Friday, December 24, 2004

The "Urantia Book"

The Urantia Book is a huge book of 2015 rather large pages, written in a "style" that is almost unreadable. Ostensibly, it is supposed to have something to do with "spirituality." But, in reality, it is a book largely devoid of true spirituality. Original ideas of any kind are mostly absent. A cult has predictably formed around it as the "new Bible," or "new revelation of God for the new age." It is mostly dull rehashings of history and religion, with a touch of Medieval angelology and demonology thrown in for color. The whole massive tome could probably be written more comprehensibly and comprehensively in two hundred pages, but there's no book like a big book! More "impressive," don't you know?

It is mostly very boring. It shares nothing really new, although it does become radically speculative in parts. Its writers, who might have been embarrassed at its claims of extraterrestriality, but who more likely, saw this as a plus, are unknown. True believers swallow the idea that it has some kind of supernatural or extraterrestrial origin. I do not believe that either spooks or aliens had anything to do with its production. In fact, such a work could easily have been written by one man during a lifetime. Its loyal "followers" prefer a "golly gee whiz' aint it wonderful" approach that I fine naive and sometimes even gullible.

It shares analogs with the "Course in Miracles" book. Btw, a cult has also formed around this. Neither book is exactly worthless, but neither deserves the approbation, not to mention adoration, of sophomoric followers who elevate them to the position of divine status. If you are curious, I would recommend that you get a copy and read, at least, parts of it, for yourself. Followers used to distribute the book for a very nominal cost, and often bring it to regular Urantia conventions. Some of the cultists even bring the book to new-age fairs and festivals.

Worth reading? No, not the whole thing-- which would take days. The book never says clearly in ten words what it can say obscurely in a hundred! In that way, it is precisely like other "channeled" works. Any further questions, please ask!

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