Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jehovah, Brahman, Adam, Eden, Dreamworld

Jehovah is a terrible illusion. It has been recycled, in so many minds, for so many years, that it might even have a certain m-reality as deeply as the collective Unconscious. But "he" is still illusion, a part of maya. By definition, he can influence the world-dream of a being, just as movies (unreal) can give real nightmares. But the m-world of the dream comes, ultimately, from four interactive sources: the personal unconscious, the deeper unconscious ("soul"), the collective Unconscious, and Coremind (Spirit or God).

Jehovah, being a stark and somewhat scary illusion, does not have the Power to alter your dreams, although you can change them in response to "him." But, since he is illusion, he has no part in creating the dreamworld of any creature.

Being only nonmystical m-reality, he has nothing to do with any r-reality.

Understandably, in view of our culture, you, almost subconsciously, couple Jehovah with Brahman. But the difference between the two is gigantic. They are not even in the same mental galaxy, despite the fact that both are called "gods." for Brahman is true Mind, true Love, true God. But Jehovah is a fairy-tale, a wargod, created by primitive and barbarian peoples.

Since "Adam" is the conscious human mind, he can influnce his own dream, to a limited extent; but that dream cannot be influenced at all by Jehovah. Adam can, for example, do something stupid, or cause deliberate harm, and then, that act is recorded by a part of his Unconscious called the "Observer" (or, "Watcher"). It is as if we are all tape-recorders, to use a simplism: As we live this life, we are in the "record" mode. But, in our next life, we will be in the "playback" mode; so everything that we did deliberately to others will be "played back" as karma. (Of course, the complexities of Mind are never this simple; but it does illustrate how karma-seeds are planted in Mind, and how they "replay" so precisely.

I wrote, "And Jehovah is a part of the dream of the m-world, and so couldnot possibly be a creator of even that."

Jehovah is an image within the dream of Brahman. Adam is also an image within Brahman's dream. (Adam is our human nature.) So, although this might look like two dreams, it is only one. For, in one and the same dreamexperience, Brahman dreams up bothJehovah and Adam. However, your note still represents truth, for Brahman has dreamed up Jehovah through Adam. Can we separate "Adam's dream" from Brahman's? Not completely, for, although it contains some unique contents for each dreaming being, the Adamdream is a subset of the Brahmandream. As Adamind is a part of Godmind, so this also must follow. Brahman is a great shared "pool" of Mind; as we dream our personal dreams, we all come to that pool with individual cups, and draw water for personal drinking.

I wrote, of Jehovah, "He was a myth created by angry generals and frightened kings who did not have the spiritual sense that God gave a gnat!:)"

You are making a logical assumption, again, that Jehovah is somehow the source of the dream. He is not. If you dream of a bad little girl, you cannot reasonably "blame her" for your dream. she is but an image in your dream. So, Jehovah, again, has nothing to do with the creation of the dream's content. A perfect dream is created by Brahman; it is given as a gift to the human soul. But that soul pollutes its pure waters with the pollution of karma. that is why our worlds, created by perfect Mind, are so "imperfect."

The entire Edenic account is the story of the dream. It is regarded by all but the most fundy to be an allegory. By the time that Genesis starts, Adam was already dreaming. But he was not fully "asleep" to higher spiritual realities. Illusion, in the form of Jehovah, dulled his mind, drove it into illusion. So, this "sleep" is a viable symbol, but it is not the symbol of dreaming only. It also symbolizes dulled or truncated awareness: Adam was put to sleep, and then, human nature split into yin and yang: Female was created from male. This is yet another symbol of a deper duality. when he later ate of the "tree of good and evil," he projected that illusory duality onto the world.

That was when both (all of human nature) were cast out of the garden of pleasure ("Eden"). That was when "thorns and thistles" appeared, the couple was cursed, and a lifetime of brutal hard work was predicted as their fate.

Brahman dreamed up the ancient world, with all its generals and other miscellaneous messes. They then created Jehovah, not in their dream (he was not a reality, or even an m-image, unless you believe in the historicity of the Hebrew Scriptures). Jehovah was a much simpler phenomenon: He was sheer imagination. By that standard, he was not an m-reality, but an m-mind-image only.

I write, of Jehovah, "He is nothing at all like the One, not even comparable. Or, perhaps he could be vaguely comparable, but it would be as a bacterium to an elephant.

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