Monday, July 24, 2006

US Speeds Bomb Delivery to Israel

This from Mike Gallagher:

US Speeds Bomb Delivery to Israel

BUSH CABAL'S 'SHOCK & AWE' THROUGH their master's plan--we are Israel's puppet. Israel is a superpower, and we have been relegated to lapdog. Bush, Putin, Blair, China, N.Korea stand back and give the Zionist Likudniks free reign to terrorize a defenseless people in Lebanon. After 18 years of earlier occupation, Beirut-- a cosmopolitan multi-ethnic city-- is returned to rubble. And apparently, it won't end there: They'll look for instigations, false flag operations, and push north through Syria--then Iran. And the world just doesn't care about Arab lives. They don't see the absolute U.S.-backed & -promoted carnage & insanity.

The Israeli's have been quietly slashing and burning through the Gaza's West Bank with new American weaponry that slices off the lower limbs of men, women & children.

The casualties are at a ten-to-one ratio (Arabs to Israelis). Unchanged from the last sixty years.

The American corporate media, including npr, are Pro-Israel all the way!! I can't believe the favoritism. But I shouldn't be surprised. Americans, including myself, don't have a clue what goes on there. The Jewish deaths are equally as tragic. Many Jewish scholars, from around the world, have spoken out--loudly. Many rabbis have also protested.

Most Jews here & in Israel are doves: 70-75%. They are like most Americans, and folks around the world. But, a small minority imposes a hawkish rule. This occurs both here & there. They are the ones who have the money and power--for now. And this nightmare will continue until the world is angry enough to say "Enough"! We have absolute strength in our numbers. When will we put an end to this insane Armeggeddonist neoconservative hegemony? When will we strike down this imperialistic hubris!!

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