Wednesday, April 30, 2008

JESUS and History


I am not convinced that Jesus was ever a formal, appointed "rabbi" of the traditional schools of Judaism. In the Gospels, over and over, his "enemies" appear as the "scribes and Pharisees." The latter were traditionalist and orthodox people, "people of the book," which Jesus was clearly not.:) Also, there are some historical sources that claim that the term "rabbi" was not used to designate an official, formal, teacher or leader in Judaism until after the death of Jesus; so, it might be an anachronism.

Jesus was clearly not orthodox. In some ways, he was just as clearly antiorthodox, as when, in Matthew 5, he in effect denied the infallibility of the "written" Scriptures and recommended that we follow the heart.

Other texts, such as the famous John 17:3, imply that he might have been a gnostic (mystic). For there, in prayer, Jesus says, "This is timeless life, to know (Greek, form of gnodsein) you, the only true God, and the one whom you emanated, Jesus Christ." This kind of thinking/talking was purest mysticism.

I am not convinced that there is any historical data whatsoever that proves that Jesus was married. If he was, great! Also, if he was not, great! His beautiful teachings of Love are not altered one way or the other. I know that, since the "tempest in a teacup" caused in the official Catholic Church recently, many people will argue to the death that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalen. I believe, and remember, that they were the closest of friends. But there is no solid, good, scholarly evidence that they were married. In a gnostic work, the "Gospel of Phillip," it says that Jesus used to kiss her on the mouth with fair regularity, so they were not only friends, but intimate friends. (This Gospel says even that the other disciples were jealous!) And Mary Magdalen was recognized, in place of Peter, as the founder of the later church, by gnostics of many traditions. And this fact is also very impressive.

I know and agree that Jesus was no carpenter; only Joseph was. And the people said that he was a carpenter; but the people also said that he "had a demon." So, you cannot, as always, rely on the crowd to prove anything! Yet there is consistent scholarly consensus that he was no carpenter, popular myth to the contrary.:)

Yes, the orthodox, official Church was powerfully misogynistic, and this alone is a good enough reason-- as if another were needed-- to reject the leadership of the official and orthodox Church. (There are many other good reasons for rejecting, even renouncing, this Church. For one, it mistakes Jehovah for the sweet Lord of Love!:)

Jesus rejected the title of "messiah." There was a good, sound historical reason for this: The Jewish "messiah" was predicted to be a powerful and bloody general who would liberate the Jewish nation by spilling the blood of tens of thousands of Romans and other Jewish "enemies." This nightmarish, hideous "prophecy" did not at all fit the gentle teacher of Love.

The unreliability of the canonical Gospels, which went through many hands of many scribes, is indicated by the fact that, in Mark, the oldest of the official Gospels (including also Matthew, Luke, and John), Jesus tells Pilate that he is the "messiah." The "messiah" was nothing more than a popular Jewish superstition; Jesus did not buy into it at all, and certainly never made any claims to be the messiah. Like the word "rabbi," this word is also an anachronism; the word was not even used during the life of Jesus, but came along later.

The Greek word khristos, "Christ," is much more than a mere translation of the Hebrew mashiahh, or "messiah." Like "Buddha," in Sanskrit, the word "Christ" referred to a level of enlightenment, as the "anointed" one-- "anointed" by the Spirit (God or Love). But when Christianity historically abandoned many Jewish customs, holidays, and Levitical requirements of the Law, such as sacrifice, it somehow clinged tenaciously to the doctrine of the messiah-- in some ways, the most harmful of all. (Maybe this appealed to the Church because it was ruled by the lower nature.)

"Ego" and Pneumarium


We did not invent the concept of the ignoring or dissolution of the tyranny of the "ego." "Ego" is used a bit differently in spirituality than in psychology. "Ego" is the word used correctly by mystics from every tradition, and it has been used by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and others.

In spirituality, it means the lower, feardominated self, the merely "humanimal" self. This is the area of the mind that the people of Love and enlightenment want to bring under the control of the "higher Self" or Soul, and to bring both under the regulation of the "highest Self," the Spirit of Love. The terminology can be a bit confusing at first, but never fear: The Way of Love does not recommend selfannihilation, but (sometimes radical) Selftransformation!

We gather at the Pneumarium because this is no easy task, and is made only much more difficult when we seek to "fly solo.":( This is why Sufis, and other mystics, have, for millennia, gathered together in small groups as "extended families." [Please see the little article in the latest uld ("Universal Love Digest")] We do not want you to come to our gatherings when you are sick, as this is not the best way to love either yourself or others. But when you are well, our gatherings are a splendid way to love, and to serve, others!:)

The "Indigo" Children


Each and every generation wants to believe that it is "special," especially in a cosmic sense. This is an action of "overcompensation." People need and create this when feeling low selfesteem. And, of course, parents are often desperate that their children be "special" in some positive, life-affirming way.

This is where the myth of "indigo children" originates. Parents as well as kids want, and perhaps need, to believe in it; both are strongly if unconsciously motivated to be "true believers."

The idea is that the coming generation of kids-- those born in the previous few years, and during the years to come, are "highly advanced and spiritual" Souls. It is an idea that brings joy! It can be breath-taking!:):)

But is there any objective evidence that kids born during the last few years are "born more spiritual or advanced" than Souls that have preceded them to earth? No, there is no evidence.

The belief is not logical, or logically demonstrated. It is an emotional, sometimes religious, idea. As was true of every generation in the entire history of the world, some kids come here "already spiritual" due to good karma, and most, as always and usual, have come here for spiritual growth.

The idea of "indigo" children also posits the untenable position that these "special" kids do not need as much teaching, discipline, and structure, which takes an unwelcome load off the backs of parents. In the modern generation (those born during the past few years), there is zero solid evidence that kids are smarter, stronger, quicker, wiser, or "more spiritual" than are older people. Every generation, including this one, contains very "special" people; indeed, all human beings are "special." But the myth of indigo children is only an attempt to be "extraordinary," and this idea is usually embraced by people who are feeling low selfesteem. All that the idea usually does, in so many lives, is boost the ego-- which, in itself, is antispiritual.

Love does not discriminate. It treats every generation alike, with an even hand.
So, let's awaken to the realization that some kids are "born" with the wide spectrum of karmic influences that affect us all. Some were stupid or criminal in past lives, others tender, wise, and even brilliant!:) But let us show care not to slide down the slippery slope to superiorism.

For those who practice arrogance prove their lack of real spirituality, which supports, not "being above the crowd," but humility. Jesus, in his notorious association with "sinners," ordinary people, was a good lesson for all of us.:)

Death and Learning


When a person "dies in her sins," as all people must leave this world in a state of imperfection, she picks up right where she left off. This is why a desperate suicide is such a futile effort. You cannot "run" from or "escape" your imperfections by dying. If you fail a "test" on earth, God (Love) does what any good teacher does: She gives the same test again. So, the next time that you come to earth, the next time your Soul is sent here from the Homeworld ("heaven"), you will again meet the same Souls as you knew previously, and you will have to work out precisely the same problems. If, for example, you hate another, with seething and relentless hatred, that person might be your spouse. (Love can as easily, and more positively, bind you to a Soulmate, and that is much more pleasant.)

All people, from one perspective, "die in their sins." But, from the view of grace, all our sins are forgiven. So, from the view of God (Love), we do not die "in our sins," but in a forgiven state of purity.

But this is not "earned" purity, but purity bestowed by grace. If, although living in grace, we continue to hold fear or its twin, hatred, in our heart, then we must pick up and return to "school," at exactly the "exam" that we failed before.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Church and Your Spiritual Journey


A "franciscan," to me, is a person who loves and admires, and follows, each in her own limited, often small, ways, the great mystic of Assissi.

(Btw, the name of this Italian town is not pronounced like "a sissy," as most mangle it; it is pronounced "ah-seize'-ee.") I do greatly love and respect all life, and must admit to a preference for the humbler, more helpless forms, such as the bunny that you mention. Sorry that poor little Brother Rabbit did not remain on earth, but I believe that he has his own "heaven," or afterlife. [Rabbit brains are quite complex; they are definitely "sentient" (selfaware) beings.]

Re your cat, he also deserves life, comfort, and respect as a living being. But he is trying hard to remind you that he is not made for indoor life. No creature is, with the exception of perhaps some human beings. All creatures demand the freedom to live outside under the blue sky, or the stars at night. It is possible for you to love and provide for him, while at the same time, giving him the freedom that he is demanding. He is deliberately refusing to live by your "indoor" rules, hoping that you will get his message.:)

Re the church: In the ancient Scriptures, the word "church" was ekklesia. It did not mean a "building," but a small group (often ten or fewer) who gathered on a regular basis to discuss and share the Love of (the) God(dess). Jesus did not even care enough to instruct his followers about how to build a "church-building." In fact, it is my belief that it was his plan for his disciples to meet together in homes (or yards, or garages, basements, etc.). This is what all the earliest Christians did. And they did it successfully during the most rapid growth of the church; they did this for nearly four centuries.

It was, historically, only after the so-called Great Corruption (starting c. 313) that the first "Church-building" was constructed. By this time, the church was no longer a family of Love, but an impersonal and cold "institution." It had ballooned out of control, into a monster of a political and economic "kingdom" of its own.

Why did Jesus not instruct his followers about church-buildings? Because he knew what you are beginning to discover: A Church-building means the acquisition of real estate, and that means the collection of money-- often, "big bucks"! And that attracts, often creates, corruption, greed, and dishonesty. As long as Jesus' followers met, like him and his disciples, on mountains, in fields, in the market, or in private homes, there was no possibility (no motive) for corruption; they all lived purely, sincerely, as a family of Love.

Modern "superchurches" do not please God, for God is Love. Larger churches are egobased attempts to impress the community, and have nothing to do with worship. Even more "liberal" churches, with all their goodness and honesty, have fallen for the lie that "bigger is better," the very foundation of destructive materialism. This is why we meet together here in our garage; we have no plans ever to build any kind of church-building, because that is far from the actual instructions of Jesus Christ.

Adamaria tells me that the real estate market is a current nightmare of petrification and inaction. This can be a good time for buyers, but is a miserable cycle for sellers. I have spoken with members of organized churches, about my feelings, about even their becoming a completely "independent" church. But, right now, I'm afraid everyone is in the "headlock" of organizationalism. This was the beginning of the end for the organized, orthodox Church (Catholic) of the first two centuries.
But neither Catholics nor Protestants learned from this abysmal and sad invitation to corruption. And today, even very liberal people-- for whom I have the greatest Love and respect-- do not, perhaps can not, hear this message.

So, I have been forced to do what the Lord/Lady of Love has commanded, and started an informal (very relaxed) "church" here. We do not even call ourselves a "church," as that term is often misunderstood to mean organized, or orthodox, religion. And we are anything but orthodox!:) and we do not want to become "organized," as that tends to "organize out" all the spontaneity and naturalness from our relationship with Infinity.

So, we hold together no formal dogma, we recognize no human leader, and we are not a "church." But we are what a "church" should be-- a family of Love, an extended spiritual family.

You are, of course, invited to join us at any time. Life never stands still, which means that it demands change, always change. The only factor in life that does not change is change itself!:) we are planning to gather at a park, about five minutes from here, on May 11. We are going to meet here first, at eleven am, and go together to the park.

Your coming here, and bringing along some of our dear friends from your area, would be a dream come true for us! I am thinking especially of a few others.:):) What a great delight, and deep pleasure, that would be!:) But you are under no obligation, dear sister. You must follow, with integrity, your own personal and interior Light, no matter what anyone else says, or does! For to have this kind of interior guidance is a brilliant and beautiful blessing. The Buddha said, "Be a lamp unto yourself," and this is also what Jesus wanted. If there is ever any way in which I can be of assistance in the discovery of your most important interior journey, just say the word! I am here for you, dear friend.

The House-churches


We have started a house-church here, just like the ones that were a part of the earliest churches of Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul. Another friend in America is also going to start one, in a different area of the country. My friend David in India has had one as well for about two years. Please ask him about his. His ema is:

It is a bad mistake for the church to become involved with money or with the purchase of expensive real estate. Our God of pure Love wants to keep His church simple, and does not want it to be a burden for the poor.

Monday, April 28, 2008



The first churches of Jesus Christ were very poor. We are also poor in the U.S. But we have discovered, by much serious research, that the earliest churches did not have "Church-buildings." Instead, they met in small groups, in homes of members. We have been gathering here at our home for nearly six years, and have had no problems. God does not want the church to get into debt. In fact, a church should handle as little money as possible, since "the love of money is a root of all evil," as the Scriptures say. So, do you have a home in which you could come together, and save your poor sisters and brothers the money needed for a church? We do not need churches; we need only the Spirit of Christ's Love in our hearts.:)

May the great and sweet Lord of gracious Love continue to bless you, and your work with Love Ministries in Kenya.:)

Love, Joy, and Peace,

Richard Francis,
Love Ministries, usa

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Ego


The ego has a place, often, several times, in the incarnational history of the Soul. For It might incarnate several times. It is counterproductive to see the ego as an "enemy," and it is not. It is our friend and teacher. But the ego is not a direct creation of God (Love).

Instead, it develops in response to karma and to earthly environments.

Since both these "mothers" of ego are illusion, so is the ego. It disappears at the death of the physical body, having served its entire purpose. Like the body, the ego is an "instrument" created for dealing with this everyday world of illusion. To use the words of the Docetic Jesus, it is a "phantom in a phantomworld." Just as we work out of Love for our bodies to keep them strong and healthy, even though they are but projections of Mind, we also must strive for psychological wellness, balance, moderation, and a Lovebased mind.

The "ego" in psychology is a little different from the "ego" of spirituality. For in psychology, if you do not have a "strong enough" ego, you suffer. But a major quest of spirituality (not religion) is to weaken the very strong ego.

Why? Because too much, or too strong, ego prevents the Spirit of Love from occupying the mind. Both ego and Spirit cannot dominate or control the mind simultaneously. "Ego" is Greek for "self," or, "I am." In metaphysics and spirituality, the word "self" has also more than one definition. There are, for example, in addition to the egoself (your everyday identity; the name on your birthcertificate and driverslicense), the "higher" Self (Soul) and "highest Self" (Spirit or Lovemind).

The mystic does not simply study the Lovemind or Lovespirit. Instead, pursuing enlightenment, she seeks actually to exchange her ego-identity for full identification with the Lovespirit (God).

Is it the goal of spirituality to "transcend" the ego? Yes, and it is viable. The ego is never the "enemy" of the spiritual being; instead, it is her teacher. As spiritual beings, we must remember that we are minds, not merely bodies. The ego is that part of mind that fully identifies with a particular body in spacetime. But these bodies, although we love, respect, and care for them, are not our true "selves."

For our truest "Self" is the Mind, unattached to any body. NOTE: The "mind" is not the "brain." The brain is within the body and is sustained by it, for it is a physical organ.

But the Mind is your immaterial, nonphysical self. It is your Soul. It existed before this life, and after this life, will continue to exist.
It is birthless, deathless, and timeless. So, once we begin to identify "my Self" as "my Soul," we have entered the "timeless life" promised by Jesus and the other great mysticsaints and masterteachers.

Knowing that you are not this body allows for the creation of powerful detachment. What affects the body need not affect, harm, or hurt, you, or yourself. That explains why, even though we age, we often feel "about the same" inside; the Mind, or Soulmind, does not age, is unaffected by time. but the body is not timeless; only the Soul is.

The ego is often a loud, arrogant braggert. It loves the spotlight, and laps up as much attention and notice as possible. Both Jesus and the Buddha renounced this kind of nonsense, which is the result of selfhatred-- not, as it seems, "too much selflove." Jesus taught that, if we receive rewards (he was speaking here of fame) from human beings, we have no reward with the "heavenly Father." (Mt. 6:1)

That is, the cost of fame is the eradication of all afterlife rewards.
To get earthly fame is like trading nuggets of gold and diamond for clumps of mud!

Why, then, do even "spiritual" people reach for, cultivate, and welcome fame? The truly spiritual do not. For them, fame is the worst possible consequence. So, we want to publicize the Way, but to make sure to keep the self (ego) out of the spotlight and the headlines.:) This can be a tricky and delicate balance. But it is mandatory, not optional, for the truly spiritual person. She wants,for example, for her students to talk about the Way, but not about her personally. Anyone who is eager for, and grabbing, the headlines, or fame, has proved her deep absence or lack of real spirituality. For each being is of immeasurable and limitless value. Anyone crying out for personal attention is trying to find validation in others; when we see this lack, we can be absolutely certain that a person is not enlightened. This is the simple "acid test" that every true spiritual teacher must pass!:)

Again, ego is not "evil." It is simply illusion; it is the dreamself occupying the dreamworld. Ego is part of maya or illusion. So, it follows that, she who takes the ego too seriously, or she who mistakes it for the "self," is not enlightened.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Inviting Love In


The Christ of pure Love does not "force her/himself" upon anyone. She/He is a very gentle and unobtrusive, noninvasive, nonintrusive Being.
She/He allows us to use the great gift of free will in designing our lives. So, when we "invite her/him in," we are not inviting someone from outside. Christ does not come from outside. This is simply a symbolic Way of inviting the Lovespirit to become active, to express through our lives. Only extreme literalists, in ignorance, assume that Christ is "outside," and must transfer to a different spatial location.
Goddess/God acts within the mind-- and no one would deny that. And Christ is part of Goddess/God. "Christ" is one of the many names of Love.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Use of Words


We do not "worry" about the ego. Words can be used to find, and to fix, rational solutions, or they can simply "beat an idea to death.":) We use words for only understanding and communication. The most important ideas in the world are quite beyond words anyway. The great sage Lao Tzu set forth this important principle: "She who says, does not know; she who knows, does not say." We need not be fanatical, or take an interior vow of silence. But neither need we swing to the opposite pole, imagining that we "have all the answers.' in a "flurry" of words" As usual, the Enlightenment Path is between these extremes.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Condi Must Go

You and I suspected it. Now, ABC News confirms it.¹ Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice chaired repeated White House meetings approving specific torture techniques before they were used -- then lied about it to Congress.

Now Brave New Films put it all together in a "smoking gun" video. That's why, Democracy for America is partnering with True Majority and Brave New Films to launch an aggressive national campaign with a simple message:

Condi Must Go.

Watch the video and sign the petition now.

This is the first time concrete evidence shows that senior White House officials, "not only discussed specific plans and specific interrogation methods, but approved them."

The torture meetings were gruesome in detail, often choreographed "down to the number of times a CIA agent could use a specific tactic" or combination of tactics.
The ABC news report makes it crystal clear that torture committed in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay were not isolated incidents by a few "bad apples". In fact, these incidents were standard operating procedure dictated at the highest level of government and led by the current Secretary of State. Her directives to the CIA were unambiguous, "This is your baby, go do it."

Join me in signing the "Condi Must Go" petition right now.

Don't sit this petition out because you think Secretary Rice is untouchable. When we joined with Brave New Films to push for the impeachment of Alberto Gonzales last year, no one thought he would ever be forced out of office. Our critics were wrong then, and they are wrong now.

That's why we're working with True Majority and Brave New Films to expose the truth about Condoleezza Rice. Today, we launch the petition. Tonight, we start a media campaign with a 30-second ad airing on ABC immediately after tonight's Presidential debate.

We will not stop until Condoleezza Rice is held accountable. Sign the petition now.
Working together, we move America forward. Thank you for everything you do.
Jim Dean

¹ abcnews(dot)go(dot)com/print?id=4583256

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Miscellaneous Spiritual Meanderings


The latest project here is a 400-page study of the Nag Hammadi Library, called The Re-enchantment of the World. It goes into each of the individual texts, presenting selected quotations from each, illustrating where, when, and how they overlap with intercultural (universal) mysticism. I am especially interested in the "Docetic heresy." My intuitionbased belief is that Jesus taught that he and all others were "phantoms" inhabiting a "phantom world." This is the "psychoholographic"
perspective of the universe, as a series of mindpictures. This view is in harmony not only with the ancient concept of maya, but also with the latest discoveries of quantum physics re the ultrastructure of the atom.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Research and "Truth"


From my personal experience with cult-members, their "research" opportunities are stunted to virtually the point of nonexistence by being completely closed to research and researchers who might disagree with their dogma.

Re "truth": the Greeks used the same word, aletheia, to mean both "truth" and "reality."

The medieval Catholic Church redefined "truth" as "correct doctrine"-- the exact same definition provided by the cult. In fact, the official and orthodox Catholic Church was the first group in history to demand that Jehovah was the Lord of Love of the Christian Scriptures. Isn't it ironic that, believing themselves so "special," and so much more "enlightened," than the Catholic Church, the cult-members share its most central dogma? (This is that Jehovah is the Lord of Jesus, of Love.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coming to the Pneumarium


You said that you were "feeling uneasy and a bit selfconscious about not coming to the Pneumarium." I believe that there is a good reason for this. For this is something that your deeper Mind really wants, and wants you, to do.:)

When we fulfill the deeper needs of the Soul, It consistently rewards us, with feelings of serenity, tranquility, peace, joy, and bliss. But if we act against Its needs, or neglect them, it can take a huge toll. We do not live as happily during the day, and we do not sleep as well at night.
We feel, deep down, that "there is something that I should do."

The Pneumarium gatherings are fun and easy. When we do not go, there is no human being that criticizes us, but, often, our own conscience does the work for you. It gently nudges you, over and over; only when that does not work does it produce a sense of slight but increasing anxiety.

If you did not eat, your body would naturally send you all kinds of signals, some of which nmight not be the most pleasant. Your mind/Soul also needs "spiritual food." Many churches and religions, like many books, do not provide this "spiritual food" at all, although they might claim to.

You, dear friend, are experiencing "hunger pangs" because you never let yourself partake of the "feasts" that we regularly share at the Pneumarium.:(

When I was in the cult, people were forced into "meeting attendance."
About a hundred people came to those dull meetings every week, despite the fact that they were boring to the point that you felt like committing hara kiri! And, several times a week, about a hundred people, out of a small-population town, showed up. Almost no one wanted to be there. Yet they regularly came, from a sense of loyalty to the cult. Their regularity often puts the people of Love, who are powerfully much more blessed, to shame!

We personally learned from the cult: We decided never to use guilt or anxiety to "pressure" our friends to attend the Pneumarium gatherings.
We even call them "gatherings" instead of "meetings," because we want nothing in common with the fearbased cult. But, the simple truth is

When you miss our sharings as a family, you are doing harm to yourself; and you might be indirectly "harming" others as well, for everyone is uplifted by these gatherings. This violates the fine lifepattern called ahimsa, which is living without any harm to any living creature, including yourself. That "harm" can be mental, emotional, or spiritual rather than physical.

So, if you are feeling some anxiety, I am truly sorry to hear this. The Pneumarium gatherings, and the family, are never designed to create or support any form of anxiety. But I must also be honest and share with you that, in this case, I believe that this mild anxiety is generated by your Soul as a healthy signal that you are neglecting, and perhaps harming, It. Your Soul is complaining; and the only course of wisdom is to listen to It, and then, out of Love, to heal It! We are having another Pneumarium gathering on Sunday, April 27, and you are, as always, of course, invited.

We provide a clean, warm, comfortable place (cool in summer) with a free meal, free snacks, and continuous free coffee, or tea of many varieties.
We are trying to serve by making your spiritual education and growth-- the only things of real value in this world-- as "painless" and "effortless" as possible!

But coming to the Pneumarium regularly will take a little planning and structuring of your time, and nobody else is going to act like your "papa" or "mama" and do this for you! You are not a "child," and you do not need this! And I certainly have never had any interest in being anyone's "daddy."

So, your whole life can become far richer, far happier, and far more at peace. But it is going to take some microwork on your part. After all, a fulfilled and satisfied life does not "just happen." It is something that we must actively create by our choices! Now, you have a chance to give the most wonderful gift to your own Soul! This opportunity very rarely comes to us in this life! So, do yourself the greatest favor:
Plan to come to our celebrations of life and Love, sharing friendship and wisdom! You'll be very glad that you did!:)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life-forms and Souls


There has been a wide consensus, among the most spiritual people, for millennia, that plants do not have Souls. It requires a certain level of mental development for any creature to possess and maintain an individual Soul. Lower organisms, such as bacteria, unicellular organisms, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, and birds share a group-soul for each species.

They do not have individual Souls. The personal, individual Soul is that part of Mind that appeared to "seperate" from the divine Mind to experience a "personal" life. This is, in reality, a life of illusion.

For all "sentient" life remains unseparated from the One great Mind, called in Eastern traditions "Brahman" or "Tao."

All mammals (horses, elephants, dolphins, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, and a spectrum of other life-forms) do indeed have individual Souls, survive death intact, and create and receive karma.

These life-forms are what the Buddha called "sentient" (selfaware) beings, and the enlightened show more respect for these creatures because they are, like human beings, partakers of the one Mind.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love Our Treasure


Love is the only real treasure that we have in this or any other life.
You cannot, dare not, depend on a job, or on money, or on material things. They can all let you down, for sure! But the Love of your friends, and your Love for them, is life's real jewel. This is the very essence of a good and happy life!:)


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Aspartame Horror Stories


I learned the hard way, by sharing various frauds and hoaxes with friends, just how widespread this kind of thing is. Several anti-aspartame stories are precisely this kind of fraud. Why? The sugarindustry, which moves billions of dollars through the economy, is highly motivated to send, promote, and replicate anti-aspartame stories.
All their money is at stake. The sugarindustry also promotes heavily such stories as that aspartame turns into formaldehyde, is toxic, is carcinogenic, etc.

But the truth is, millions of people have been ingesting billions of "doses" of aspartame for many years without ill effects. And now, the vast sugarindustry is joined by other, alternative, artificial sweeteners, who also want to demonize aspartame.

Health-food fans and faddists always want to find a simple, single cause of many disorders. Then, all that they have to do is to avoid that substance, and then, they convince themselves, they can enjoy "perfect" health!

But life is not that simple. For years, sugar itself was attacked, much as the sugarindustry now attacks aspartame. But let us look for a moment at nature: Every petal on every flower, every leaf on every tree, every blade of grass, contains sugar! So, it is hardly the toxic "demon" that it has been made out to be. In fact, the human body requires sugar! It is our primary source of energy.

Does anyone ever get sick from too much sugar? Certainly. But can it cause diabetes? No, for if you do not have the gene for diabetes, you will not become diabetic by consuming sugar-- even in large quantities.

Has anyone ever become sick because of aspartame? Absolutely; different biochemistries have very different sensitivities. As some people are severely allergic to strawberries or peanuts, and these foods create an alarming spectrum of symptoms in these sensitive people, some are no doubt aspartame-sensitive. Aspartame can be dangerous for these people.

Perhaps it was one of these types represented in your hair-raising story.

But for the population in general, aspartame does not appear to be toxic. In fact, after billions of "doses," there is no solid, good, scientific evidence that aspartame is harmful unless you are aspartame-sensitive!

These stories are like soap-operas. They are scary, even exciting. They promise, further, a simple way to "more perfect" health-- just avoid the "demon" chemical! But these stories lack real credibility. This one was written as if you knew the person personally. But I doubt whether this is so; that perspective is meant simply to increase its dubious credibility.

The wisest perspective is not to "demonize" any substance. The history of the health-food movement, during the past century, is littered with the remains of hundreds, if not thousands, of "demonized" substances. Happily, most turned out to be quite harmless.

In fact, as one example, the chemical BHT (butylhydrotoulene) was so demonized. Now, some health-food faddists are taking it in supplemental capsules; for it is a preservative, and they hope that it will "preserve" them! So, these health-food fads come and go. They are unreliable and not credible; we must use, instead, the principles of sound nutrition to guide us: In other words, eat more fruits, grains, and veggies; avoid meat, and live in Love!


The Work of Love


The work of education here continues apace. The latest writing-project is a four-volume set called the "Enlightenment Tradition" series. The books are finished, and now, require only proofing and polishing.:)

Volume I is an intro called Hearts of Glowing Love. Volume II is Hearts of Passionfire, and is about mysticism in Judaism. Volume III is Hearts of Ecstasy, and concerns mystical Christianity (gnosticism). And Volume IV is Hearts of Moonlight and Roses, about the Sufi traditions.

It is highly recommended that you invest whatever is necessary in your education, for it will pay off very handsomely and richly in the long run. It will help you to create a happier and fuller life.

Time does seem to pass more quickly when you have something larger than the self to which you can devote it. Everybody needs, but few have, a passion for which to live, as the practical Center of their lives and heartminds.

Friendship is the treasure of this or any other life. Please always continue to appreciate and honor (respect) your friends. For, of all the riches that this life offers, none is more golden, none more irreplaceable, than friendship. Every hour that you "invest" in friendship will return to you multiplied and amplified. If you are very, very successful, you can build a whole life around, and of, your Love.
For friendliness is a form of Love.:) And so is courtesy.

She is wealthy indeed who cannot count her dear friends on the fingers of one hand. Friendship 101 is what this life is all about. It will teach you patience, forgiveness, tolerance, and a host of related and indispensable lifeskills. And an "investment" of time (the "gold" of the universe) in friendship will always pay off in the longterm.

But when any friendship becomes dangerous to your health, mental balance, or general wellbeing, you must, out of reasonable selflove, act to dissolve it. To do this, of course, you need not be hateful or cruel; a friendship is like a rose. If you do not cultivate, nourish, feed, and care for it, it will tend to wither on its own.

People often forget the sometimes challenging work of "maintenance" that any friendship deserves and demands. This includes emails, visits, phone-calls, other sharings, or even periodic and appropriate small gifts. It also includes the kindness of avoiding hurtful gossip.

That does not mean that we cannot share our deepest feelings, and even tragedies, with good friends. It simply implies the vow of the heart never to become bitter or vicious. We seek interior tranquility, in other words, and wish that also for all, including even former friends.

And we, as the people of Love, never waste timenergyon vengeance. For great and lovely karma takes care of all, bringing to each her own rewards. (There is no such thing as an "innocent victim.")

But you cannot, and must not try to, become the "mommy" or "daddy" of any other adult.

Any behavior that is rewarded will be repeated. This is most basic psychological law. Had you remained her friend, you would have been responsible for having rewarded these behaviors, and in this way, would have harmed her life. This goes against ahimsa, the principle of non-harm.

It is not wrong to celebrate the end of a destructive relationship! It is now time for laughter and relief, not moping and tears!:)

Always remember that, in a good friendship, you have very few, or no, expectations, and zero demands.

Never let go of this quest to cultivate a deep and spiritual mind. For this is the single diamond centerpiece of any life well-lived. People will always "tempt" you to become shallow, but the shallow life is like the "unexamined" life-- not worth living. In the future, your spirituality will bring you the interior strength and joy needed to survive the challenging earthlife with sanity and happiness.

Working with animals is great! We need as many compassionate human beings as possible on this poor little planet. Have you ever met a llama? They are very sweet hearts and tender souls, and a "relationship" with one is a jewel.:)

Working with the animals is a very real manifestation of the very best within you-- your Love-nature. One of the favorite historical beings, Brother St. Francis, showed how Love for other species could be the very backbone of a satisfying, creative, and deeply spiritual life.

It is also an indispensable aspect of selflove to make sure that we get as much fun out of life as possible-- provided that the "fun" does not harm ourselves or others.:)

A life of tranquility is worth a bushel of bucks, and more!:)

Love is a matter, not of words only, but of the rich and balanced blend of words and works, or action.

Friendship without forgiveness is like watermelon without water; it is only a dry husk, tasteless, a counterfeit of the real thing. It brings no satisfaction or peace to the heart, and never creates joy. It is very sad to see a person who has not mastered this very important lesson; she creates interior hells for herself, over and over.

The sweet Goddess of Love can reach into our hearts and lives in any way.

She is always "talking" in the deeper Mind, but we have largely forgotten how to listen.:)

May Love continue to bless and fill your heartmind, and may It fill the hearts and minds of all creatures everywhere!:)


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Islam: A Few Thoughts


It is "pc," or "politically correct," to say that Islam is a religion of Love, peace, and brotherhood. But, although many Islamic people are indeed people of peace and Love, the Quran itself disproves the claim about the religion. It contains at least twenty-eight verses that allow for, approve, advocate, or even recommend the murder of "infidels." And, in some cases, Jews and Christians are mentioned by name.:(

People embrace it, in our culture, from sheer and utter disgust with the blood-soaked Christian history, and the petty ancient wargod that it advocates.

Welcome Flora!


Flora, the Goddess of flowers, is bringing back her scarlets, canaryellows, and cerulean blues to dot the landscape of springtime! The sweet Lady of Love has already gifted us with several lovely days, and more are to come!:):)


Spiritual Ideas


Because of the philosophy of Love, I know that "your" challenges are also mine, and so, I plan to do my best to provide honest feedback. But I have zero interest in being anyone's "daddy," and no interest in telling anyone what they "should" do. I want only to comment.:)

Embracing "the good" is a very simple, but reliable and dependable, guideline for life, and I'm in one hundred percent agreement! There is, counter to worldender propoganda, so very much good and beauty in this world. It is everywhere full of God (Love and beauty). As the Tibetans say, It is an extremely great privilege to have been born human!:)

Why are humans here? We are here to continue our long education. We were, in the beginning, sent forth from the Mind of Love as "separate" nonphysical Souls. The great Mind (of God, Love) decided to dream up this world, and to allow all Souls to "dream" that we are "physical" bodies. (But the very latest discoveries in neophysics have demonstrated that a "physical, material" universe is an illusion of the senses.) When we study matter at the quantum (subatomic) level, we find that it is all energy. There is not a "truly solid" object in the entire universe.
And this is according to skeptical scientists, not mystics!

In this dreamworld, we dream up exactly the situations, objects, and environments needed for our "tailored" education-program. The "material" world is an illusion, but all minds are real. Because of this, all creatures who partake of Mind-- especially human beings-- are sacred. So, we must honor and respect each one with the maximum Love.

But how can we "love" strangers? The very minimum Love that we can give, even to all strangers, is to wish them well. We can sincerely bless them, honestly hoping and praying that their lives are filled with Light, Love, tranquility, bliss, friendship, fulfilling work, balanced emotions, and healthy spirituality, among a whole list of other goods.

Why do we hurt/kill one another? The Enlightenment Traditions teach that there is no such thing as an "innocent victim." While Love does impel us to remove, or alleviate, all suffering for all creatures-- and never to be apathetic or complacent-- we must realize that suffering is a part of human life and experience. We need this realization to be able to live sanely in a pain-filled world such as ours. But Love always calls upon us to care deeply, and to remove suffering whenever, wherever, and with whomever we find it. People often suffer because, at the Soul-level, they created suffering for others. Or, before you were born, you were able to select the dna (for you could "read" this complex molecule) that would give you a body that would permit you to take lessons that you needed to learn. The "Soul" is a deep, and unconscious, part of the mind. It is that part of yourself that lived before the birth of your present body ("preincarnation"), and it is the part that continues to live after "death" of the present body ("postincarnation"). Both "preincarnational" and "postincarnational" life was taught by early Christians. In fact, almost all the earliest Christians believed in "polybiography," or "reincarnation." This vast, rather complex, philosophy is the only explanation that elucidates in meaningful ways the existence of suffering. The majority of the human population, at any time in history, has accepted it. It is not only a logical explanation for the world of suffering, but it also "feels" right, with intuitive understanding.

Who will rescue/deliver us from this horrific world? Love will rescue us. Although in modern psychology, Love has not been defined as a "Who," in former cultures, It was always recognized as a "god" or "goddess." And in Christianity, Love is God. (1 Jn. 4:8,16) God is all the Love and positivity in all the minds on all the planets in all the starsystems in all the galaxies! So, God is vaster, more immense, breath-takingly enormous and beautiful, than anything that our poor three pounds of gray matter can comprehend. God is Love, and Love is God.

Love awakens us to galaxies of beauty within our own minds, and to the magnificent beauties in the world all around us. Yes, there is still "evil" in our world of relativity and duality. But knowing that "evil" has no absolute reality weakens it, and strengthens absolute Love.

In Christianity, "salvation"-- we are "saved" from ignorance and the lower, humanimal nature-- comes not through mere education, or actions, or goodness, but from "grace." Grace is the unearned, undeserved Love of God. We are "saved," not because we know the "right" doctrines. We are saved, the Scriptures repeatedly teach, because of one factor, and one factor alone, and that is the grace of God. Her Love is greater than any,and all, sins. God's Love is illimitable and immeasurable, great enough to forgive any and all imperfections, and even all deliberate badness.

If there is no Jehovah God, who is there? The very same answer comes from the intercultural Enlightenment Tradition. There is Love, the greatest, most irresistible Force or Mind in the universe! Nothing and no one can stand, in the longterm, against It/Him/Her. (God is, of course, neither male nor female, so "God" and "Goddess" are both options.)

The enlightened person, of course, still has Jesus in her life. She can still choose to follow Jesus, to take him seriously as a model. But she has more, not less, than the average person. For she also has, as bearers of truth, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Patanjali, Al Arabi, Al Hallaj, Solomon, and many other saintmystics and teachersages.:)

How can we prevent sickness and death? We cannot always prevent them. But the idea that they are universally "bad" is the result of social programming. Sickness is said to be "bad" because it can lead to death-- which is always bad. But if death is viewed as completely natural-- as natural as the dew-kissed rose blossoming in the morning sun-- then, sickness (biological challenge and imperfection) can be reinterpreted as "our way out of here." It can be seen as a liberator, if we believe that there is a better life after this one. This is the view held famously by early Christians, and which made them glad, deliriously happy, to die, even in the horrible arena. For an enlightened person, with a large spiritual overview, there is no such thing as a "bad death." The great beauty of Hospice is that they are helping people to embrace death in a healthy way. Every creature that has ever been born has died. Birth is a guarantee of death. So, as long as we buy into the antispiritual idea that death is horrible, a nightmare, we can never know true joy. Jesus came to prove that death is a survivable experience. Death leads to only bottomless joy and incredible peace. I have died twice, and come back to our world to share this message.:)

Sickness can teach the lessons of compassion-- what this life is all about-- in two ways: 1) when we are sick, this gives us compassion for others who are also sick, and 2) sickness creates a sympathetic response (Love) from others. It also, btw, creates needed awareness of the necessity for selflove, to take care of our own sacred bodies.

AND who can we now trust instead of organized religion? It takes time to learn to trust Love. It takes time even to discover Love at the Center of all minds. It takes time to learn that god is Love, and not some comfortable, familiar human image (anthropomorphism), such as the all-too-human Jehovah, who has a plethora of weaknesses. We are like infants learning to walk. When we first let go of our parents, we are very wobbly. But with practice, we soon grow strong. As we trust Love, we learn that It is a wonderful, beautiful, supportive Power greater than any primitive, superstitious godimage. It is more reliable and dependable. It can never harm anyone, and does not "punish." It subtly draws us into enlightenment, one moment at a time, until we find that we are superstrong and completely spiritually independent! So, in the beginning, we must "jump into a void," or empty chasm, the black cave of the Unconscious. We are certainly not certain even that "anyone" is there. But, after we have begun to trust (in faith), we learn that we are in the warm, comfortable, invincible, invulnerable arms of Love. But we cannot "trust" only what has been "proved." While we never want to abandon the rational, we must "trust in faith" before we have any certainty of our relationship with the Lovegoddess. Like delicious food, the Goddess of Love is known only one minute at a time. This is good news, for it means that we must handle, take care of, not an entire life, but only this minute!

There is so much more that could be, needs to be, said! In fact, I've written twenty books to try to explain, or at least to outline, all the beautiful discoveries that await everyone in the Mind. I'll be glad to send you one, if you are interested. And if not, that is okay too!:):)

A Galaxyful of Love!


Here, the great Work of Love-teaching continues apace. We are starting a federation of cooperating but independent small ministries in order to publicize the great Love with which we are supported in our life-journeys. So far, we have established Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of India, and Love Ministries of Pakistan. An entire whole world awaits its future growth. I myself am a member of Love Ministries of this galactic quadrant!:)

When it was first discovered that a transplant was needed, six friends sprang into action, and volunteered! To be caught in the delightful "safety-net" of such powerful Love was almost worth the crisis!:)

Currently, working on the "Enlightenment Tradition" Series. It is four books, all finished now and requiring only proofing. The first is an intro to the Enlightenment Tradition, the second discusses that Tradition in Judaism, the third volume in Christianity, and the fourth, in Islamic culture. No idea of when publication will be possible, for it does cost, but this is the one message that can literally save our poor little planet!

Also, just wrote an indepth study of the Nag Hammadi Library of ancient Christian gnosticism, and finished another study of cult-psychology, called The Chosen.

Flora, the Goddess of flowers, is dressing up our world.:) The great wheel of time has turned once again, and once again, the world fills up with the polychromatic splendor of scarlets, canaryellows, and ceruleanblues!:) We do love springtime!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Simplicity and Pneumarium


You don't mention any insuperable spiritual challenges, and that is wonderful! Your only karmic complexities at the moment seem to be in the area of materialism and money. The best advice that can be given here is carefully to inventory your life and find a place further to simplify.

It is recognized that you believe that you are already living in simplicity, but that is a relative term. Compared to some, your life is enormously complex, although, it is certain that, compared to others, it is relatively simple. Quite often, we complexify our lives without even realizing it. Complexity is such a "natural" part of life in the Western world that we barely notice it; it is often invisible, until you look for it with a magnifying glass.:)

The Love-bond that you are sharing with your family is a real treasure; please never do anything to weaken that supreme Love. To keep spirituality strong, and "front and center," we gather every two weeks with friends, specifically to discuss the important spiritual issues of life. Have you ever considered starting your own "Pneumarium-gathering" at your house? It might be worth serious consideration.

More fun than a barrel of elephants! Using Time Wisely.


At our family-gathering on Sunday, we had more fun than humanly possible, more fun than a barrel of elephants!:):) It was a real megablast!

People can say absolutely anything about their "love for God," their religion, and all that stuff. But you really, often, cannot trust what people say. Instead, you have to watch their actual actions. For their truest priorities will be revealed by their behaviors.

Time is the "gold" of the universe. And it is how a person chooses to invest her time that demonstrates,, beyond the shadow of any doubt, what her priorities are. So, to learn the truth-- about yourself or any other-- watch your time-investments. For this is the only reliable way to determine what is important, or the most important, to a person.

Our Pneumarium Gatherings, and Karma


As far as being an "atheist," that is a little too extreme for us as well. Through the centuries, very spiritual people have regularly been accused of "atheism," due to the fact that we unanimously reject the common god of society and our culture. This is the Jehovah-myth, almost universally, but very tragically, embraced by almost all Christians. But in teaching that God was Love, Jesus implicitly rejected this ancient wargod. And, I believe, he also explicitly rejected Jehovah in his more esoteric teachings, shared not publicly but with only disciples.

The mistaking of Jehovah for God is the most significant error ever made in the history of the Western world. It has made possible the justification of wars and other horrors.

Like you, I am not much on "organized, official, or orthodox" religion.
I still do not "belong" to any, and have no plans to.

But we do treasure our extended spiritual family. It is simply wonderful and beautiful, and is a real Love-center in our lives. It gives us strength and serenity. So, every two weeks, for the past five years, we gather to discuss the truly important things of life, summed up as "spirituality." There is a galaxy between spirituality and religion. For spirituality is more similar to good, creative, constructive, healing psychology than it is to religion.

Anyway, we would like to invite you to come on over for one of our informal and relaxed gatherings. They are always on Sunday, and we gather every two weeks. (This is so as not to put time-pressure on our schedules.) We start at eleven, break at noon, and share a meal. Then, we come together again at one, and by two pm, we wrap the whole thing up. We start late because Sunday is the only day that our friends can sleep late, and we end early in order to give them the rest of their Sunday.:) It is always fre, and our next gathering will be on April 13 (We just enjoyed one two days ago.)

We believe that, in this life, there are no "innocent victims," that "bad things happen to good people" as a result of karma. This is the only explanation that we have found, after three decades of serious and intense research, that makes any sense.

But it does not mean that a person harmed anyone if she is suffering right now. For it could also be "elective karma," which the Soul can choose voluntarily-- in order to grow, or to help someone else grow.

So, like the cosmos itself, karma is not "black and white." Many of the greatest mastersages and saintmystics have suffered from some rather serious conditions. This is due to courage, for they did not flee in terror from "negative" conditions, as do so many "positive thinking" advocates, who are secretly terrified of life.