Saturday, December 04, 2004

Email, Tranquillity, and Success

It is only a matter of honor, as well as balance and reciprocity, to answer every personal email received, so long as that is possible and feasible. This does not include junkmail or gangmails. Besides, it is quite satisfying even when other work calls. For it is an act of service,and hence, of Love.

Anything that increases the tranquillity in your life can be healing. We get little enough of this elusive serenity in our lives, and so, we do not have to invite into our lives any persons or forces that we know will be disruptive. This is an act of regard and respect, hence Love, for yourself.

Everyone loves those who love her; the challenge rises when you can love people who are not able actively to reciprocate.

"Success" is your entire life, not just your economic life. A rich person who hates herself is not a success, but an utter failure. A poor person, surrounded by family and friends filled with heartlove, is a monumental success!

Keep talking, keep thinking, but keep remembering to give yourself a little downtime once in a while!:)

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