Thursday, December 16, 2004

Selfimage and Spirit

I have gone through a tough and terrible course on earth in which I had to learn the very difficult lesson that no one can please all the people all the time! Like most libra people (I've libra rising), I thought that, if you just lived carefully and lovingly enough, you could manage somehow to please everyone. This would be "perfect," as there would be no friction,and everyone would live happily ever after! I was also naive enough to believe that once a person gave her friendship, she would always and forever be a friend!

I have learned through hard experience that both of these attractive fantasies are just that. But this learning has made me wiser and stronger. And it has shown me that I have a higher purpose than simply to "please people." I do not ever go out of my way to step on people's feelings and sensitivities, but I've realized that no one, in the whole history of the world, has ever been able to please everyone. Also, life has taught me that friendships have natural life-spans--a time to begin, and a time to end. This is how the world works. But if two people agree to maintain and keep a friendship, they can keep it alive, and thriving, forever!:) That's the good news!:)

In friendship, our weaknesses are often revealed. This can make us overly selfconscious. It is easy to see the self as "inferior." Some scorpios, for example, think that they are "worse" than everyone else, and try to keep everything about themselves hidden. Why? Because, when they see others,they see only the "public" face, complete with make-up in place and hair combed. But they cannot help but see their own "private" face, which is, in everyone, less than beautiful at times. When they see the "masks" worn by others, their inner child assumes that it is seeing the true, real person. But everyone wears a mask in public, and it is not the real person. Instead, it is thepublic mask, carefully prepared over years to present the very best within the self. If the insecure people were telepathic, or if they could follow others home, they would be shocked at seeing what contents the "average" mind contains. And not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just the human nature.

We mystics are only part human, and part Spirit. Our Spirit part is perfect and beautiful and loving, and we mystics do try to get our human part to disappear into that wonderful, magnificent Spirit. But as long as we have human bodyminds, we are going to be part human. And we are going to have imperfect, even negative, even repulsive, thoughts. This is where healthy selforgiveness comes in. We must forgive ourselves of our less-than-beautiful human thoughts, and our human side, and move on with our lives. We reach continuously to express perfectlly the perfect Spirit; but we never quite get there.

This is normal and natural, not a disorder or dysfunction. That is why we have been given Love, to compensate for the multitudes of our own imperfections, and those of others. It makes selforgiveness possible.

The egoself, the human part, is so messed up that mystics do not believe that we can repair it. So, they simply throw it away. They reject the ultimate reality of the egoself, seeing it as only a mask. ("Person" means "mask.") Then, we work hard every day to disappear into the perfect Mind of pure beauty and Love.

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