Saturday, December 04, 2004

More Dream-symbols

According to the Enlightenment Tradition, the "material and external" world is neither, but is the dream of the great Unconscious, the cosmic Mind, working with the Soul and synergizing with the conscious mind to create "reality."

Here is an interpretation of your dream: The children are the undeveloped or uneducated parts of your own psyche (your "inner child"). Since they are playing, the dream is telling you that you need more recreation and/or humor in your life. People with capricorn in their chart can be far too serious, far too often. The boy's pants are brown (earth-energy or biomind) purified, but not completely ("Off-white" shirt). This part of yourself needs to be fed. How? By "playing' more, and by humortherapy. The dream is warning: Too much seriousness might lead to sadness. Laugh often, go crazy, get silly! (Often, you can do this with a close friend, and can feel just how therapeutic it is. In aromatherapy, orange oil can enhance this.)

There was a "pond" on the patio. Water is a symbol of the Unconscious mind, and a smallish pool indicates only minimal exploration of the inner Self. Later, you are plunged into this same Unconscious ("ocean").

This is why you were born-- to explore the inner and deeper Mind. Its surface is covered with grass and white flowers, symbolizing purity that blossoms from Love (green). This Love is your gateway into the deep Unconscious. The original fear of not being able to breathe is a normal trepidation that, in exploring the inner Mind, you might not be able to contact the Spirit.

The woman with short hair implies a condition in which your thoughts (symbolized by hair) are minimalized, as in meditation or running your trm (thought-replacement mechanism; mantra). The dark blue of her dress is analogous to Indigo, and so represents the awakening of insight (sixth chakra) by the correct use of your intellect (little yellow flowers). When you awakened with the vision of yellow and orange, you were, at the time, "located" between your second and third chakras. (That word, btw, is pronounced "chuck'-ruhs," not "shock'-rahs.") But the second chakra is not for sexuality only. It can also mean bio-energy generally, directed by intellect, reason, logic,or rational considerations.

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