Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Re the healing-qualities of stones: This is quite controversial. Metaphysicists (often wrongly called "metaphysicians") vary very much in recommendations and beliefs. They range an entire spectrum from those who say that stones have zero value in healing to those who believe that every stone is good for healing every condition.

Dogmatic statements that stone a is healing for condition b are often arbitrary; they are usually untrustworthy. This is a very "intuitive art." A mineral or crystal is, of course, a product of Mind.

It would thus appear that a stone is "programmable," to an extent. A stone, in lapidotherapy, is not like a medicine: This stone is always and only to be used for that illness. Stones are seen as directors and amplifiers of Mind. So, you need to "program" a stone for a particular task.

But do they have any intrinsic clues as to their uses? Happily, they do; a stone's natural use is implied chromatically: Red stones are used to give energy where it is lacking, and blue stones take away excess energy in the form of pain, for example. Green stones are used to amplify Love and good feelings, yellow to amplify intellect, purple for spirituality, blue for communication, etc.

How do you program a stone for a particular application? You hold it in your right hand and focus, for at least five minutes, on your intent. This "communicates" your intent to the stone, which "fixes" it within its molecular and energic structure.

After a stone is used for your intent, it is then traditional to "cleanse" it, which makes it possible to "reprogram" it for the same use or for a different one. Here are some ways to "cleanse" a stone:

Bury it in sand for seven hours; place it in saltwater for seventy minutes. Place in sunlight for seven days. Place with other crystals. Bury it in salt. Hold in your right hand for seven minutes, visualizing continuously the brightest golden light that you can imagine, again, "communicating" the message of purity. And there are a few others.

Again, most of the writing done on stones is "channeled," and is not trustworthy; you are better off learning to trust your own Mind and intuition.

I've worked with lapidotherapy for several years, and have found that crystals are the most powerful stones.

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