Sunday, July 30, 2006

Time and Worldmind

When we spoke about Brahman and "potential," we were referring specifically to that aspect of Brahman called sunyata. For it is from this "Mindvoid" that all things emerge, and so, we think of the "light of the void" as referring not only to voidmind, stillmind, or crystalmind, but also to the potential of the Mind to dream anything. This is, of course, infinite and unlimited potential. It is the "uncarved block" of the homely Taoist parable, from which you can carve anything. So, Brahman, as the active Dreamermind, is not only or exclusively potential, but is also the manifest cosmos.

Einstein, when asked about time, said it existed to prevent everything's occurring at once. Time is an m-world creation; for in purest Mind, there is no reason to hypothesize its necessity. In fact, mystics such as Jesus say, from one perspective, that the Mind, in Itself, enjoys a "timeless" existence. This is the life of the "eternal now," in which there is no timeflow. This "now" simply is; it does not "go" anywhere, and it is not "headed" towards the future, and does not emerge from the past. It is outside of time, and time-measurement, altogether. ("Measure shares a root with "matter," and so, is a product of the m-world.)

What is done in this extraordinary altered state, several mystics have stated, is "done as unto the Lord," for it is the "Lord" Itself performing the highly focused act, outside of time. In this sweet altered state, time does not "fly." It simply does not exist.

This awareness changes the mystic in some very important ways, but it does not alter the collective or consensual reality. So, with the timeless mystic, although she attains clarity and focus, she still lives in the "sea of time" surrounding her. Her bioprocesses, including aging, continue, although some desperate souls try to pretend that they can "master time itself." We can "master" subjective time, and time-usages, but not the consensual flow of time altogether. (That is desperation and its accompanying gullibility speaking.) For time arises from a very deep layer of the Unconscious, i.e., the collective. It is thus exactly like other consensualities, such as scientific law.

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