Saturday, December 11, 2004

Playing, and Keeping Your Center

Many psychologists have become big believers in the therapeutic value of just "getting silly" once in a while. You can do this alone, but it is much richer and more fun with a trusted friend. Capricorns probably need this even more than others; but as they get older, they will get internally younger! (This marks all capricorns.:)

But in such intimate sharing, moderate caution must be used. For even "loving" has its own boundaries. It is possible, for example, to lose entirely too much of yourself in another person. If she became the center of your whole life and mind, you started failing as your own center, and lost balance. Each of us is supposed, designed, to be the valid center of her own life. Of course, this is with full awareness that Lovemind is your only valid Center, the Center of the center. This does not imply selfishness-- not at all, but simply balance. To love another, even very deeply, should never be actually to lose yourself in her. In this, you can actually lose too much, and so, have less to give.

Playing can keep you from losing touch with your authentic Center, the Coremind of Love deep within. Anyway, playing is entirely healthy, and is good for the Soulmind as well as the conscious mind.:)

So, keep playing, keep smiling, laughing, and having fun!:)

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