Saturday, December 18, 2004

Affairs and Loving Responses

It is no surprise when an insecure or aging person has a hidden sexual affair. It is much more common for human beings, especially as they age and grow bored, to have affairs than not to have them. This is sad, but it has always been human nature. This is one reason, among many, that the Way seeks to lift us above human nature.

This is really no one's concern except for the three people involved. It is foolish for an outsider to become entangled in it,or to "take sides." For this can become disastrous, rather quickly.

So, I do not pass any judgment about the lady who betrayed her husband. She is, in a way, crying out for help. But she has chosen a most catastrophic way to do that. And the tears, which are many, are shared by all three. People start affairs because they think that they will increase happiness in their selfish lives; but it never works out that way. I think that sincere Lovenergy needs to be sent to all three, what traditional people would no doubt (correctly) call "prayer."

All who love them should make themselves available for support and listening, and this is a good place and time to make that offer. If anything is needed in the way of aid or support, they can feel free to call here, or even visit, if they want.

This is the stuff of really "juicy" gossip. But I don't believe that a true friend will ever emotionally abuse this kind of info for gossip-- which itself is a form of emotional brutality. So, if there is anything that we-- you, or myself, can do, it is suggested that we make ourselves fully available-- for all three of the pain-filled people involved. If and when they need help, at least, on a psychospiritual level, it is here, waiting for them.

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