Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some Notes on Vegetarianism

After centuries of experiential observation and personal experimentation with a vegetarian diet, there are still a plethora of ignorant ideas about the subject. So, you are wise not to take advice from the average person, who is often hopelessly uneducated, and who also has a bias and prejudice against vegetarianism. Instead, ask the experts, the nutritionists.

The most common but ignorant "fact" is that the human body "needs" meat. But studies have shown, over and over, that vegetarians live longer than carnivores (meat-eaters). Vegetarians also have more energy in their everyday lives. They are also less subject to depression.

Meat-eaters often suffer from depression or even panic-attacks because these are injected into the meat. The last experience of an animal, just before she is agonizingly, mercilessly murdered, is extreme panic or serious depression. The molecules that cause these feelings are impressed into the meat; when you eat it, you also get depressed, or even panic.

Many studies have shown beyond any doubt that vegetarians are faster, smarter, stronger, healthier, and happier than meat-eaters. Why? This question brings us to the second ignorant but "common" assumption: The human body is that of a natural meat-eater.

Wrong! The human body was never designed to eat meat. In the allegory of Genesis, human beings were given "all green herbs" for food, and were never given permission by God to eat their little "brothers and sisters," the animals. This is a major reason, in fact, why we do not have peace with many animal-species.

The human body is comparable to that of other bioforms that are vegetarian. The strongest creatures on our planet are vegetarians, including the great gorillas, elephants, and other very advanced species.

Let's start at the beginning: The chemistry and acidity of our saliva is that of vegetarians. (That of carnivores is much more acidic.) The general structure of our teeth is exactly like that of other vegetarians. (Even the canines can be used to tear apart vegetable-matter, and are by no means "proof" that we have the teeth of carnivores; for every one of their teeth is pointed.)

Next, the stomach-acid of the human system is just like that of many herbivores (plant-eaters) in nature. It is designed to break apart (metabolize) vegetable substances, and is not efficient at assimilation of dead animals. Also, the length of the large intestine is similar to that of other herbivores.

Meat does not digest well. Meat might be actually two or three days old, or even older, lying in the stomach. This is rotten meat; if you saw or smelled it, you would likely vomit. It is quite sickening.

Everything in human physiology and anatomy points to the inescapable conclusion that we are constructed, biologically, as herbivores, not carnivores.

While meat-eating is not the only cause of cancer and obesity, with accompanying heart-disease, the eating of the unhealthy fats found in dead animals does contribute to these and an entire wide spectrum of allergies and assorted diseases. It is reasonable that, if we eat what nature has not designed or prepared us to digest, we will create diseases in the system. Heart-disease and cancer have reached nightmarish proportions in our country, where most people eat meat; and yet, we almost never make this most obvious connection.

Why? Because we are too stupid, ignorant, or lazy to connect the dots. And we are far too lazy to exercise the mild discipline necessary to alter our diets. "It was good enough for good ol' dad (or, mom)," we say, even if they died of heart-disease, cancer, or obesity-related diseases. It was not good enough for them. And it is not good enough for us.

Is it difficult to become a vegetarian? No, it is very simple. Getting enough protein is necessary, of course. A vegetarian will get as diseased as anyone else if she eats only "junkfood." But revised and modern nutritional studies have proved that we need only 45 grams of protein a day. That is not a lot. You can easily buy protein powder (to be mixed with milk or fruit-juice), and it has 22 grams of protein per tablespoon. So, two glasses takes care of your protein needs every day- - without the ghastly effects of animal-fats, which are toxic.

We all have a lower nature, often called the "animal nature," and a higher nature, the "spiritual nature." People have believed, for thousands of years, that consuming meat makes our animal-natures (greed, anger, frustration, depression) stronger. This "animal" self is weakened by a vegetarian diet, and the spiritual nature (happiness, joy, Love, compassion, sharing, peace with nature) is thus made stronger.

Also, it is a matter of compassion and Love to eat only plants. It shows respect for intelligent and family-oriented creatures such as cows. To make meat, they are electrocuted by shoving an electrical hot wire up their rectums, and fried in the most agonizing and tortuous way imaginable. Yet these are creatures who can feel very deeply, especially when they see their young slaughtered, or their mothers, brothers, and friends and relatives.

Of course, they do not have cognition equivalent to the human mind, but this does not give us the right to treat them as if they were inanimate blocks of wood, without feelings. (They have highly developed brains and nervous-systems.)

But here is the grabber: A full ninety percent of all grain grown in this country goes to feeding pigs and cows, so that we can have our burgers and bacon. If that grain went to human children, starvation could disappear overnight! As it is, today, thirty thousand children will drop dead from starvation. This is directly because Americans demand their burgers and bacon.

So, vegetarianism is not only much, much healthier and more natural than eating dead and putrified animals. It is also the path of compassion, for people who really care about people.

If you want to experiment with vegetarianism, be careful to include protein-sources in your diet. Besides the protein-powder, which is flavored chocolate, peanut-butter, or vanilla, among many other delicious flavors, you can get natural protein from nuts (in moderation), egg-whites, milk, and cheese. These ingredients can be fixed a hundred ways, in scrumptuous recipes. Also, be sure to try to get some exercise (three times a week, thirty minutes each period). For this is living as nature intended. If you decide to remain a carnivore, you are taking unnecessary chances with the health of your body, and with your life. Of course, diseases and disorders come from many sources, not just eating dead animals. But, if you love your body, you naturally want to give it your best, support it in health, and not clog it up, fill it, with toxins and poisons. Modern meats are often processed with two to three thousand chemicals, none of which the body is prepared to assimilate. Like meat and its natural products, these are often quite toxic.

If you would like more information, please write, and let's talk about it! My address is: rmfrancis@juno.com

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Attacking Again, This Time with Nukes

Write the President Today- Don't Attack Iran

Recent media reports have suggested that the Pentagon is preparing plans to use nuclear weapons to attack nuclear sites in Iran. This would be part of a wider attack that may see airstrikes on as many as 400 targets in Iran. It is urgent that we take action to stop this illegal and devastating nuclear attack now. President bush and President Ahmedinejad of Iran have both chosen a course of threats and abuse. We need to make sure that our president hears a solid voice of reason against war, one that PSR members can provide.

The European Union has been working to try to resolve the crisis since 2002. In that year, Iranian opposition groups revealed that Iran had a clandestine nuclear program, likely aimed at building nuclear weapons, and all in breach of their obligations as a non-nuclear state under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Since then, the EU has kept up a sustained diplomatic effort to seek a negotiated solution with Iran. The bush administration has consistently undermined that diplomatic process, seemingly spoiling for a fight.

Any attack on Iran would cause chaos in the region, build support for Al-Qaeda, and be a tremendous setback for supporters of nuclear disarmament. A nuclear attack would be an international crime, killing and irradiating millions of people. Diplomacy and international cooperation, not war, should be the route out of this situation. Please follow the link to the PSR website and tell the president, "Don't attack Iran."

Sign PSR's Health Professionals Letter on Iran.

Read PSR's factsheet on the Medical Consequences of a Nuclear Attack.

The Impeachment Movement


There is a growing slate of progressive candidates all over the country now taking the strong stand that the people demand, calling for the immediate impeachment of bush and cheney before they can do any more harm to our national security and our economy. For example, in California, there are at least three progressive candidates in Los Angeles alone speaking out for impeachment now. Consider these words of Bob McCloskey, running for the U.S. Congress from the 29th district of California:

A President cannot commit a more serious crime against our democracy than lying to Congress and the American people to get them to support a military action or war. It is not just cowardly and abhorrent to fool others into giving their lives for a nonexistent threat; it is that the decision to go to war, in a democracy, must be made by the people and their representatives. Given that the consequence is death for tens of thousands of people and the diversion of billions of dollars to the war effort, the fraud cannot be tolerated. The President should be impeached for committing fraud.

On December 17, 2005, president bush admitted he repeatedly authorized wire taps without obtaining a warrant. Thousands of calls were monitored and the information obtained widely circulated among Federal agencies. These warrantless wiretaps violate FISA, which requires court approval for national security wire taps. Violation of the FISA is a felony. Recent revelations regarding the warrantless monitoring of millions of emails and phone calls by the NSA under authorization from the president are further violations of FISA and the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. The president should be impeached for committing these felonies.

In addition, it is imperative that a full investigation be undertaken regarding president bush's role in the systematic torture and abuse of detainees. Violating his oath of office, the Geneva Convention, and the War Crimes Act constitute impeachable offenses.

Upon taking office, the President took an oath in which he swore to take care that the laws would be faithfully executed. He has been guilty of such gross incompetence or reckless indifference to his obligation to execute the laws faithfully as to call into question whether he takes his oath seriously or is capable of doing so. Our nation has no choice but to impeach the president.

This alert is brought to you by the activism of Bob McCloskey, candidate for U.S House from the 29th Congressional District of California. Fighting for the rights of all Americans is why Bob is running for Congress, and he's not waiting until the election to start fighting for Louisiana and the rest of America.

When we talk about taking back Congress, that is what we will have to do-- TAKE IT. Nobody is going to give us anything we won't give to ourselves. And when we donate to a candidate like Bob McCloskey who is showing just the kind of leadership we need, we can make an example of him, and show other candidates that if they show real backbone they will get the support of the people too.

If each of us will just contribute what we can, to the most worthy candidates we can find, it will make a real difference in the kind of Congress we will all have to deal with in 2007. Most importantly, strong showings NOW by candidates who DO have a backbone, and WILL stand up and fight, can send a powerful message to the rest that they better start shaping up or we will ship them out too. Make your donation today and it will have cascading positive effects in many other races for months to come.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

Disrobe the Right: Block Bush's Radical Judges

If you thought Alito's views were extreme, wait until you see who Bush has nominated for lifetime appointments to our other high courts.

Disrobe the Right: Block Bush's Radical Judges
Conservative groups are bent on continuing to swing the federal judiciary rightward, and are pushing for the lifetime confirmation of four more bad judges. President Bush is trying to revive his sagging poll numbers by throwing red meat to his conservative base -- and if these judges are
confirmed, we'll all be paying the price for decades to come.

Tell your Senators to reject these unqualified and unacceptably partisan nominations.

These nominees include:

Brett Kavanaugh, whose principal legal accomplishment was helping Kenneth Starr persecute Bill Clinton. Mr. Kavanuagh has never tried a case to verdict or judgment.

William Myers, who is opposed by a coalition of more than 180 organizations, and whose previous nomination was so controversial it was eventually stopped by a filibuster.

William J. Haynes, who served as the Department of Defense's principal defender of denying Geneva Convention protections to prisoners of the "war on terror," and indefinitely detaining U.S. citizens without the ability to challenge their detention.

Terrence Boyle, who has repeatedly ignored established law to dismiss discrimination claims, and has a record of hostility toward individual rights claims by African Americans and persons with disabilities.

These four justices need to be stopped -- click here to tell your senators.

Regrettably, President Bush passed over numerous better-qualified judges known to be in the mainstream of conservative legal thinking. Instead, he seems to have chosen these particular four on the basis of their partisanship or adherence to the most radical tenets of conservative philosophy.

Let your Senators know -- Bush has packed the courts enough already, and we don't need more radicals in robes on our nation's courts. Then, please forward this email to everyone you know -- friends, colleagues, email lists, bloggers, other activists, and even disenchanted conservatives!

Broad grassroots opposition will make a huge difference in stopping these horrible nominations -- and taking a few seconds to forward this message to some friends is the key to developing that

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Universal Salvation

Re the references in Matthew 25:31-46: This is the setting up of the moral and ethical code that underlies the truly Christian life. The Christian is forbidden to look down on others, for each contains the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. In the text, Jesus does not say, "it is as if you have done it to Me," but instead, "you have done it to Me."

Thus, what we do to others, we actually do to this sacred Spirit (the Christ). The Spirit of Love indwells every creature, and so, each and every one is to be loved. But what is the very minimal, the very least, Love that you can give to a stranger? Obviously, you cannot go around hugging strangers, or giving them your pay-check. Christianity does not demand this unreasonable activity.

The very least Love that you can, and must, give to every stranger is to wish her no harm, and, positively, to wish for her a life of Love, friendship, spiritual Light-- in a word, true success. You can give this kind of Love to the most despicable and evil-- even to those whom you do not like.

Jesus talks about a separation between symbolic "sheep" (those who are kindly and gently responsive to Love) and "goats" (those who are stubbornly resistant to the message). He says that the sheep will find a place of honor in the "kingdom of God," but the "goats" will find a state or condition of "lopping-off," to use the Greek phrase.

This being cut off from God does not occur due to the will or action of God (Love). It occurs due to the response of the person, rejecting God's Presence in her life through free will.

This text contains a common mistranslation: For, in English, it speaks of an "everlasting" cutting-off. But in the Greek, the adjective used here was aionian, which does not mean "everlasting," but, "lasting for an age." So, the karmic condition of feeling separate from Love, without Love in their lives, is the truest state of "hell." It would last for a very long time (an "age"), but would not, and could not, last forever.

For, in time, God (Love) will teach everyone, and guide everyone into perfect enlightenment, due to God's grace.

Death Threats Don't Justify Asylum?

From Full Court Press

Death Threats Don't Justify Asylum?

On May 5, 2006, the Eleventh Circuit issued a split, 2-1 decision denying asylum to a Colombian woman who, because of her political work, had been on the receiving end of menacing phone calls, a death threat note and gunfire. Previously filibustered, formerly recess-appointed, highly controversial Bush II pick Bill Pryor authored the majority opinion over a stinging dissent by Bush I appointee Ed Carnes.

Despite the growing evidence that immigration courts have been falling down on the job, the Eleventh Circuit has never - yes, never - reversed an immigration court's refusal to grant political asylum. In Luz Marina Silva's case, Judge Carnes felt the time had come. Unfortunately for Ms. Silva, Judges Pryor and Frank Hull (a Clinton appointee who regularly joins the court's most conservative wing) thought otherwise.

Find out more

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


You are right: Everything begins with a heart unclouded by fear. When you do not forgive, you allow the "enemy," through fear, to control your thoughts and feelings. Why allow him/her to control your most intimate thoughts? You thus "reward" her/him for bad behavior. Why let an ignorant person control the deepest part of your mind?

Forgiveness is not done as a kindness to the one who hurt you, although it is also that. His/Her karma will take care of her/him. It is an act of healing forgiveness that you do for yourself. You do not forgive out of Love for the other, even though it has that longterm effect. You forgive out of SELFlove, to prevent the selfcreated hells of nonforgiveness. For if you do not forgive, the offender is not at all affected; it is YOU who suffer the restlessness, anxiety, depression, and other effects of nonforgiveness.

You can forgive, but you cannot will yourself to forget. So, don't even bother to go down that road. You can remember the situation with vivid clarity; but if you can look at it without its raising an emotive response, then you have forgiven.

This occurs incrementally. When the wound is fresh, your emotive response might be a full one hundred (on a one hundred scale) percent. But, two weeks later, you might react only 97%, and the week after, perhaps 93%. You want to move as close as possible to a zero emotional response. That is forgiveness, but does not include forgetting. Forgetting is another process, and it is quite beyond the range of your
conscious control. The very best that you can do is to let go. This will fill your life with increased joy and peace, and will release you from the agony of nonforgiveness.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Call in Teleparty at High Spirits

Come have fun with us! Please mark tonight on your planner. This is a personal invitation to a party! It is tonight!

This is a "teletalkparty"-- over the telephone. So, you don't even have to get dressed up, or go anywhere.:)

Tonight, I will be hosting this "party" on the radio, between eight and nine pm (Eastern Standard Time). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RECEIVE THE STATION over radio to call. All that you need to do, to have some special fun on this Saturday evening, is to give me a call. I need your calls! You can also help other people by making this call.

Don't worry; you will be on the air for only a few seconds, and I will "take over" after that. So, please call (513-) 749-1530 or, tollfree, 877-345-3779, after 8 pm. If you have already called, please call again!

The radioprogram tends to be rather athematic. We generally have a subject or two about which we want to talk between calls, but you never need fear that a call will not support the show-theme because there is none, on most occasions.

You can ask about the "new age," fundamentalism, religion, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology, God, nature, cults, or anything related to any of these.

Also, most of our longdistance callers do not receive the show via radio or via audiostreaming, but we encourage calls anyway. The calls are the rainbow-colors that decorate and enliven the show. Responding to them is what personal spiritual service is all about.:)

Calling is easy, quick, fun, and free! You will be glad that you called.

Improving the World, with your Help.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

VP No Genius

From the home office in blue-state New York, here's Vice President Dick Cheney's top 10 excuses for shooting fellow hunter Harry Whittington:

10. Sick and tired of Whittington's "Hey, I'm having a heart attack" jokes
9. Pushed over edge by Dixie Chicks and Streisand blasting on pick-up truck stereo
8. Ongoing dispute over whether it's acceptable to torture quail before shooting them
7. Thought he saw Michael Moore on other side of tree line
6. Bombed out of his gourd on Wild Turkey and Lone Star Beer
5. Companion's ill-advised decision to wear Moveon.org sweatshirt
4. Was trying to impress Jodie Foster
3. Whittington's repeated ribbing that Bush is actually the "real president"
2. Targeting scope on rifle made by Halliburton

And the number one excuse given by Dick Cheney for almost blowing away hunting companion Harry Whittington...

1. Because he's a wartime Vice-President, damn it.
(Thanks to Ty Scharrer.)

Medical Malpractice Legislation - People Over Profits

Please read the below email from medical malpractice victim Heather Lewinski.

As the Senate prepares for debate on legislation that will restrict the rights of people like Heather, we need to make sure her voice is heard. Please read, post to blogs, and forward to as many people as possible.

My name is Heather Lewinski. I am a 20-year-old college student from Pittsburgh, PA. I recently saw President Bush on television saying that Congress should pass a law saying that people who are injured by medical l mistakes should never receive more than $250,000 for their pain and suffering. Unfortunately, I know from personal experience a patient's pain and suffering can be way more than $250,000. When I was 8 years old, a doctor performed a surgery on my face that I later learned was unnecessary. He told my parents that he had completed this surgery successfully on many other patients with my condition and that he would be able to take care of my problem with two easy surgeries with no visible scars.

To our horror, my parents and I later found out that he had never done the surgery before and that no doctor in the whole United States had ever recommended it.

The first time I took the bandages off my face and looked in the mirror I just cried. He tried to do another surgery to fix it, but that only made things worse. The corner of my mouth was all pulled down. I looked like I had a stroke.

Since then, I have been forced to undergo 14 major surgeries on my face to try to correct what he did. I live with horrible scars all over my face. I have had so much pain over the past ten years, I can't even begin to tell you about all of it.

After each surgery my mouth would be wired shut. My face would be swollen; my entire head would be wrapped in bandages. Sometimes the pain was so bad it would feel like my whole face was going to explode. It was like someone had a hammer and kept hitting me and hitting me.

Even though I was a good student, I missed so much school from all of the surgeries that they had to label me as “special ed.” I hated that label! By far the worst part about everything that has happened to me is the way my face looks and how people treat me. I wish people could see the inside of me and know the kind of person I really am, but all they see is those scars on my face, and they stare and glare at me. Every time I walk in the halls, into class or in the cafeteria, people are staring and I hate it! The kids in school have constantly teased me and called me names like “Two Face,” the character from the Batman movie. I hated to eat in the cafeteria because I could not close my mouth, and I would drool profusely. Because of the way the corner of my mouth looked, the kids would walk around school and pull down their lip and mock me. I really like people, but I have only one close friend, my girlfriend Angela who I grew up with. It is so hard for me to meet new people and make friends because they just stare. I quit riding the bus from school a long time ago because it was torture. My mom has to take me to school and pick me up.

I remember one time sitting in the cafeteria a few years ago, and a boy came up to me and asked me if I was doing anything on Friday. I was so excited that I almost fell over, but then he went back to his table with his other friends, and they all started laughing and pointing at me, and I then realized it was just a big joke. I heard him say something like “Why would I go out with an ugly two-face loser?”

The only activity that I really am involved in is training and showing dogs. I have been real lucky and have been able to win several awards competing against adults at these shows. I think one of the reasons that I like dog training so much is that animals can't stare or laugh at you.

I am in college and I have never had a boy ask me on a date. I will be 21 in a few months, and I have never kissed a boy. My biggest wish is that someday I will find a boy who will look and see me for what is on the inside my heart and in my mind and not my appearance. I would love to get married and have a family some day, but if I am honest with myself, I do not know if that will ever happen.

I heard that Congress is trying to pass a bill that would limit the pain of all injured people to $250,000. If you think each person should be treated as an individual, tell Congress by going to People Over Profits.

Please forward my story to others. I know that nothing can be done to change what happened to me, but I hope that if we keep the laws strong maybe people will be more careful in the future and no other little girl will have to go through what I have.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

High Spirits CDs

Dear Friends of the Heart,

After last night's broadcast, we now have a collection of eight episodes of the radioprogram "High Spirits." Since it is a call-in program, most are athematic, having no particular subject or theme-topic. We are offering the entire set, with individual jewel-cases, on a Love-donation basis. (Please pay whatever you can, to cover postage, special packaging, and the cost of cd's and cases.)
The set is uplifting entertainment as well as spiritual education, and would make a wonderful, meaningful, thoughtful, and life-changing gift.

Peace, Love, and Joy,

The Love Education Team at Love Ministries

Pneumarium Party/Picnic in the Park

We love, at least once a year, to immerse ourselves in nature. We can do this and improve our spiritual awareness at the same time, thus "resurrecting two birds with one crystal.":)

Our special springtime Party/Picnic in the Park will be this Sunday, May 14, from eleven am til two pm. We will meet in the Rentschler Pine Forest, at the "Cummins Shelter," at a little after eleven. We will meet some of you at the Pneumarium, about five minutes away, at eleven am, and go immediately to the Park from there.

This spring picnic promises to be a lot of fun, as have been the previous ones in this lovely tradition. We look forward to "seeing" you at our party. As usual, you can bring something healthy and edible-- but no dead animals, please.

We shall have more fun than is elephantly or dolphinly possible! Hope to "see" you there! If you need more info, please call us at (513-)737-LOVE (5683) any time.

The Love Education Team at Love Ministries

Grand Megasale

We here at the uld, Lovelight magazine, "High Spirits," and Love Ministries, Inc., are delighted and excited to announce that the date has been selected for our next grand megasale at the Turtle Creek Flea Market.

Our supersale is slated for Saturday, May 20, 2006, from 9 am til 5 pm.

So, we encourage you, dear friends, to give. Give to others, who can make practical use of products that, for you, have no use. Support the earth through recycling, instead of throwing out old items; though they are useless to you, they might be of some value or use to others. Also, spring cleaning is an opportunity to simplify your life, ridding yourself of useless excess: Live simply that others may simply live.

The "old and useless junk" that you find in your basements, garages, attics, and storage sheds can be of real value to those who might need these things. We will not be collecting furniture, beds, dressers, or other large items. But we will be selling small tables, bookshelves, and other small furniture. And we are most interested in, and actively collecting: books, cd's, small electronics, collectibles, some toys, nick-nacks, and any other small miscellaneous items that are in fairly good shape. (If something needs complete reconstruction, we will not be selling it.:) Jewelry-- and most women have more than they can ever use-- is also an item that is convenient to handle, and which tends to sell well. Also, we will be accepting women's handbags an women's shoes.

But no other clothing, please; even among the very poor, in our country, it seems as if everyone has a couple of leaf-bags full of clothes.

But if you do have any relatively small items in fairly good shape, simple bric-a-brac that is just getting in your way, or taking up space, please let us know, and we will pick it up and take it off your hands.

Give to the poor, recycle, and simplify!

Just let us know by May 18, at rmfrancis@juno.com :)

Thanks to you all, for improving our planet.:) Any funds collected will be used ONLY for nonreligious spiritual education.

Love, and Blessings pouring down upon You,

The Love Education Team of Love Ministries, Inc.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Grace and Universal Salvation

The meaning of "grace" is a very crucial and indispensable teaching to Christians, and especially to mystics. "Grace" is, in essence, the teaching that nothing that we do can result in our "salvation." (For "salvation," some traditions use "enlightenment" or "liberation.")

But if salvation is not due to anything that we do, from where does it arise? Salvation comes from only God's Love, and from no other source. We are not saved because we are more "righteous" than others, because we are better, because we know or understand more than they. Only one factor is relevant to salvation. We are saved only because God wills it, in Love.

The opposite to the teaching of beloved grace is the "doctrine of works." This teaches that we are saved by what we do, often by what we choose to believe. This means that human beings save themselves. They are saved, not because of what God does, but because of what they do. These people are teaching an antibiblical, antimystical view.

If we are saved only because of God's Love-- and we are-- then, what if God's Love is great enough to forgive every sin ever committed? It is. And what if God loves all equally? He does. So, what, exactly, is the logical result of grace? It is this spectacular truth: Grace leads to the final "someday" sallvation of every creature and being who has ever lived!

This is called "universal salvation," and Christians do not like it, for it takes away their sense of specialness or superiority. But grace, combined with the illimitable and infinite Love of God, clearly implies this. Even Christians who believe in grace usually reject universal salvation; but to do so, they have to put limitations upon God. And whenever a person says, "God cannot..." unless she is discussing evil, she is already on the wrong track. For God is omnipotent; and even though Christians do not like the idea of universal salvation, if God has determined that this will be the fair and just outcome of the cosmos, in the end, their ideas seem feeble when compared with immeasurable and endless Love.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Loving the One by Loving Others

To allow concepts to "incubate" in the Unconscious rather than responding impulsively or impetuously to them is a good and workable idea.

The "world of illusion" is also "real," but it is real in only a secondary or relative way. A mystic who is hit by a bus will likely die; that bus was real even though it was not absolutely real. This is no cop-out or evasion, but a real distinction necessary to understand the ideas behind mysticism.

It is not the state of the dream that affects your emotion if you dream that a beloved friend slits your throat, or a Love-partner betrays you. We can indeed be emotionally affected by the characters in a dream. These apparent dream-characters do indeed affect the emotional states of the dreamer. In fact, often nothing in the dream but the characters affect your emotions. Whether your dream is about Santa Claus, your Aunt Clara, or your next-door neighbor, you are affected by their responses
and behaviors.

The dreamlike nature of the world is one foundation for the mystic's practice of "forgiveness." It is much easier to forgive an injury or insult that has no reality, but is recognized as a kind of dream. In time, the mystic holds nothing against anyone; she is free.

Because we do wake up, we can find total detachment from everything within the dream. That is why enlightenment has also been called "awakening." Nothing in a dream can control our behaviors or reactions. The mystic cultivates an altered state called "detachment," which, blended with Love, creates a positive psychological balance.

To be "detached" from all situations, events, and objects is to know a breath-taking freedom from being enslaved or controlled. So, we work voluntarily to combine this detachment with Love.

Detachment alone, without love, might create nothing but cold, dead cyberzombies.

Nevertheless, dreams do illustrate the point that "unreal" people and situations have the power to affect your emotions and feelings. If, for example, you dream that you are being tormented, pursued, ignored, betrayed,involved in scandal or sex, it can, and almost inevitably will, have an emotional impact. Unreal dreams can have real, even measurable, effects, and denial does not make this fact untrue.

Our ordinary, everyday, practical world is very different, in some rather important ways, from the Mindworld of the mystic. Balance is the challenge of living in both, and not blurring the lines that divide them.

Re the "reality" of ordinary objects such as rocks and trees: Yes, the mystic recognizes them as real, but not as absolutely real. If a huge boulder falls on her, she will recognize that it is certainly real. But, and this is only in the highly abstract Mindworld of the mystic, that boulder has no absolute reality. She (the mystic) is comparable to the physicist, who knows that boulders are made of energic microparticles that contain nothing solid; but the physicist, too, will still be crushed. Material things, as parts of Mind, have a certain reality. The argument of the mystic that they are "illusion" is only that they have no absolute reality in Mind-- they are passing, ephemeral phenomena. To be plain: The world is real, but it is only relatively real; for to be a world, there must be a Mind. (Physicists are starting to define this reality in terms of physics.)
Only Mind is primary or "absolute." One of its most popular assignations among mystics is "the Absolute."

Still, even realizing this, the mystic must also live in the ordinary, everyday, consensual reality. They (we) do not deny the material world, or its reality. We simply interpret it differently, and have different ideas ("revelations," at times) about the pneumopsychological nature of this world.

Deep down, the mystic says, in the profoundest level of the Unconscious, we are already "perfect." In Eastern traditions, this very deep Mind is the "Buddhamind," and, "You are already the Buddha." This deep, unconscious part of your mind is already fully enlightened. Only the conscious mind, manifesting as the ego, is deluded; and it is so, not due to ignorance alone, but also due to the fact that it is the will of the Creator/Dreamer.

The world is a construct of Mind that is designed to lead us to this depth, in which we are already "perfect." But before we can get there, we must turn our attention away from the world. By being so ugly and repulsive, sometimes the world can drive us into introspection and deeper Mind. This is one use that the mystic makes of this world. After going inside many times, she has gnosis or personal, immediate, experiential knowledge of the Lovemind deep within her mind. This Lovemind is the Creator/Dreamer.

But God/Goddess is so very deeply hidden in the profound ocean of the Unconscious that we don't even know that this part of the Mind exists, under normal circumstances. It is only by embracing the Way of discipline, interiority, and Love that the mystic has this gnosis revealed to her. First, most do not know that this Mind exists, and, second, it is challenging to touch it even after you know. But it has an amazing effect on selfimage. It makes you long to become its incarnation, an incarnation of Love Itself. Masters have said that we are the "sons and daughters of God." To expand this analogy, we bear the "genetic" imprint of God (Love). But, of course, this is psychological, not physical.

As mystics, we are called to the long and winding road that will, in time, result in the manifestation of this interior Lovemind. This can occur through teaching, healing, sharing, and many other forms of positive interaction with others. And, in this practical world, the "others" need nothing more than they need abundant compassion or Love.

True, from the abstract, ethereal heights of abstraction, the Mind can "Love only Itself." But, as human beings, we simply do not live in that refined and rarefied atmosphere. Instead, we usually live in droll, unimaginative, ordinary, everyday reality. This is where we must, are forced to, do our living. It is the only "place" or "world" were we can act. So, again, this is a very different world from that very elevated Mindworld of mystical musings. Although mysticism is the truth, it cannot be fully applied in every detail to our normal lives. A physicist might know that everything is made of atoms, and that atoms are made of microparticles such as leptons, hadrons, gluons, quarks, etc. She knows that the "solid" world contains nothing solid; it is all merely energy plus nothing. She knows, and has proved, that this is so. But in the "real," everyday world, this has virtually no practical implication or application.

The one Mind is a similar perspective, except that it does have a few practical advantages. Even though we know that it is true that the whole world is transformed and modified Mind, we live in the "ordinary" world of matter. We live in a realistic world populated by six thousand million human beings, and countless other creatures. This is why the only Way possible for the One fully to love Herself is through us, and we can love Her only by loving "other" creatures. This is Rule Number One, and Rule Number Two is that you cannot break Rule Number One.

Loving "others," say mystics, is the thrill, bliss, joy, and wonder of all existence-- within our present world. "Love,"by definition, often or usually implies love of "another."

This Mind is never "alone," for It is always with Itself, and, in our world, always manifesting as innumerable creatures, all of whom are thirsty and eager for Love. Loneliness might even be a specifically earthly pathology, and the solitude of the Mind is not a negative state, but one of great intrinsic ecstasy. For It is so selfsufficient, so selfcomplete, that Its solitude is a healing and rapturous condition of utter peace. In this state, It knows total contentment, fulfillment, and immeasurable satisfaction. It reaches into us through Love, and it is by Love that we can meld or merge with It-- "bringing down"its bliss into the human mind.

Also, the dream/game of the world is not imposed upon Mind. Mind deliberately, voluntarily "buys into" the dream. For It is completed by cycles of contraction and expansion, like a heartbeat. It "contracts" in the dream, as smaller minds, and expands into its true Self upon awakening.

It loves Its solitude, but It dreamed the great dream in the first place because it was also fun and exciting to be with "others." These others are secondarily "real," just as the boulder is real. Also, isolation, for Mind, is far from an existential tragedy. A Mind "alone" forever, but filled with perfect Love, would be an endless state of ecstasy. It is only because of our nano-experience of human loneliness that we might tend to see this solitude as a "bad" state.

But, back to the heare and now: The Mind experiences explosions of others, by the billions. After these hyperactive cycles, it needs time to rest, and a gentle tranquility, bottomless, settles in, taking eons, and lasting for eons. This is likely followed by yet another creative explosion.

Here is the key to the paradox: To say that the Mind loves only Itself does not imply that It cannot love "others." Indeed, the way that the world is structured, the only Way that It can love Itself is to love others. It loves in and by and through us, and we are the billions. The Way is a fulfilling Way of service; that is why it is not a path of solitudinous hermitism. Some rare examples do withdraw to caves; but the great masterteachers have all been highly involved with teaching and reaching other human beings. They never sought to seal themselves off in a negative solipsism. The mystical path is hypersocial, and friendship is one of the recognized expressions of Love.

So here is an ancillary paradox: The Mind both loses and finds Itself in loving others. It is the essence of the pleasure of the dream that the Mind can do this. The Mind loves loving, and It supremely loves loving others.

This is a core-purpose for the entire dream of the world. The Mind cannot free Itself into full liberation without learning to love others -- and, in time, all others. Yes, the Mind can love Itself without the presence of others, but It prefers to love Itself by loving others. This is Its most joyful, and preferred, way to love. It was for perfecting this art of loving that the game of the world existed in the first place. The dream of the world is dreamed so that Mind can enjoy this delightful experience of loving others.

The "delusion" of "illusion" is deliberate and voluntary. Even the selfcreated amnesia is willed upon Mind, byMind, as part of the wonderful experience. Mind, being indestructible, impervious, and invincible, leaps eagerly into the virtual adventure of the dreamworld.

If you can imagine a Mind suspended forever in void, you will realize that the Mind has to do something. And what minds do very well is dream. We can enjoy dreams with even our nanobrains, but when it comes to a Supermind, "dreaming" takes on entirely new dimensions, literally inconceivable to our three pounds of gray matter. If we find it tough to encompass or imagine ecstatic and utterly satisfying solitude, we find the psychomechanisms of the great dream even more incomprehensible.

Mystics discuss it; but we never claim to know everything about it. Its very colossal hugeness far surpasses the human mind, as Mind fills more worlds than we can contemplate. It is safe to go so far as to say, in fact, that this Megadream is nothing like the dreams that we have at night-- only a nanoscopic and shabby indication. So, any comparison at all between the Megadream and nightdreams is tenuous at best. At worst, they might be irrelevant. But they do at least hint at a tiny concept to aid our understanding.

We might be in a position analogous to amebas trying to understand the mysteries of subatomic physics.

The dream could be more fulfilling if everyone knew and loved everyone else, but that is not essential to this Megadream. In fact, learning to know each other, and then, learning to love each other, is a core-aspect of the dream-- a reason that the dream exists. We are fond of focusing on endings and goals;but the Dreamer is as fond of the processes that lead to, grow into, final results. The only factor necessary to the successful playing of the game, a successful megadream-- is that the individual-- you, or I -- improve in the art of loving. And this is one colossal challenge!

The cultivation of genuine compassion, for a creature as self-centered as human beings can be, is a whale of a task. Here's the uncomfortable catch: If you do not learn to love everyone in the dream, you cannot fully love the Dreamer. If, to use a crude illustration, you love eight out of ten people, you love the Creator only 80%. (Not technically accurate,for there are also other creatures involved). For, of course, everyone in the dream is a part of the Dreamer. Our superchallenge, as mystics, is to love even the stupid and the cruel. My greatest challenge is to love the incompetent and disastrous george bush. But, we must keep in mind that the minimal Love given even to all strangers is to wish for them a good, happy, successful life that contains Love, friendship, and inevitable enlightenment. With a little work and awareness, we can cultivate this minimal Love for everyone. This sincere wish for a good life is the very least that we can do during our earthlives.

The Mind has never, at least in the local Megadream, dreamed into being a world in which everyone loved everyone. This would be like a school that taught only people who had already graduated. Those who do not love need the education, just as the sick need the doctor. The unloving are also
the teachers of the loving "wannabes." They teach us how nonlove states are hells, and how antiagapic behaviors are dysphoric.

In a nightdream, for example, you might have two ladies; let us call them Ishtar and Aphrodite. They do not love each other. But this is just fine. It is the dream's purpose to correct this. But, yes, it is also true that they do not fully love the dreamer until they learn to love each other-- again, with at least the minimal Love. That is what the Megadream is all about-- not being "finished products," but works of art in progress. Earth is not designed for only the loving, as a school is not designed for only the educated.

To "love" an idealized, abstract image of "God" is next to worthless; for if you are not loving yourself and others, your "Love" is nothing but an operation of intellect; it is emotionally dead.

Love, of course, comes in many varieties and types; it also comes in a wide variety of powerlevels. You cannot "love" a dog the way that you "love" your mother; nor can you "love" a Love-prartner the way that you "love" your brother. So, to "love everyone" implies a galaxy-wide spectrum of loves, including the minimal Love described. It would be insanity to expect anyone to "love" everyone with the powerlevel and intensity with wich she loves her special chosen Love-partner. Strangers require a different kind, and powerlevel, of Love.

It is also possible to have a Love for God without loving everyone -- and it might be quite genuine. For karmic, genetic, or other reasons, Love might be limited. The goal is not perfection -- an unreasonable demand. The goal is for each person to find, and to express, her maximum Love -- even the maximum of the "minimal" Love described earlier. But to reach for our best implies Love for even enemies.

When your wife dreams of Santa Claus, if you were to Love her with ideal and complete Love, you would indeed love the Santa of her dreams. But we are not here talking about human dreams. The situation with the Megadream is not always completely comparable in every detail with human dreams. The "rules" might differ a little.

We do not love fear, delusion, or hatred. But nondiscrimination ["loving" evil or destructive acts] is not a valid spiritual goal. The valid goal is to love the being that expresses these negativities. So, the mystic is not called upon to "love" war, greed, child-abuse, etc., but must "love" the perpetrators.

If your wife is a painter, you do not have to love all her paintings. But, if you do truly, fully, completely love her, and everything about her, everything within her-- in the idealized "perfect" Love-- you would indeed love everything that emanated from her. You would love all her paintings. But the weakness of this analogy is that it uses the imperfect Love of human beings as a standard, and so is itself an imperfect illustration of perfect Love. For there is a huge difference between loving something on canvas and loving a human being. Besides, human beings are so imperfect that your task or assignment from the cosmos is never to love everything about anyone. Our goal is to love the Core that dwells within all.

God is always dreaming up interesting and challenging scenarios to challenge and to test our Love. Everyone loves butterflies and rainbows, but almost no one loves spiders and snakes. When we see them objectively, as biological wonders, it is easier to love them. But that does not imply that, every time I see a snake, I must go kiss it on the mouth! Again, levels and kinds of Love!:) But I can wish it no harm, cause it no harm, and wish it a happy life.

If your wife becomes ill, there is no logical implication at all that you must love the illness. You simply love your wife within the illness. With illness, you do not stop loving your beloved. In fact, illness is one of those challenges that test Love and faith. Can real Love really permit the nightmarish tragedies of our world? In most cases, karma is the explanation, and it serves Love.

Loving a woman, or agod, in a healthy way does not imply that you "collect their used kleenexes." (I sense that this was a deliberate absurdity on your part to show how foolish that you thought the whole concept to be.) Universal Love has been embraced by some of the most luminous and beautiful minds in history. Of course, we are all free to second-guess even life's greatest discoveries. But if we become too skeptical or cynical about Love, we must pay a terrible price.

Can you love and be critical? Certainly; constructive criticism can be a real expression of Love. You can with confidence criticize other people, and dogs or cats. But this is not precisely analogous to criticizing the Mind Itself. A human criticism of the Mind of Love is more akin to an ant criticizing a professor of philosophy. Criticism of Love tends to put a wall between you and Love, and so, is hadeogenic. So, your Love-relationship with Love is not accurately comparable, in every detail, with your Love-relationships with others.

To sum up, to be perfectly clear: The mystic lives in two overlapping but separate worlds simultaneously: Much of her timenergy is spent in the ordinary, everyday world of multiplicity. Here, she loves others. This is largely the world of action. Her other world is the Mindworld of meditation and ideas. In this world, there is only the One, without a second. The latter is the only reality, but her life in the ordinary world is not pretense; she is, after all, part human. Neither is her life in the Mindworld a lie; she is, after all, mind -- all mind. The challenge of practical spirituality is the balancing of the two; meanwhile, her assignment is to bring as much Love into the everyday world as possible, by loving "others."

God and "Hellfire"

The idea of an everlasting hell is so completely contrary to Love that it is actually a form of madness. It was created by psychotic Church-fathers to scare the people into Church-attendance. By the year 200, the early Church had already begun to evolve towards a giant economic and political institution. Because it needed the money of all the people all the time, the leaders, who were quite often insane, had to figure out a way to force people to attend Church regularly. They could well see that Love was not serving the interests of the religious empire, and so, they tried its opposite, fear.

The ancient mystic John, in his first Epistle, wrote, "Love, when it has become complete, casts out fear." (4:18) So, anyone who is filled with fear of this psychotic superstition, and the crazy god behind it, needs to fill herself, day and night, with positive spiritual material in an intense program or agenda of spiritual education. She should fill the mind at all times with the attempted realization that God is Love, and Love never does any harm to any living creature.

What human parent, even with our plethora of imperfections and violence, would hold her cute young daughter's hand over a candle-flame and ignore her screams? We would justifiably and correctly lock up a person who behaved like this. This parent would deserve it, for she would have proved herself, with no doubt at all, to be quite insane.

To erase and resist this god-image created by psychotic and disturbed Church-leaders, we must also spend very much time in meditation or prayer. We could select as a mantra, for example, "God's perfect Love," "God's stainless Love," "God is Love and..." or a similar phrase. Also, we need to turn within with joy and anticipation that God is greater than any of our "sins," and know with all our being that it is His/Her great pleasure to forgive us.

Jesus, perfectly representing the "Father," practiced perfect forgiveness. He was striking in how he exercised compassion rather than harsh judgment towards even serious sinners, such as people caught in adultery. He stunned the respectable religious leaders of his day by daring to forgive sins. And he made a factual statement that we still need to remember: "All your sins are forgiven."

The question of everlasting hell is a part of two larger questions: The nature of God and the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus', and God's, Love is infinite. There can never be a sin greater than this galactic Love's ability to forgive. God CAN forgive any sin; the only remaining question is, "Does She/He want to forgive us?"

The answer is a resounding YES! As Love Itself, God does not simply have Love, but is Love. As most tranquil and peaceful Love, God suffers from none of the mental illnesses that infect and warp human beings. When people cannot, or choose not to, forgive, we correctly say that they are spiritually sick. This is a mark of spiritual pathology, sometimes even of mental weakness, or even illness.

To understand the true God, we must often work very hard to strip the heartmind of all the ancient images of god, such as those found in the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament"). We must awaken fully to the amazing realization that the God of Jesus was not the god of the ancient Hebrews. Those ancient people, the respectable worshippers of "Jehovah-Yahweh," supported the murder of Jesus. This strongly proves that their faith was not sufficient in Love. So, Jesus created an alternative to Judaism, called "Christianity." Had the ancient faith been accurate in its portrayal of God, Jesus would not have replaced it.

So, to refashion her God-image, a person will have carefully, conscientiously to avoid reading the Hebrew Scriptures and all "Christian" literature that confuses Jehovah-Yahweh with God. This means that she will have to avoid many ideas, and many people, who make this error. And, among Christians (especially but not only fundies) this horrid nightmare of a mistake is all but ubiquitous. So, in full revision of the God-image, one must rather carefully avoid reading almost all "Christian" literature, for almost everyone makes this extremely serious distortion.

You can strengthen your positive and healing faith by avoiding this kind of person, lost in ignorance, and gently, lovingly replacing "friends" from the past who are consumed with a god of hatred. Try to associate with only friends who are open to a God of Love, to talk and discuss with them. Often, a nonreligious type can be more supportive, more spiritual, than a religious person.

Think about the God of unconditional Love and forgiveness, pray to Him/Her, day and night, without ceasing. If you do this, with a sincere heart, She/He will help you to eradicate the ghastly and wrong image of God. Trust fully in God to be able to do what you cannot do alone: He/She can help you to erase these old and destructive "tapes" in the mind. Never give up.

If there is any way that I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call (513-) 737-LOVE (5683). I am not sure where you live, but we also have spiritual gatherings every other Sundayy. The next one, on May 14 (Sunday), we are going to have in a local park. These gatherings are very positive and deeply spiritual, and you are welcome to attend. Also, you can find much encouragement and education on our regular radioprogram, "High Spirits," on Saturday at 8 pm, on 1530 wcky. No matter where you live, and even if you cannot get the radiostation on your radio, please feel free to call during the show, from 8 to 9 pm, on Saturday, at 877-345-3779.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Wicca and Historical "Witches"

There has probably existed, for thousands of years, people who followed the ancient Way of the Goddess, Wicca, which worships God as Goddess, and often, through nature. These worship-ceremonies emphasize flowers, moonlight, nature, etc.

But the "witches" whom the Church burned at the stake are fictional. The true Wiccans never worshipped the devil; indeed, they do not even believe in a devil. This was a Christian invention and fiction. The real reason that the Church-leaders wanted to murder these innocent women had nothing to do with religion. They wanted to get their land and other possessions. One way to do this was by the public accusation of "witchcraft." This would almost guarantee that even an innocent woman would be locked up and tortured, losing all her property.

The tortures of the witch-trials were ghastly. In fact, they are so horrible that I will spare you their description. For, like me, if you heard what the "Christians" actually did to these women, you might not be able to shake the nightmare from your mind. That is how horrible these tortures were.

Greed, as always, is the seed of much hideous and monstrous behavior. So some of the "Christians" were also severely perverted, and turned on by torture of young, often beautiful, women. This was just plain sick,and it added to the sickness of greed.

The "trials" were absurd and ridiculous. They were not anything like those of a true legal system. During the trials, women were stuck with pins, and if they responded, were called "witches," for, if they had not been demonic, God would have protected them. They were also dunked in water and held under; if they drowned, it was "confirmation" that they were "witches"; if not, God would have saved them.

This criminal perversion was very widespread. Christians were victims of heinous superstitions. And the worship of the god Yahweh-Jehovah permitted such barbaric cruelty that the mind boggles at the tortures devised.

Wiccans today are making a come-back, from the ancient forms, as a form of nature-worship. Early Christians taught that God manifested as "Goddess," in nature. they called their Goddess "Sophia" (Greek for "wisdom"). Wicca is a very rare form of religion, as it elevates women above men. The Wiccans meet in groups of thirteen, each called a "coven." Each is led by a priestess. They try to gather and send psychic energy, for healing of a friend, or for success in an enterprise, etc. But they have nothing to do with satanism, the worship of the ultimate illusion, fear or the "devil."

Most of what these Christians said, from about 1450-1650, can be dismissed as overactive imagination. Some might have been even victims of a naturally occurring form of lsd, which grew in a fungus in their bread. (This is known as "ergot poisoning.") At any rate, nothing that they said can be taken seriously, and none of their charges against "witches" had anything to do with reality.