Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unconditional Love

Love is always unconditional. This means that it can never be earned. This is the exact kind of Love that we receive from the Absolute. The Mind loves us because It is Love Itself. Nothing that we can ever do can "earn" the beauty of this priceless Love. Also, nothing that we ever do, no matter how bad the mistake, can ever drive it away, or neutralize or cancel It.

When we decide to serve as a vehicle or vessel ("instrument") for Love, it flows through us effortlessly. This is the highest condition possible for a human being. It is the goal of every mystic, and is the ideal for every Christian.

This unconditional Love is of God, and a product of grace. It is not something that we must, or can, do. Instead of trying to "make it happen," we must simply "let it happen." We must get out of Love's way, and stop casting ego-shadows in the Light of Love. So, it is no effort for us personally; it is so easy as to be effortless, for God does all the work, as the highest Mind working within, and through, us.

So, if you give this Love to someone, and she changes into a "bad" person, this Love will not change. For if it changed, it would be "conditional," conditioned on her behavior. "Unconditional" means, "This Love will be given to you under any and all conditions."

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