Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cosmic Christianity

To our Italian Christian Friend and Efamily,

Jesus as a man was never the main focal point of the Way. Instead, it was the eternal Spirit of Love that indwelled Jesus that made him the "Christ." The word "Christ," like "Buddha," was not a name, but a title recognizing special enlightenment. The Christ-spirit, the Spirit of Love, is still alive in your heart and mine. It is forever and timeless.

Even during his lifetime, the "cult" of Jesus had its start. What was/is the difference between the "cult" of Jesus and the "faith" of Jesus Christ? It is simply this: The "cult" of Jesus lost its way, and concentrated on worship of the historical man Jesus. He was no doubt a fine man, but was just a man. As the old creed said, he was "true God and true man."

The cult got lost in the human ego of Jesus. It became lost in geography, history, and other details. Many who truly believe that they are practicing the faith of Jesus are actually advocating only the cult of Jesus. The cult demands worship; but the faith demands imitation.

The faith of true, cosmic Christianity challenges us to renew our lives through the consistent practice of universal, unconditional Love. That is a tall order! Happily, we do it only with the help of the interior Love-nature in the Unconscious. This is Lovemind or God, and Its aid and help have been summarized as "grace."

To practice the faith of Jesus is to live in, and from, this Center of Love. It is to renew the heartmind, and continually, as far as possible within our limitations, to express goodness, kindness, highest ethics, and to create a lifedesign of "impeccable honor." This is neither perfection nor perfectionism, but an honest attempt to allow the interior Power to "take over" our minds and lives. It is total surrender to the will of the One, Who is Love.

So, it is not genuine Christianity to fall mindlessly at the feet of Jesus. And using the name "Jesus" a thousand times does not make you a Christian, or more Christian. (The word "Christian" means "Christlike," and that is Love.) So, as spiritual people, let us beware the imitation or counterfeit "Christianity" that is, in reality, nothing more than the cult of Jesus. This ego-worship was not what Jesus wanted. He did not want to be worshiped as a freak, but imitated as a prototype, an older brother, an example. Let us not waste our timenergy, then, on "blah-blahing" about "Jesus this," and "Jesus that," but instead, let us turn our full Mindpower towards sincere imitation of Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Theresa, Catherine, Kwan Yin, and all the other great luminaries of the Way.

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