Saturday, June 13, 2009

Project K

Today [Sunday, June 7], we are prepping for our biweekly gathering in the Pneumarium. Every two weeks, we gather with our dearly beloved friends and extended spiritual family, for a groupdiscussion of spirituality.

Re the transplant: This Tuesday, June 9, we are supposed to meet the docs and staff. (Some were met sixteen years ago, for the first procedure.) And the Main Event is still scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, barring some unforeseen circumstance.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Planetary Reading

Were you aware that Jupiter has over sixty moons, and so does Saturn? There might be still more, if we include "micromoons." (When we were growing up, only sixteen moons of Jupiter were known.) And among those moons are the very famous Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa, the latter containing ice and probably water. An extremely interesting and easy-to-read book was published in twenty-oh-eight. It was called Beyond Ufos by Jeff Bennett. Well worth reading.:) It will get you "all caught up" with the latest in astronomy, particularly in the search for

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Greed and Spirituality

We are in one hundred percent agreement about the exclusivity of the wealthy in several religious (but not spiritual) groups.

Jesus made his Message available to all. Holding a religious conference in a luxurious hotel only betrays an economic motive, rather than an honest and more spiritual one.

This can be a real tragedy for an honest heart in search of truth. It is a real shame.:(

This reminds all of us just how pervasive, and hence, invisible, is this kind of conartistry. So-called "teachers" who have their eyes on only the big hbucks are a danger to themselves and to society. Greed is an especially horrible mindisease, and when it infects a "teacher," the infection is spread far and wide. One of the best approaches is to make sure that we never support such greed-mongers. An even better response is to expose them at every opportunity.

All Life Is Sacred

Fanatical rightwingers, even murderers, are so very proud, and selfrighteous, about the fact that they love to call themselves "pro-life." This is consciously designed to imply that anyone who disagrees with them, even in fine detail, is "anti-life."

Since there is no "anti-life" movement, it is just plain unrealistic, unfair, and inaccurate, to call these people "pro-life." And to call them "anti-abortion" also implies falsely that others are "pro-abortion."

This too is scandalously inaccurate. For no one in the world is actually "pro-abortion." No one celebrates abortion, and no one is thrilled with joy when this medical procedure must be performed. Even professionals often perform abortions through tears-- their own, and those of the mother.

The fairest, and most accurate, way of designating the two sides might be "pro-choice" and "anti-choice." This is perhaps the least offensive, and judgmental, of designations.

The anti-choice people claim that they alone value life as sacred. But are they at all consistent in this "formal" or "official" position? No, for they do not value human life enough to refrain from murder. Several members of the pro-choice community have been murdered by the anti-choice people during the last thirty years. Extremely rarely, if ever, has it worked the other way-- with a pro-choice person murdering an anti-choice person. The ghastly case of Dr. Tiller is but one example of a nightmarish trend among these Jehovist killlers.

The situation gets even worse: Most of the people who supported the extremely bloody war in Iraq, which killed altogether about a million people, were "anti-choice" religious zealots-- often described accurately as "fanatics."

In other ways, too, these people do not defend or support life. Most of them are voracious carnivores, killing truly sentient beings for food. In fact, they go much further, laughing at and mocking vegetarians.

A fact which they almost never realize is that this present life is not the whole, the totality, of life. For life survives death. And this is a matrixteaching of Christianity, as well as of Buddhism, and several other faiths.

Anti-choice people react as if the physical life of the physical fetus is the one and only one, or the only one that counts. They ignore the teaching of Jesus and all other enlightened people: For the masters, saints, sages, and general mystics of all history hold that death is a survivable experience. Thus, while life on earth is extremely sacred, holy, and inviolable, it is never "all that there is." (These same extremists seem terrified to have any faith in God, and for the same or similar reasons, they reject euthanasia.)

If the anti-choice people did not interfere, the Souls which did not incarnate in a physical body would simply return to their Home-- the lovely Homeworld.

We who are profound believers do not use this fine and beautiful teaching as an "excuse" to murder, or to be indifferent about physical life. Most of us hold all physical life to be so sacred that some refuse to take the lives of even animals, who are also beloved.

If nature herself is allowed to take the natural course, without interference, nature itself will destroy many, many fetuses in "miscarriage." Do the anti-choice advocates go so far as to blame God, or nature, for this? (It is something about which they simply do not want to think!)

So, the anti-choice position is untenable, because it must be inconsistent. For no one can save a life and make it last forever. If you do save a life, which can be a very good deed indeed, you can only postpone death. For, in a few moments, hours, days, or years, the person whom you saved must leave this earth anyway.

The solution is not to try to "save every physical body." The solution, offered by Jesus and others (and Jesus never said a word about abortion) is, instead, to awaken to the fact that earthly life, however much we might deeply, tenderly, and lovingly care for it, is a temporary phenomenon. It is but an eye-blink in eternity. We must become aware that our real and true lives are forever; for, although the physical brain turns to dust after death, the non-physical Soulmind existed before birth and will continue to exist long after "death."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Right to Reject Cancertreatment

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

Does "police state" ring a bell? What the hell is this?! If this kid's parents want to go the El Natural way-- religious, Spiritual, homeopathic, holistic healing-- the government/state should not interfere. I'm sorry but Corporate medicine, agribiz/farming, messing with the environment, food, water, corporate products(legitimate cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, and our bizarre way of life-- all are what's killing us.

--written by Mick Gallagher


Arrest ordered for mom of boy, 13, resisting chemo.

"It's absolutely crazy. It's very disappointing," [noted] James Olson,
the attorney representing Brown County Family Services. "We're trying to
do what's right for this young man."

Webmaster's Commentary:

I might believe that if there were an absolutely clear proof that chemotherapy is a guaranteed cure for cancer.

But there is cause to doubt. My mother underwent chemotherapy for her cigarette-induced cancer and it didn't save her. Quite the contrary it made her very sick and wrecked the quality of whatever life she had left.

There is evidence of far more effective cancer cures in other nations which are denied here in the US in order to preserve the established cancer industry, which seeks not a cure but more costly treatments.

This is a government that has been torturing children in Iraq. Clearly, their only concern is to force this child to financially support the status quo. Given the disasters of the 1976 flu vaccine, which killed more people than the flu did, and the Bayer hemophilia medicine laced with AIDS, and the Baxter flu vaccine with live Avian flu in it, the mother is justified in doubting whether the chemotherapy, despite its hefty price tag, will actually be of any benefit.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Healing Touch

This donkey (body) heals more like you: It has to be touched a lot, and is a big believer in "therapeutic touch," now practiced by some nurses, and in integrative medicine (used to be "holistic," or "alternative" medicine).

People who are in absolutely splendid health need to be touched regularly, so it makes sense that those who are ill-- in need of positive energy-- need touch even more. What would the experience of a kitten, puppy, or other sweet critter be without being able to touch him/her?

So, at times, to love is to touch, and vice-versa. Everyone needs touch, although some pretend not to. ]They want others to think that they are "too tough" to need touch. (There is actually only one letter difference between "tough" and "touch.")]

Studies of infants and toddlers had to be discontinued when certain ones were selected not to be touched. These neglected children actually died! Scientists called this lethal condition "failure to thrive."

So, if young human beings are not touched, they die. Basically the same emotive processes and the same biochemistry and neurochemistry mark more mature members of the species. Thus, it follows logically that adults also need touch. And, as the absence of touch acts as a lethal toxin to the very young, it is also a toxic condition when adults do not touch.

This is a subtle and weak toxin, but its effects, in our cold society, can be cumulative. Needing to touch others, and to be touched by other positive people, is not a weakness, but an inherited or intrinsic need of human psychophysiology.

Thus, the more hugs, the more handshakes, the more sharing, the better! We must return to the simple ways of our ancestors, who lived without computers, cyberphones, ipods, and other isolating mechanisms. We must learn to reach out to one another, and offer our hearts through our hands. This is a very touching and touchy subject!:) But it is one that we all need to think about, especially those among us who have real interests in healing each other and the planet!:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letter about Party

Dear Friends of the Heart,

Here is a letter from one of the blessed "moms" who came to our Mother's
Day Celebration of Love:

"Dear shi and Adamaria,

I had such a good time at your Mother's Day party today. As always, I
love to come to visit you guys, because both of you are so funny,
interesting AND LOVING! I know I am loved by both of you, and I can feel
it..... and it feels soooo good!

I am so very, very happy and grateful to have you guys in my life. You
truly are family to me.

Again, thank you for making this day so WONDERFUL!

Love you both,


Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday's Delightful Celebration

Alas, my friend, you missed most delightful and joyful moments of shared pleasure with some of the best people in the area. We decided, in view of real time-limits, not to have any discussiongroup Sunday (yesterday), but to give the whole day to sacred motherhood and its celebration of Love. We had a real megablast as we gathered with some of our best friends. We shared together some delicious coconut cake, and happy spiritual and semispiritual conversation. This place will not see another like it for at least another year!:) We all left feeling refreshed, renewed, and very "high" on life!:)

Sunday Celebration of Motherlove!

You missed one megasuperhyperblast of a Celebration yesterday! We shared so much fun, laughter, good food, and great conversation. There is no better way to have spent a day!:) It was a day just jam-packed with Love, joy, delight, and pleasure. Maybe you will be able to make next year's Celebration!:):)

Sunday's Pleasures

You missed a real pleasure, and a very healing atmosphere, yesterday. We enjoyed, and created together, a "superparty" enjoyed by everyone. As far as donkeys (physical bodies) are concerned, it was certainly a healing and loving experience. Everyone "let her hair down," and we all enjoyed an ambiance that was relaxed, happy, and healing to both mind and body. The Party was so much fun, and so great, that we just had to share.:)