Saturday, December 11, 2004

The "Hardware" and "Software" of Mind

The analogy of biomind as hardware and environments as software cast a fascinating light on the nature of biomind. This is impelling. Karma is software. But even the hardware is not identical in all persons. It is, in fact, neuroanatomical variation that provides much of the variety found in personality-expression. For karmic reasons, each is born with a specifically Souldesigned packet containing "hardware" and "software" of a specifically unique configuration. It is only on the gross anatomical level that human brains are similar, but even then, not precisely identical.

Cerebral development in the womb is a captivating branch of neuroanatomy. But it is an enormously complex process, Soulguided. It is because of neuroanatomical variation, however, that certain people have neurotransmitter-challenges. Both hardware and software are relevant here. You've probably heard the old joke about male brains costing $500 and female brains $200, because the latter are used!:)

In a dream, the "house" represents the self in stasis (just as a car represents the self in movement, progress, or transition). Your self recognizes that it is surrounded by, immersed in, infinite Mind,symbolized by the water.

You can identify dream-symbols not by what you think, but by what you feel. (The process is intuitive, not intellectual.)

The Unconscious is symbolized by "water."
Fortunately protective components of mind ("police") come to your aid, so you are not without protection.

The events of your dream are sometimes not about your waking life; they are about your inner life or world. But you have used your earthlife to create the matrix of symbols found in the dream.

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