Monday, June 30, 2008

The REAL McCain

Gas prices are hitting all-time highs. Our country is in the midst of a recession thanks in part to our crippling dependence on oil, so what's John McCain's plan? Will he hold the corporate leaders of the energy industry accountable when he addresses them today in Houston? Probably not, considering they are some of his biggest fund-raisers.

The Center for Responsive Politics finds that McCain has accepted over $1 million from the oil and gas industry. Many of McCain's top advisers have lobbied for big oil, which is why he now acts in their best interests, opposing environmental legislation and alternative energy plans. And that's exactly why we want everyone to know The REAL McCain.

Watch the video:

McCain is desperate to distance himself from President Bush. But according to the Center for American Progress Action Fund, McCain has received millions in donations from the same oil, coal, nuclear, chemical, utility, and auto companies that helped the Bush administration create its energy plan-a plan that has raised gasoline to $4 a gallon.

Here's what you can do: Send this e-mail to ten of your friends, family members, and colleagues. Tell them to send it on to ten people they know.

And don't forget to Digg it! Spread the word that McCain is taking major contributions from wealthy oil executives like Bob Mosbacher, just one of the special interest leaders he'll be addressing in Houston.

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Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Team


God and Healing


God can heal any person of any condition at any time. Absolutely anything is possible with God, as Jesus said.

Why does God (Love) not perfectly heal everyone, giving the great gift of a perfect bodymind to all His/Her children?

This is possible, but God allows the inconvenience and even suffering of illness in order for us to learn compassion through empathy. A person who has never suffered would feel no compassion towards others who suffer. But she who suffers much, loves much.

Imperfect health is the essence of our spiritual training in Love.
Illness also makes us humble, realizing that we cannot control everything with the conscious mind. The tendency towards "magical thinking' is so attractive, so tempting, that God often allows us to experience illness in order that we can realize our full and complete dependence on Love (God).

Added to the above is our karmic heritage. If ever, in our long history, we have harmed another with deliberate intention, our body might reflect the same or similar condition. But even if this might be so, it does nothing to neutralize or dilute our real need to show compassionate Love towards all. Also, some suffering is the result of voluntary or elective karma; it was chosen by a Soul to accelerate spiritual development.
Also, remember that illness is not "totally bad," for it can provide us with opportunities for exits from these bodies.

But this is by no means the most common explanation. A fourth reason for illness is that it teaches us precisely what we need to learn. Most of the great and lovely saintmystics and mastersages of history have suffered from some biological shortcomings. These could turn their attention away from the glittering baubles of the external world, turning their gaze inward.

At any rate, we know that illness is not the result of a "curse" by God, but is instead an evidence of His special blessing. St. Paul had eye-trouble, about which he prayed many times. God apparently did not heal him, but told him, "My strength shall be complete in thy weakness."

These "weaknesses" remind us continually not to depend upon the ego, but upon only infinite Love (God). They slam the interior brakes on ultraegotism and egocentricity. For only when humbled from the illusion of selfimportance does a heart turn towards Love.

The Conscious Mind


It is true that almost everything important occurs in the deeper levels of the mind, rather than in the conscious mind-- the part of which we are aware, and in which we do our "selftalk."

Why, then, do we have a conscious mind? The conscious mind is that part of the vast, multileveled Mind that brings us awareness. It makes us aware (conscious) even that we exist. The purpose of the conscious mind is to become aware of the world of illusion and to interact with that dreamworld. Thus, the conscious mind makes decisions; and by doing so, it creates or erases karma. It sets the agenda for the life (lives) still to come. By choosing good over evil, it creates joy, peace, happiness, and Love. It creates a bright tomorrow.:)

The Mind could live without conscious feedback. But if It did so consistently, we would never have to conform to logic or reason; we would live in apparent chaos. So, the conscious mind is by no means "disposable." It creates order from an infinite number of universes; it chooses that time-line in which we live. So, even though the conscious mind is not the "ultimate king" of our lives, it does have its own place, and importance, in the Mind. It is not the "enemy" of the other parts of the Mind, but their product.

The End of Interior Pain


If one is experiencing "psychic pain," this is a signal that one is supposed to increase time spent in meditation, or mind-clearing. The strongest form of meditation is "pervasive." Instead of scheduling fifteen minutes a day for meditation, as in "structured meditation," one begins to "run" the trm (thought-replacement mechanism, or four-syllable mantra) at any time during the day or night. This should, ideally, contain positive suggestions for positive selfesteem and/or positive goals.

The purpose of "running" the trm is to clarify the mind from excessive thought-- a major cause of interior or mentally-generated pain. You are attempting to clear the mind so that the highest Mind can move through you into the world. This great Mind is God, and is only healing, never harmful, only good, never bad, only Light, never darkness. It is purest Love.

So, before you begin pervasive meditation, invite this great Mind to enter your mind, gently to "take over," and make decisions, and to create lovely thoughtfeelings within your mind.

As noted before, this process does not work immediately. You might run the trm for quite some time without noticeable change. But continue to practice without giving up, and later, you will notice that thoughts of Love, joy, peace, and other "fruits of the Spirit" (ga 5:22) are increasing in "your" mind, as these positivities alone fill the galactic or oceanic Mind deep within. Meditation is the end of interior mental pain. It moves us inevitably towards bliss, ecstasy, or great joy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Poorest People in the World


We are thrilled, excited and delighted, to report that our first fundrive for the poorest people on our poor little planet is being successful, blessed by God (Love). We have gathered, so far, from friends, buds, pals, students, clients, and neighbors, five hundred dollars, to be divided among Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Tanzania, and Love Ministries of Uganda. We are still seeking donations, as small as three dollars.

This note is simpply a friendly-- and, we hope, unintrusive-- note of thanks for those who so kindly, so generously, provided donations for our sisters and brothers, many of whom are on the verge of starvation, having lost home and hope due to the greed of warfare and commerce.

Please be aware that your giving has resulted in blessings that are, and will be, everlasting, following you long after this tiny life!:) And again and again, thanks to you for this thoughtfulness towards strangers; every penny of your donations will go straight to the people in greatest need.

If you would like to contribute to this most worthy cause (We know of no greater need), please fill out a check to Love Ministries, and send to:

Love Ministries
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Hamilton, OH 45011

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The True Spiritual Teacher


It would be the greatest pleasure and joyful privilege to serve as a consultant and advisor to your life-path. I will do everything possible to aid you in the discovery and design of your spiritual path, but I promise not to design it for you, as that is not the assignment of Love:

No adult should ever make major spiritual, emotional, or any other kinds of decisions for another adult.:) This is a real meaning of "spiritual freedom," and "independence."

That having been said, however, I will always be happy, with great pleasure, to share any spiritual discoveries that we both feel are valuable and/or useful. For, as you know, it is impossible to stop writing when you have luminous and numinous ideas about to "break through.":)

The function of teaching is always reciprocal; so, as you learn from me, I can also learn from you.:) Every good teacher is also a student, and vice-versa. But please always be aware that it is among life's greatest fulfillments and satisfactions to share new insights with open and compassionate heartminds such as yours. I look forward to many more centuries of positive interaction between us!:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008



The Scriptural principle that we use when we feel any kind of fear (and we all do from time to time, as fear is a response of the lower nature in all of us) is that of First John 4:18, which says, "Fear and Love cannot exist together, for when Love is made complete, fear is cast outside."

So, each minute of each day, fear is our main enemy. It is Love's opposite; since God is Love, then the "devil" is fear.

In prayer and meditation, picture yourself filled with the bright light of God's Love. Imagine it as a bright gold flowing down from heaven and filling you, entering the top of your head. In time, if you repeat this procedure, Love will crowd out all fear from the heart and mind. Pray to the God of Love with the absolute certainty that He will answer you; for it is His will that all of his children be filled to overflowing with the Light of Love.

This might have no effect if practiced only once or twice; but if you make it a sound, reliable habit, doing it several times a day, with the passage of a little time, you will find the disease of fear starting to retreat. If you practice long enough, one day, the fear will be completely gone, vanished.

God loves you immeasurably, illimitably. His sweet Love is beyond all comprehension. So, add to the exercise discussed above actual acts of Love for yourself and others. Every day, find some way to express Love.

Write an email, visit a friend, do an errand, help an animal, a child, an elderly person, or a challenged person: These, and many other activities, will help you practice the "faith" of true worship, and will strengthen the Love-nature within you. As the Love-nature strengthens, the fear-nature wilts and retreats. Fear vanishes in the Presence of Love. And Love is irresistible.

Loving All God's "children"


Within a couple of weeks, you will be receiving a gift from Love Ministries USA [for the work of Love Ministries of Uganda]. This is a gift of $100 (one hundred U.S. dollars). When you receive this, I would like to request that you buy (purchase) for the poor and orphans, the following: milk, rice, other grains, eggs, many fruits and many vegetables, and fruit-juices and vegetable-juices.

As you know, I think, Jesus gave me the most beautiful revelation possible in the entire universe! He showed me that God is Love. This means, of course, that God is Love for all his "children." God loves all his human children, whether they are light brown, dark brown, old, young, male, or female. God loves even those who are not very intelligent. God loves even the ignorant, and those who have brain-damage, who are not able to think like normal human beings.

But the revelation went much further: It revealed that God's "children" included not just human beings, but all creatures who could think, or feel-- all creatures who could love. We think of ourselves, as human beings, as being "so much higher" than the animals. But horses, llamas, elephants, and many other creatures do have feelings, and some even love their families or mothers. But there might be other life-forms as far above us human beings as we are above cows and pigs, for example. (You might call these very superior life-forms "angels.")

But no matter how much smarter they are, no matter how "far above" us they are, we would hate it if they used us for food or meat.

To exercise the best and most complete Love of God possible, we must extend this Love, in compassion and kindness, to creatures who are lower than ourselves.

In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve "all green vegetation" for food. He did not give permission to kill the animals.

To be most at peace, we must love all; we must love even those whom we know might not be "equal" to us. This was the sweet message of Francis, the famous lover of animals. So, out of my Love for animals, I would like to enjoin you not to use any of the money in our gift to harm or to kill any animals. Please do not use it to kill pigs or cows, for these creatures have large brains and can feel much pain. They love their children, and can feel sadness and even Love. Remember, God is Love, so God is inside them too, as His Holy Spirit indwells you and me.

Please take these ideas to God in prayer. Keep your heart open, and He will give you an answer. Please consider these ideas carefully, and do not turn away from them.


Love and Selflove


You can do only so much for friends. If you push yourself beyond that limit, then you might help friends but harm yourself. So, the Way of compassion tells us to give all that we can to others, but not to give so much that it "hurts." Give and give and give; this is the Way of generosity, an important kind of Love. But always ask yourself, "Is this hurting me or my kids?" If the answer is yes, then you are likely giving too much. The equation set up by Jesus applies here: "Love your neighbor as yourself." If you love your neighbor less, then you have broken the promise of Love; but if you love your neighbor more, you have also broken the selfcovenant of Love. All truth is found in balance, in the Middle Way.

Absence of Religious or Racial Bigotry


When the Christian Scriptures say that "God is no respecter of persons," what they mean is that God is never favoritistic or racially or religiously prejudiced. God is Love, and Love does not practice bigotry.

It is important for Christians to know this about their God, for the Jehovah of the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament") was an extremist who did regularly practice religious and racial bigotry. He saw Israel, or the Hebrews, as "his chosen people," and, in essence, loved only Hebrews.
The God of Jesus, being Love, has no "chosen people." This is a human, limited idea that leads people to only bigotry. The Way is one of equality among all persons, and in this sameness of status, each and every being has a personal, and equal, relationship with the interior divine Mind of Love.

Israel, as a nation, and Judaism, as a faith, both have a right to exist, and to prosper. God (Love) certainly holds nothing against them. But neither do they enjoy any special blessedness, or any special position, before the Lord of Love, who loves all equally. To imitate this fine Love is our highest goal and calling. So, while accepting and loving all Jews, the Christian must also love all Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, atheists, and others. For she is called upon to love both her friends and her enemies.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Exchange of Love


I am delighted, excited, and very happy that you are spreading the good word about the house-churches [in Kenya]! We are sure and certain that our Lord of Love will richly bless you as you seek to help his children here on earth. For helping other people is the only "worship" that is acceptable to the Spirit of Love, our wonderful God and Father. We will be delighted to share your warm Love with our friends at our house-church here in the U.S., and we are happy to assist you in any way possible. If you, or anybody else, has any questions, just please send me an email, and I will be glad to reply.:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alternate Energy Asap!


The greedcycle is continuing. We need to replace greed with "green"!
Like a motorcycle, it also "runs on gas." By the time that we outgrow and overcome this disaster, we will all be a little wiser and smarter.
But can anything make most Americans less wasteful? This is a most serious consideration. Meanwhile, whatever becomes of the culture in general, it is up to you and me to arrange our own "flower garden,"planting it with the jewelflowers of compassion, ecosensitivity, and the quest for alternative energy-sources. I would love, for example, to get my hands on a solar panel or two for the house; and someday (when they come down in price), we will do exactly that!:)


Donations for the Poor


Yes, it is truly "good news" to help to assist the very poorest people on this planet. They make no pretensions, ask for little, and seem thrilled that we not only speak of Love, but are trying to implement it.

If you would like to contribute a little each month to the "trip P" (Poorest People on the Planet) Project, that would be very welcome. And yes, we will continue to collect until we send notice that it has stopped. These people are sweet and humble, as you know, if you have read any of their letters in Lovelight magazine. It is a real pleasure to work with them!:):)


The Way of Mysticism


When most people hear the adjective "mystical," they think of something occult, or even magical. They don't quite know what it is, but are sure that it is something "spooky"! Actually, the histories of intercultural forms of mysticism (such as gnosticism, kabbalism, and sufism, in their most generic forms, as well as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism) prove that this Way has nothing to do with the occult or with magic.

The mystic has begun a tentative knowing of the cosmos. She knows that it is not a separate collection of objects, like the universe's largest yard-sale. Instead, she comes to see the entire "material" cosmos as a complex dream. and the mystic knows that it is not her dream; it is being dreamed by a greater, immense Mind through her tiny human mind.

This dream was called by our Hindu sisters and brothers maya, a Sanskrit word meaning "illusion." The entire material universe, together with all of spacetime, are a part of this dreamillusion. When the kabbalists spoke of "creation," they were also referring to this same dreaming Mind.

But if the cosmos is being dreamed into being by a perfect, flawless Mind, why is it so imperfect, even ugly, in some ways? Because the material cosmos, before it can be sensed/perceived, must flow through the "filters" of other mindlevels. One of these Mindlevels is called the "Soul," and it makes sure that the cosmic dream also contains all personal karma. So, the projection of this karma alters the "perfect world" of a perfect Mind. We end up living in precisely the exact "virtual reality" that we need in order to grow and develop.

And if anything is "ugly," the mystic says, the problem is within the "labelmaker" within your head! If, for example, a person truly believes that a rainy, cloudy day is "beautiful," then, to her, it really can be, and is, "a beautiful day."

Every effect has a cause. And there is not the slightest object or event in your world that "just happens" or "comes from nowhere." In a nightdream, if you encounter a fly, there is a reason for it; the mind has chosen it as a symbol, in order to teach you. And so it is with the "real," ordinary or everyday world. There is no such thing as "random chance"; that is simply a cover-up for ignorance, when the causes are not known.

Knowing karma as the ultimate servant of Love, the mystic does not believe in "innocent victims." But the most important aspects of her mind are yearning and longing to "become one," meld, or merge, with Lovemind. This Supermind is deep within her unconscious Mind. So, she takes an interior heartvow always to act and react with the most Love possible. The mystic is not yet perfect; she makes mistakes. But she does her honest best, in all circumstances, to respond with her maximum Love.

She believes in Love. Even more, she believes that "God is Love," as the ancients said. So, she worships Love; it is Number One, all the time, her first priority. This makes her a happy and courteous person who loves harmony, and who renounces actively all violence, egocentricity, and superiorism. She actively contemplates humility and lives in simplicity.

This article was written by a franciscan taoist who has been exploring the Path for thirty years. If you have any questions about the Way of intercultural (universal) mysticism, which is not a religion, please write:

"Disincarnate Masters"


I am not certain that belief here is strong re the "inner school" (that word "inner" has been used to death!:) That is, it is not proved beyond reasonable doubt that discarnate "masters" are working with us here on the physical plane, although they might well be. (Nothing disproves it.:) None of the objects in this material world can lead to God, and yet, paradoxically, that is where they all direct us. They are maya ("illusion"), all a part of the cosmic dream of the Dreamermind.

The Way directs us, not to disembodied (dead) "masters" or "sages," but to the deepest level of the collective (shared) Mind, deep within the Unconscious. This is Coremind, Lovemind, or Godmind, the Center and Nucleus of all minds everywhere. It is omniscient, and contains all the answers. Even more importantly, its supporting matrix is warm Love.

Disincarnates could well be working with us "incarnated types," but the "evidence" for disincarnates, such as it is, can more easily be explained by the selfevident fact that the Mind does exist, and has several "unconscious" levels. The principle in science called "Occam's Razor" suggests that when a complicated and a simple solution both exist, we choose the simpler. That principle can be a great guideline in spirituality as well, where things can grow rather rapidly into enormous complexity, and in which simplicity richly pays off.

But any philosophy or idea to which you feel resonant, if it works for you, should never be challenged by anyone else. We all must explore spiritual tools and use those that work for us.:)


Love and Teen-age Boys


When a boy is in his teen years, often starting between twelve and sixteen years old, his brain-chemistry changes radically. He is upset easily, confused, and might wonder whether he is losing his mind. His actions and words are erratic and hyperimpulsive.

For the first time in his life, his brain is being soaked in extremely powerful chemicals such as testosterone; these chemicals are made by his body and brain. His body responds, and he is going through a hurricane emotionally.

He is extremely confused and needs our help and forgiveness. The drugs produced by his brain-body are powerfully "psychotropic" (mind-changing), and so, he is not "fully responsible" for all of his behaviors. This is nature's way of transforming a boy into a man, and it is never easy on a boy.

During this time, he needs good, sound guidance and discipline (but not
harsh) to do the right thing-- the kind of guidance that I know that you would like to give him. But please try to be very patient and very forgiving. Please remember that his brain, his control-center, is in the midst of a real storm. He has little to no peace in his life. As he gets a little older, and as he is educated by an older man about these matters, he will once again become a calm and loving person. This kind of change happens in many species, but we notice it among young boys.
Please keep in mind that he cannot be fully responsible for all his actions for a couple of years, until his body passes through this storm and heals itself. For, during this time, the body is "sick" relative to a healthy brainbody system. In the meantime, please practice forgiveness for the sake of your own peace.:)


Universal Love


It is always hazardous to use the word "Christianity" as if it ever in history represented a homogeneous or unvarying teaching. Historically, "Christians" have been notorious for disagreeing about just about everything!

The quirky idea of Augustine, that of "original sin," became popular in orthodoxy, for it forced the people to "need" the organized, official Church. But "original sin" is by no means universal among "Christians."

Among the first Christians, during the first four centuries, they had never heard of it! And even after the fourth century, it was far from universal. (Augustine was born in 354.)

But the basic and true teachings of Jesus, representing the mystical relationship between God and man, including Love, are homogeonizable with the mysticism of all other faiths-- Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalism (in Judaism), and Sufism (in Islam). So, the teaching of Love is indeed both universal and permeating among the human spiritual systems that we call "faiths." It is the single mark that identifies universal spirituality.

It is cosmically understandable: Our sisters and brothers from other planetary systems will never be able to figure out Catholicism or the Baptist religion; but Love all can understand!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Love and This Short Life


When we are young, these lives on earth seem to be so long, as if they go on forever. It seems that some days will never end. Psychologists call this the "immortality complex." We feel as if this life goes on forever, that we are immortal in these poor physical bodies (shells). But, as we grow older and wiser, we are gifted by God (Love) with the revelation that these "nanolives" (very tiny lives) on earth are astonishingly short, and they fly away almost immediately. Life on earth is far too short to get much done.:( Happily, God has forever to work on our Souls, to teach them Love, and we have forever to learn.:):) So, no one need ever be in a hurry, and we need set no "deadlines" for ourselves.

Life is much too short to squander valuable timenergy in hatred or nonforgiveness. The very best use of each precious minute of time is in the cultivation of universal Love and universal forgiveness. The end of these earthlives will come sooner than we expect; and when they do end, we will be delighted by every minute that was "invested" in Love, joy, and peace. But we will live to regret, and feel the frightful agony of, any time that we have wasted or abused in anger, hatred, or dispute. For these are wasted moments, and time is the "gold" of the cosmos. Each minute of this life is like money, and we can "invest" it in creating a better world, or throw it away in supporting negativity. Each minute of this nanolife is much too precious to waste it in negativity.

So, let us, at every opportunity, dismiss, renounce, and turn away from hatred and anger from our hearts and minds, and fill our hearts instead with the golden light of the Love of God, Who is Love. (1 Jn. 4:8, 16)

Let us invest every second in denying hatred, bigotry, prejudice, violence, and other forms of ignorance and stupidity. Let us denounce evil and strive to become the embodiments of purest, unstained Love. We will always be glad that we made this life-changing decision.

Love Liberates Us!


You are starting to discover that Love, and its accompanying bliss, are selfsustaining states that do not require our active participation, but only our permission and cooperation (nonresistance). The interior Lovelight of Love (God) does not depend upon us, but upon greater Mind.

And it is the irresistible will of God/Goddess that all persons taste of the nectar of Love and absolute freedom (liberation; moksha). What a great pleasure the world becomes when viewed through the lens of Love!

We can really appreciate this unconditional cascade of Love especially when we have "wrestled" with Love, when other human beings have educated us by resisting Love. By resisting Love, some human beings, with their darkness (ignorance) have served as some of our most valuable "teachers."

This education can be painful, and darkness can seem very real during our growth; but it is all illusion, and Lovelight allows us to see this great and wonderful fact of life.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The "Solo Way" of Enlightenment


Your path of spiritual growth outside the boundaries of "organized" religion is totally understood. I have been called to an identical Way. Gnostic Christians in the first two centuries pointed to the interior Teacher, the Christspirit. One of their important criticisms of orthodoxy (and they had many complaints) was that the orthodox Church had tried to replace this interior Christ (the "knowing") with mere obedience to human teachers. If the orthodox Church had missed the point on this one, the Protestants, when they broke away in 1517, took this error into their administrations.

Thus, today, even very spiritual churches depend far too much upon human leaders, a human administration, and human teachings. The orthodox made another error still carried by Protestant churches today. They taught that "truth" was a "one size fits all" reality, and it is not; each discovers the level of "truth" (reality) for which her mind is prepared by the Holy Spirit of Love (Goddess).

This is why it is always necessary for the spiritual person, called to the individual Way of enlightenment, to "fly solo." The great mystic Dionysus, in the fifth century, called the Way "the flight of the alone to the Alone." This does not mean that mystics are, or act, alone; we do have each other, with deepest bonds of Love and friendship that we treasure; but it means that we generally act as our spiritual "ancestors" did-- outside the boundaries of "organized" religion.

Mystics have always felt that "organized" religion-- with its horrors and terrors, its stupidity and violence through the centuries-- was not a good idea. Religion was the worst idea in the history of the world; spirituality was the best!:)

So, we do not become disillusioned due to our freedom, but rejoice in it and celebrate it. There are so many "works" that we simply do not have to do when we know (with "gnosis") that we are "saved" (from ignorance and the lower nature) by grace-- not by "joining" the "right" religion!

For we are guided by the firm but gentle hands of the Lovegoddess, day and night, and She is tender, gentle, and universally forgiving in Her illimitable kindness.

So, congratulations on your own growing sense of spiritual independence and freedom. Ultimately, whether you choose to use a website or any other approach, or any other human teacher, you will be guided to the interior Master, and all true and genuine spiritual teachers will point you towards Her.:) So, never stop growing, dear friend, growing in "knowing" (the interior Goddess), wisdom, and, most importantly, Love.

For it is Love alone that grows like a flower of Light in the heart, and guides us into the Way of beauty.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the Thirteenth


You are probably already aware of this, but Friday the thirteenth is the sacred ("lucky") day of the Lovegoddesses in many traditions. (This is why it was condemned by the orthodox and frightened Church.) The name "Friday" comes from a Teutonic name for a Lovegoddess. And, in the latinic languages (Spanish, Italian, French, etc.), "Friday" is named after the Lovegoddess Venus. And thirteen is her number (it is also the "lucky" number of Sufism.) So, for those of us who know and love the Lovegoddess, it is a great day!:):) We celebrate it with you, dear friend.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008



It was an informative, fun, and educational gathering at the Pneumarium yesterday [June 8]! We all certainly enjoyed the discussions of life-path, life-calling, and related issues of life-design. It was a great and joyful synchronicity that we discussed these life-areas right when you were thinking of them! (We have discovered, in the past, that what is "supposed to come through" usually does!:)


The "Love of God"


The best Way to "embrace God's Love" is by loving others. It is only the heart that is open to loving that is open to receiving Love. Showing kindness, goodness, honesty, tenderness, gentleness, mercy, and forgiveness at every opportunity proves that we are "recipients" of God's Love. For no one receives It until she mirrors It.


Monday, June 09, 2008

We Are Color-blind!


The people of the Way, the people of Love, do not respond to the color of a person's skin. We are literally color-blind (and yes, the pun is intentional!) We have forever abandoned all the primitive and backwards racial bigotries of this spiritually arrested world.

We recognize no racial group as intrinsically superior. All people are created equal, and we are all truly Souls; and Souls have no color! So, we refuse to take sides in any racial conflict, or to support, by our words or actions, either side in any conflict.

For we love all people equally. And we know that there will, and there can, never be peace on earth until we all learn to accept all people as the equal "children of God." For we are all Love's children; we all came into the bioworld through Love.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Sigh Heard 'Round the World


On 060308, yesterday, the world's largest sigh of sheer relief was heard around the world. For after that historical day, it became a real possibility that we, as Americans, would and could replace the worst president in history! George w. bush, also known as "dubya," or, "the shrub," has been the most dishonest, corrupt, and incompetent of any public official in our history. He made it impossible for an aware person to respect the office of the president, for he proved that it could be bought with money, and then, prostituted to corporate management. In doing this, he ignored, and even reversed, hard-won laws determined to protect our planet, Mother Earth, and showed that he was willing to end the world as we know it for a fistful of dollars in his personal bank-account.
Now, it appears that it will at least be possible to replace this mindless, heartless greedmonger and warmonger with a simpler man. This man has perhaps not been "tested" yet by the Office, but, at present, is a relieving alternative to the crooks and criminals who have "bought" the U.S. political system for years. Perhaps, someday, the "people" will once again have a "voice."
For the common person-- the average, middle-class worker-- has been ignored if not abused for years, while corporations and the filthy rich have put the president in their "back pockets." Bush has been but the puppet of rich oil-men and other wealthy supporters. Thus, he has been useless-- and, worse, harmful-- as a legislator. From the start, he and his Republican Party have been studies in dishonesty, secret procedures, and operations for money. (As president, bush has stowed away millions.)
Dare we hope that a new president might speak, and work, for the common people-- for you and me? This is the high ideal of this country, although it has been stomped into the mud, and hidden under filth, for years. Is the sunlight of this pleasant vision starting to shine again?
Are we starting to wipe away the thick filth of greed?
We do hope so. Let us have at least the courage to dream again; for without its dream, a people is nothing.

Friendship and Selfesteem


What are the connections between friendship and selfesteem? They are many and important. It requires a certain minimum or modicum of selfesteem to maintain a lasting friendship. Even to form a healthy friendship requires at least some healthy selfesteem.

For if you believe, "I really do not deserve a friendship with this fine person, for I am unworthy," then, you begin a subconscious search for an "escape" from the friendship. You might, in borderline paranoia, examine emails for "hidden motives," or even for "attacks," where clearly, none is intended. You might, in an extension of illness, confuse mistakes with deliberate attacks against you.

Secretly, you might want to "attack before you are attacked." You are really seeking an "escape hatch" to permit you to exit the friendship before your "inadequacies" are discovered or revealed.

An astonishing number of even very "successful" people suffer from this absence of positive selfesteem. They often try to hide, or cover, it with professional success, but, deep down, the fires of selfloathing cannot be quenched. They sometimes try to remain "super-busy," so that they do not see this uncomfortable fact about themselves, but, again, deep down, they know the facts about their own selfrejection and selfcondemnation.

They are not "evil." They are not "inadequate" or "unworthy," but their internal programs that they are continue to run like a taped program that plays itself over and over again. They simply cannot "get comfortable" in a healthy relationship with a healthy person. In fact, they resent the mental, emotional, or spiritual health of those who are successful at interpersonal relationships (friendships). In time, subconsciously, they become "anti-friendship." They start to see friendship, a form of Love-- the human being's best friend-- as the "enemy." They begin to hate friendship (Love) because they are too dysfunctional to handle it.

Bonding in friendship with a selfloathing person is almost imppossible; and she herself guarantees that any bonds will never last very long. For she sabotages the friendship by continually expecting to be betrayed or abandoned. So, low selfesteem is made much worse by a terror of abandonment. (This often originates within the "interior child," the part of the mind that stopped growing at about age six.)

A person with healthy selfesteem will quickly forgive if her friend makes a mistake. But a person who is selfloathing will demand "perfection" from friends: No mistakes are allowed. (This is part of her pathology or illness.)

Human beings, because we are human beings, always make mistakes. The healthy person will not make a big deal about any mistake that her friends might make. She will not act in an alarmist fashion, as if a mistake means "the forever end of our friendship," or as if a mistake justifies an attitude of "war" with the former friend. The healthy person will kindly, warmly, and sincerely forgive any mistakes, and then, continue on with the friendship. For the mentally healthy, friendship is more important than mistakes; but for the mentally or emotionally ill, mistakes are more important, and powerful, than friendships. People of terrible selfesteem will hang on for dear life to any mistake, and will blow it up to immense proportions, never letting it "slide," and never forgetting, or forgiving.

For forgiveness is the response of a healthy mind; an unhealthy mind might well be too sick to practice forgiveness. Any mistake, in the unwell, unhealthy mind is the "end of the friendship," if not "of the world"! For inflating a mistake, and making it the center of the interaction with another, is a mark of mental illness.

Notes on the Love Ministries Federation


We know what you mean by all the negativity in the news. When that golem bush first grabbed power, we went on a "news fast" for months, as we knew that nothing good would or could come from him. Who would have dreamed that he would make the world far, far worse than we could have imagined?

By having killed over a million human beings in the Middle East, and having spent three trillion dollars to do it, he bankrupted our country, creating enormous debts to China, and covered the world with blood and violence.

Love Ministries felt repelled by all the pain and misery. That was when the idea of the Love Ministries Federation arose. For we are stronger in cooperation, when joining hands and forces, than when acting alone. So, we gathered together several small independent ministries, and explained how we were not interested in doctrines, denominations, and different religions. What our world needs to publicize, and put into activity, is Love. Many of our foreign sisters and brothers are more humble than most Westerners, and compliantly agreed. So, now we have a Federation that includes, in alphabetical order, Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Tanzania, Love Ministries of Uganda, and Love Ministries, USA.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clinton Curtis Blows Whistle On Electronic Vote Fraud

Thanks to Isaiah Toran.


Clinton Curtis, a computer programmer from Florida, swore under oath in court that the software company he was working for was hired to rig the elections [of the year twenty hundred].


Astropsychology, Jesus, and Spiritual Emags


Your questions are very important.

The Christian Scriptures do not say anything about astrology except for the birth of Jesus, when the magi or astrologer-priests knew about the birth of Jesus. They were guided by an angel, and obeyed the voice of the angel. If they had been "servants of satan," they would not have been protected and guided by an angel, and they would not have brought gifts too the newborn Jesus. So, they were friendly to God, and God was friendly towards them.

True, in the ancient laws of Israel, there were some laws against astrology. But those laws were in the same area of the Bible that talks about animal-sacrifices and a dozen other Jewish laws. Since we are liberated people, the people of Love, and not Jews, we are under no obligation to obey the ancient laws of Israel. As Paul said in Galatians, we have been "liberated from the Law."

Astrology does not teach that there is a certain star that represents a certain person. It teaches that, in our Souls, we have all a life-plan, and that we can learn much about ourselves through the study of astrology and psychology-- a study called "astropsychology." I have studied this for many years. There is nothing "evil" in it.

Agreed: Jesus had no religion. The Jews saw him as a dangerous enemy, and murdered him. He was not a religious Jew. He also was not a "Christian," since this word was not created until after his death.

We publish two magazines on the net:

The first is an infosheet, containing about one to five articles, of one to five paragraphs, about spiritual matters. It is called the "Universal Love Digest" (uld), and we will be happy to send it to you, free. It comes out about every two or three days.

Our second emagazine is about twenty pages long. It is called Lovelight magazine, and comes out once a month. Starting in June, we will add your name to our free subscription-list.

The Pneumarium Gatherings


You will be glad to learn that our gatherings (we do not call them "meetings," for this is a word commonly used by religions) usually contain only five to eight people. We are quite informal, and there are no "prepared sermons."

Everything is spontaneous and relaxed. In fact, although we usually gather in a room in the garage, this Sunday (tomorrow), we will probably be gathering in our small living-room.

We start at eleven am, and have a spontaneous Q&A session until twelve.
Then, we break for a one-hour lunch and break. At one, we begin the second session. By two pm, everything is all wrapped up, and over.

We want our friends to have most of their Sundays, and we do not want to be intrusive. Also, Sunday is often the only day that they can sleep late, so we begin late, at eleven am. So, if you come, you will still have your entire Sunday after two pm.:)

We hope to see you here.:) Fyi, our number is (513-)737-LOVE (5683).

The "Solution" to Life


The answer is Love expressed through service and friendship. (For those are the two most common forms of Lovexpression on our planet.)

But if Love is the answer, what is the question? A fascinating conundrum. The question must be something like this: "How should I spend the next few seconds of my time?" "Few seconds" is mentioned because life is better taken in "small bites," and you cannot solve the vast and massive "problem of life," but can solve only the problem (challenge) of how to use the next few seconds of your time. As the wise Lao Tzu writes, "Handle small problems, and you will never have great ones." So, if we can take care of the seconds, the hours, days, and years "take care of themselves."

Jesus recommended the taoistic pattern of life of the birds and the flowers. This is the avoidance of too much analysis. Perhaps even this note violates the intention of this life of utter simplicity.

So, perhaps I had better simply shut up! Many words can create clarity or confusion. Better to stop before entanglement occurs. Again, Lao Tzu writes, "Oversharpen a blade, and it will soon grow dull." He, like his disciple Chuang Tzu, advocates a limited usefulness. As long as every word and effort arise from a sense of true Love (compassion), we cannot go wrong.:):)


Genetics and Nutrition


In looking at the overview of the health of the physical body, there might be no simple answers. People who jump on the bandwagon of new "nutritional theories" often make absurd claims that a particular seed, fruit, or vitamin can cure just about anything or everything! And this is a very attractive idea! Although entire books might be written to defend the latest nutritional "fad," actual experience generally disproves that any single or simple substance can serve all people as a "cure-all." Even when "much evidence" is presented, it is not scientific, or does not necessarily apply to all people. Human biochemistry is so complex that virtually any substance might have a positive effect on one, or a few, persons. But this "healing effect" is not generalizable to the public or population in general. Nature, even in her wide, breath-taking abundance and variety, appears to have created no "cure-all."

Why? Because biological imperfection is an important part of the "test" or "exam" of this physical life. We are supposed to learn compassion from this biolife on earth, and limitation teaches compassion. She who has never suffered knows little compassion; she who suffers more can love more.

So, earth is a school. And our "textbooks" include illness and other limitations. And even though it is a great fantasy, the simple truth is that nutrition cannot cure all biological imperfections. For some illnesses and general imperfections are the result of the molecular structure of dna, the molecular "blue-print" for the physical body. This is "designer-dna," for it is designed before birth by the Soulmind (deep in the Unconscious).

The products of dna are called "genetic." Here, we will call them "karmogenetic," for genetics always expresses karma. And dna is a molecule of great complexity; it has nearly a billion smaller molecular sub-units within the molecule.

We are just beginning to understand which sub-molecules influence which characteristics, which can create certain imperfections, disorders, or dysfunctions. To discover these molecular causes was the purpose of the famous "genome project."

If a condition is genetic, it cannot and will not be reversed completely by nutrition; for the problem is structural, not nutritional. And even if the dna could be changed by visualization, as some believe, one would have to know the detailed construction of this very vast molecule in order to change the appropriate sub-molecule.

Visualization can be a powerful healing-technique, but it cannot reverse all conditions; neither can "positive thinking." For simply denying a condition, as the Christian Scientists do, does not make that condition miraculously disappear! (If it were that simple, everyone would have perfect health, all the time!)

It is important to love your body. This is a form, and aspect, of selflove. You want to feed it with food that is natural, good, and of high quality. But if your Soul has chosen a condition for your body, and it has been expressed "karmogenetically," then your lesson on earth is to learn to live with that state, and to adapt to it. Your challenge might not be to force the condition to change, or to heal it. Your challenge might be to learn to adapt to it, to live with it, even to draw compassion from your suffering.

Historically, this is why some of the most beautiful, enlightened, and powerful Souls have suffered from biological limitations. These wise sages and mysticsaints did not simply lack the "good sense" or the "faith" to be able to heal themselves. Some conditions simply do not respond to mental changes, while others do.

We do have some biological control over our bodies, but it is limited; it operates only within certain parameters. Beyond them, we cannot go.

Why? Because, as in all other facets of our lives, we are here to learn faith or trust. We are here to learn to trust the cosmic Mind of Love.
Only those who do not trust It will try to grasp control of the world and give it to the ego. And this is spiritual illness-- much more serious and long-lasting than any physical illness.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Knowing Another Person, Friendship, and Email


I must sadly agree with you that no one can ever know the depths of another person. Parents of teens often discover this unhappy fact, asking, "What planet is she from?"

And, clearly, it is possible to know another only in a limited way via a relatively "crude" mechanism such as email. We might come to know an honest person sixty to eighty percent through regular emails, and emails tend to be sporadic rather than regular.:)

That's not so bad, really, when you consider that, with face-to-face, regular, interpersonal interactions with a person, you might come to know her only sixty to seventy percent, especially if she is an "enclosed" type.:)

So, email is an adequate tool after all. Of course, you cannot know the secret heart of the heart of a person unless she chooses to reveal it in words, with email. And even if she makes this choice, and tries, misunderstanding is still possible. For words are not perfect tools, especially for the expression of deeper realizations and sentiments, as is proved by Love-poetry, which seeks to express the deepest, but often fails, but still expresses feelings of great beauty.

As in most cases of friendship, however true, there might remain that unknown twenty to forty percent. Maybe it will never be revealed.

Happily, even the very best friendship does not depend upon one hundred percent knowing of the other friend!:) All that is necessary for two people to become, and to remain, friends, is for the both of them to express the desire to form, and then to maintain, that friendship. (Maintenance includes fairly regular emails and/or calls. It can also include cards, ecards, visits, and even small gifts when appropriate.)

The most valuable purpose of emails is that it can bring together two heartminds, who can explore what they share, or would like to share, in common. This is why email enriches our lives with so much fun! (It can be even a Lovexpression.)

So, there are things about you that I do not know, and things about me that you do not know. But that is not a regrettable thing; it can be the motive that keeps a friend interesting.:):)

Worship and the Pneumarium


When we do incarnate, we bring with us, deep in our minds, "contracts" that bind us specifically to other souls. This is all so that we can perfect our Love for ourselves and for them. A common caution is never to hate anyone, for that hatred can be a strong karmic force; so, next time around, you might be married to that person!

Happily, however, Love can also be an even stronger karmic bond, and will without fail bring you to the side of your Soulmate in a bright loving contract.:)

Jesus' recommendation re our Way of life was to keep it super-simple (the "K.I.S.S." principle). He held up to us as examples three ideals of living creatures who do not try to force life into human-created designs.

He used as parabolic examples the birds, flowers, and nursing infants. (See the latest uld.) What all three have in common is that they do not try to control; they do not force life into patterns that have goals. Instead, they live each minute-- only now-- going with the Flow. They do not irritate themselves by constantly asking what their "purpose" is. Perhaps it is a part of your life-purpose to stop asking this question.

Perhaps a closer study of the Way known as Taoism can help you here.
(Love Ministries has its own rendition of the little great classic of Taoism called Tao Te Cjhing. If you want a copy, just remind me!:)

God is best known, and served, by acts of Love. Love is the only true worship. Worship is not singing hymns, lighting candles, public prayer, going to church, or Bible-study. For none of these activities is, in itself, spiritual. You do much more worship in aiding an older person, a child, a challenged person, or a little animal than in giving a hundred long, drawn-out sermons. It is better to help and aid one creature than to spend a thousand hours doing "church-work."

Still, it is human nature to forget the truly important things, and to get lost in the trivia. This is why we have the Pneumarium gatherings.

Investing in spiritual education, and in spiritual stimulation, is also one of the fine, good, and worshipful uses of time.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Live Like the Birds and Flowers


In one of the most famous sermons in the history of spirituality, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus becomes very Taoistic. He commands his followers not to worry, fret, fear, or analyze too much. Even too much planning can harm one's spirituality; it can do violence to one's faith.

In another text, Jesus uttered the famous words, "Lest ye be as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom." But the word in the original ancient Greek that is rendered "little children" does not mean four-year-old toddlers. The original word used here meant "nursing infants." So, he was implying that we should completely relax and go with the Flow of our heavenly (interior) Parents-- God, our FatherMother.

In both recommendations, Jesus was suggesting the startling reality that we try to let go of control-- in the common vernacular, "Let go and let God."

In our everyday lives, we often, and almost always, try to control too much. We try to control other adults, or to influence them. We try to control events and outcomes. We try to control our everythought, through stricter and stricter laws. We are always strangled by this (usually) futile drive to control. If we let go of rigid controls, we feel as if we are in "free fall," and are about to crash!

But Jesus recommends trust in the Mind that rules the universe. We will not "crash," he implies, but will fulfill the "will of God." If we let go of agitated and strict control, we will perform, spontaneously, the desires of Love (the "will of God.")

We simply cannot live exactly as do birds and flowers. This literalism is an extreme that would lead us to absurdity. But we can learn from all three examples-- birds, flowers, and nursing infants. What valuable principle can we learn?

Perhaps the essence of Taoism is this one attitude-- letting go of all control, including controlling words and behaviors, and instead, relaxing effortlessly into the great Mind ("Tao") that already regulates the entire cosmos, including all details. Instead of the complex art of control, we must learn the simpler art-- still challenging-- of trust.

It, this Mind, ran the cosmos just fine before we came along; it can and does operate just fine without our personal input.

Still, we want to imitate Jesus and the other mysticsaints and masterteachers: We want to allow Love to act and speak through us whenever and however possible. For the great Souls of our planet have not lived exactly like birds or flowers; but neither have they tried to grasp control of every situation. Instead, through meditative detachment, they worked to create a creative, productive balance in their lives.

We must not expect too much of ourselves. The human psyche probably cannot move into a control-fre state overnight; usually, it has gradually, incrementally, to grow into it, for this is an entirely new way of being, and of relating. And when we first let go of control, our first response is likely to be fear, for that is the human reaction. As we allow our spiritual nature to "take over," we outgrow the counterproductive response of fear, and come to love the Mind that moves within and through us as Love Itself.