Saturday, July 22, 2006

Video Educational Project

Dearest Friends of the Heart,

As you all know, I have deliberately not mentioned much about money in my teachings. This is because, more usually than otherwise, money is generally used to create and serve greed or other negative pursuits. But so many of you have so kindly and sincerely expressed an interest to help the Ministries in a real way that we feel comfortable in sharing a new idea with you.

A good and new Pneumarium-friend has moved recently into our lives. His name is Steven McDaniel. He is a mystic who writes poetry, along the lines of the sufi masters. He is a professional producer of videos, including educational ones. He has suggested that we create an educational video aiding people to emerge from cults. But the spectacular difference between our video and other "counter-cult" videos is that they are often produced and written by extreme rightwing Christians. They try to talk people from the "frying pan into the fire." By contrast, we will be really trying to liberate people to find and select a personal and independent spiritual path. In fact, it is possible that, in our video, we might even warn against those other videos!:)

Steven has told us that the start-up costs to create this video professionally will be about a thousand dollars. We literally have no
other alternative but to appeal to your Love. We still shine from the glorious glow of your having supported so kindly and generously our radioprogram "High Spirits," which touched thousands of hearts.

So, we turn once again to your kindness. As you know, it is important for us never to burden you. So, every donation-- even one of a
dollar-- can really help our efforts of Love. If you send donations to some big, powerful church, yours will be swallowed up and ignored. That will certainly not happen here. In fact, in the past, we have been extremely aware of mentioning, in the uld, and on the radio, every person who donated. This is not ego, but the simple courtesy of acknowledgment.

So, watch, in the future, for announcements regarding those who donate to what we are calling "Project Emerald," the new educational video. Btw, Steven makes professionally-prepared tee-shirts with messages on them. So, for anyone who donates $15 or more, we will custom-create a garment with your message on it. This is our gift and incentive, and it is the first time that Love Ministries has ever been able to make such an offer of a useful item such as this.

So, please, my friends, pray about this matter, take it into meditation with you, and then, follow the Love in your heart.

--The Love Education Team of Love Ministries

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