Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cosmic History in a Nutshell

The ordinary,everyday world, or "dreamworld," was originally created by the One. But, believeing in free will, the One granted to other minds (souls) the ability to dream up amusements and entertaining scenarios of their own originality. Long story short, the souls enjoyed the dream so much that they willed themselves, quite daringly, to forget that they were dreaming. In this "fall from grace," or, "fall from Eden," they came to believe in the reality of the dreamworld, so believed that they were bioforms and nothing else. Believeing that they were animals, they began to sow the seeds of karma (ignorance) and suffering resulted from that, not from anything that the One directly created.

Individuals, suchas you and I, are real. The fact that they are minds makes them real. the possession of mind is the definition of being "real."

The mystic is a real individual. That word, by the way, means in-divided, or unified with the Whole. Minds only are sacred. This means that all persons ("masks") are real while we are on the "stageplay" of earth. And, being real, mystics do indeed, like all other human beings, have free will. this is limited by only karma.

The souls that came from the One have this capacity for evil or ignorance. This is because they willed themselves into amnesia so that they could play the game. By definition, however, the One is committed to the good. This commitment is directive and unbending, unchanging. The One has never fallen into the weakness or illusion represented by evil, and so, has never engaged in it. But "omnipotence" implies that the One is unlimited. so, yes, theoretically, It is capable of evil. It does not engage in evil for the same reason that we do not murder, take drugs, and sleep with strangers. We have interior codes of conduct, based on reason and Love, that are binding upon us. The One is Love itself, and cannot, by nature, choose to go against Love, in counterproductive ways. Of course, she could; but she never has, and never will.

This world, the dream, is real. But its reality is only relative, not absolute. Only Mind has absolute reality. But mystics have always said that the world, while being an absolute illusion, does have relative reality. That is, in fact, why the mystic must live in "two worlds". One is consensual reality, the other pure Mind.

It comes from God's great gift of free will. God (Love) will not "take over" as in a b-movie "possession." She waits to be invited-- and even then, it is not always easy for the mind of ignorance to stay on track. For earth has been a haven of ignorance for a long time.

In the beginning, the unexpected happened: Once the nonphysical souls arrived, to play on earth, the game began to change. They hypnotized themselves into amnesia. They forgot their nature as everlasting, nonphysical beings. They fell victim to the illusion that they were indeed animals, not souls, physical, not spiritual. This is, imho, illustrated by the story of Cain having killed his brother Abel. This was the grinding sound of the start of the great machine, the great wheels, of karma.

During the next few millennia, during "human history," these beautiful souls fell further and further into illusion-- killing and being killed, abusing, falling into violence and greed. All the fun, all the awareness, was draned from the game. No one even wanted to play any more. But, caught by karma, they had to return to the earth playground, now a virtual prison.

This is how polybiographic mystics explain the existence of so much "evil" in our world. But if we can remember our original connection with Love, and that we are actually incarnations of Lovemind, then the promise of Krishna is fulfilled, in the Celestial Song: We are released from the burden of karma, and find bliss as our natural state. This is moksha, or liberation, because a mind in bliss is slave to nothing.

This mysticism is a longterm path, requiring many lives to perfect. But some of us have been on this path already for many lives, so the situation is by no means hopeless.

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