Monday, July 24, 2006

Justice, Death, Numbers, Dark Gods, Jehovah

As a principle of Mind, and creation of Love, justice must be r-real (real in Mind), although it is very, very rarely m-real (in the dreamworld). The accoutrements of justice are all m-real (dreamworld). But, at their best, they represent a higher reality, r-reality. A cross that is m-real represents Christianity, which is both r-real and m-real. Deep Lovemaking (m-real) symbolizes Mindlove (r-real) or the greater,wider principle of Love Itself (r-real).

Perhaps some things on this earth can be contextually "perfect." But many deny that any absolute r-perfection can exist in this m-world, and I am inclined to agree with them. Perhaps we can call the ideal justice r-justice. M-justice never equals r-justice. It is the same principle that we m-mystics never fully realize r-Mind or r-Love (our most sacred ideals) in the m-world. As a perfect, flawless abstract, the highest justice is not a part of the m-world. Still, what imperfect approximations that we can create via laws and restrictions are very good things for all of society.

Numbers can be argued to be either nature speaking (intrinsic to nature) or an overlay that the human mind as created as a tool to examine and understand nature. In complex geommetries, as the Greeks loved to note, there are indications that order is intrinsic to nature, not imposed by the human mind. I would have to answer that, in the abstract, numbers are intrinsic to things. If two birdsfly over, that number "2" was not arbitrarily created by the m-mind. Likewise, if a billion molecules are found in a solution. As archetypes, numbers are part of the Mind, intrinsically, and thus, would have to be r-real, imho. It seems that if numbers are intrinsic to the language (energy-patterns) of the Mind, then relationships between them, assuming that numbers mean quantity as they usually do, would have to be a part of r-reality. For this is part of the matrix-dream of Mind-- the skeletal or small set of principles upon which everything else is based. Numbers could never be so foundational, so directive, so intrinsic, were they mere m-phenomena.

The universal mystical view is that death is not absolutely r-bad. It is clearly m-bad in some ways, as it separates lovers, breaks hearts, and even drives some away from Love. But even if it does this, that is not r-bad. As a manifestation of the r-mind, death is close to equivalent to taking off an old shirt, and putting on a new one. (This is said in the Bhagavad-Gita.) When seen in its cosmic perspective, death is actually a very joyous liberation. It removes pains, suffering, agony, relationships of hatred, much bitterness, envy, much confusion, ignorance, all medical problems, a spectrum of brain-disorders, and many other hells. And, after you see its "negative good," by all that it takes away, you later see its positive good, by all that it gives. Mystics do not laugh at funerals, out of compassion. But death is the way that nature has created for us to leave this cycle of life behind. It is as natural as the blossoming of a rose in sunlight. In the egoself, it can still create fear of the unknown, but, in the deeper Self (soul) or deepest Self (Spirit), fear is totally absent.

This "dark side" was a way that Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and other mythologizers revealed that the gods and goddesses do not always serve, or even support, human happiness. Indeed, many "demons" were actively and dynamically anti-human (or, anti-happiness.) So, Kali, for example, was m-dark from only the human perspective. She was not "dark" because of her connections with death. Or, at least, that was not the only reason. She was a violent and vicious force of nature. she was "dark" in the m-world as a tornado would be dark if it blew away your family, kids, grandkids, beloved pets, etc. None of this is truly r-dark, but the mythologizers were reacting from the m-world in their descriptions of the gods; if this had not been so, they would, and should, have represented the One by a blank sheet of paper as the Indescribable or the totally transcendental. All the gods and goddesses were symbols of the One's relationship with the m-world; hence, they were all m-illustrations or m-symbols.

The demon of Judaism was Mammon. He was the "god" of gold. This is a warning of something that people love to forget: Greed resists everything noble and divine in us, and in the cosmos.

What is most repulsive about Jehovah is that he is consistently immoral, out-of-control, a murderer of thousands, and generally, a fool without a clue. Jehovah never created any world, as he is a creation himself, and could not produce any r-world. And Jehovah is a part of the dream of the m-world, and so could not possibly be a creator of even that. He was a myth created by angry generals and frightened kings who did not have the spiritual sense that God gave a gnat!:) He is nothing at all like the One, not even comparable. Or, perhaps he could be vaguely comparable, but it would be as a bacterium to an elephant.

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