Thursday, December 16, 2004

Modes of Mind

When it is said that leo needs an "audience" of only one, that "one" can be the leo herself!:) Yes, leo's playfulness, as the "perennial child," can certainly brighten the world. The spiritual application of the "play-energy" sees the world, as in mysticism, as mere "play and stage."

Re the varying aspects of heartmind: One can be very intellectually developed, and emotionally, still a child. In psych, this is usually called living out of the "inner child." It is a part of your mind that completely stopped growing when you were between the ages of five and ten. Everyone has one; but the wise uses her inner child to cultivate humor and a playful attitude, to laugh a lot. The unwise use this same inner child to express their emotions,and thus, often, wreck their lives, and those of people around them. All three fire-signs (aries, leo, and sagittarius) are especially prone to this, although a person of any combination can certainly screw up her life by letting the "child" take the controls!

Psych recognizes a trimorphic structure to the mind. This is the interior child, the interior parent (both of which are unhealthy if controlling), and the interior adult. The goal of a wise and educated life is to live mostly from the last one.

In spiritual psych, however, we have a "pentamorphic" perspective: We can live out of our interior child, parent, or adult, it is true. But spiritual beings can also learn to live out of their interior soul. And mystics want to go even deeper, and live out of the interior Spirit. This is the zenith of human being and becoming.

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