. everything "one"

  12. chance for "new life"

  13. certainty of personal survival of death

  14. miscellaneous indescribable feelings

  15. all is "alive"

  16. dealing with "other," more powerful, minds

  17. immense, vast expansion

  18. feelings of warmth, fire, or light

  19. absence of all concern about "worldly" problems

An re can, under certain conditions, cure a depression of long standing. Or, it might be cured by several re's, a series. The sense of a perfect Mind or God inside yourself can do much to heal you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sin and Death, Love and Life


The text that says, "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord," states a couple of great truths.

"Sin"-- imperfection, error, mistakes-- bring us into this world, literally. We would not even be in this particular world (dimension, universe) but for our past imperfections. So, "sin" is what brings us to the world wherein the only possible "end" of life is death.

Actually, of course, death does not destroy the higher Self (Soul) or the highest Self (Spirit). It destroys only the body, which is a complex dream-pattern within the Mind.

In the second part of this text, the word "eternal" renders a Greek adjective more accurately translated as "timeless." So, this "timeless life" of Love (enlightenment) is the "gift of God (Love)," exactly the same as is grace.

The life of time must end in death. But the timeless life of the Soul does not end in death. That is why the two make such a perfectly symmetric contrast. When God (Love) grants us access into the deep Unconscious, we discover timeless, time-free life. This is an everlasting, endless life completely outside the borders or boundaries of time. It is not limited by time, ending in death.

This occurs "through Jesus Christ." We cannot experience this higher life, even though it lives potentially within us, until we discover, and try to identify with, the deeply interior Spirit of Christ (Love or enlightenment).

Grace and Salvation


Grace might be the most important teaching of Christianity; it is certainly one of them.

Grace is the teaching that, contrary to human nature and ego, it is impossible to "earn" salvation. We cannot earn it because it is a gift, and you do not work to receive a gift. That would be not only inappropriate, but rude.

Salvation-- being saved from the lower animal nature, ignorance, and fear-- occurs not because we are "smart" enough to "believe the right doctrines." It does not occur because we are smarter or "better" than others, although ego-religion often feeds us this lie.

You could say that salvation is a bit "one-sided." God does all the hard work, by bringing our hearts into Himself, into Love. But we also respond to grace by learning the art of Love, goodness, and kindness, which are then expressed towards ourselves and all other living creatures. Grace produces goodness, but good activities, as wonderful as they are, do not produce grace. Here, if we are to understand, it is important to get the sequence right: Since the Love in our hearts comes from only God (that Love is God), we cannot claim credit for salvation, wisdom, or Love.

What does this mean? Simply that God (Love) can give salvation to anyone at any time. God does not give the Spirit by measure, Jesus said. No, God gives all grace-- one hundred percent-- to everyone. But people, although all receiving the same gift of grace, vary widely in their realizations of grace.

Some are caught in the terrible hell-illusion that they are completely outside of grace. No one can ever get "outside" of grace, for nothing-- no sin-- can ever be greater than God's Love, God's ability to forgive.

Realizing one hundred percent grace is the deep interior knowing that all your sins have been forgiven, all previous karma erased. It is also knowing, very deeply, that you are an eternal being, a son of God, unaffected by physical death. Finally, it is the knowing that, at a very deep (unconscious) level, your mind is part of an infinite Mind of Love and joy. You "grow out of" God as a flower grows out of its stem.

Since salvation depends on only grace, it is important not to become confused, and think that, as some religions teach, it depends on special beliefs of the intellect. Thank God that He has chosen to save the dull and ignorant, for that includes all of us!:)

This means that God can "save" whomever he will, whomever he wants. And God, as a loving father/mother, does not want any of His/Her children to perish without hope. It will take thousands, perhaps many tens of thousands, of years for the complete realization of grace to come to allhearts. But God has forever, and is not in a hurry.

So, earth is a school, where we learn all the important things of this life. We might "fail a grade" from time to time, and then, we take the course over again. But, with the passage of time, everyone will "graduate." Because of grace, God's universe will not have been a "failure."

God does not make junk, and He/She treasures very deeply every individual Soul, with incredible and intense Love. So, God is guiding, irresistibly, even the very ignorant. That is why Jesus prophesied that prostitutes, alcoholics, and sinners would "enter the kingdom" ahead of the "righteous" and religious Pharisees. (Mt. 25:35; I think that this is the correct text, but you might want to check this one.)

We can trust God's Love entirely-- a deeper meaning of faith. All our children, brothers, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are on the Path of Truth-- even when they do not know it. The entire universe of sentient beings is headed for inevitable salvation, thanks to grace.

How the Ego Blocks the Divine Mind


Enlightened people call the usual human identity the "ego." When a person says, "I am Mary Smith," she is identifying her social and recognized human self, her ego. The ego is the person (identity) that we have always thought ourselves to be; it is the name on your birth-certificate and driver's license. It is whom everyone, including parents, assumes you to be.

But spiritual tradition has always held that we have a "secret identity." This identity is not conscious, but is hidden deeply within the Unconscious.

This secret identity is based on the spiritual premise that "our" minds are all part of a greater Mind-- a Mind that is a galaxy of infinite Love, joy, beauty, wisdom, and truth. Deep down, these traditions hold, we all "grow out of" this great shared Mind, as a thousand million flowers all grow out of the single earth. This beautiful and magnificent shared Mind, you might have guessed, is the "Mind of God."

What Jesus said about Himself, then, applies to all of us. For He said, "The Father [God] and I are one." (Jn. 10:30) Deep within the Unconscious, we are all in touch with a vast Mind that is pure Love. (This is called "Lovemind," "Coremind," or, "Godmind.")

The ultimate goal of enlightenment is to fuse, meld, merge, unify, or unite with this Mind of pure Love. This is the highest human act of worship. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the attempt to "become one" with this perfect Mind is the sincerest form of Love for God.

For to see God as a part of one's own mind is to have a transformative effect. This God cannot be "distant," or "gone," relative to His/Her human children. For, by definition, wherever they go, He is.

The spiritual tradition teaches that this entire world is the dream, or "virtual reality," created by this one Mind. So, this God is everywhere, and within all hearts, and within all things. For just as when you dream of a blue ball and a red wagon, you are "in" the ball and the wagon, for they are part of your dream (and thus, of your mind), so, in an analogous way, God "indwells" all creation. This makes the entire world beautiful, and sacred.

When you identify strongly with the ego, or lower human nature, you are in essence denying the higher nature, the indwelling Holy Spirit. You are turning away from your own higher nature, your Love-nature, and identifying with the time-bound, terribly limited, and merely human, identity. People who make a career out of their egos, who spend all their time trying to inflate them, to get attention, praise, notice, accolade, approbation, and "strokes" for their ego are denying their deep interior higher Self, the God-Self. So, people in our society, whose goal is almost always to inflate, and gain attention for, the ego, are sabotaging their deepest spiritual plans. For the ultimate reason that we incarnate on earth is to overcome the illusion that we are merely animal-bodies and merely egominds. We come here to vanquish, overcome, and conquer ego-dominance and also ego-identification ("I am only Mary Smith").

The Scriptures make it clear that Jesus was not a freak, but a "model...for you to follow his footsteps closely." If Jesus was a model, this means that he was not a different species than are we. He truly was, asthe old formula said, "true God and true man." He had become a full incarnation, not of "another person," but of Love. He had fully "traded in" his old human identity for the realization, "I am a temporary incarnation of the principle of Love."

To become Love incarnate, we must fully de-identify with the ego. Mary Smith must say, "I am not only Mary Smith, although that is a small part of my mind. For I am also a vessel for the Holy Spirit of Love." Gradually, with the passage of time, and with the continued consistent practice of humility, Mary Smith's ego begins to disappear into her fuller identification with God (Love). This is the final and ultimate destiny of all living beings, to fulfill the words of Paul, writing about a time when "God will be all in all."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More about Personal Desire


Personal desire does not lead to happiness, even in its fulfillment. For, when people get what they want, they always want more, or something else. Running around trying to satisfy personal desire is an endless treadmill which leads only to exhaustion and then, inevitably, to depression. Trying to fulfill human desires is like trying to quench thirst by drinking salt-water: The more you drink, the thirstier you get, and so, you keep on drinking, until you are dead.

The enlightened want to turn their personal wills over to, or into, the "will of God." How can we best do this? It is not complex. But to do it successfully, we must learn a new pattern of thinking: We must learn to accept things as they are. For, with strong personal will, the impulse is always there to change everything, to make the world, and everything in it, the way that "I want it to be."

As we work to erase the powerful ego, replacing its total selfishness with the interior Love-nature, we see just how it clings, attaches, and sticks to its craving, with strong "Velcromind." (We then work to cultivate its opposite, Teflonmind.:)

How do we recognize the desires of Love ("will of God")? The old wisdomasters said that God's will came in two varieties: God's active will and God's permissive will. God's active will is for each and every one of His/Her children (creatures) to live in perfect Love, peace, joy, and harmony. But God's permissive will allows Her children to suffer in order to learn. It is never God's active will that we sow the seeds of negativity and harm, but Her permissive will allows for free will. And so, if we choose, we can choose any kind of negative or harmful behavior. But if we do, we create future suffering for ourselves.

So, looking at these two aspects allows us to see that everything that is is "God's will." So, even negative situations and events are embraced in serenity.

A practical example: Let us say that you visit your doctor, hoping and expecting with all your might that you are in perfect health. But the doc finds something (blood-sugar, blood-pressure, etc.) wrong. You are crushed and shattered, and the rest of your day, or week, or month, or year, is ruined. Your wish for perfection has massively screwed up a part of your life.

Let us say that an enlightened being goes to the doc. She goes without expectations, without personal desires, and finds that she has the same problems. Since she knows that she is an imperfect creature, she is neither disappointed nor surprised to find that her body is imperfect. So, because of her lack of personal desire, she leaves the doc's in perfect serenity and profound tranquility. She is literally undisturbed, in "transcendence."

Is it really possible to develop and cultivate such amazing and powerful detachment, from even your own body? It takes loads of practice, but, yes, it is possible.

Another example: A young woman sets up a date with a stranger. She expects him to be Prince Charming-- wealthy, generous, intelligent, good-looking, friendly, fascinating, and fun. When they meet, he is a fairly average human being-- not so hot! She is crushed and shattered. Why? Because of her many personal desires and expectations.

Let's say the enlightened person also has a date. She goes into the experience with no expectations, no desires. She reasons that all human beings are imperfect in many ways. So, when she meets exactly the same guy, she feels no disappointment whatsoever. In fact, she tends to note his (few) good qualities, and can honestly celebrate them! Her date is a megablast, and a great success! Why? Because she approached the event without expectations, demands, or personal desires.

You have probably noted that personal desire is strongly bonded with a second factor-- expectation. While no one can live without expectations, we create a more full and beautiful life as we minimize our expectations. For where expectations are fewer, disappointments are also fewer. If we could live completely without expectations, we could also live without disappointments. For we create our own disappointments by expecting.

A Cause of Unhappiness


Spiritual people, through the ages, have identified many psychological factors that create, or that block, happiness. One of these psychospiritual elements is very surprising; it is one that most of us would never imagine, or even think of, on our own, that is a major cause of unhappiness.

This factor is personal desire. When you think of it, objectively and scientifically, advertisers have as a major goal to create dissatisfaction, very closely related to frustration, and to unhappiness. For an advertiser knows that she has little hope of getting you to purchase her services or products if you are completely happy, content,and satisfied.

To get you to buy, she must make you at least a little, at least momentarily, discontent-- or, unhappy. This unhappiness is the "grip" that an advertiser gets on your psyche, before telling you how to "solve" your "problem" by purchasing her services or products.

It all begins, then, by putting you in a state of dissatisfaction, or unhappiness. This unhappiness is created by the scientific manipulation, and stimulation, of your personal, even though artificial, desire. Professional psychologists have discovered what saintmystics have known for centuries: Personal desire creates frustration, a state of dissatisfaction or unhappiness.

This is relevant because most people are unhappy. Or, at the very least, they often feel vaguely that they are not quite as happy as they should be, at their best. With ages of observation and experimentation, the spiritually enlightened of every age and place have discovered that the minimization of personal desire, which the ancients often called "will," is a major key to real and lasting happiness.

Their recommendation: Replace personal desires with the desires of Love. And their name for the "desires of Love" was the "will of God."

But we often feel that, to minimize our personal desires will "impoverish" us. We fear that we might be somehow less if we let go of personal desires. But remember that we have all been heavily, and repeatedly, programmed by commercials and the world of money to believe that the "way to happiness" is to desire more, and to get more!

The problem is, this has never worked! For, historically, there is no relationship at all between happiness and material wealth. Some of the most magnificent homes are inhabited by the miserable, and some of the most pathetically unhappy are the very wealthy. Material riches, it has been proved by studies of lotto-winners, do not create any form of lasting happiness. For wanting is a lot more fun than getting!

But how can a person live in this world, practically, without personal desires? How would such a person even get enough food, a place to live, etc.? These things are wanted out of selflove, and so, are desires of Love, not merely personal desires. So, a spiritual person works independently to provide for herself the reasonable necessities of life.

When personal desire becomes a demon or dragon is when it is out of control: You need shoes to protect the feet; but you do not need twenty or thirty pairs. You need clothing to cover yourself; but you do not need fifty changes of clothing; you need even things of beauty to please the Soul; but you do not need five-thousand-dollar rings or works of art. It is excess that drives us into unhappiness, by creating subconscious guilt and anxiety.

It is when need becomes greed that we are in trouble. And it is at this point that reasonable personal desire becomes a dragon or demon of unhappiness: For you can never get enough. The great Chinese writer Lao Tzu writes, "She who knows that enough is enough always has enough."

Absolute Love


Everything is not conditional. For Love is the Absolute, the only absolute in all creation. To say that It is absolute means that It is relative to, or conditioned upon, nothing.

Many other aspects of thought and behavior are conditional simply because we live in a conditional world -- a world of relativity. Is it "cold" outside? In the summer, "cold" is forty-nine degrees. But, in winter, that same temperature is "warm." So, like most things in our world, things must be measured according to the yardstick of a sliding scale.

It would be a hideous and dangerous mistake, however, to put all morality on such a sliding or relative scale. Then (and this is what people have done), you could and would excuse all kinds of immoral behavior by parroting the slick but dishonest line, "Morality is relative." Morality is anything that voluntarily helps or aids living creatures; immorality anything that deliberately hurts or harms them. Advocates (and they are many) claim that morality (goodness) is "relative" to culture, religion, situation, or even time.

The enlightened are not absolutists. For example, lying is wrong. But if asked by nazis whether a Jewess was hiding in the attic, and they wanted to torture or kill her, the loving being would have to say "No" even though the literal truth was "Yes." For Love would, in this extreme and rare condition, be a more important moral behavior than literal, "absolute" truth.

Generally speaking, however, for the good of society and the personal Soul, the enlightened recognize the "rules" of morality as practical or virtual absolutes. They are not to be "bent" at every whim. They must be followed "to the letter," but the "letter of the law" must also follow the Spirit, that is, Love.

"Christians," throughout the centuries, have mercilessly tortured and killed others, including other Christians, because they have twisted good and true morality into the horrible distortions of "exceptions."

Jesus said to love your enemies, they said, but that did not mean... (fill in the blank): Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Russians, African Americans, Caucasians, Protestants, Catholics, and on and on, sickeningly, the list of "exceptions" multiplied.

We must not make "exceptions" to the laws of Love, nullifying them, neutralizing them, and engaging in immorality. The lower nature (human or animal) will so direct us;in fact, it will push us in this direction. It will say that it is "okay," or even "necessary," to harm living sentient beings. Thus will it lead us into dangerous immorality, and to sow the seeds of destructive negative karma. Fools and other ignorant and cruel people will give in every time. To know the difference between good and evil is the peak of wisdom.

The Joyful Way and Religion


The text inviting people to follow Jesus, and where he says, "come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest," is an invitation specifically directed towards Jewish people. Their religion had become for them a huge task, involving several thousand laws.

But this invitation also extends to all people. Here, Jesus was contrasting the simplicity of the spiritual Way with the religious path.

It is still this way. There are so many rituals and tasks that must be done in a religious life: Going regularly to a particular church, giving money to that church, singing hymns, lighting candles, doing Bible-study, saying public prayers, participating in regular social activities. In some denominations and cults, you are expected to sell, or otherwise work for, the religion.

The spiritual person needs none of this. She has one simple assignment, and that is to love-- whenever possible, whomever possible. She does not need to study the Bible, for her life is based upon the personal interior direction of the Spirit of Love, not upon ancient books and laws. That is why the enlightened never argue about Scriptural dogmas and doctrines.

Laws create legalism, and this can drive one from the direct Presence of God. Legalism and religions separate people, often to the point where they cut each others' throats, all in the "name of God." Religions often harm people psychologically or emotionally. For example, many teach the monstrous doctrines of eternal hellfire or Armageddon-- both equally horrific. For both support and imply a "monstergod."

While religion keeps its members "busy," often with useless "make-work" for the church, true spirituality is light and easy. For, in another place, Jesus says of this same Way, "My yoke is easy, and My burden light."

The deeply, truly spiritual person can afford to "drop" religion: Her "church," like her God, is everywhere. Her every act of Love is an act of worship. Her every thought of Love is her deepest prayer. So, wherever she goes, she is "in church," and whatever she does or says is her true "worship." So, she has no need for a church or, for that matter, a human leader to tell her how to live.

Religionis coldly intellectual, while spirituality is a warm matter of a heart ignited by Love-- Love for self, others, and all living creatures. This is the Love of God, and there is no other.

I do not recommend that people drop their churches. I do not recommend that people hate their churches. But it is true that, after much prayer, meditation, and preparation, a deeply spiritual person might be ready to "rise above," or "outgrow" her church. If and when so, she can then live safely and very happily without any "religion" at all. Her life-design is between her and Jesus or God. She ceases to follow the advice or laws of any priest, guru, or minister.

She has become spiritually independent, as a fully functioning spiritual adult. Unlike the dozens of laws of any religion, the Way of Jesus has only one law. It can be most simply summed up in a single word:


It is this: Love everyone, serve everyone, and forgive everyone. As John said, if a person lives in Love, she is living in God, and God in her. So, in that wisdom, she no longer has any room for religion or a church.

Religion, for the spiritual, is like a second-grade class in school. Second grade is not "evil," but once you move beyond it, you just do not go back to the classroom (church). Instead, you go out into the world with what you have learned, and try to apply it to real life.

The sad aspect of our society is that people never feel "ready" to leave the second grade. And their teachers-- gurus, priests, and ministers-- do everything possible to keep anyone from growing up into independence. For they are on gigantic egotrips, and they really often believe that a person should stay in second grade forever. This is how religion retards, holds back, and even cripples people when its real task is to aid them to grow. A good minister, priest, or guru should help a person do everything possible to outgrow human teachers and leaders, and to stand on her own. One problem, in their view: This would make them obsolete and unnecessary, and this scares them.

The great spiritual teachers, by contrast, wanted all their students (disciples) to grow up and stand on their own. Jesus said, in John, that if he did not "go away" to the "Father," the disciples would cling to him. But instead, he did want to go away, and send them the Paraclete (Helper or Comforter), the Holy Spirit. And the Buddha said, "Be a lamp unto yourselves."

Embracing a true spiritual Way makes us stronger and wiser. It makes us more loving and compassionate, serving others and being sensitive to their needs. It is like taking a breath of fresh air; I know, because I used to be an abject, fulltime slave to religion.



There is a great negative, antispiritual force at work in the human mind. This has been personified, among ancient and primitive peoples, as the "devil." In an enlightened life, the only "devil" is fear, Love's opposite.

Originally, says the legend, "satan" was one of the faithful followers and servants of God (Love). But pride, or egotism, created a being of insecurity and evil within the Mind. Negativity and antispirituality are very strong among primitive, undeveloped species with tiny brains, such as human beings. Although we are capable of reaching for the spiritual condition of the Christ, we also contain the negative anti-pole of an interior Hitlermind. Life is largely the conflict between the interior Mind of God (Love) and the mind of "demons," "devil," or fear.

Fear continues to fight with Love within all human beings. Fear has generated the monstrosity of a god of terror, vengeance, and related fearbased qualities. Many worship this monstergod, who behaves in a way that we would and could never accept from any sane human being: What would we think of an angry old man who took his beautiful daughters in the back yard and burned them alive on a barbecue? Or, what if he just slaughtered them?

We would recognize instantly, and sickeningly, that this old guy was psychotic. Any responsible religious or community leader would insist that he be locked up, for the safety of all.

The modern godimage was created four thousand years ago, by very bloody, violent, evil men-- soldiers, kings, generals, and backwards "prophets." None of these men was a tower of softness or compassion. These men actually "solved problems" by killing people, including the stoning of their own disobedient children. Naturally, being sick with ego, they assumed that god was exactly like them. So, they formulated the ghastly Jehovah-myth-- a false god of horror, nightmarish injustice, and monstrous cruelty.

Jesus came with a very different vision of God, God as pure Love. But the people were ready for neither Him nor for His beautiful vision of God. The lower nature of ignorance preferred, and still prefers, the barbaric god of war, blood, and vengeance.

It was only because Jesus was born in Palestine that people assume that this Jehovah was the God of Jesus. If Jesus had been born in Greece, people would be worshipping Zeus, the godking of Greek religion. That it was not is proved by the fact that the "ancient witnesses of Jehovah" were behind his murder.

Men and women controlled by fear are barely affected by Love. They actually prefer a god that is more like themselves. In the Middle Ages, when people "solved problems" within the Church by torturing others to death, it seemed that their god was like these vicious and obscene inquisitors, for torture was quite "acceptable" to them. So, they distorted the universal Mind so that It contained all their ugliness. For violent, ignorant, and stupid people prefer a god that is just like them.

Who supports hate?

Send a letter to Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins, and James Dobson, condemning their campaign of hate.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, a bill that promises to extend protection from violent or discriminatory acts of hate to gay and lesbian Americans.

In a shocking turn of events, even for this administration, President Bush has threatened to veto this anti-hate bill. With the overwhelming congressional and public support for this legislation, many are asking who the President could possibly be serving with such a commitment; the answer unfortunately is the religious right.

Over the last few months the religious right has waged a deceptive campaign opposing this pro-equality legislation. They have employed a range of excuses; Chuck Colson compared the law to something out of George Orwell's famous novel 1984(1), Tony Perkins has stated that the legislation is “contrary to our heritage and our values,”(2) and just this week James Dobson told listeners of Focus on the Family Radio, “there’s a vote coming up on some insidious legislation in the United States Congress that could silence and punish Christians for their moral beliefs. That means that as a Christian – if you read the Bible a certain way with regard to morality – you may be guilty of committing a ‘thought crime.”(3)

Such sentiments beg the question: does the religious right truly believe that hate speech is an integral component of their faith?

This notion is preposterous and simply goes to show just how out of touch the religious right is, not only with real American values, but with mainstream Christian values as well.

While most Americans see the religious right’s campaign for what it is -- an attempt to make gay and lesbian Americans second class citizens -- their bigoted views have found audience with at least one man, President Bush.

Click here to send Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins, and James Dobson a letter condemning their campaign of hate. These men aren’t simply opposing core American values of equality, they’re perverting faith.

Let them know they should be ashamed of themselves.

Clark and the rest of the DefCon Team

P.S. Learn more at the DefCon Blog.



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Monday, May 21, 2007



David N. Lysohir
R.F. Engineering Lab
Ball Areospace & Technologies Corporation
Westminster, Colorado 80021

Many will recall that on July 8, 1947, witnesses claimed that an unidentified object with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and cattle ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico. This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered up by the U.S. Air Force and the federal government.

However, what you may NOT know is that in the month of March 1948, exactly nine months after that historic day, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Condolezza Rice, and Dan Quayle were all born.

See what happens when aliens breed with sheep. This piece of information may clear up a lot of things.

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

Why Virginia Tech shootings happened

A Statement from the International Action Center
Why Virginia Tech shootings happened

Yet another rampage has occurred at a school, this time leaving 33 people dead at Virginia Tech — the worst such incident ever at a U.S. college campus.

The news media seem stunned and surprised, yet their coverage sounds so similar to the stories about Columbine eight years ago. They dwell on the personality of the young man the police say did the shooting, before killing himself. They talk about him being a "loner," depressed, perhaps angry at women.

But aren’t there lonely and depressed people all over the world? Many countries have high suicide rates. Why is it that here some become mass murderers?

The U.S. is the world leader in seemingly random acts of violence by individuals. Why?

President George W. Bush rushed to Virginia to speak at a large convocation the day after the killings and tried to set the tone for what could be said about them. "It’s impossible to make sense of such violence and suffering," he said.

Don’t ask why, don’t try to understand. It makes no sense. "Have faith" instead, was Bush’s message.

But there ARE reasons these things happen here, and they are pretty clear to the rest of the world. It’s just in the United States that no one is supposed to talk about the reasons.

What distinguishes this country from the rest of the world? It is neither the most affluent nor the poorest. It is neither the most secular nor the most religious. It is not the most culturally homogeneous nor is it the most diverse.

But in one area, it stands virtually alone. It has the biggest arsenal of high-tech weaponry in the world, way surpassing every other country. It has military bases spread all over; most countries have no troops outside their borders.

It is conducting two hot wars at the moment, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has sent hundreds of thousands of troops abroad over the last few years. Every day, the public here is supposed to identify with soldiers who burst into homes in Baghdad, round up the people and take them away for "interrogation"—which everyone knows now can mean torture and indefinite detainment.

It also sends heavily armed "special ops" on secret missions to countless other countries, like the ones who just facilitated the invasion and bombing of Somalia, or the ones who have been trying to stir up opposition in Iran. This is documented in the news media.

The immense brutality of these colonial wars, as well as earlier ones, is praised from the White House on down as the best, the ONLY way to achieve what the political leaders and their influential, rich backers decide is necessary to protect their world empire. Do lots of people get killed? "Stuff happens," said former war secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Collateral damage," says the Pentagon.

At home, the U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Over 2 million people are locked up in the prison system each year, most of them people of color. When commercial armed security guards are also taken into consideration, the U.S. has millions of employees who use guns and other coercive paraphernalia in their jobs.

In the final analysis, the military and the police exist to perpetuate and protect this present unjust system of capitalist inequality, where a few can claim personal ownership over a vast economy built by the sweat and blood of hundreds of millions of workers.

And the more divided, the more polarized the society becomes, the higher the level of coercion and violence. Assault weapons are now everywhere in this society, as are Tasers, handcuffs, clubs and tear gas. They most often start out in the hands of the police, the military and other agents of the state, and can then turn up anywhere.

Violence is a big money maker in the mass culture. Television, films, pulp novels, Internet sites, video games—all dwell on "sociopaths" while glorifying the state’s use of violence, often supplemented by a lone vigilante. By the time children reach their teens, they have already seen thousands of murders and killings on television. And these days even more suspense is added in countless programs that involve stalking and terror against women—and increasingly children.

As the Duke rape case and so many "escort service" ads show, women of color are particularly subject to exploitation and have little recourse to any justice. And as the murders along the border show, immigrants of color are fair game for racist killers.

The social soil of capitalism can alienate and enrage an unstable and miserable person who should be getting help but can’t find it. If, as reports are saying, the young man accused of these killings was on anti-depressant medication, it is all the more evidence that, at a time when hospitals are closing and health care is unavailable for tens of millions, treating mental health problems requires more from society than just prescribing dubious chemicals.

Many liberal commentators are taking this occasion to renew the demand for tougher gun laws. Yes, assault weapons are horrible, but so are bunker buster bombs, helicopters that fire thousands of rounds a minute, and the ultimate—nuclear weapons. Disarming the people is not the answer, especially when the government is armed to the teeth and uses brutality and coercion daily.

The best antidote to these tragedies is to build a movement for profound social change, a movement directed at solving the great problems depressing so much of humanity today, whether they be wars or global climate change or the loneliness of the dog-eat-dog society.

International Action Center- 55 West 17th St, 5C, New York, NY 10011

Contact us
Donate to help with organizing
Become an IAC intern

PSR Monitor

Physicians for Social Responsibility is a non-profit advocacy organization that is the medical and public health voice for policies to stop nuclear war and proliferation and to slow, stop and reverse global warming and toxic degradation of the environment.

Visit the PSR's Legislative Action Center where you'll find the tools you need to help you be an effective advocate for key national and state policies. Sign up to be an activist and receive the PSR Monitor.

Latest Newsletter:

Supreme Court Rules on Global Warming EPA Has the Authority to Act
On April 2, the Supreme Court delivered a big victory in the continued effort to curb global warming. In a 5-4 decision, the high court ruled that carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping emissions are “air pollutants” under the federal Clean Air Act.

New Global Warming Report Defines Public Health Threat
On April 6, 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the second installment of its Fourth Assessment Report on climate change. The release of the Working Group II report, titled “Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability,” bolsters the need for immediate action to address global warming.

EPA’s Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee Calls for Stronger Ozone Standards
In the latest development on EPA’s efforts to revise national air quality standards for ozone air pollution, EPA’s Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee (CHPAC) has urged EPA Administrator Johnson to lower the permissible level of ground-level ozone pollution (smog) in order to better protect the respiratory health of children.

Sam Nunn, Bill Perry Blast New H Bomb in Congressional Testimony
Congressional consideration continues over the new hydrogen bomb, known as the “Reliable Replacement Warhead,” proposed by the Department of Energy in March. Former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sam Nunn and former Secretary of Defense William Perry testified in opposition to the new hydrogen bomb before the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development of the House Appropriations Committee on March 29, 2007. “If Congress gives a green light to this program in our current world
environment,” argued Nunn, “I believe that this will be: misunderstood by our allies; exploited by our adversaries; complicate our work to prevent the spread and use of nuclear weapons…and make resolution of the Iran and North Korean challenges all the more difficult.” Nunn continued, saying: “we will pay a very high price in terms of our overall national security if Congress gives the approval to go forward with this program. Mr. Chairman, I believe we need a strategic reassessment of the role and purposes of nuclear weapons in the 21st century and an urgent change in direction with both vision and steps. This change in direction should precede a Congressional decision on the RRW. I would not fund additional work on the RRW at this time." Mr. Perry concurred, testifying that “we could defer action for many years on an RRW program, and I have no doubt that this would put us in a stronger position to lead the international community in the continuing battle against nuclear proliferation, which threatens us all."

Dr. Robert Dodge Highlights Hefty Bill for Nuclear Weapons on Tax Day
Robert Dodge, M.D., who serves on the board of Physicians for Social Responsibility, Los Angeles and is president of the Ventura County chapter of PSR, wrote an op-ed for the Ventura County Star on tax day asking “Do we spend our taxes to help Earth or destroy it?” Dr. Dodge highlights the tremendous expense of nuclear weapons: “Incredibly, this year, the nation will spend $54 billion on all nuclear weapons programs designed to prepare for, defend and fight a nuclear war.” From 9:30 to midnight, the Ventura County Chapter of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions held its annual Tax Day Nuclear Presentation at the Oxnard Post Office, educating taxpayers about where their money goes. “This tax day, Ventura County will spend in excess of $165 million on these nuclear-weapons programs.”

Dr. Peter Wilk Argues Against War in Iran
Peter Wilk, M.D., President of PSR/Maine and Wendy Hazard of the Board of the United Nations Association of Maine published an op-ed in the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram on April 4, 2007 argue “we must intensify this pressure on the Bush administration to avert a wider war in the Middle East and to find a diplomatic solution regarding Iran's nuclear facilities. Another war is not the answer.”

Achieving Global Security Conference
On Friday, April 13, over 200 people participated in a "first of its kind" conference initiated by Maine PSR. "Achieving Global Security" brought together environmental, disarmament and peace activists to illuminate the connections between their issues and to discuss collaborative activities on energy policies, nuclear issues, preemptive war, and global warming. Speakers included Mary-Wynne Ashford, former Co-President of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and Catherine Thomasson, current President of PSR. Topics discussed included, "Achieving a Sustainable Energy Policy in Maine"; "Ending the Nuclear Threat", and "Fighting Global Warming." Conference co-sponsers included the University of Southern Maine, Maine Public Health Association, Sierra Club of Maine and Maine National Council of Churches.

National PSR is working with other PSR chapters in Iowa and Pennsylvania on similar conferences. As we move towards the 2008 elections it is critical that these all important issues are brought to light. For more information contact maine PSR Executive Director, Melissa Boyd at

Tell Congress to Support the Toxics Right-to-Know Protection Act
Prevent war on Iran. The time to prevent the next war is NOW.

In the News
Global Warming May Put U.S. in Hot Water
The Passing of Disarmament Heroes Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Paul Leventhal

Lobby Day Reminder

On April 26th, PSR activists from around the country will convene in Washington, D.C. to meet with leaders on Capitol Hill to urge them to halt the production of new nuclear weapons and to call for decisive action on global warming — two of the gravest threats to human health and security.

Supreme Court Changed Everything

"For the first time since Roe, the Court blesses a prohibition with no exception protecting a woman's health." — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Dear Friend:

In the last 24 hours, people all across America have expressed their outrage at the Supreme Court's brutal ruling — and we've added a strong "we won't let you get away with it" warning to the Planned Parenthood Pledge. If you haven't yet signed, I urge you to do so now.

Americans are outraged by a Supreme Court ruling that has brought about a seismic shift on reproductive freedom. The court told women that, with their health at risk during a pregnancy, deciding what to do is no longer up to them and their doctors. The Bush Supreme Court has let politicians come barging into that most personal of decisions.

No woman in America is safe from that intrusion. And women in states where anti-choice legislators are tripping over themselves to take advantage of the court's unprincipled actions are in the most immediate jeopardy. Send a powerful message right now. Make clear that you won't let any court or any politician put women's health and safety at risk.


In her dissenting opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote, "The Court deprives women of the right to make an autonomous choice, even at the expense of their safety." We have to prevent this decision from having a devastating impact on women's lives.

How are we going to do that? By immediately supporting Planned Parenthood teams of organizers and advocates that are already on the ground in key states across the nation. And by reaching out and asking hundreds of thousands of people to immediately express their outrage over abortion bans that undermine women's health and safety. We can start by taking a simple pledge — one that we will share with senators, governors, House members, and state legislators across the nation:

I want to send a message to every politician who thinks the Supreme Court's reckless decision is a green light to endanger women's health: We won't let you get away with it!


Our opponents can hardly contain themselves. The Associated Press reports that South Dakota anti-abortion hardliner Leslie Unruh was elated by the ruling: "I'm running and jumping in the air. I'm going to tell people, 'This should give you energy. Make sure you get to your capital and introduce some bills.'"

We've got to put anti-choice politicians and extremists on notice. They need to know that, just because the Supreme Court has upheld the federal abortion ban, we won't tolerate them interjecting themselves into women's personal medical decisions. If they act to undermine women's health, we won't let them get away with it.


We'll be counting on you to stand with us in the days and weeks ahead. Right now, the single most important thing you can do is help ignite an immediate display of national outrage. Sign our pledge right now — and pass the pledge on to as many people as you possibly can.

Thank you,

Cecile Richards
Planned Parenthood

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Response to God


God does not command us to join any particular church to find salvation from the lower nature, darkness, or ignorance generally. Indeed, most people, throughout all of history, were unable to join modern churches, because they did not exist!

It is part of this enlightenment to recognize that the ancient Jewish community, that of the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament"), worshipped a different god than the Lord of Love proclaimed by Jesus. Yes, Paul and some other early Christians did apply certain Hebrew texts about "God" to God, but this was so because they were intelligent proselytizers: The Jews of the time were enormously popular and powerful, and the early Christians were interested in making peace, not war, with the Jewish community. But Jesus was murdered because he taught that Jehovah was not the God of the entire universe; the Lord of Love was. In teaching that God was Love, Jesus taught a different, and universal, God-- a God for all people.

Jehovah was the local tribal god of the Israelis only. That is why they were so shocked when Christianity was offered to the Gentiles-- non-Jewish peoples. Had Christianity arisen in Greece, the early texts about Zeus would have been applied to the true God. Had the faith arisen in India, Christians would have applied the ancient texts about Brahman to the true God. For these Christians were, first, very smart; and second, they treasured peace, almost above all.

When Jesus taught that God was Love, he implicitly taught, enfolded within this larger teaching, a God who passionately longed, yearned, for the salvation of all His children. God was not the reticent Jehovah, who barely put up with human beings, or regarded them, as the "prophet" Isaiah said, as "grasshoppers."

No, the Lord of Love passionately, and profoundly, loved all His children, and was delighted when any one of them turned her life over to Him, trusting Him implicitly, without holding anything back.

What, then, should we do in response to this beautiful Lord of Love? We must live in Love twenty-four seven. This does not mean that we will become flawless or perfect. For, even while living "out of" our higher Nature, we will still have to contend with the lower. For that is the task, mission, or assignment of earth. But we can hold Love in our minds, to guide us, first in every situation. We can communicate (pray)
"without ceasing" to this interior Love. (Compare 1 Thes. 5:17)

Living in this purest Love was what early Christians meant when they recommended to "let Christ into your heart." For we must recognize the interior Christ of Love as our only "Master," and follow Love in every act, word, and thought in our lives-- as far as possible for imperfect beings. We must recognize that salvation (being "saved" from the lower nature and ignorance) comes only from the Christ, that interior Spirit of purest Love.

And, as far, and as often, as possible, we must turn to deep interior (sometimes wordless) prayer or meditation. We must begin by loving the Lord within our hearts with a blazing and exquisitely lovely intensity that wipes away every other priority.

We must awaken to the great truth that the only way to love God is by loving ourselves, other people, and other creatures. This will bring a life packed with joy, peace, and fun-- as God's many rewards begin to live in our hearts. We will have a clear conscience, not because we have never made mistakes, but because they are all forgiven. Jesus, in fact, was always getting into trouble for saying to people, often
strangers, "All your sins are forgiven."

This same wonderful message is a part of the interior communication of the Christ-spirit within our deeper Mind. First comes forgiveness, then rebirth-- as a son or daughter of God. For, as we reflect the genetics of our natural bioparents, we also reflect the image and likeness of God, in which we were created. We begin to manifest, among others, the nine "fruits of the Spirit" of Galatians 5:22, 23.

Like a tree, we produce these "fruits," not because we are smarter or better than others, but because God has smiled his tender Love upon us, through grace. Every minute, we must invite Love to take over our lives, and we must give ourselves over entirely to Its amazing and magnificent control. We must "obey God as ruler, rather than man," as it states in the book of Acts (5:24).

This means that we must become spiritually independent. We can no longer follow any guru, priest,pastor, or preacher. We follow only the Love of our hearts, which is perfect guidance. For, whatever else that you do or do not do, you cannot go wrong if you follow the Way of Love for all-- including the Way of harnmlessness. For, deep down, Love is all that we really want to do. It is all that we have ever wanted to do.

The quiet jewel of truth


Life, when carefully studied, proves beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that a "Taoistic" response is better, and more effective than the fierce attack of an "enemy," or the feeble retreat of the ashamed. Jesus answered with only silence when asked perhaps the most important question in the world, "What is truth?" (A fundy, by contrast, would still be spouting dubious doctrine.:)

Words to live by, and that bring or support success, are these: "When all are shouting, it is the whisper that compels attention."

So, the intelligent and fine pattern of "going with the Flow" makes good psychological as well as emotional and spiritual sense. After all, when something is beautiful, it does not have to be put on gawdy display. Its beauty will shine forth. The sage named Lao Tzu famously wrote, "The sage wears plain, even rough, clothing. But inside, she carries the indescribable jewel."

Since you have that exquisite jewel within your heart, you need never worry about eclipsing its magnificent but quiet, awesome beauty.

Saturday, May 12, 2007



Since you showed some interest in the Way of Taoism, thought a little follow-up might be nice:

Tao (pronounced "dow") is an indefinable, great, and mysterious Power or Mind that runs and controls the cosmos. Tao is manifested in pattern. Designs on butterfly-wings and tortoise-shells are two of many, many examples.

This same Tao is also manifest as the activities of the physical body, especially in natural nanotech: The Tao transforms dirt, water, and sunlight into fruits and vegetables, and then, in yet another nanotech "miracle," transforms these foods into your physical body.

We see Tao in action every day, in the beating of your heart and the rising of the sun. So, belief in this Power does not require "blind faith."

The Taoist, or Taoist mystic, is the person who, on a practical level, develops trust in this unseen Power. In the West, this is "faith." Jesus taught pure Taoism when he told his disciples, in Matthew, chapter 5, to live like birds and flowers -- without worry, fretting, or fear.

The Taoist's main jewel is the absence of all personal desire. She wants many things, but they are all what Love wants. She does not eliminate all desire, but only all personal desire. This gives the famous Taoist tranquility, and guarantees the absence of greed. Like the cosmic Lovemind of many other systems of mysticism, the Tao can work only through a mind that is still and quiet, as in meditation, and a mind that
is not continually troubled with, stuffed with, personal desires.

Also, believing in this Power, the Taoist gives up all control, or attempts to control, the activities of others, or the outcome of her life. She must control the car, or the chainsaw, of course. But she does not control the world; even the control of her own body she gives up to the mysterious Power of Tao. This greatly lessens anxiety, increasing serenity.

Instead of grasping control, she seeks to become a "vessel" or "instrument" of Tao, or the great Mind. In terms of other forms of mysticism, she becomes a tool of Love. Like Jesus, her longterm goal is to become an "incarnation of God (Love)."

Just a few ideas to think about, from an aspiring Taoist!:)

Sunday, May 06, 2007



Although there is only one "God, one Holy Spirit, and It is Love," there are dozens of things that can be said about God. For example, one can write a hundred pages about one book, for there are many things to say.

In the history of human development, human beings have come up with thousands of ideas about God. Some have come about, they claim, by "revelation." Others are developed through logic, and others, poetic expansions of spiritual themes.

Add to this that God expresses in a wide abundance of forms. At different times, in different cultures, to different peoples, God has expressed Him/Herself in thousands of manifestations or expressions. This has given birth to hundreds of varieties of religion. Some very strict people believe that only their religion is "right," and all others "wrong." They do this because they are desperate, and deep down, fear that they might be "wrong."

Religions are not the very best that God has to give. They are the best that human beings can create when they approach an infinite and unlimited God. Jesus set forth the simple but profound principle, "Nothing is impossible with God."

People love to argue and fight; they will say that one religion or another is "impossible to be true," but then, they contradict Jesus' principle. WARNING: Whenever anyone says that, "God cannot..." or, "That view is impossible...." she is betraying only her own limitations. For with God, all views, all ideas, all things, all activities, are possible, except those that violate Love, which is God Itself.

The multiplicity of religions is not a bad or sad event. It is a monument to human creativity, and to the glory of God, in His gigantic, vast, immense diversity. God loves diversity, and does not want everyone to be "the same." For nature has produced thousands of varieties of roses, thousands of kinds of butterflies, and as many species, as many stars. We do not find "conformity" in the whole of God's natural world.

God has made human brains-- the most complex items in the physical universe-- even more diversified. If God wanted us all to be alike, he would have given us all the same kind of brain.

Mystics and the Ancient Hebrew Bible


You probably meant the quotation, "I came not to destroy the Law and the Prophets, but to fulfill them." Jesus' intent was not to "destroy" the faith of good and sincere Jews. Many of their Scriptural texts were applied, by early Christians, to him. And many of their laws were good, sound, and even borderline spiritual. For example, they prohibited stealing and murder.

Within a couple of centuries, certain of Jesus' early followers remembered that he taught that the Jewish "Jehovah" was not the Christian God. The latter was Love Itself, something never claimed for the very conditional, violent, murderous, warlike god of the Jews.

But these so-called "Gnostic" Christians did not think that Jesus went far enough. They taught that the Jehovah of the Jews was not just a human-fabricated illusion, having nothing to do with the God of Love, but that he was a demon. Since he created this world, then this entire world was evil. So was everything in it-- the senses, good food, sexuality, beauty (rainbows, roses, kittens, puppies, the human body). These fanatic ascetics hated and feared everything. Thus, they left behind and denied Jesus' message of moderation.

These foolish people went even further: They said that, since the Hebrew Scriptures were written by a demon, and they still contained such good and healthy commands as, "Thou shalt not kill," and, "Thou shalt not commit adultery," it was the duty of a good Christian both to kill and to commit adultery.

These insane people were among the evil and ignorant Gnostics of the first two centuries. One "teacher," named Carpocrates, became infamous for this rationalization and justification of every kind of evil and hurtful behavior. He was clearly insane, and others, equally insane, joined his cult.

These "cap G" Gnostics had nothing to do with "small g" gnostics, who were true mystics. They just stole their name, based upon the text of John 17:3, which says, "This is timeless life, to know You [God] and Jesus Christ, whom You emanated." This "knowing" was the mystical and immediate knowing of God as purest Love.

The Carpocratian Gnostics wanted to "destroy the Law." But, because Jesus knew that some parts of the Jewish Law were good, healthy, healing, sound, and could help live a more Love-based life, he did not come to "destroy" these good laws. Still, he did know, and teach, as did the early Christian Marcion (about the year 140) that the "god" of the Hebrews was not the universal Lord of Love. This is why Christianity held that there was "one true God" for all people, not just the Jews, but the Gentiles as well.

When Christianity came to the world, it was a step forward in human spiritual evolution. It "fulfilled," or made unnecessary, the entire Hebrew Scriptures, although fundies will heatedly deny this. For the god of the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament") was a god of war, violence, punishment, and unforgiveness.

Modern "Christian" fundies usually do not realize this all-important fact, but they continue to assume that the god of the Hebrew Scriptures was the God of Christ and Christians. That is why the terrible violence, war, and mass-murders ascribed to "god" in those Scriptures is so confusing to them. They insist on hanging on to the "Bible" that was done away with, or "fulfilled," by Jesus Christ. When you know the interior Christ of pure Love, you no longer need the Scriptures of an ancient, primitive, backwards people of another faith. (Judaism and Christianity are, after all, different religions, although this is simply a historical fact, and does not really matter to the enlightened person.)

Early Christians abandoned completely the sacrifices of animals for sins, and dozens of other customs and laws of the Jews, which were many (as found in the book of Leviticus). When they abandoned all these laws, they also deserted the Bible of the Hebrews. And, leaving behind that Bible, they did not take long to renounce the false god of violence, anger, bloodthirstiness, and confusion.

Shining Sapphire Account Update


Special Thanks and Acknowledgments

To all our Dear Friends of the Heart and of the Light,

We are excited and delighted to fulfill our promise to keep all of you updated re the Shining Sapphire Account-- the funds now being collected for the production of the "abiographical" video. If you have any suggestions for it, please send them along.

We are delighted to report that we have had several pledges from our dear friends, you who so care for the things that are truly important. Thank you so very much! And, so far, we have received our first eight donations. [We plan to remind all of you, our friends, from time to time, in the uld ("Universal Love Digest").] This is not an exercise in ego-- our common challenge. It is simply a way of acknowledging, and thanking, our friends for their courtesy, support, and Love. (We hope that, in the days to come, this "list of donors" will grow! Meanwhile, we are starting the list in alphabetical order.:)

The first donations have arrived! They have been sent in by:

Carol "Coral" Espelage, $50
Pat Fields, $150
Mick Gallagher, $50
Ronda Lambert, $75.
Brenda Lee, $25.
Phyllis Ray, $100.
Barb and Dale Siler, $100.
Terry Smith, $50.

Total 050607: $600.
Thank you! Donations of any and every size are welcome. If you are using checks, please make them out to Love Ministries, Inc. Our snailmail address is:

Love Ministries, Inc.
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Liberty Township, OH 45011.

Thank Love in your hearts, and thank all of you, with deep sincerity and gratitude.


shi and the
Love Education Team

Supreme Court Hands us a Big Victory

From: "NRDC - Frances Beinecke"
Subject: Supreme Court Hands Us a Big Victory

Dear Friends,

The U.S. Supreme Court finally set the bush administration straight on global warming.

In a 5-4 vote, the Court agreed with NRDC and our partners that carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions are "pollutants" under the Clean Air Act.

And in a stunning rebuke to the bush administration, the court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency ALREADY has the authority to start curbing those pollutants, which are wreaking havoc with our climate.

This landmark victory belongs to NRDC activists like you, who helped us launch this case four years ago and allowed us to play a leading role in a winning coalition of nearly 30 states, cities and environmental groups. We could not have prevailed without you!

And I know you want to hear exactly what the Court's decision means to our fight against global warming.

First, it obliterates the bush administration's leading excuse for doing nothing about global warming: namely, that it has no power to control carbon pollution. The Supreme Court has now ordered the EPA to stop relying on illegal excuses and to start getting serious about the problem of global warming pollution from new cars, SUV's and trucks.

Second, it removes the major obstacle to measures in California and ten other states that would slash greenhouse gas emissions from car exhaust.

Third, it adds immeasurably to the history-making momentum we've been building -- month by month, victory by victory -- for Congress to pass strong global warming legislation. Consider what's happened in just the last 90 days:

* Ten of the most influential companies in the world joined with NRDC and other leading environmental groups to call on Congress for a mandatory approach to cutting global warming pollution.

* NRDC helped spur a pioneering clean energy accord with TXU, a giant utility, which marks the beginning of the end of America's investment in dirty coal.

* NRDC helped persuade Arizona, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon to commit to mandatory caps on global warming pollution, bringing the latest total to 15 states.

A nationwide chain reaction has been unleashed, and this Supreme Court ruling is going to focus new and intense heat on Congress, which is just gearing up for serious debate on global warming. The timing could not be better.

If you haven't already, I urge you to join that chain reaction by making your own voice heard in Congress. Go to and send a message telling your Senators and Representative to pass a bill that cuts global warming pollution 25 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050.

It will take overwhelming public support to pass the kind of bold legislation that our planet so desperately needs. But if we can prevail over the bush administration in the Supreme Court, then anything is possible on Capitol Hill.

Let's take the fight to Congress!


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

Support Feingold's Effort to End the War

From: "Senator Russ Feingold [CLW]
Subject: Support Feingold's Effort to End the War

Dear Friends,
Council for a Livable World has always been there when I needed them most. Whether supporting my re election efforts over the years, or providing important legislative advocacy on countless foreign policy issues, I know that I can always count on your support.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this support as I fight to end the tragic and misguided war in Iraq. Council for a Livable World has been a critical ally in my efforts to redeploy our troops out of Iraq and I'm proud to announce the next step toward ending the war in Iraq.

Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Feingold-Reid Bill

As you know, just last month the House and Senate approved binding timetable legislation that would force the President to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq – as I first called for in summer of 2005. While it was long overdue, and not yet a full solution, it was a major step in the right direction.

Unfortunately the President shows no signs of changing direction or fixing his failed Iraq policy. He has threatened to veto the recently passed legislation that both fully funds and supports the troops and also puts forth benchmarks to redeploy our brave men and women in uniform out of Iraq. So, to that end, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and I are already working on the next step. Our new legislation uses Congress's constitutional 'power of the purse' authority to safely redeploy our troops from Iraq by March 31, 2008.

Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Feingold-Reid Bill

Our bill requires the President to begin to safely redeploy U.S. troops from Iraq 120 days from enactment - as required by the emergency supplemental spending bill.

Feingold-Reid ends funding for the war on March 31, 2008 and after that date, the President could only spend money in Iraq for three very limited functions. To be clear, our bill funds the troops, it just de-funds the war.

Over the last few months, I've been pushing for Congress to use its 'power of the purse' authority to safely redeploy our troops out of Iraq. With Senator Reid's support of this bill, combined with his continued leadership on this issue, we're taking yet another important step toward ending one of the biggest mistakes in the history of our country. But Senator Reid and I can't do it alone. We need your help and support.

Please take a moment and become a citizen co-sponsor of the Feingold-Reid 'power of the purse' legislation.

Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Feingold-Reid Bill

Thanks to you, Democrats control Congress and Harry Reid is our Majority Leader. We've made significant progress in the past few months, but much more work needs to be done to get our country back on the right path. By continuing to work together, there isn't anything we can't accomplish.

With high hopes,

Russ Feingold
United States Senator
Honorary Chair, Progressive Patriots Fund

© 2006 Council for a Livable World

We Need Your More than Ever

Reverse America's disastrous course on human rights in 2007!

These days, I continually find myself thinking: This is not the America I grew up in.

It's astonishing how dramatically and quickly things have changed. Our America - once a beacon to the world and the standard bearer for human rights - is now a major perpetrator of human rights abuses.

Take a moment to read that sentence again - and let it sink in.

Ten years ago, if you had told me what was down the road, I would have shrugged in disbelief. But today, Amnesty needs committed human rights defenders like you more than ever.

As our 2007 membership drive kicks off, I'm asking you to commit to reversing America's disastrous course on human rights. Your membership is needed now - more than ever.

I firmly believe it's our duty to stand up and speak out for the America WE believe in - the America that LEADS the world on human rights. We must restore our vision of America - a nation that doesn't torture people, doesn't hold people in indefinite detention without charge, and doesn't export detainees to countries known to commit torture.

I'll be honest. Reversing the Bush administration's disastrous human rights practices is a daunting challenge - and one that will take hard work and determination. But we accept that challenge on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Amnesty members across our country as well as untold others who are deeply concerned - who would accept nothing less.

That's why we've set an ambitious goal of recruiting 75 members a day in April to support our work to restore America's basic respect for human rights and the rule of law. Your membership gift of $35, $50, $100, or $1,000 will provide the critical resources needed to revive the America we fondly remember - the America we believe in.

In the upcoming weeks, you'll hear from a variety of activists who bring diverse backgrounds and experience to our work, and who share a passion and commitment to defending human rights around the world.

I hope you'll join with me and stand up for the America YOU believe in by taking this one action today. From all of us here at Amnesty, we thank you for being our partner at this critical time.


Larry Cox
Executive Director
Amnesty International USA

© Copyright 2007 Amnesty International USA

Mission Not Accomplished

It's hard to believe that it's been four long years since President Bush declared that it was "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. Of course, nothing could have been further from the truth. The insurgency in Iraq had already begun in the spring of 2003, and it would only get worse.

But George Bush remained stuck in time. Month after month, year after year, he fed us platitudes and happy talk. He utterly refused to face reality.

And now, as deluded as ever, the president is going to veto a war spending bill that would finally bring accountability to the U.S. mission in Iraq and create a framework for bringing our troops home.

President Bush is thumbing his nose at the American people and the only reason he is still getting away with it is because Republican senators are enabling his reckless policies.

Against all evidence on the ground, they've told us how America is on the "road to victory," making "tremendous progress," and that George Bush has done an "excellent job...outlining his strategy for Iraq."

Click here to see how Republican senators have served as an echo chamber for George Bush's bogus claims about progress in Iraq.

It's clear that too many Republican senators are still more than willing to put their party and their president ahead of our country.

And that is just not acceptable.


J.B. Poersch
Executive Director, DSCC

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shining Sapphire Account Update

Special Thanks and Acknowledgments

To all our Dear Friends of the Heart and of the Light,

We are excited and delighted to fulfill our promise to keep all of you updated re the Shining Sapphire Account-- the funds now being collected for the production of the "abiographical" video. If you have any suggestions for it, please send them along.

We are delighted to report that we have had several pledges from our dear friends, you who so care for the things that are truly important. Thank you so very much! And, so far, we have received our first eight donations. [We plan to remind all of you, our friends, from time to time, in the uld ("Universal Love Digest").] This is not an exercise in ego-- our common challenge. It is simply a way of acknowledging, and thanking, our friends for their courtesy, support, and Love. (We hope that, in the days to come, this "list of donors" will grow! Meanwhile, we are starting the list in alphabetical order.:)

The first donations have arrived! They have been sent in by:

Carol "Coral" Espelage, $50

Pat Fields, $150

Mick Gallagher, $50

Ronda Lambert, $75.

Brenda Lee, $25.

Phyllis Ray, $100.

Barb and Dale Siler, $100.

Terry Smith, $50.

Total 042907: $600.
Thank you! Donations of any and every size are welcome. If you are using checks, please make them out to Love Ministries, Inc. Our snailmail address is:

Love Ministries, Inc.
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Liberty Township, OH 45011.

Thank Love in your hearts, and thank all of you, with deep sincerity and gratitude.


shi and the
Love Education Team

America's Place in World War 2

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

America's Place in World War 2
Each June, Americans rightfully honor the bravery and sacrifice of the men who invaded Normandy in 1944. Recently, however, this celebration has too often lapsed into a solipsistic and deeply flawed revision of the U.S. role in World War II, which leads to equally self-congratulatory but far more dangerous conclusions about America's purpose in the world today. If Americans are to get a more balanced view of their history and their global role, we should remember another June anniversary: today, the 59th anniversary of Germany's invasion of Russia.

A national mythology has emerged that in 1941 the United States, appalled by the horrific policies of the Nazis, deliberately embarked on a crusade to rid the world of Hitler and to stop the Holocaust. D-Day was, according to this version of events, the decisive point in the "Good War," when American troops, piously aware of the noble cause for which they fought, began the military operations that defeated Nazi Germany. Having beat Hitler and made possible a better world, the United States remains to this day what Secretary of State Madeleine Albright declares "the indispensable nation."

Some reminders are in order.

First, of course, such a view slights the anti-Japanese dimension of the U.S. war, which was the real reason the United States had gone to war in the first place. Nazi Germany declared war on the United States in accord with its treaty with Japan; only then did the U.S. declare that Germany was its enemy too. For most Americans, the purpose of the war remained to exact revenge on the Japanese.

Second, stopping the mass murder of the Jews didn't figure in any way in either American war aims or conduct. As for American soldiers and sailors, they fought the war, as historian and critic Paul Fussell declares, "in an ideological vacuum." The war was "about your military unit and your loyalty to it." Plainly put, they fought the war to end it so that they could go home, a point of view entirely reasonable and even courageous, but hardly high-minded.

As far as the U.S. contribution to defeating the Nazis goes, even though Time magazine anointed Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower as "The Man Who Defeated Hitler," if any one man deserves that label, it's Soviet Army Marshal G.K. Zhukov, or possibly Josef Stalin. The main scene of the Nazis' defeat wasn't Normandy or anywhere else Americans fought, but rather the Eastern Front, where the conflict was the most terrible war fought in history. It claimed 50 million Soviet civilian deaths and 29 million Soviet military casualties. But more to the point, Americans should recall that about 88% of all German casualties fell in the war with Russia.

Until the Normandy invasion--from June 1941 to June 1944--almost the whole of the Nazi war machine was concentrated in the East; and even two months after D-Day, well over half the German army was still fighting the Soviets. Military historians date the war's turning point two years before D-Day when, at Stalingrad, the Soviets eradicated 50 divisions from the Axis order of battle, or nearly one year before when, at the Battle of Kursk, the Red Army smashed the Wehrmacht's strategic tank force, breaking the Nazis' capacity for large-scale attack. And it was the Red Army that liberated Auschwitz and bore down on Hitler's bunker.

The moral narcissism that characterizes recent American discussion of our role in World War II breeds within too many of our statesmen a smug and reckless pride. After all, the thinking goes, if history has shown the United States to be so virtuous, then any that oppose us must be evil.

Today, Americans need not honor the Russian dead as we do our own, but we should give credit where credit is due, and we must not make exaggerated claims for ourselves. In contemplating how our WWII role influences our conduct in the contemporary world, Americans should remember that self-righteousness is bad enough, but when it springs largely from a self-serving mythology, it is insufferable.