Friday, December 24, 2004

"Eternal now"

Has not the Goddess blessed us with most gorgeous and silent nights of sweet snow? It is exhilarating to be enfolded by the bright sweetness of the pristine blanket of dazzling white! She reminds us of how pure the world could be! How fresh the crystals that cover the world, how crisp, bright, and brisk!

The wedding of Tom Shumaker and Anita Owens, where we did the Six-direction Ceremony, was magnificent! Weather was absolutely perfect on the Solstice, on Tuesday, thanks to that same Goddess!

Symbolically, the Winter Solstice has always symbolized the interior awakening of the Light, for, starting on that shortest day of the year, the light of day increases by about one minute every day. So, it has always been a celebration of the renewal and resurrection of the interior Light of Love.

Love allows us to release the past. Attempting sincerely to let go of the "past" is allowing an illusion to fade. No one can thrive, or even live her life, on illusion. One of the goals of the mystical llife is to remind us that ONLY NOW is real. This continual reminder allows us to awaken to what is real ("truth"), and to invest every micropsychon of Mind in the now. Timenergy sent into the black hole of the "past" is simply a drain on our limited lifenergy, and returns inevitably with
empty hands. Craving, whether for the present or, especially, for the past, is recognized by mystics as a "hadeogenic" (hell-creating) state. So, we must often peel our sticky fingers from their terrible glue-like grip on the illusion of the past, and shake ourselves awake to reality, which is always and only now. But forgiveness is the right path, and now, must be multiplied in power by the addition of Teflonmind, through the nonstop practice of acognitive therapy.

So, instead of indulging in recycling and rerunning memories, or in fanning the fires of unrealistic yearnings, you need to go immediately into your trm, draining the clinging, attaching hadeogenic thoughts of all their energy. (All that you need to do is repeat your trm, and this will happen automatically.:) So, carefully monitor your mind (mindfulness), and don't let it "get away" with hadeogenesis!

When you find yourself "cheerful" without any external cause, this is the mind's way of signalling that it is indeed always working to create and establish homeostasis (balance). In stillmind (crystalmind), the mind uses the physical brain to create natural euphorics, powerful natural drugs, released into the bloodstream to create a natural high. But we must take the mind to that stillpoint that allows this ecstatogenic process to begin.

Yes, in the formation of any new relationship, it is important to allow truth (reality) to be the center of focus here as well. If, in a new relationship, we act and react as if it were the old relationship, we will commit not only sabotage, but will end up being unfair with everyone-- especially ourselves. For no one in relationship b is responsible for what happened in relationship a.

What you need to see here is that living in the future is as much irreality as living in the past! Projecting possible outcomes is also violently hadeogenic! Again, the "cure" is learning to live in, and embrace, the "eternal now."

When Love closes a door, on a relationship or on a friendship, It is doing the right thing. It is acting and reacting appropriately, and will enrich our lives. But when fear takes control, and closes a door, we might live to regret that, with so many tears and regrets. We need to remember that fear is the only true "enemy" the mystic ever encounters; she has no human enemies. As God is Love, so fear is the symmetric "devil" of spiritual psychology. Monitoring carefully, we can cast it away from our minds, minute by minute, and never allow it to take up residence again!

When you have a friend, it is good to live "as if" that friend will be a friend forever! Even though you realize that this might not be so, the friendship (relationship) is enormously enriched by this kind of "play within the play." It can create enormous joy, as friendship is a major face of Love, and guarantees that Its twin, joy, will come and fill the heart.

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