Monday, July 24, 2006

Mental Illness

Mental illness is usually confined to the physical bodybrain system, and does not have any effect on deeper Mind (Soulmind). So, it is cured immediately upon death, and the soul moves forward in Love, cured by Love, on its spiritual path.

But, theoretically, a souldisease could also exist in the form of mental illness. This souldisease is also cured by a superbombardment of Love from the interior divine Spirit. A soul with soul-illness would be extremely rare, perhaps fewer than one in amillion, as most disturbances do not sink this low into the deeper Mind (soul). Nevertheless, there are non-material beings (call them "angels," of traditional variety) who will care for and tend to the soulically ill and will work for centuries if necessary to restore them to good mental health. There are entire Love-teams of such helpers, and the ill get much special attention. They are both protected and educated by Love.

They are sometimes given lifetimes with very mild challenges, but they, too, continue to grow, as we all must do. But if, for example, the illness is greed, they are slowed to a crawl. Happily, the universal Mind has forever to do Her job; and it will be done, no matter what.

These sick beings will come into permanent happiness and irreversible peace.

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