Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joyful Announcement of Love


Dearest Friends of Humanity, Friends of the Heart,

As you know already, Love Ministries has been directed to start the Love Ministries Federation. Frankly, this work has entailed some rather discouraging efforts, and so, as of 040109, we put a temporary stop to it; gathering donations has been like pulling teeth-- without an anesthetic! The responses of our friends has been lukewarm at best, and cool at worst.(:

But we have never claimed to be "in charge" of Love Ministries. We are not. The One, the Supreme, the Ultimate, the Lovegod(dess) is in charge of Love Ministries, and today (041909), she directed that we once again try to elicit support for the poorest people in the world. To stand by and let God's children-- our sisters and brothers-- drop dead from starvation, because we are fearfully clinging to our dollars, guarantees a future life of dire and extreme poverty.

Besides, Sophia, the Goddess of Love, wants these people to be aided; and she wants you and me to do this.

So, Love Ministries USA is again open to striving to gather a few dollars to aid our strugglling and starving friends-- the poorest people in the world. Please allow the Light of Love to penetrate your heartmind in a practical way, and donate what you can; we are accepting, as before, donations of as small as three dollars. It is not just the quantity that counts, but the Lovexpression.

So, won't you please, today, support Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Rwanda, Love Ministries of Sierra Leone, and Love Ministries of Uganda? The poor orphans of these countries are literally dying to hear from you!

Please discuss this important issue with the interior God(dess). There is no more important way to invest money than by investing it in other living human beings. Thank you in advance; thanks from the hundreds of orphans to whom you are giving the great gift of life itself!

Please send snailmail donations to:

Love Ministries USA
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Hamilton, OH 45011.

Thank you for all eternity.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Mine has always been a practical approach to spirituality based on what I have been able to evidence to my own mind. As I have had no interactions personally with "angels," this spirituality has been free of "angels." I do leave the question, and the heartmind, open to them; they could well exist and might have even wings! But angelology has never been a specialty, or special interest, of this life. This is probably all to say that... direct access to the One, without any "middle men," has
worked just fine.:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angelic Activity?


One of the major advantages of being free spiritual people is that we are not forced into agreement or conformity about every little detail of our spiritual lives. We are free to agree to disagree about minor things, while remaining friends, with deep respect for each other. While it is understood that finding parking spaces makes you feel cared for, and that is good (even healing), I find it hard to believe that beings of immense, vast cosmic power, working on a planet where thousands of human beings and many other species are suffering from terrible pain and suffering every day, use the finest energies of infinite Love to find a parking space for your convenience. I have also met a few others who, when lucky enough to have found a parking space, have assured me that this was due to "angelic intervention."

The real danger here is that we can trivialize the enormous Power of God, the higher Power that is designed to heal and enlighten the planet, and the universe (someday). The polygalactic Lord of Love is not directly involved in trivial or petty matters; it is like assuming that Barack Obama will take the time from his active and busy schedule to come to your house to repair a broken sugarbowl.:):) Of course, you are always completely free to believe whatever you choose and want to
believe, as am I.:):)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Certain Craziness


The sky is falling! It is the end of the world! This kind of dark fantasy seems to have haunted unbalanced and borderline minds with an unprecedented ferocity since ancient times. There has not existed a single year in the history of the planet during which someone somewhere did not predict the "immediate advent" of the "end of the world"!

Not at all surprisingly, it is happening all over again. Sick rightwing whackos-- extremists all, who often get their material from each other-- have declared Obama a "radical," a "socialist," an "anti-Christ," and much, much worse. Talkshow hosts have poured billions of gallons of gasoline on this "fire"!

Of course, extreme conservatives hate and misunderstand almost everybody. This is due partly to the fact that they do not seek objective or scientific foundations for their ideas, and partly because they refuse to read or listen to anyone who is not already in fullest agreement with them. They rant and rave, and often preach, in screeching voices about to break from the sheer tension.

Mick Gallagher, Barbara Bady, and other contributors to the uld have pointed out the real and rational dangers that these people pose to the mind, as well as to the collective mind of the community. The latest gambit of these rightwingers is the sad illusion, a lie, that Presidennt Obama of the USA has a "hidden agenda" to take away all their guns. (This type always feels incomplete without a gun, as if you had stolen her literal arms and fingers; and she will fight tooth and nail to keep whatever deadly weapons that she owns with great pride. (In this way, she imitates extremists of the past, including nazis and fascists.) The only way, they say, that you are going to "get their gun" is when you "pry it from their dead, cold fingers" after they have died for this "cause."

Many are "worldenders," and are troubled nonstop by the idea of "race-wars," criminals running riotously through the streets, and related horrors. They live in a nightmare torture-chamber! (How true the spiritual principle that it is what is within the mind, not the "outside world," that determines how we feel.)

The best way to deal with such fanatics is simply to ignore them. We can also regulate their power by education in the truer and more satisfying Way of moderation, which turns its back on extremes. But all that we really have to do is wait around; for the passage of time will prove how false, ludicrous, absurd, and ridiculous are their ideas. Let us also work hard every minute of every day to fill this world, this cosmos, with the peace and joy manifested by Love. For it is Love, not guns, in which all people of Love place their faith.

It Is Time To Speak Up and Speak Out Loudly and Forcefully!

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.


I will now shut up & sit down, for I am incapable of not losing my temper when discussing the hate & lies propagated over "our public airwaves." Yes, there are 'free speech' arguments here. But free "hate" speech? Where is the fcc?!

The latest tragedy involving the massive weaponry owned by Americans involves the sad low point of the 3 Pittsburgh Police officers gunned down there by a young man, who lost his job, and also 'thought' the Obama administration was going to take all his guns, including the AK47 he used to kill. And would the police officers [take away forcefully his rifles?] [This is]a threat used by the right for twenty-five to
thirty-five yrs!

Now where did he get this idea? Well, it's been the latest in a long line of rumors/threats from the GOP, RNC Neocon's through corporate rightwing media-- which millions listen to every day, and believe all that they hear as if it's Gospel Truth.

Perhaps they confused this administrations desire for a reduction in nuclear weapons... and the reigning in of roguestates.

But we all need to sit down, take some time to have a short, concise, rational letter to an editor written soon. This nonsense has gone on for too long!

During the [2008 Presidential] Campaign, they spewed hate & lies towards Obama, with threats about assassination, [and that] the blacks would riot, if they didn't get their way. The [rightwingers] used every hateful, incendiary, inflammatory lie they could to try to defeat the positive changes we desperately need, and [which] the world awaits. I also suggest the call in comment lines on C-SPAN, MSNBC, CNN, RUSH,
O'REILLY, SEAN HANNITY(FOX),etc. Those rightwing shows rarely get calls from intelligent liberals [progressives], maybe because we are not confrontational in general. But we need to speak up strongly & forcefully now--to set the record straight, once again! Please call in lines to newspapers too. When we don't speak up, it is taken as weakness, and [in some cases,] it is true. This "new," different guy is "rushing socialism and massive guncontrol." [The same policies were interpreted very differently] when they were [suggested by] the neoconmen bankers, etc, along with the bush Cabal's "free for all" de-regulation legislation to grease the skids of cronie unbridled capitalism.

Once again, as when Clinton came in, we have to clean up. [The economy, military, foreign policy, and government are]a real, real mess-- not imagined. I know the Fed reserve Rueben, Summers, Greenspan were fully in charge during the time of bush; and they're still there!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hopeless Reaching for Goddess


Happily, the most important things in our lives do not at all depend in any way on our belief in them. Whether we believe it or not, Goddess is Love; and even if we lack the ability to believe, She remains Love. Even when Love is inaccessible, or incomprehensible, It/She is still present within the Core-mind, deep inside you and inside me. Even when we have lost the ability to cry out (or, in) to this Love, It/She knows our sufferings; She heals us through each other.

She enters the heart most often through our discovery of personal helplessness. That means that we must completely give up on, abandon, any personal desires to "fix" our lives, and step out of Her way.

We cannot solve every problem in the universe; but at least, we can share our tears and fears.

So, whether you know it or not, Love is an interior Force for good that is always working to heal you-- make you whole. But please try to be patient, for healing does take time. If you want to discuss this or any related matter personally, please give me a quick call. [The number is (513)737-LOVE (5683).]



Congratulations; you are making a most wise decision to invest in your own mind. No better, more important decision is possible!:) Education will repay you many times, very richly, and continuously, for the rest of this life, and beyond! It is a great delight and pleasure to hear that you are taking a course in "world religion."

We can all learn so much from each other; closed-minded and closed-hearted "Christians" could learn an immense amount of spirituality from the beautiful symbolism of Hinduism and the spiritual psychology of Buddhism.

Keep up the good work, my friend.:) Never stop learning, listening, and growing!:)

"Lovelight" magazine

"Touching" the hearts of dear spiritual friends is one of the genuine "highs" of this life. It is our reason for being, and one of the great pleasures and delights of this life to aid in the creation of Lovelight magazine! It is truly joyful to hear that you are reading and enjoying it; thanks for the uplifting feedback!:)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Poorest People in the World

Dearest Friends of the Heart,

As most of you know, Love Ministries has recently started the Love Ministries Federation. This is a Lovebased, cooperative communion of small, independent ministries which care for orphans in the poorest countries on earth.

Many of these orphans have had homes, brothers, sisters, and parents torn away from them through military violence. Some have had their homes, all possessions, pets, and even family-members burned before their little innocent eyes. This is in turn supported by greed, commercialism, and religious bigotry.

These do represent the poorest people on our little planet. The Way of Love is often marked by how we deal with strangers.

As beautiful spring grows into summer, what is the very greatest, the most fundamental, gift that you can give to another?

It is the gift of continued life. We now have a great and wonderful opportunity to give to God's children this very special gift. For only the amount that you would pay for one cd, or one hamburger, you can make the ultimate difference between life and death, survival and perishing. We are accepting donations of as small as three dollars. Due to an almost complete absence of response to this fine program, we are
canceling it for now, as of 033109.

As of 040109, we have collected and/or donated the following:

New Anonymous Donor: $50
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Anonymous: $20
Jim and Maureen Dwyer: $50
Friend from New Hampshire: $5
lmiusa: $100
lmiusa: $95
Barb and Dale Siler: $100

Total 040109: $600

The only reason that we were able to meet our relatively tiny financial goals for the Federation was that Love Ministries USA (lmiusa) added the missing amount. So, as of 040109, we have sent $100 to each of the Federation ministries/orphanages.
Since we have six ministries in the Federation, i.e., Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Rwanda, Love Ministries of Sierra Leone, and Love Ministries of Uganda, our goal for this month was $600.

While donations to larger charities are often ending up in the files or accounts of service-providers and solicitors, phone-bills, electric bills, etc., one hundred percent of all donations to Love Ministries Federation are guaranteed to go straight to the children in need.

Love, from the Heart,

shi and the staff of the Love Ministries Federation



I used to procrastinate often (like you, I have a taurusmoon, and taurus is the sign of procrastination). But it was realized that it was the result of unstructured inactivity, avoidance, fear, or laziness-- none of which was at all desirable or spiritual.

The key for us is that, when we think of something that needs to be done, we don't just think about it, talk about it, but we actually do it; the "secret" is all in the "getting moving" or "getting started."