Saturday, December 11, 2004


Re the creation of your own personal dreamdictionary: It's probably easiest to start with nouns, adjectives, and verbs-- major components of dreams, as of everyday waking life. List them in alphabetical order, for ease of future ref.

Example: A red rubber ball, like the one that children play with, has some pretty deep meaning. As a sphere, it is an archetype (all geometricforms are). It is the "three-d circle," and so, represents wholeness, spiritual completion, the call to inner Unity with Lovemind. Since it is red-- all colors are chakra-coded-- it implies that you are on your Way by using your natual bioenergy. At least some of your personal path to Lovemind is through using your physical systems. So, this symbol means that you need to work on, and through, your physical body to find enlightenment. This ramifies into fields such as sleep (a biofunction), nutrition, exercise, etc.

The fact that it is a toy implies your need for more "play." Do not take this life withsuch utter, unrelenting seriousness. Of course, there are times when a serious attitude is appropriate. But to take the events of this life as if they were total reality is to fall into illusion.

Natural symbols are also archetypes: oceans, lakes, stars, etc. Creatures in dreams represent our own lower natures-- bionature, still in psychological development, and still spiritually on the "launchdock," or very beginning of the inner journey. (Rain and wind symbolize mental conditions, active in the personal unconscious.)

Numbers, like colors, all have meaning: One is Unity with inner Mind, or new beginnings, or integration within the self. Two is the error of duality or illusion; three is coming to unity after experiencing illusion, and is wholeness; four is strong stability; five is the human body and senses; six is transitional between the human mind and the Mind of Spirit (Lovemind); seven is Lovemind; eight is double stability and great strength; nine is the end of a cycle; and zero is the beginning Mind, the alphamind, the Source.

Any number of two or more digits can be "reduced" by adding its digital components. For example, twenty-seven is two plus seven, and so reduces to nine.

A dream-dictionary of archetypes is on the back burner in the "someday" file.

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