Saturday, July 22, 2006


To all of our kind, supportive, and generous friends,

We are delighted and excited to announce that radiostation wcky called, and they want us back! There will still be a fee for the program, but they made us such a fine offer that we could not refuse. The new "High Spirits" program is slated to begin this Sunday, July 23, at 9 pm. This is wcky, 1530 am; the phone-numbers are 549-1530 and 877-345-3779.

Please do call the program this Sunday. So, many, many thanks to all those of you who so generously supported the former program It reached many fine hearts with the peaceful and sanity-saving Message of Love. We need your support again. But this time, we are starting with a simple general call to every one of our friends, rather than a "structured" donation-method as we had with the last program. If you like, recommend, or support it, we might initiate this donation-method again. But, for now, we are sending out this "Help!" message to anyone who might be interested.

Frankly, we can imagine no better use of "our" funds, which are "your" funds, of which we are only the caretakers. So, please be as generous as possible; please consult the deeper interior Self of Love, and follow Love, as in all things. We are appealing especially to the members of the Love Education Team, who so bravely and generously came through for us the last time. But, if you are not a member, sending along a donation will automatically make you one. Also, for anyone who sends $15 or more, we will be able to give a professionally designed tee-shirt containing the message of your choice.

Please, let us hear from you asap! With this one, we are stepping into the void, with full trust that you will come through for us.:)


Richard and Adamaria

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