Thursday, December 16, 2004

Dream-interpretation and Fear

Even though yours was a fear-dream, and reflected, and used the symbols of your fear, all dreams are about the personal psyche, with very, very few exceptions. There are really precognitive dreams,and it is sensed that you might believe this one to be so. But truly prescient or "prophetic" dreams are only about one in ten thousand, and some researchers say, even rarer.

So, as in all other dreams, and as noted before, a "plane" is an archetype of a plane of consciousness or awareness. The bridge is also an archetype, and appears all the time in dreams.

The bridge demonstrates that you are in a major transition. It is up to you to decide from what condition you are emerging, and into what condition you are emerging. This can be for the better, or otherwise. The first plane that you saw was your higher or deeper Self. It was high in the sky, since spirituality makes us "high" in more ways than one.

The fact that you begin, in the dream, alone is an indication that the dream is about you, your personal path. In the first sentence of recalling the dream, you mention this fact twice, implying its importance. You say both, "I am by myself," and, "There are no other people on the bridge."

About this plane, you say it "looks kinda like a triangle, sort of like a fighter plane."

The triangle is called a "geometric archetype." It is the symbol of integration after the experience of duality. It is illumination through having experienced ignorance or illusion. For the triangle contains the separative two at the bottom, coming together at the integrative one point at the top. So, this is very promising. It indicates that, at some level of the unconscious, you are already deeply illuminated.

The fact that it seems to be a "fighter" plane implies that many internal conflicts are active, and will have to be resolved, often by conflicts or disagreements between the two internal natures, the lower (fear) and higher (Love). You describe it as "odd" because it seems so to your egonature, which might be surprised by the prescience of interior "battles."

The second "plane" is that of the ego, in fact. Or, it is at least, very close ("another coming so close to the bridge that it actually scrapes it some.") So, this lower plane of awareness, tuned to only this world, not the interior or spiritual, damages your transition ("bridge") to higher Mind. Happily, the damage is not serious, but minimal. For you say, "but it doesn't hurt the bridge any."

Tuning into the fear-nature you describe accurately as "a little scary." This could be relevant to the "food" that you feed your mind. For feeding your psyche the "food" of fear (conspiracy, negative predictions, etc.) is giving it junkfood. Instead of this, the mind craves, and needs, only positive, uplifting, joyful perspectives that are not denial, but chosen and selected positivities. Your worldview is "scary," and indeed provides the symbols for this dream.

In the dream, as in most others, "you" represent the conscious (aware) mind with ego. So, you write, "To see a plane that close-- I could have practically reached up high enough to touch it." This proves that this "plane" symbolizes the conscious mind-ego complex. But, although you could "touch it" (it is accessible to the conscious mind, and is therefore conscious), it is the high end ("reached up").

Then, the dream becomes concerned with the highest plane of consciousness. This is only potential rather than experiential, for it is on the ground. But it is indeed very high, for it is represented by the "space shuttle." This is your center of focus or attention after your transition is complete ("as I get across the bridge...").

Your narrative continues, "There are people getting off it, and I stop to see who is on it." The "people" are parts or aspects of your own mind, and this is a symbolic presentation of selfanalysis or selfexamination. You next write, "There is a sense that military people are involved..." This, again, is a friendly warning of your mind that, in your interior Journey, there is going to be conflict. What can you best do to prep yourself? You can reject instantly all fear! For, in the Journey, fear is the only enemy. So, we must not feed our fears. We must, instead, turn away from them, reject their pretend "truth," and reject them unconditionally. For fear is the "devil" of spiritual psychology. It is the only enemy of the mystic. For she refuses to recognize any human enemies. To "love your enemies" means one thing: You recognize no enemies. Although fear never serves Love, its energy can be turned to the service of Love. So, the mystic has no energy-- not a millipsychon-- devoted to fear. She thoroughly scours her mind of all fears, for fear feeds the lower nature and makes it stronger. So, it weakens our connections with the One.

You next write, "I have a feeling that they are up to no good..." You have seen through the fact that your higher Mind is being influenced by fear, and that fear is up to its old tricks, which are never good. In fact, fear threatens all goodness within the mystic, for it is thoroughly antiagapic (against Love).

Happily, this fear has not yet "taken over" the entire Mind, nor is it so powerful that it can gain control. ("But I know there is time before they are going to do what they have planned...")

So, only a part of your mind knows what is going on. That part wants to alert the whole mind. ("I am thinking that I have to warn others...") This dream is a part of that very process.

Why is this so urgent? The mind brings a dream only when it wants us to pay attention, so this part of your mind is indeed doing the warning. For the interior conflict, as long as it is fed the psychotoxins of fear, will get only worse ("They are stepping up their efforts...") What does your mind want you to do? This is your answer: "start preparing for the worst." The "worst" is the interior hell of fear. You prep for that by cultivating Love, and its sister, positivity, at every moment, and consistently, continually rejecting all messages of fear.

In dreams, messages from the Unconscious often come by "telephone," or other media. The Mind can also use tv to present messages that are not true (tv is not reality), but warning: "I hear a TV and I look around to see the newsman, who is dressed in a military uniform, tell us that we are listening to the new state-run station, and that there will be no more of the old stuff that we used to see on TV." So, even in ordinary data-processing from the world ("news"), consciousness is still pervaded by a concern over conflict ("military uniform"). The "state" here is the totality of your concerns with matters political and conspiratorial, which are "taking over" important parts of your mind, influencing messages from the outside world ("news").

It is unavoidable that this dream is a warning against possible unhealthy obsession with conspiracy-theories and other borderline or fringe worldviews that regularly knock people from the straight-and-narrow. It is further plain that the warning is that these are unhealthy, as they create hurricanes of interior conflict; plus they multiply fears exponentially, filling heartminds with the "devil" instead of the bright, warm beauties of God (Love). These worldviews are seriously antiagapic and pathological. As a steady diet, they are lethal to spirituality.

The dream closes on a somber and sobering note: For some parts of Mind, it might already be too late to reverse the pathological effects: "I realize that there really is no more time at all,..."

Yet if nothing at all could be done to reverse the total damage to the mind, it would not have bothered to have given you the dream, for nature does not waste timenergy. In this dream, Larry [pseudonym], as your husband, represents the best of your Love-nature. There is a real sense of urgency that you must keep this part of Mind intact and protected from the inner pathology by in-forming it with in-formation of the Lovemind: "All I can think of is to get to Larry, and to help the two of us remain safe, and to warn others if there is time."

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