Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mystical Notes

Neural or molecular reductionism does not explain the mystical xperience. This ultrasckeptical approach leaves out, completely deletes, the one Essential embraced by all mystics: The profoundest mind, the deepest.

To describe the causes of mystical experience (and they are many), we would have to speak of a convergence of theogenesis (God-created factors) and psychogenesis (factors created by small minds).

The Mind encountered we call the "Beyond within," or the "interior Other," to illustrate Its/Her/His awesome and overwhelming nature, and its sheer magnificence. But these phrases also convey the paradoxical fact that this great Mind is not "outside," but deeply within "our own" minds.

Still, nevertheless, as is true of so many other mystics, a stress-related psychological component was a factor in the personal mystical event. This stress-factor laid the groundwork for precisely such a breakthrough. Most important spiritual work occurs somewhare in the vast "Unconscious," and very little conscious work can ever lead to a mystical experience.

The experience is with the Mind that is Truth Itself (or, Reality), and is not seen by mystics to be a "normal" psychological response only. There are, granted, pseudomystical experiences that have purely, and perhaps, exclusively, psychological or neuromolecular causes. But the genuine event is marked by an experiential and profound knowing of another" Mind, a Mind that, although within "your" mind, is a Consciousness consisting of nothing but pure Love. the ultimate paradox, like those of so much in physics, is that this Mind is "interior"; and yet It is vastly superior, to your own mind. What it precipitates is a revolution in your definition of God-- "God within," not god in the sky,
or in outer space. This realization is enormously, perhaps predictably, empowering and healing. It dispels an entire range of ego-hangups. And, as Its (Her/His) larger goal, It gently nudges you to the complete disappearance of the ego into a larger Mind. This is the final phase, called "Union," "dissolution," or "absorption," by various mystical schools. This is also the discovery of "ecstasy" and/or bliss. Bliss is a reward promised by mysticism, but going for the bliss is an ego-motive, and invalid. We want to grow for Love's own sake, and Love for Love, not for any personal gain.

So, mystics go for years, or even decades, between experiences; and some have only one real event during their lifetime, for one is often quite enough.

The mystical experience, as you must know, has been "explained away," but not explained, by reference to molecular and neurological brain-alterations. And mystics easily agree that major brain-changes do occur. But it is our consensus that Mind uses these changes to precipitate the experience, and not that these chemical changes create the experience. It is an old "chicken-egg" riddle, but the experiencer feels with every fiber of her being that something real-- indeed, the only Real Thing-- as occurred. She never has any sense of a dream or hallucination, or of distorted perceptions of any kind. Indeed, the subjective mind feels more clear and bright, more aware, than at any other time. It feels more awake; in fact, afterward, the usual state of mind appears "dreamlike" by comparison with that ultralucidity revealed in the superclear mystical state.

Similarly to the molecugenic explanation, the mystic feels that the Mind can use psychological stresses, conflicts, and pressures to make the mind prepared for the experience. But the great event is not caused by these pressures. The experience, re etiology (medical or neurological cause), holds one fact to be supreme: when the greater Mind (Spirit) wants it to occur, it will happen. You can do anything conceivable, and not cause the sweet experience-- not the realthing. Acid, psilocybin (shrooms), and other chemicals can create a pseudomystical experience. But it is
not the real thing. For, by definition, the Reality must come to one unbidden and unsought. And it must not come due to alcohol or other intoxicants or chemical triggers.

There is much, much more where this comes from. In fact, if you are at all interested in this mind-blowing experience, I suggest that you read some books. they are all available, free, on the website: loveministries.org

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