Sunday, July 30, 2006

Learning throughout Eternity

All forms of Christianity, as well as other forms of universal spirituality, teach that death is not the end of life. As people were born on earth for their education, after this earthlife is completed, their education continues. As for "sinners," that is all of us. We are saved by only God's grace.

You come to earth from the soul-world in order to learn. But earth-life is only a moment, and a brief one, in the history of your soul. Education continues both before and after this life. Each is educated by living in various relationships with others, learning patience, forgiveness, and making errors that are part of the schooling. We are all here to learn the lessons of Jesus-- those of compassion, forgiveness, and Love. Even when a person "graduates" from earth, there are still an infinite number of lessons and courses left in the "university of the universe."

Those who learn Love must continue to learn ever finer applications of Love. And those who do not learn-- the "sinners," as you say-- must continue to take the same lessons over and over again, until finally they pass them. Failing is not an option, not a possibility. You might fail for a thousand years, but success is ultimately guaranteed for all. They will have to take these lessons until they receive a "passing grade."

And no one can ever stop going to school. And we are forced to take the lessons that the Master (God or Christ) forces upon us by our lives. In fact, every event, every day, might be seen as a lesson, especially if it tests your patience, kindness, forgiveness, or compassion.

God is not limited in time. God has forever to give us as many lessons as we need. If it takes a thousand years for a soul to pass a particular test, God just takes a thousand years. God is not in any hurry; He realizes that He has no time-limits. So, He does not force us to grow. He just waits patiently, as Love in the heart, and He will, with utter kindness, wait as long as it takes.

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