Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Book Worth Reading


The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama, is a concise summation of some of our country's greatest challenges, and possible solutions. The writing is both sophisticated and simple; it reviews matters with some in-depth precision, and tries honestly to look at all sides. In most cases, the two extremes of far left and far right will be set up, and then, the author will recommend a more centrist or moderate course, near the "middle," avoiding both dangerous extremes.

Altogether, the author thus comes across as a moderate rather than a "liberal," even though some of his ideas are definitely progressive. He is future-seeing, with an eye towards the possibility of maximizing new technologies in our search for solutions. He is thoroughly aware of the places of religion, racism, economics, and ideology in politics and in national affairs. He is aware also of the bumbling and incompetence of the bush administration, although not harshly or repeatedly so.

In sum, this thorough and well thought-out book was produced by a mind that has been educated, and that reflects also a deep and personal concern for the world in which his young daughters will have to grow up. The result is a work that is tender in places, highly selfrevlatory, compassionate, and passionate. The facts are in place, and the overview quite balanced. In this world, in which it might be argued that few books are worth reading, this one is an exception, for it is an exceptional book, written with lucidity, wisdom, and expanded awareness of the need for change.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fannie, Freddie and You

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

As I said before, the rich capitalists scream constantly for deregulation in the financial markets, and all business'---then when they go out on the leash so far, it snaps, they(architects) make $$Millions, and socialism kicks in again & again. Capitalism (their version 6.0) works great this way. The Silverado S&L debacle, and all the other Bush related scandals of the late 80's....the bailout was the same. It was Neil Bush in on that one , I think? If only Americans knew how we're all
being scammed & stroked to death.

OPINION | July 14, 2008
Op-Ed Columnist: Fannie, Freddie and You By PAUL KRUGMAN

While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are problematic institutions, they
aren't responsible for the mess we're in...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

God as Perfect Love, and the Bible


The Bible is a collection of sixty-six small books that span many centuries. Its writers did not always know one another, and so, had some different ideas. For all human beings are unique, and each is a little different from all others. Just as the fingerprints, retinaprints, and bloodprofiles of each person are unique to that one, so are her thoughts and ideas.

I respect the fact that you are a "believer" in the Bible. I also use it almost every day, and have studied it for over thirty years.

But I know that people who are deeply religious often interpret natural events as the "actions of God." When you and I communicated recently about disease, remember, I said that they were usually simply the product of nature and behavior, and usually were not caused by either God or devil.

So, I believe that the story of Annanias, found in the book of Acts, and his wife, was a story of this kind. He suffered from a heart-attack, and died. The early Christians knew that he had tried to cheat, and so they superstitiously ascribed his death to God.

My God does not kill-- anyone,ever! For my God is Love plus nothing. The god of the Old Testament was always killing people. But this was the Jewish god, Yahweh or Jehovah. Since I am not a Jew, and certainly not an ancient Jew, I do not worship the Jewish god of ancient times.

If we trust that God is Love (and I do), then we can never be misled by the statements and interpretations of human beings. And while there are parts of the modern "Bible" that are inspired by God (Love), there are also parts that contain only human ideas. This is what Paul meant when he wrote, "This I say, and not the Lord..." This was a clear statement of what I have just said: Parts of the Bible reflect accurately the Mind of God, and parts contain human ideas about God or religion.

You already agree with part of this. For example, when one of the ancients committed a serious mistake ("sin"), Jehovah commanded, in the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament") to slaughter a bull as a sacrifice. This was a Jewish law, and appears in the Jewish Bible. But Christians do not follow this law even though it is commanded in the Bible!

Why not? Because they realize that some things said by the ancients about their god, Jehovah, do not apply to the Christian God, Who is Love. So, in reading even the Christian Scriptures ("New Testament"), we must use our God-given gifts of discernment, wisdom, and understanding. Just because someone (even a Bible-writer) says that something is from God, it does not mean that it was truly from God. If we are going to believe most fully in a God of purest Love, then we cannot accept the god of the Hebrews, who was constantly killing, committing murder, genocide, and much violence. I choose to believe in a God of purest, uncontaminated, undefiled Love. A God Who is Love cannot hate, and is never harsh towards his own children. For Love is a Fountain of infinite forgiveness; and no sin in the universe can ever be greater than God's Love (including perfect forgiveness).

The "Old Testament" tales and Iraq

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.


One of the great crimes committed against the people of Iraq was the looting of the Baghdad Museum and the destruction of many important ancient sites inside Iraq.
As the drums beat for more war in Iran, there is a valid concern that Iran's ancient archeological sites face risk of destruction. I agree. And more to the point, I think that destruction of ancient sites is deliberate policy.

Egypt is literally littered with the ruins of the ancient temples and palaces of her rulers. As much as has been found, it is estimated that only one-third of Egypt's archeological wonders have been uncovered. A newly discovered temple was uncovered while digging a sewer line, and a cache of finely preserved mummies was literally stumbled over by a cow in a pasture.

Iraq's ancient heritage was enshrined in its ancient sites and museum. As a result of the war, many of those sites have been damaged or destroyed. Part of the ancient city of Ur now lies underneath a US air base runway. The treasures of the museum have only partly been recovered. The treasures from the looted archaeological sites have been scattered to the world.

Now we take aim at Persia, and as the illustrations in this National Geographic article show, there is a rich cultural heritage of artifacts and ancient sites facing the bombs.

All of this wealth of archaeological treasures must, of course, annoy Israel. We are reared, from birth, with "Old Testament" tales of the greatness of the ancient Israelites, of the powerful kingdoms of Solomon and David, and the first temple. Yet Israel, while rich in antiquities, is almost totally devoid of artifacts from this supposedly glorious time in her history [c. 1000 BCE]. The existence of the fabled First Temple was supported with just two artifacts, a carved staff ornament in the
shape of a pomegranate, and the Jehoash tablet. Both of these artifacts have been exposed as frauds. We are told that once there was a magnificent temple on that hill, but it "all went away." The wonders emerging from the soil of Egypt, Iraq, and Iran serve as a constant reminder that ancient buildings of such a scale... simply do not vanish without a trace.

There is considerable reason to suspect that the tales told in the Hebrew Scriptures are just that-- tales. The Bible is not science; it is the collected stories of a primitive tribal people telling each other how important they are. And like fishermen talking about the won that got away, or Ramses with his temple carvings of the did-not-really-happen victory over the Hittites at Kadesh, the writers of the ancient testaments assumed that the people they were telling stories to had no way to verify the claims for themselves. So, "embellishment" was a low-risk activity.

We do know from the available archaeological evidence that the Exodus probably actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Israelites. We know that the story of Moses is suspect because no Egyptian princess would hide a Hebrew child inside Pharaoh's household, then give the kid a Hebrew name ["Moses" is actually an Egyptian title meaning "Prince" and is included in the names of many Pharaoh's names such as Tut-Moses, Ah-Moses, Ra-Moses (Ramses, etc.)] But a good story is a good story and the writers of the ancient texts were probably not thinking much further into the future than the guys who pen the "Celebrity dates space alien" stories you see at supermarket checkout lines. The fact that the celebrity is a real person does not prove that the space alien exists. It's just a story.

But, over time, entire religions with attendant wealth and power structures have been built on the premise that these Biblical stories really happened exactly as written. And today, here in the twenty-first century world, technology has started to catch up with these ancient legends and call many of them into doubt.

So, for a nation that justifies its existence on the writings of the Old Torah, the plethora of sites and artifacts confirming the ancient histories of Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc., must seem a dire political threat for a nation whose own ancient history seems to have left little if any traces.

In that context, the strange behavior of the US military, which posted guards around the Iraq oil ministry, while leaving the Baghdad museum unguarded, suddenly starts to make sense, if the supporters of a very insecure nation decide that leveling the archaeological playing field is preferable to allowing the obvious disparity in archaeological proofs of claimed ancient histories to stand clear...!

Helping Yourself: God in You


The phrase, "God helps those who help themselves," is not Scriptural; but it does express a truth that has been learned from much careful observation of the human condition.

It means that we must do all, everything, in our power to become the very best that we can be. God (Love) does not ask us to be "perfect," without flaw. But God does ask us to do our very best.

Doing our very best should be a "motto" carried within the heart at all times. We should try never to become complacent or lazy on the spiritual path. Even more importantly, we never want to stop trying, deluding ourselves into thinking, "I'm there! I've finally made it! I'm enlightened! So, there is no more to do!" This can be the same as saying, "There is no room for improvement," or, "I cannot get any better." This is egoic delusion, since all creatures are capable of infinite expansion and growth in spirituality.

We are "saved" from ignorance and the lower nature by Love or "grace."
Love acts upon our hearts to transform us, and we pray most sincerely that It fill us to overflowing, and use us as Its instruments in this world.

This is life's most important quest; so, we should always give it everything that we have. This is when Love kicks in, and it is Love that carries a person into enlightenment and final transformation (in bliss).

Life is like any other game between two players: You must make your "move," and then, allow the universe (universal Mind) to make her move.
Then, it is time for you to move again, as in chess.

We are never alone. WE do not perform all the moves. But it is vital that we recognize that our lives can be works of art. As in a masterpiece of painting, to which you add only one or two "brush-strokes" a day, so your life is also like this. God (Love) is the final and absolute artist, and you are one of Her fine products. So, you must allow God to move within and through you by loving.

This is "helping yourself," and God (Love) helps only those who so "help themselves."

Love Ministries Affiliates


You are wisely doubtful re anything received over email, and we also tend to be dubious about anything received. Some might not be even in Africa, but might be business-people in New York or Atlanta. We, like you, have also seen these scams, and so, are cautious. We have developed email relationships with all the Love Ministries affiliates in the various countries.

For our best example, we have exchanged several dozen emails, over many years, with Love Ministries of India, and have known our representative for years. Our friend from Uganda has also written several times, often revealing details (such as her birthday) about her life. Our friend in Pakistan has had, for years, a specific ministry to the downtrodden women in that very poor and largely Islamic country. (She is one of three contacts made in her country.) Our friend in Tanzania sends many, and regular, photos of his educational seminars in small cities in his area.
Our friend in Kenya has started a house-church, and has delightedly aided us to distribute a book to his friends whom, he says, "fell in Love" with it.:) In fact, we did encourage our contact in Kenya to send us a "snailmail" so that we could make sure that we were dealing with a real person, really in Kenya. (He is one of three original contacts in his country; the other two knew him, and he them.)

There is no "foolproof" way around the many frauds and phonies on earth.
Frankly, we also have no way to determine these things except by God-guided intuition, which we follow. Love-guided intuition can be the most reliable of all, although most Westerners are unaccustomed to thinking in these terms. (But you, my friend, know what is meant.:) Thanks for asking; if there is another way that these contacts can be confirmed, we are open, and would like to hear about it. In the meantime, good karma comes from donating to any charity as if it were the "real thing," and the karma is good as long as you believe that it is the "real thing."

Thanks for asking. This is a very sound, solid, and fair question. We are sorry that we do not have absolute proof, except for India.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Poorest People in the World


We are thrilled, excited and delighted, to report that our first and our second fundrives for the poorest people on our poor little planet have been successful, blessed by God (Love). We have gathered, from friends, buds, pals, students, clients, and neighbors, in our first collection, five hundred dollars; and we are truly blessed to report to you, dear efamily, that the second fundrive has also been a smashing success! We have collected another $500! This will, of course, be divided equally among Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Tanzania, and Love Ministries of Uganda.
[We are still seeking donations, as small as three dollars.]

This note is simpply a friendly-- and, we hope, unintrusive-- note of thanks for those who so kindly, so generously, provided donations for our sisters and brothers, many of whom are on the verge of starvation, having lost home and hope due to the greed of warfare and commerce.

In our new effort, a new collection to continue the older one, the second round of donations, we have received the following:

Anonymous $200
Anonymous $110
Chris Finer $25
friend from Portsmouth, NH $25
Noel Harrison $40
lmiusa $25
Cathy Moulton-Posey $25
Teresa Ramsey $50
Total 072308: $500

Please be aware that your giving has resulted in blessings that are, and will be, everlasting, following you long after this tiny life!:) And again and again, thanks to you for this thoughtfulness towards strangers; every penny of your donations will go straight to the people in greatest need.

If you would like to contribute to this most worthy cause (We know of no greater need), please fill out a check to Love Ministries, and send to:

Love Ministries
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Hamilton, OH 45011

Anything that you can spare is welcome. We are accepting donations of as little as three dollars.:)


the staff of Love Ministries USA

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ken Wilber


We do like metaphysical material; thanks for the offer to lend some to us. Most of what I have heard from Ken Wilber is positive, and some quite helpful. But I believe that a good teacher must always walk her talk; and we've a personal friend, an attractive young lady, to whom Wilber made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances. So, until he outgrows this adolescent behavior, he will not be recognized as a valid spiritual teacher.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Noah's Ark


Most Biblical scholars believe that the story of the Noachian Flood, like
the story of Genesis, was not literal but an allegory. It told the story
of how God works to preserve his creatures through Love.

Even though each and every creature dies in this world, symbolized by the
death of countless millions of living creatures in the Flood, all
life-forms survive as Souls-- symbolized by those taken aboard the "Ark."
Lower life-forms share groupsouls, but sentient (selfaware) creatures
have individual and immortal Souls just like those of human beings. This
grooup includes elephants, dogs, cats, llamas, horses, and all other

The Hebrews, in ancient times, especially their fundamentalists,
interpreted the Flood as literal history. But its gruesome bloodiness,
in the murder of hundreds of millions of innocent and sweet creatures,
was created, they said, by their god Jehovah, with a monstrous
insensitivity towards living things. But the true God treasures the
lives of lower life-forms, exactly as we might treasure the life of a
beloved pet. So, the true God is incapable of this merciless barbarity
and cruelty. (For, compared to some, we humans are also "lower

There probably was never a literal man named "Noah," who built the large
chestlike box called the "Ark." These, like so much in Genesis and other
Biblical accounts, are all symbols or allegories.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Illness and Healing


Sickness usually does not have any supernatural origin. It does not come
from God or from a "devil." It occurs because we are all a part of
nature, and nature has drifted away from the perfect Mind, although that
perfect Mind still indwells nature.

In ancient times, this Supermind was called "God," and nature was called
"Goddess." (Early Christians had a goddess they called "Sophia.") God,
the infinite Mind of Love, lives within and through the Goddess. They
are not "two beings," but God is one with Goddess.

Nature has also become the tool of energy. When we deliberately act in
any way, we send forth energy. It can be positive (constructive) or
negative (destructive). Nature acts as a kind of "energy-mirror," and
sends back to us the very same energy that we sent out.

The Soul wants always to learn. Spiritual education in Love is the very
reason that this world exists. The whole world is a school, and it is
here to teach us. One very important way that it teaches us is by
limiting us. One important way that it limits us is by allowing us to
experience illness. This shows our complete dependence upon God (Love)
as the great Healer. For every act of Love is an act of healing. It
might not heal us completely or permanently, but each and every act of
kindness, goodness, or compassion makes us stronger and more healed.
(The word "heal" comes from the same root word as "whole," and "holy.")

So, any disorder, any sickness, can be understood in terms of our Soul's
trying to educate us in Love. For when we suffer, we then feel sorry for
others who must also suffer. For if a person suffers little, she also
loves little. She who suffers more can love more. She becomes, at best,
an instrument or vessel for divine Love. This human vulnerability was
what God meant when he told St. Paul, "My Power will be made perfect in
thy weakness." So, Love is made more perfect when we experience
suffering due to physical limitations, or even illness.

Illness also teaches us to love our bodies. How do we love our bodies?
By getting enough sleep, by eating good and healthy foods, by meditation,
and by loving others. All these activities prove that we are selfloving,
and we cannot effectively love others unless and until we love ourselves.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning and Unlearning


One person simply cannot do "spiritual" (interior) work for another. As
in eating physical food, so each must "eat" her own personal "spiritual"

I can give you some "spiritual food." One series of "meals" that is
highly recommended is a book called Journey to the Center of the Soul:
Mysticism Made Simple
. It outlines the basics of the Way, for both
beginners and more advanced students. A companion book is Falling in
Love with Yourself: Love and the Inner Beloved
. If you wish to see
either or both books, just say the word. Please send your snailmail
address, so that we can send the book(s). But if you need this "food"
right away, these books can be read and/or downloaded, free of charge,
from the website

Anything that has been learned can be unlearned. For many, the very
first steps on the Way of Love are "unlearning" harmful, destructive,
antiagapic (counter to Love) images of God. So, it is highly recommended
that you begin to "consume healthy spiritual food." Along with this, be
sure to avoid religious "garbage" wrapped up in pretty paper.

Thursday, July 17, 2008



Much good research has been done on mysticism. It is extremely
gratifying to hear that you are reading Journey to the Center of the
Soul: Mysticism Made Simple
. As its subtitle indicates, this is designed
as an overview of the subject. Perhaps it is written for beginners, or
for the practiced and fullblown mindmystic. (There are also "practical
mystics"-- real mystics, following Love, but not blessed with the actual
experience, as is the mindmystic.)

Yes, the path of beauty can lead to Love. Many have "found God" through
the path of art, for example, or through falling in Love with a
beautiful woman. God, of course, appears in an infinite abundance of
varieties all around us.:)



Brother Libra could not agree with you more when it comes to a reliable
friendship. The average person has not a clue when it comes to lasting,
productive, creative interchanges of friendship. Perhaps it is no
exaggeration to say even that the average person is ill-equipped to form
a lasting, reliable friendship. For a good friendship requires positive
selfesteem, and good friends allow each other to make mistakes, as we all

They will not take it personally if you are human, as in, "to err is
human." They will not "go ballistic" if you do make an error, and will
not "declare war" on you. They will not take everything "personally," as
in, "Everything that she says, she says to hurt me."

A wise, spiritual, mature human being will forgive the mis-spoken word,
and move on, with a desire to repair or rebuild the friendship in any way
possible, if it has been damaged. She will stick with you, through
"thick and thin," as you note. She is not looking for an "escape hatch"
to cancel or neutralize the friendship. (People of low selfesteem are
always looking to "escape" or "get rid of" a friendship because, deep
down, they do not feel that they "deserve" a friendship with a good,
honest, or sincere person. So, they will jump at any opportunity to
sabotage a friendship, or otherwise, sadly, to exit it.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love, Nature, and Education: The Interior Vow


There is nothing wrong with your "nature." But the problem lies in your education. Education cannot change your nature, and your nature is always much greater and more powerful than education.

Your truest core-nature is Love. This means two things: 1) You want to love, and 2) only giving and receiving Love can ever bring you full contentment, satisfaction, or fulfillment.

So, make a personal and private vow in your own heart to begin re-educating yourself with truly positive spirituality, and add to that vow that your ideal and goal is to love yourself and all other creatures.

Control of the Mind


Technically, one does not "gain control" of the mind, but invites the Spirit of Love, which already indwells each and every mind, in the deep Unconscious, to take control. This Spirit of Love is always waiting, willing, and ready to take over whenever this is requested. Meditation/interior prayer helps this process, as it clears the mind,
allowing a higher Mind gradually to come into awareness (consciousness). Then, minute by minute, day by day, we continually surrender to this great Mind of Love. It is no "instant" or fast process, so we must be patient, but patience is one of this life's most valuable spiritual lessons.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mystics and Cults


It is almost impossible to discuss mysticism without including historical mystics from the past. For it seems that mystics are still as rare as jewels in our society, and it is safe to say categorically that most books on the "new age," metaphysics, or religion contain precious little, or no, mysticism.

So, for example, in Journey to the Center of the Soul, the writing is generously peppered with references to, and quotations from, mystics, ranging from the second to the nineteenth centuries. There were a few twentieth-century mystics, including Tom Merton, and a few Hindu writers.

But one problem with the latter is that Western people insisted on gathering ego-cults around these wise thinkers-- something that the masters never, never wanted, and that they resisted with every breath!

That is, true masters always resist and oppose cultism, but a number of pseudo-masters (pseudo-mystics) did support and encourage egocults and even worship of their illusory egoself. Rajneesh was a good example of a "bad" guru who had missed the entire point of the Way.

Channeling and Other Beliefs


[Jane] Roberts [the "channeler" of "Seth"] did come across, in the unconscious mind, some really interesting, and useful, material. As noted in the previous email, we do not deny the existence or possibility of "channeling." Indeed, as mystics, we heartily endorse and teach that we are all potential "channelers" of Love (God).

Roberts produced, during her life (she is dead now) some unique material.
An objective analysis of her words shows that some sentences perhaps said absolutely nothing to the average mind. Channelers generally love to use many words, but often, take three pages to clarify or to explain a single statement. Like other resources, words should ideally not be wasted. A good writer or speaker should use little to no "filler" in her message; each sentence should actually convey information, should actually say something.

Roberts often followed this fine guideline. Still, I return, as a "skeptic," to the scientific principle called "Occam's Razor." This guiding principle of science (and of life) states that very reasonably,, if you have a complex explanation and a simpler one, you are obligated by facts and observation to embrace the simpler one.

Let's apply this to the teachings of channeling. A person is speaking to a group, and he/she is often receiving many thousands of dollars for an hour of her time. (The insurance salesman who "channeled" Lazarus received $300,000 for a lecture. It cost his listeners a thousand dollars each for the "rare privilege" of listening to him.)

Now, we have two possible explanations: 1) the channeler is telling the truth, which is anything but obvious, and an "extraterrestrial" or "extradimensional" being is using her bodymind to speak to the world.
(This also boosts the ego of the channeler and makes her utterances more like "divine revelations" rather than ordinary speech. These "divine revelations" can bring a very high market-price, while ordinary speech is
unmarketable.) Or we can say that 2) we are speaking, as seems apparent to the actual evidence, with a human being who might or might not be drawing spiritual information from the deeper Unconscious.

Now, using Occam's Razor, which is the simpler? I think that the facts urge us to believe that the simpler explanation is Number Two, that we are listening to a human being. She might well be tapping areas of the great Unconscious, the great Mind, but she might not, also.

So, the best approach is not that of the "true believer," who will eagerly fight "to the death" (allegorically) that true channeling is occurring, that the person is truly, really, actually channeling another "entity" (to use one of their favorite words). But why expend so much valuable timenergy defending a conclusion that can never be proved or disproved?

Channelers love to say things that cannot be subject to real scientific scrutiny. They can describe ancient and distant Atlantis, or claim that Jesus had blond hair, and none of these "facts" can ever be verified.
Nor can their wildest speculations re the nature of Mind. Even channeling itself cannot be proved or disproved in a standard laboratory.
Some spiritual items are simply not verifiable by our primitive science.

Of course, it is much more fascinating, exciting, and even entertaining to say that real channeling is happening. Indeed, there is a powerful part of human psychology that longs for the absolute certainty so often offered by various faiths, including fundamentalism. But absolute certainty is not always available through the senses.

Thousands of gurus, ministers, imams, priests, and rabbis throughout history, have claimed to be "special prophets," "enlightened beings," and "channels of God" in our poor world. These have ranged from the noble to the ridiculous and foolish.

Many, many have supported false prophecies or predictions, including thousands of nondescript channelers who taught that the "end of the world" was coming in 1999! Time proved to a genuinely discouraged and disappointed audience, and it was vast, that these "channelers" were not really in touch with a higher Power.

So, we know, and I think that we both agree, that false "channelers" do exist. The facts prove this. But what real facts do we have to "prove"
that "real" channelers exist? This is a much more knotty and problematic question.

Channeling is precisely like religion: If a person wants to be a "true believer," she will be, and nothing, in this or any other universe, is likely to change her mind. Indeed, we are not here on earth to change each other, but to do the very best that we can individually do to find the Light. So, dear friend, please do not misunderstand me: I have absolutely zero interest in "changing your mind." For that is your task.

At the Pneumarium, we spoke of many delightful and profound issues. I explained that I individually would have to see at least some credible evidence before I would be convinced of the genuineness of a channeler.
But that does not mean that everyone does, or should, require this evidence. So, if you are inclined to accept a particular channeler, or all of them (and there are hundreds of thousands; thousands have "channeled Michael" alone, as one example), that is your personal decision. And you are free to make it; this is the very meaning of spiritual independence.

It means that we might not all think exactly alike about all spiritual issues. Yet we can choose to remain friends, even the very best of friends.

As another example, the idea of polybiography (reincarnation) is a structural matrix to my philosophy of life. Yet I have friends who do not understand the concept, do not even claim to believe in it. As another example, vegetarianism is another structural matrix for my life-pattern; yet I have friends who are not veggies. And that is okay; each must respond to her inner karmic forces in her own time, at her own pace, and in her own way. But I am free to accept, even love, them.:)

So, my friend, I speak, often with power, often with passion, about any spiritual issue, for spirituality is the golden matrix that holds this life intact. But I have and hold no "condemnation" for those who hold different or varying ideas. I do not buy into any form of "new age fundamentalism."

We are all explorers on the interior and infinite path. We all speculate regarding the Eternal and Immeasurable. We should be free enough, should allow ourselves sufficient fredom, and give this gift to others, so that we can vary in a very friendly way. Religious people become grumpy and surly when they disagree; spiritual people become wiser and richer!:)

We are not responsible for the actions or thoughts of other adults. We are not fully responsible for every activity within even our own bodies.
For, in a fair universe, We are responsible for only that which we can control. This means that we are responsible for our responses. (Easy:
"response" and "responsibility" both come from the same root.)

So, in final analysis, we are responsible for only our responses. If we can teach ourselves, or be taught, to respond in only Love to every contingency, then we have come to our "graduation" from the "school"" of earthly life.

It is true that, as you say, people who are stuck in cults or fundy religion are there due to their karma; I used to be one of them! But the true teacher never regards such benighted souls with apathy or complacence. Love moves her to reach out to them, to teach them.
Without Love, pure Taoism would create only "bumps on a log," waiting for things to occur, never initiating anything ever! This is an extreme, and the Way always moves us away from extremes, which can become virulently anti-spiritual (antiagapic, violating the principle of Love).

So, while cultivating trust in the interior cosmic Mind to care for all life, and for the totality of enlightenment towards all creatures, the enlightened does not see God (Love) as active outside of her, but inside her. Love lives and moves through her, and within her.

This is no attempt futilely to "add to God." You simply cannot "add" to the Infinite. Instead, the spiritual outreach of a teacher is like preparing a garden filled with beautiful flowers. Without care, the garden turns to weeds, and the flower-petals drop off. All you have is a patch of muck and mud. Caring for a student is like cooperating with Mind, with nature, not trying to "add to" It. A student can grow, like a flower, without nurturing; but a flower which receives care has many more petals, is more fragrant, and more beautiful.

Loving the Unloving


People become very unreasonable, and even hostile, when they allow their often overly sensitive feelings to be hurt. They often take everything personally. They tell themselves that "everything, every word, is about me." They suffer from a hideous Narcissism or selfinvolvement. This is egocentricity turned inward upon itself, and it makes them sick. If you have apologized-- and you have done this even in writing, via email-- there is nothing else that Love calls upon you to do; you have done the honorable thing.

Some people are simply so terribly insecure, suffering from nightmarishly low selfesteem, that they will not allow family or friends to be imperfect. But we are all imperfect human beings. We must all recognize this fact, and get on with our lives!:) It creates only hideous hell if we do not allow, and forgive, human imperfections.

But you dare not make an error in the presence of someone who has terribly low selfesteem, for she will take any error personally; and she will often go much further: She will distort and twist anything that you say into some kind of "personal attack." This is very sad, as it reveals the depth of her mental or emotional illness.

Anyone who responds this way to harmless or neutral statements is suffering from a deep and serious mental illness called "paranoia." You cannot cure her, or, at times, even reach her. For they close themselves off in an interior "hell" of their own making. They just will not allow anyone "into their heads." So, they must suffer in isolation.

Fortunately, this suffering will trigger growth and education, although those fine functions might not occur for years, or even in this life. In the meantime, we must simply put up with these people, who can be filled, and spoiled, with hatred and negativity.

So, let us, as the people of Love, live in fullest determination to exercise patience, kindness, and Love towards these sick people. For only Love can ever heal them.

Spirituality and Money


Should a spiritual teacher "charge" for her service? This is a profound inquiry. And BEWARE: Often, people will give specious arguments to defend this idea because they are charging for "spiritual" work; they are feeling guilty. We have encountered this, and their many arguments, a thousand times in the past.

Our only contention is that spirituality is not beans or tomatoes. That is, it is not a "marketplace commodity," and should never be regarded as a Way to make money-- and loads of it! We must exercise supreme caution never to take advantage of people, especially of the poor.

The records of both Jesus and the Buddha show clearly that they never set up "toll booths," and never charged anything for even their most famous sermons. Instead, they trusted in the great Mind to care for them and their needs.

This is the challenging Way of faith. As one example, Love Ministries has been in existence since 1983-- twenty-five years. We have never, a single time, charged any fees for our spiritual work. And even though publishing is very expensive, we give away even our books. We started out with an actual mimeograph machine-- the kind that replicated in purple! And now, we are distributing twenty-plus books, and have affiliates in six countries, as well as an infosheet (the "uld," or "Universal Love Digest") and our monthly magazine Lovelight.

We did not seek anyone's "permission" to do this work free of charge. All our lectures, seminars, personal advising, etc., are done free of charge. Other ministries, and teachers, often feel threatened by this, or even "accused." But that is not our problem; we must follow the Spirit as we see and know It.

The bottom line is, No matter what anybody else says or does, no matter how "fine" the arguments, we must look to Jesus and to the Buddha as serious examples. Has the world changed since their times? Of course it has, and radically! Extremely! But they still needed money, and they still refused to push spirituality upon others by trying to "sell" it, as if the jewels of God were garage-sale items.

Jesus said it more clearly than I ever could: "You cannot serve both God and money." You can serve "only one master," he said.

People do not want to hear this. Some "spiritual educators" have even become upset at Love Ministries, because we make them feel selfconscious.
They are not just charging, but over charging, for their work. A cassette tape, for example, if you buy it in bulk, can be purchased for fifty cents, even on the modern market, which overcharges for almost everything. And ministries will regularly charge $12.50, fifteen, or even seventeen dollars for a taped message from the "guru."

Seminars are also terribly expensive. They can range from fifty dollars up to several hundred. I have a special identity with the poor, for I am also poor, and I know the pain of being rejected from spiritual teachings because of dollar-prohibitions. It is unfair that the poor, already abused by life, should be further abused by people who claim to care for and about them-- the so-called "teachers" of the metaphysical community!
This is immoral, and verges on the obscene!

So, even if we must go against everyone on this one, we do not want to "give in," and charge for our seminars, lectures, tapes, and other educational materials. We would rather serve the poor and keep our inner eyes fixed on the Buddha and Jesus as our models. This is especially challenging in a world in which gas is four dollars a gallon! And we do quite happily accept Love-donations to support our work. At the Pneumarium, we even have a donationbox, not that anyone ever uses it!
(Actually, one very sweet and good supporter does make regular donations to our Ministries; without her Love, we would not have survived!:)

But frankly, we are not interested in the rationalizations and justifications that people so often give for "getting rich" by "selling" that which they have received freely from the universal Mind. We do not "sell" the Word of Love, and have no intentions of ever doing so! And no, being a spiritual teacher is not directly comparable to being a social worker; for while a social worker can do very spiritual work, and a teacher can aid socially, they are two different callings. A teacher is called upon to share the invaluable (priceless) contents of her heart, with the hope of "planting seeds of Light" in another. A teacher is more like a caring relative or friend; what would you think of a close, intimate relative who helped you through a crisis, and then sent you a bill for her services?

Spiritual Teachers


It is true that some have not yet reached a level of mind (consciousness) in which their fully independent functioning is reliable. That is why there are spiritual teachers-- a calling which I have also received.

But it is absolutely crucial for a real spiritual teacher to love her students. A genuine spiritual teacher should never force her students, although she might strongly encourage them to boost their spirituality in showing them a more honorable Way of living. Still, any teaching that she gives to them should be given freely, as she has herself received it freely from the cosmic Mind. It is never appropriate for a spiritual teacher to "sell" or "vend" spirituality as if it were beans, and she a seller at a market. This degrades spirituality, making of it an "economic" commodity.

A genuine spiritual teacher will also never take advantage of students, supporting a negative selfesteem. Instead, she will always emphasize that each student is likely already doing her best, although there might be room for improvement. She will be free with her praise and positive reinforcement, encouraging and uplifting students.

She will never imply that those who do not understand, or "conform to the church," are damned forever. For Love never damns anyone, ever; if a person is condemned, it is by her own conscience. Love simply waits for her to outgrow deeply flawed and very negative selfesteem.

So, while people might, and often do, need some guidance, the spiritual teacher will always present it in Love, as a teaching or subteaching of Love. Love challenges us to change,and this is a good thing; so, the spiritual teacher must often challenge her students to improve their lives. But she never does so in a domineering, intrusive, invasive, or unloving manner. She presents the facts, often powerfully; but she then waits for the student's own conscience to change that student. As a teacher, she can accelerate, but never initiate, the spiritual growth of another adult.

Where she sees errors, especially those that might affect a group of other students, she will, and must, speak up. But she will always do so with Love and compassion, and she will always emphasize only the teachings and actions of Love-- kindness, goodness, service, friendship, other-centeredness, compassion, ahimsa (harmlessness or non-injury) and related qualities.

The spiritual teacher never "pushes the bird from the nest" prematurely, but always recognizes the God-given right for any individual, any adult, to make her own spiritual decisions. She holds the freedom of independent thinking as sacred, and would never do anything, even in giving needed guidance, to violate this basic freedom.

She would heartily recommend against the embrace of any kind of fundamentalist religion, never standing by in complacency and dismissing the religion as her student's "karma." For we are here, we are created, to aid and assist each other. And for a spiritual teacher voluntarily or silently to watch her student enter a fundamentalist mindset without objection would be like allowing a five-year-old to play with sharp razors in the name of "her freedom," or, worse, in the name of "karma."

No loving adult, in her right mind, would permit this; for she would be prohibited by Love acting through her heart.

The enlightened know that to love each other, and ourselves, is the very reason that we exist. She can never turn away from Love, even in the face of great karma. She does not believe in apathy; so, she is determined to reduce human and other suffering whenever and wherever she finds it. In a sad world such as ours, her work is cut out for her!

It is true that one must experience an "ego" before one can transcend it.
This has been pointed out several billion times in the history of
spirituality-- often, by people who are looking to justify or rationalize egobased behavior. The very job or calling of the spiritual teacher is to point people away from the illusionself or ego. So, while she is always acutely aware that egotranscendence does not occur in minutes, but usually requires years if not decades, the teacher is not here, does not exist, to make the ego comfortable. She does not present it as "the enemy," but as a teacher, here to guide us away from itself.

Re "accountability and responsibility," no, these are not evolved. They are intrinsic to every mind; even those which are very undeveloped do bear responsibility for any action in which they voluntarily participate.
Anything done deliberately, by any mind, generates this responsibility.
Even the most regressive and backwards minds do create karma, due to the fact that they are responsible for any behavior followed with intention.
This karma, and its egotranscendence is often discovered by the creation of egopain.

It is a spiritual error to expand the fine principles of Taoism into the complex and confusing "ultrataoism," which is a distortion that says that we have no control over anything, ever, at any time. If this were so, what would be the purpose of spiritual education? There would be none, and so, Jesus, the Buddha, and other great teachers would have totally wasted their time-- and everyone else's. While we do want to give up control, or the attempt to control, every situation, and allow the cosmic Mind to work through and within us, especially in life's most important matters, the universe is a "dance." It is like a chessgame, in which the cosmic Mind makes Its move, and then, we must make a move also, in response. God (Love) has arranged for this massive and complex "game" in order for us to grow and learn. Growing and learning could have no real meaning in a cosmos in which we did not make decisions or exercise a limited amount of selfcontrol.

We are not responsible for the actions or thoughts of other adults. We are not fully responsible for every activity within even our own bodies.
For, in a fair universe, We are responsible for only that which we can control. This means that we are responsible for our responses. (Easy:
"response" and "responsibility" both come from the same root.)

So, in final analysis, we are responsible for only our responses. If we can teach ourselves, or be taught, to respond in only Love to every contingency, then we have come to our "graduation" from the "school"" of earthly life.

It is true that, as you say, people who are stuck in cults or fundy religion are there due to their karma; I used to be one of them! But the true teacher never regards such benighted souls with apathy or complacence. Love moves her to reach out to them, to teach them.
Without Love, pure Taoism would create only "bumps on a log," waiting for things to occur, never initiating anything ever! This is an extreme, and the Way always moves us away from extremes, which can become virulently anti-spiritual (antiagapic, violating the principle of Love).

So, while cultivating trust in the interior cosmic Mind to care for all life, and for the totality of enlightenment towards all creatures, the enlightened does not see God (Love) as active outside of her, but inside her. Love lives and moves through her, and within her.

This is no attempt futilely to "add to God." You simply cannot "add" to the Infinite. Instead, the spiritual outreach of a teacher is like preparing a garden filled with beautiful flowers. Without care, the garden turns to weeds, and the flower-petals drop off. All you have is a patch of muck and mud. Caring for a student is like cooperating with Mind, with nature, not trying to "add to" It. A student can grow, like a flower, without nurturing; but a flower which receives care has many more petals, is more fragrant, and more beautiful.



I do not deny the existence of this phenomenon, or say that it is impossible. Some really thought-provoking material has come through some channelers. Like you, I was impressed by some of the early "Seth" material.

But using Occam's Razor, all the teachings appeared to have originated with Jane Roberts. Perhaps she was no "genius," but she was not so poor at expression that she had to give credit for her work to another being-- an extradimensional called "Seth." In all fairness, she probably did literally believe that she was "channeling" another being-- although many later "channelers" were simply bad actors. The woman who "channeled" Ramtha was a big fad in the metaphysical community, but defecting followers reveal that she used to make fun of her contributors and those who gave her thousands of dollars! She bought an Arabian racing horse and an expensive ranch with their money.

Every once in a while, a "channeler" will say something valuable. So, we need not reject them all. In fact, the Way of Love can be interpreted as a similar path; we are supposed to empty out the ego to make room for the Holy Spirit. And then, we are supposed to "channel" God or Love.

But every other person sought to jump on the "bandwagon" of "channeling."
And this is not healthy, for either the individual student or for the community. For example, some channelers were so confused that they said that "right" and "wrong," "good and evil," did not exist! They fell into a confused relativism that provided no guidelines whatsoever. This is, as noted, where a good spiritual teacher comes in handy.

She can help us sort through the thousands of channelers and their tens of thousands of ideas to produce a pure collection of valuable truths.
The situation is like a mountain of mud that contains a few real diamonds. Sometimes, you have to go through a lot of mud to find a diamond! A teacher can do you the favor of reading and sorting through all this material, and can aid and assist you to find ideas that are truly useful and valuable.

Beings from distant planets, or equally distant dimensions (universes) do not often say things that are practical, realistic, or useful. One of the great and real strengths of the truly spiritual is that it is practical; it is something that we can apply to better our minds, or our lives, this very morning!

Channelers lie upon a sliding-scale spectrum, ranging from those which are valuable and useful to those which are almost comedic in approach.
They vary from extraterrestrials and extradimensionals to dead people from Atlantis. I have read most of the channeled material, and have heard most of the tapes. Color me unimpressed!

I simply insist upon reason. What would it take for you to believe that an ordinary person was "really" an extraterrestrial, extradimensional, or Spirit of incredible enlightenment? For us, it would require more than a simple claim. For anyone, even a fool, or mentally-disturbed person, can make the claim. The claim to be "channeling" is itself worthless, and proves absolutely nothing!

Channelers need to be tested. Challenge them to do a math or chemistry problem from a high-school textbook, and see whether they are really supermental, superspiritual superbeings from some superplanet! In this case, a little skepticism can be handy and protective!

Many channelers jumped on the bandwagon, and native Americans joined extraterrestrials and many extradimensionals in predicting the "end of the world" in 1999. Now, many are also jumping on the 2012 bandwagon.
But I have put out a challenge: Anyone who believes that the "end of the world" is coming in 2012 is challenged to sign a legal document that gives all their worldly possessions to Love Ministries on January 1, 2013. So far, we have had no takers, and expect none! They refuse to "put their money where their mouth is"!

Only time will tell, of course. But the challenge still stands unmet, and is likely to remain so.

There is still much, much more that could, and perhaps should, be said.

Words and Solutions


It is possible for us to have too great a faith or belief in the power of words. And words can indeed be quite powerful. Since the beginning of time, mastersages and saintmystics have used the poor tool of words to express even the "Ineffable" (indescribable).

Words are poor tools for expressing the very best, such as a deep Love.
Even in the greatest poetic expression, the Indescribable greatly challenges the power of the word. Words are limited in expression.

Empathy or telepathy is a much more effective means of communication between or among sentient spiritual beings. Alas, we are no longer very good at telepathy, having lost this gift centuries ago. So, we are stuck with mere words.

Words can be both powerfully moving and profoundly touching.
Words are like musical notes: In the hands of a logophile, a true "lover of words," they can express an entire symphony, an orchestration, of rather complex ideas. They can move us to tears, or to jump up and shout for joy!

Noting this wordpower, we are tempted to think that words can solve all problems among all people, all the time. But they cannot; and there are several reasons for this: If people become upset, they often close themselves down to the use of words, so that words, no matter how sensitive or loving, no matter how expressive, never are allowed into their minds or hearts. These people allow anger and related emotions to seal them up into an impenetrable hell.

Besides, not all people are equally word-responsive.

Some people can "feel" the depths of words, and others cannot. Not everyone is equally word-sensitive. For some hearts are like ice, from which words simply "bounce off," like drops of rain, and nothing penetrates.

Words for this type of person do not solve problems, for words must be bilateral; they must be shared by both parties to a conflict before there is a solution. The sincere sharing of only one person, no matter how honest or heartfelt, cannot solve problems if her words are not accepted, heard, or read. Words, to be effective, must touch the hearts of both partners in any conflict. Only then can they work their wonderful magic.


The Pneumarium Gathering and Distractions


You can bet that the lower nature and the general "busy-ness" of life will always, never fail to, present you with something "more important," or at least, more immediate, than the Pneumarium. It happens every time, to everyone. There are always at least twenty other things that we (Adamaria and I) could do around here on a Sunday. The only "solution" in this superhypermega busy world is the setting of priorities.

While we cannot be inflexible or unreasonable, the truth is simple:
There will always be "something else" that seems "more immediate" or "more necessary."

This is just how the world is constructed. It is made this way by the great Dreamermind to test our commitments. We and all our superfriends send our greetings and Love! We had more fun than a barrel of elephants!

We discussed at length our spiritual independence from all churches, organizations, human leaders, and human doctrines. At the end, we were all filled with laughter and the deep serenity and tranquility of Love.:):) We all missed your presence, and hope to "see" you on July 20!:):)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fw: Letter from a Friend

Thanks to Cindaluna Miller.

I am glad that you are staying focused on being happy. So many people wander around wondering why we are here, and what we need to do in order to be "right" with God/Goddess. After 62 years and coming out of a cult, I have decided that what God/Goddess wants from us is to be happy living.
If we can find and maintain our appreciation for life (whether we are alone or with someone) we are in sync with the will of God/Goddess. When you remember that "God is Love" then it also means that "Love is God", so, if we are loving, we are in the vibration of Godness.

In our society, to be in a meaningful relationship is the "all important"
factor. But, sometimes we are alone, and that aloneness is just as important, because we have that precious time to fall in love with ourselves. Loving every little imperfection, loving our mistakes (learning experiences), and being the best people that we can be. The more we accept who we are and forgive what we are not, the more room we receive to grow into. Loving who you are today requires forgiveness for everyone in our past, because who we are today was shaped by those that knew us yesterday.

Some of our experiences [in] growing have been difficult, but, it has been those trails that have helped us to become more compassionate, loving, caring-- in a nutshell, to become worthwhile human [beings]. If our lives were free of difficulties, we would be very shallow and the kind of person [towards whom] no one would feel gravitat[ional attraction]. Our trails are like precious pearls that were formed from a small bit of sand (aggravation). And as [in] a beautiful necklace, each one of those pearls is separated with knots. The knots keep those pearls
(aggravations) from touching each other. For each pearl is so important to our Spiritual beauty. When we meet someone that is in the process of building a pearl, we can relate and help her. We can't help her "make"
the pearl, but we can assist in holding her hand in compassion and letting her know how beautiful it will be when the work is finished.

Write to me when you can. I do so want you to be happy, so whatever you need to do to find and keep that happiness, do it! Happiness is the reward for each breath we take, for each breath is an opportunity given to us to love ourselves and those we meet.

I am so sorry that you have been blue and afraid. You have to remember who you are. You are a wonderful and loving woman. The Universe has not forgotten who you are, but your fear and your sadness will work against you. They are like walls, It is hard to not be afraid and sometimes it is difficult to stop from being sad. It takes a lot of strength to decide to be happy, but happiness is a choice. I know that sounds so cavalier. It's not that you have welcomed sadness, but, it has taken up residency in your heart and it is up to you to boot it out. The best way to get fear and unhappiness out is to start with determination that you WANT, DESIRE and will not accept anything less than happiness. With that determination, begin to write a list of the things that you have to be thankful for; and THEN, add to that list.

What I found to be amazing is the importance of being grateful for the small things, the bird singing outside my window, or the beauty of a sunset, and to really feel it inside your heart. The more you can fill yourself with gratitude and beauty the less room there will be for sadness. The more you bring to yourself the thoughts of happiness the more there will be for you to be happy about.

Energy is attracted to its own. When you project your feelings of well being, there will be more that will be attracted to you, including a partner in life. Who are you looking for? What are his qualities?...
Write it down, cut pictures out of your dream. You are the book, you decide what you want to be inside. And most importantly, relax. Let the Universe take care, you just keep your welcome matt out.

I agree, if your job is causing you to feel negative, then it is time for you to move on to something that is more satisfying to your soul. If you're sad, wear bright colored clothes, watch a comedy, go for a walk, read a good book, exercise the excess stress off. Don't allow anything negative to stick to you, be like Teflon instead of a magnet. This is your life, protect yourself from the people who would like to bring you down to their level. You have the power, but you have given it away to other people or to situations. BRING IT BACK!

Stella met David in the mall, What are the chances of meeting a single dentist walking around in the mall? And Stella's biggest complaint was "How can I ever meet anyone when I work all the time?" Well when it's time it just happens, and it happens without pushing.

Please let me know if any of this sounds right for you.

Do keep in touch, I would love to know what is going on in your corner of the world.

Write when you can.

It really is hot, but it could be worse. I was here when it was 120, so I guess 111 isn't all that bad. But I'm still getting out of here.
Going to San Diego today and will be there for 2 weeks. I just got back from Michigan where Tom and I took care of his 2 grand daughters while the parents went to Cabo for their long awaited Honeymoon. After 10 Days of Child Duty, I went to Ohio for a week to see some friends that I hadn't seen in 3 years. I had a wonderful experience there. They took me to a Llama farm. Got some wonderful pictures of the Llamas and me interacting. They are really a lot of fun. I love their attitude. They are so not good looking, but they project an air of confidence and beauty. I got the opportunity to kiss them, hug them and just have fun.
You should see the pictures. In fact if I can get Tom to help me with the computer and my camera, maybe I can send them to you. What a blast.

I'm so glad that you like the crystal ball. I used to really get into energy transfer, and using crystals, but, anymore I just haven't taken the needed time. You know, everything we have/own, is just on loan until we either give it away voluntarily or it is given away by someone that doesn't have a clue as to it's importance or value. When you said that you loved it, I knew it was being called to a new home. Hope it will help you in any way that you see fit.

good to see her happy.

It looks like we all have to focus on you[r] finding true love.... Lets do something to get the Universe to take notice. What do you have in mind? With all of the energy from Arizona, something should work. But, in the meantime, the best advice I can give is "Be Happy" Happiness seems to generate more happiness. You are a beautiful woman who has a lot to give, so, just hold on and keep your positive attitude

Write to me when you can.



The Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament")


Note: In the Jewish faith, their Bible is called the "Hebrew Scriptures." They do not accept the perjorative "Old Testament," which is a title created by Christian prejudice.

If the Hebrew Scriptures are not accepted as the "infallible Word of God," then their teachings, including Creation, the Flood, etc., become optional. This means that we do not have to reject them, but we do not have to accept them either. Many mystics (enlightened people) throughout history have accepted the first chapters of Genesis, for example, as an allegory of the "Fall from Grace." In fact, mystics love to write about this chapter. It is quite popular.

Others love the Proverbs, and still others, the Song of Solomon. Ecclesiastes is also quite popular among many who have turned away from the Hebrew Scriptures in general. (These three were written, legend says, by Solomon, a great mystic.)

So, the fact that we decide to turn away from a full acceptance of every verse of the Hebrew Scriptures as the "infallible Word of God" does not imply or mean that we must reject every verse. We can still recognize the Jewish literature as containing moments of great beauty and wisdom.

We need never hate these Scriptures; we simply must recognize that they are the Scriptures of a different religion, i.e., Judaism, often in its most ancient form.

And, of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Judaism. It is a faith with much good to offer. But in its most ancient history, contained in the Hebrew Scriptures, it fell into a godimage created by generals and soldiers. This god, created in the image of soldiers was, not surprisingly, a soldier! As a soldier, even a general, in the army of ancient Israel, their god was bristling with power. He was fierce, ferocious, unmerciful, and guilty of mass-murder, several times, according to their own sacred record in the Hebrew Scriptures. This bloodstained, bloodsoaked god made a marvelously powerful image for a wargod.

In the twenty-first century, it is good and healthy for a modern person to recognize that Jehovah/Yahweh was precisely this: a local wargod.

This is very, very different from any modern meaning that we would ever give to the word "God." For us, "God" is the Fountain of Love, compassion, gentleness, comfort, healing, tenderness, and gentle forgiveness. This is the polar opposite of Jehovah, and of other wargods.

What was the purpose of a wargod? It was one, and it was only this: to intimidate and frighten the enemies of your country. In the ancient Middle East, each small nation had its own "god." They had such names as Molech, Chemosh, and others.

The earliest Hebrew Scriptures were polytheistic: They recognized the existence of many gods, but insisted that Jehovah was the "best" (meaning, "most powerful").

War was the major way of life for the nation as a whole. The nation of Israel experienced so many wars, with so many enemies, that many scholars say that the entire nation has known only forty years of peace. (This occurred during the reign of King Solomon, an enlightened ruler.)

Among the ancients, everything was about war. So it should be no surprise that their religion, and their god, were also about war. One of the most famous designations for their god was "Jehovah of armies." And the Israelis used to dance in celebration to the heinous words, "Saul has killed his thousands, and David, his tens of thousands!: The more of the "enemy" that a soldier could kill, the better and more powerful man he became! As in other ancient and primitive cultures, the soldier was the best kind of man! So, naturally, it was the best kind of god!

Life in those days, not unlike modern times, was all about greed among nations. Greed was all about land. And war was all about land. Each nation wanted to "grab" as much land as possible. This is what the whole monstrous idea of the "promised" land was about! To get land, you had to kill its inhabitants. To do that, you had to be a good soldier.

Even in the Hebrew Scriptures, Jehovah is never presented as the god of all people. Those who followed the ancient Jewish way saw their Jehovah as "belonging" to their nation, exactly as other gods were national deities. Each nation was said to be the "chosen people" of its god, and each god did belong to a single nation. The idea of a universal God, a God for all people, was far beyond their ability to understand. So, it was never conceived by the ancient Israelis. They took it for granted that Jehovah was their personal and national possession. Jehovah was, historically, the god of Israel alone.

So, when early Christians went universal, opening to the Gentiles (non-Jews), the first thing that they had to do was renounce Jehovah.
So, they abandoned or rejected huge chunks of the Hebrew Scriptures. No Christian, for example, struggled to follow all the laws found in the Pentateuch or Torah-- the first five books legendarily ascribed to Moses.
(These are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.) These ancient books contained literally hundreds of laws regulating sacrifices, clothing, the trimming of the beard, interactions with the "nations" (Gentiles), and dozens of other minor details. Christians saw all these "laws of Jehovah" as trivialities, unimportant to salvation. Paul argued to the Galatians that they had no need of "the Law," which was, essentially, the Hebrew Scriptures.

So, all early Christians, following the Law of Love of the master Jesus, felt completely free to reject any text of the Jewish Bible that they chose. We today, whether Christian or other, live under a similar freedom. We have one law and one only: Love as much as possible. This law includes kindness, compassion, charity, goodness, service, friendship, and several other factors. If we do follow the law of Love, then we have no need for all the "laws of Jehovah" recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures. This is why no Christian anywhere has built a temple, or sacrifices a bull when she makes an error ("sin"). The Jews recognized it as part of their sacred law that something had to be slaughtered to satisfy the bloodlust of their god. Sacrifices were very common with the ancient gods and religions; so here, as in many other places, the worship of Jehovah resembled other primitive and tribal societies. Sometimes, they would kill doves; but a really serious sin required them to kill goats, sheep, and cows (or bulls).

Thus, enlightened people view the Hebrew Scriptures with the respect that they deserve, as semi-historical documents. We might even love some of the ancient writings. But when they talk about "God" or "the Lord," they are not referring to the Lord of Love or to the God of the universe; they are referring to Jehovah.

Since Jehovah is a false god, we do not derive any of our theology or philosophy from the Hebrew Scriptures. This avoids the almost universal confusion in the average Christian church, in which these documents are mistaken somehow for a "Christian Bible," which they clearly are not.
Even the famous "Ten Commandments" are mistaken, by the ignorant or uneducated as a "Christian" document-- which, again, they are not.

Studying the Hebrew Scriptures, which can be interesting, has no effect on our spirituality. Therefore, the great burden of studying them is lifted off our backs. (As a fundamentalist, I studied them for over twenty years.) We simply do not need the texts of an ancient religion to guide or direct us in the modern world.

The Christian Bible, with its teaching of "Christ in you," is much more mystical. Christianity's founder Jesus was clearly a mystic, for he taught his own oneness with God. But Abraham and Moses were not enlightened mystics. The Christian Scriptures are more than enough to satisfy the spiritual needs of modern people.

But we mystics have far more, not fewer, spiritual texts than the average Christian. For we also accept as spiritually valuable texts from other cultures, including some of the Sutras of historical Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as the writings of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu in Taoism.

Thus, turning away from the Hebrew Scriptures does not impoverish our spiritual tradition. In fact, it greatly enriches us and leads to spiritual clarity and certainty. Our spiritual lives are greatly simplified when we no longer have to accept every word of the Hebrew Scriptures. The words of Jesus are relevant: "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (Jn. 8:32) So, whether or not we are Christians, we have a joyful freedom that most people never taste! And it is deep and sweet!

The "Song of God"


The Bhagavad-Gita ["Song of God"] is among India's most beautiful and profound texts. It is a truly spiritual work, and touches upon the nature of the smaller self (ego) and higher (Soul) and highest (Spirit) Self. In that text, Krishna transforms himself into other creatures-- some say, into every other creature. While he is "talking to Arjuna," he is also Arjuna! He is both teacher and perennial learner, both horse and rider, cat and mouse, pursued and pursuer. Thus does he bring into being this beautiful world, as a dream of the divine Mind.

This does not mean that the world is "unreal," but that its reality is relative, not absolute. Only Mind has absolute existence, and that is why enlightened mystics often call It the "Absolute." For everything else in the cosmos exists only relative to the existence of this Mind.
Without It, the entire cosmos would "blink off," disappear. Yet even if the entire cosmos did disappear, it would have no effect whatsoever on the real (absolute) existence of the one Mind. (This is the "One," God, divine Mind, cosmic Mind, or Love.)

I am delighted to hear that you are reading such a profound and wonderful text as the "Song of God." It is a breath-taking and awe-inspired reminder that this passing world is only a dream, a "virtual reality," existing in Mind only. And, as Krishna says, even reading this text generates good karma!:)

That is, everything is Mind, as are we. This gives birth to that most famous realization in Hindu mysticism, Tat tvam asi, which means, "That thou art." You begin to identify with every thing in your experienced cosmos, since it is all a dream within a mind. There is no "out there."

In the vastness and immensity of this realization, the ego-- the name on your driver's license and birth-certificate-- is seen as a minor and not very important "game," a "role" being "played on the stage of earthlife" by your Soul. Thus, in growing into enlightenment (filled with Love, and nothing else), the ego dissolves into a much brighter and higher Loveself. This is how the enlightened person "denies" and even "denounces" the ego. This re-identification of the self as a higher (Soul), or even the highest (Spirit), Self results in bliss (ecstasy), for this is the "reward" of the cosmic Mind (God or Love).

This is the most complex subject in the entire cosmos. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line or two.:)

Jesus Christ and Religion


Every day, we celebrate our "spiritual independence" from human doctrines, dogma, leaders, administrations, and the burdens imposed by legalism, scripturalism, and organized religion generally. What a sigh of great and sincere relief it is to realize that "belonging" to God (Love) is sufficient, and that you need "belong" to no formal Church; after all, Jesus belonged to none; for, during his day, not a single one of the many churches and denominations of our time even existed! Jesus was not even a "Christian," for that word had not been created until after his death. Also, he clearly was not accepted as a religious Jew, as the high priest and other orthodox leaders conspired in his murder.

So, he was neither religious Jew nor Christian (although he was genetically and culturally Jewish). He was a human being, without labels, in search of the treasure of the interior God of Love, which he discovered and sought to share with others.

Happy Independence Day, every day!:):)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The "Rewards of God (Love)"


This project of Love has been correctly identified as your very "reason for being or existence." And your efforts synchronistically parallel many of our own here. (Care must be taken to keep the two separate, for they are cllearly related.)

Reference is to the Pneumarium Project. It is now entering its sixth year. It has been very challenging to keep up any public interest in this project for spiritual education. Yet in the Soul, it is recognized as irreplaceable. Like you, we have had challenges with funding, but our major area of difficulty has been "drumming up" interest. This is written after several promotional emails have gone forth, mostly, without responses.

Most people respond to this major undertaking with a giant yawn or a great snore. This can be discouraging in the extreme, especially on our not-so-good days, when the donkey is weak.

The principle that guides us here is that we must follow the interior recommendations of the Lovemind no matter what the public response is.
Great achievements and accomplishments of the Spirit must never be allowed to be controlled, regulated, or even influenced by public response or opinion.

From the view of publicity or money, the ministries of both Jesus and the Buddha were extreme and somewhat dismal "failures." Neither was recognized much during his own lifetime, and neither had much public support. It is remembered with poignancy how once, when Jesus was gathering a group to hear him speak about the "kingdom of God" in Jerusalem, only four of us showed up to hear him speak. Even he was somewhat saddened, but he said words that will never be forgotten: "God is no bean-counter; it is as important to touch one heart as ten thousand." His eyes were full of sad sincerity.

His lesson was, as he later said, that spirituality is not a "commodity." It is not to be "sold" or "vended" like beans or tomatoes. Love that is rewarded on earth (by fame or money) will not receive any "heavenly" reward, he implied in his famous Sermon on the Mount. (Mt. 6:1)

It is our human glory to be able to serve Love, and love is always its own, and often only, reward. Serving Love, our treasures are great in the "kingdom of heaven."

So, the "success" of this otherworldly ministry is never to be measured by the criteria used to measure "success" in all other fields.

Success is the smallest increase in the happiness or mental wellbeing of one other person, or of the self. That is the spiritual equivalent of a billion dollars!

You already know all this, of course; at best, this is only a reminder of what you already know, not a "new teaching." But selfevaluation is much more crucial to success in any ministry than is public support or economic "success." We must do what Love tells us, when Love tells us. We must follow Love to the ends of the earth, even when it empties our pocketbook and our heartminds, even when we have no treasure to give. Time is the only "currency" of the cosmos; it is the "gold" of the universe. And time can be "given to God" (Love) no matter what our level of poverty. We show that we respect our calling when we give it all, or much of, our time. We have nothing greater to give.

We have continued this fine work of teaching Love in the midst of apathy, ignorance, and even poverty. For doing the right thing is not rewarded by such trinkets and baubles as dollars. It is much more richly rewarded by an interior sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment. It is rewarded by Love, joy, and peace. So, when we meet economic challenges, we are challenged, not to stop the finest work of Love, but to modify it in some way. Perhaps the cosmic Mind does not want us to rent an office; perhaps It wants us to work out of our home; perhaps it is moving us toward greater simplicity. This is not a simple "all stop" or "all go" proposition; our path might require modification, and we might have to work in non-traditional or unconventional ways, to "cut corners."

But what you have is too valuable, too precious, to let it go, or let it pass. We are both being challenged to give our life-projects everything that we have; and, when we are exhausted, to give still more.

CAUTION: This finest of commitments can, as has often been said, exhaust, or even harm, your donkey; so, use with caution. Love asks for, sometimes demands, the very last psychon of mental energy that we can give. And Its rewards are sweet, it is true; but it does not "reward" the way the world rewards, with money or with material things. Instead, It seeks to sustain our Souls.

The Poorest People in the World


We are thrilled, excited and delighted, to report that our first fundrive for the poorest people on our poor little planet is being successful, blessed by God (Love). We have gathered, so far, from friends, buds, pals, students, clients, and neighbors, five hundred dollars, to be divided among Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Tanzania, and Love Ministries of Uganda. We are still seeking donations, as small as three dollars.

This note is simply a friendly-- and, we hope, unintrusive-- note of thanks for those who so kindly, so generously, provided donations for our sisters and brothers, many of whom are on the verge of starvation, having lost home and hope due to the greed of warfare and commerce.

In the second round of donations, we have received the following:

Anonymous $200
Chris Finer $25
friend from Portsmouth, NH $25
lmiusa $25
Cathy Moulton-Posey $25
Total 070308: $300

Please be aware that your giving has resulted in blessings that are, and will be, everlasting, following you long after this tiny life!:) And again and again, thanks to you for this thoughtfulness towards strangers; every penny of your donations will go straight to the people in greatest need.

If you would like to contribute to this most worthy cause (We know of no greater need), please fill out a check to Love Ministries, and send to:

Love Ministries
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Hamilton, OH 45011

Anything that you can spare is welcome. We are accepting donations of as little as three dollars.:)


the staff of Love Ministries USA

Friday, July 04, 2008

Relearning the Nature of God


Your mental state is the result of hideous education by people who know nothing about God, but think that they know everything! It is just plain wrong, backwards, and upside-down, to see God as fierce, ferocious, evil, bigoted, out-of-control, and ridiculously angry.

We do not respect or admire a human being who is "out-of control" this way. And God is never like this. Your teachers taught only what they knew. They might have been people with good and kind hearts, but they inherited the idea of a "monstergod." This they received because they mistook the primitive perspective of the Jewish god, Jehovah or Yahweh, for the Lord of Love, the true God, recognized by Jesus and other enlightened people through the ages.

In order to grow spiritually, you must shake loose from your heartmind the very last particles of the Jehovah-myth, cleansing your heartmind thoroughly and completely from them. For your God-perspective is like water; the smallest imperfection can ruin a great body of water.
Your heartmind is in great need of interior cleansing or purification. (In Latin, this process was called purgatorio, and it does involve some pain. But, in the end, it leaves us stainless, with a heart open completely to the "in-filling" of the Spirit of pure Love. [This is what God wants for you, but it will take your cooperation, for God (Love) does not force the truth upon anyone.]
So, constantly and continuously reaffirm God's unconditional Love.
Recognize that your current image of God, that of an angry, evil, unfair, violent being, is an illness; it is not your fault, for this is how you were educated; God completely forgives you, as that is His pleasure.
Avoid reading any religious books that present God as the monstergod.
Avoid using the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament") in your spiritual studies. Clear your mind regularly in meditation, inviting the Lord of Love to indwell your mind. Always confirm your solid knowing of God as purest Love plus nothing; do not try to add anything to God. Reject actively, and renounce, any of the diseased thoughts that try to present God as a soldier-- angry, vengeful, unfair, or bigoted. Remind yourself continuously that God is filled with Love and that He empties this great Love into the hearts of all who Love Him. Absolutely refuse to harbor, or to rerun, any thoughts of God as anything else.
Read only positive, life-affirming spiritual material; avoid the distasteful and the negative. Fill yourself every morning, upon arising, with the Light of pure Love; visualize this, and greet the world with a smile.
Whenever possible, avoid all "Christians" who have a negative or harmful perspective. Renounce association with them, as Paul wrote, "Bad company corrupts good morals." (1 Cor. 15:33) Surround yourself with good, positive spiritual literature and, whenever possible, with positive spiritual people who know the truth about God (Love).
For to allow yourself to "backslide" to the god of war and violence would be like rejecting a fine meal and eating garbage-- distasteful at best, dangerous at worst.
Practice pervasive meditation. Use, as your mantra, "God is Love and..." Let this finest of realizations "sink down" into your deepest mind, and it will soon resurface in your conscious mind. Celebrate God's beauty in the rain, the sunshine, butterflies, warm days, cool days, puppies, kittens, and realize that a God Who was not Love would not have created this lovely world so filled with tenderness and beauty.
If you want some immediate positive reading-material, please visit our website,, where all our books can be downloaded free of charge.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fear-mongers and War-mongers

Thanks to Jim Dwyer.

Fear-mongers and War-mongers.
It looks like the Republican fear mongers are at it again slinging political mud on the internet to scare the American voter. Only this year they're starting a little earlier than four years ago when they launched the "Swift Boat" attacks against Kerry. It seems like the Republicans' favorite campaign tactic is: "If you're trailing in the polls and can't win an election on the issues, then do anything you can to scare people into voting for you."

Four years ago in 2004, Bush's "Campaign of Lies and Terror" told the American electorate to fear the terrorists. We were told that we went to war against Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. We were told its better to fight the terrorists over there than over here. Then, when no weapons of mass destruction were found, we were told Iraq and the world were better off without Saddam Hussein. We were lead to believe that Iraq and Saddam were somehow responsible for 9/11. Another lie.

We've been told we were in Iraq to bring democracy to a country whose Sheite and Sunni people only seem to be interested in fighting over control of their country's oil reserves. We've been told all was going well with the war in Iraq and that the insurgency wouldn't last. We've been told there was no civil war. We've been told that we're in Iraq to fight al Qaeda in spite of the fact that al Qaeda never existed in Iraq until Bush & Cheney started this war. We've been told that "the surge"
would give the Iraqi politicians time to take control of their government, to quell the insurgency, and to stop the fighting between the Sunni and Sheite militias. But the Iraqi government has yet to respond.

Four years ago during the 2004 campaign,Bush said that terrorists would never attack the United States on his watch. Incredible! The man must have amnesia! The attacks of September 11, 2001 happened on his watch.

Maybe he should have paid some attention to terrorism when he took office on January 20, 2001. But, of course, he did nothing to address terrorism in the first 7 months of his first term. Then he stood at the foot of the collapsed twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and hypocritically promised to bring the terrorists to justice. Seven years later bin Laden is still a free man taunting and threatening the rest of the world.

Instead of focusing on the war in Afghanistan, the Taliban, al Qaeda, and bin Laden, Bush insisted on attacking Iraq based on overblown and false "intelligence" and stretching our military resources so thin we couldn't do a good job in either war. How many tours of duty do our men and women in uniform have to make to Iraq or Afghanistan? How many families have suffered because a mother or father in the National Guard has been sent on multiple tours to fight these wars. Over 4000 Americangirls and boys have been killed in the Iraq war alone and tens of thousands have suffered serious injuries. Many others have returned home suffering psychological trauma, and many of them have committed suicide.
Altogether, bush is seen as a monster who has killed over one million
people-- often, women and kids-- in the Middle East, in his useless greedbased war.

What have been the costs and gains for Iraq? Iraq is in chaos; businesses, hospitals, and schools are closed; oil production in Iraq is down and continues to be threatened by insurgent attacks; millions of Iraqis and their children are refuges in Jordan, Syria, and other countries; hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are dead; the "democratic" Iraqi government is completely ineffective and might well become another Sheite theocracy like Iran; and Iran -- our nemesis in the Middle East -- is now the dominant power in the region.

Bush has squandered thousands of billions of dollars fighting this useless and hateful war in Iraq. Our national debt has spiraled out of control. The US dollar is worth half of its value against the Euro 10 years ago. Oil prices are outrageous. Food prices are sky-rocketing.

Our international image has been tarnished by the war and the disgraceful actions at Abu Graib and Guantanamo. And george bush, concerned about only his legacy, is feebly trying to negotiate peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Way to go George! Just like "Browney" (head of FEMA) after Hurricane Katrina, your doing one helluva job! And according to recent polls a whopping 23% of the American public agrees with that. The dismal record of the Bush/Cheny administration has been atrocious, and at 23% GW's approval ratings are at an all-time low for a US President. Maybe the great majority of the American public has at last become tired of the Bush administration's lies; tired of being manipulated by fear.

But the Republicans want Americans to forget all about the failures of this administration. They want us to fear putting a black man in the White House and to vote instead for John McCain who wouldn't care if we spent another 100 years in Iraq. Really! He wants to keep American troops in Iraq permanently just like we did after WWII in Europe!

Bush and Cheney have been fighting this war for 5 years and 3 months, longer than the US fought in WWII (3 years & 8 months), and there is no end in sight. The Republicans don't even talk about an exit strategy. So why should Americans elect another President who wants to stay in Iraq indefinitely? Is it because we fear electing a black man?

I don't fear a black man in the White House, especially one that says we shouldn't send our young men and women to fight stupid, unnecessary, treasury-draining wars. What I fear is the stupidity and arrogance of this administration. What I fear is the inability of the American electorate to wake up and take an honest look at what this administration has done or failed to do for this country and its citizens in the last 7 and a half years. I fear what continued occupation of Iraq will do to our military, our economy, the value of the US dollar, our national debt, and taxes for current and future generations. I fear what will happen if the next President doesn't address these issues and chooses to keep American forces in Iraq.

What I fear is that Americans will be swayed by baseless mud-slinging and ignore the critically important issues facing the country. I fear that they will let themselves be intimidated by racial or religious slurs, stereotypes, or quotes taken out of context.

We all know that solitary or paraphrased quotes... often take on distorted meanings and can't be taken at face value especially when presented by political pundits. If a quote is to be fully understood, then it must be read in context with the text or speech from which it was taken.

So I'm sending this in hopes that everyone will try to investigate the legitimacy of these statements and act accordingly. We all have to form our own conclusions, but if these are accurate, I would hate to see this guy in office!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Sermon on the Mount, Parts XXII and XXXIII of XL


The Sermon on the Mount, Part XXXII of XL



1. "Judge not, that you be not judged.

COMMENTARY: This command has been distorted and absurdly misunderstood to imply that the spiritual person is totally neutral about everything, and especially, everybody. But Jesus himself was certainly not "neutral" when it came to the religious leaders, as is proved by parts of this Sermon, and by his strong criticisms found in Matthew chapter 23, where he expresses anger at their hypocrisy.
The intent of Jesus was not full neutrality, which leads inevitably to antiagapic (counter-Love) complacency and apathy. Rather, the word translated "to judge" implies "forming an evaluation of a person in totality, including her Soul." So, a being of enlightenment can easily say, within this perimeter, "I do not like neo-nazi ideas,," or even, "I do not care for Republican ideas generally." But what a true being of Love and Light can never say is, "She is worthless," or, "She has no good within her." For these are genuine judgments. So is, "He is going to hell," for this "hell" is regarded as a forever-place, an everlasting condition.
To be neutral about everything does not imply that a person is "superspiritual," above it all. In fact, it implies the opposite: A person who simply does not care about others. Far from being complete in Love, a person who is totally neutral-- about political, social, or moral issues-- is misusing and abusing this principle of Jesus to hide her apathy and real lack, or even absence, of true Love. God is absent in this kind of life, for God is Love.

The Sermon on the Mount, Part XXXIII of XL
Continuing with Matthew 7: 2. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.

COMMENTARY: This, again, is yet another restatement by the
Master of the most important principle in all spiritual balance-- that of karma. As we give to others, we receive. And even as we think of others, measure them, so we shall be evaluated. The practice of injustice or bigotry will surely return us to a life in which we will be the victims of these exact horrors. If we despise people of a certain race, it is guaranteed that, in our next life, we will come back as a member of that race. If we hate gays, it is guaranteed that we will return with this genetic factor.

3. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

COMMENTARY: Jesus used hyperbole to make an important point: We must each work to redesign personal life. This we can do well only with the aid of God (Love) or Holy Spirit, Christspirit. Your one and only assignment from the cosmic Mind is your life, and mine is mine. The people of Love never try to run the lives of others, to "parentize" other adults. This "interior parent," running rampant, has destroyed many a life!

4. Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.

COMMENTARY: This is a matter of reasonable, logical priority. If each person cleans up her own home and yard, the result is a totally clean community. The same is true spiritually: Each is assigned by God (Love) to adjust and design her personal life to contain and express as much unconditional and universal Love as possible.