Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Selecting your trm

Before you can practice "acognitive therapy," also known as "pervasive meditation," your first step is to select an appropriate trm.

A "trm" is a "thought-replacement mechanism." In history, it is called a "mantra." In the design of "Teflonmind," it is a four-syllable phrase.

A trm can be in any language. No language is intrinsically "better" than any other, or "more spiritual." That is simple superstition.

The most important consideration is that your trm "feel right." It should be positive, uplifting, constructive. The best are also spiritual, although a neutral one can work.

"I am at peace," is a good generic trm, as it serves most people well. You can use a three-syllable trm by adding the simple connective "and..." to it, as in, "God is Love and..." or even, "I am Love, and..." etc.

A trm that has worked for several suffering from Velcromind (a mind that "sticks" to everything, in which everything is extremely important) is, "Does not matter."

Some trm's focus on mystical identity: "I am Buddha," or, "I am the Christ," are examples.

The trm, "joo-goo-boo-goo" would probably work if used consistently. But the use of the trm is a great opportunity to plant the seeds of positivity and spirituality in the mind, and this potential would be wasted with the use of a meaningless mantra.

In working with fears, these work well: "I have no fear," "filled with courage," "all fears are gone," etc. Where possible, delete harmful or negative words. Some would object to the use of "fear" in a trm, but we need not become logophobic (afraid of words) or fanatical.

The most important consideration-- much more important than the design of your trm-- is that you do choose and start to use a trm. Do not put it off indefinitely because you cannot find the "perfect" trm. This is just the ego's way of getting you not to use pervasive meditation at all. The ego loves control, and will do anything possible to postpone, neutralize, or cancel the practice of pervasive meditation, as it is threatened by it.

Also, once you settle on a trm, keep the same one for at least a year. This will empower it and you, for it becomes more powerful each time that it is used.

Note: A "thought-replacement mechanism" does not require thinking. For it is a
simple repetition of a simple phrase. It requires some planning and thought to "get it going," but once you start "running your trm," the process requires no thought, no linear mind-movement, no cogitation, no figuring things out. It is a very simple, almost mechanical, process.

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