Sunday, July 30, 2006

Heal Your Life: Begin Now!

You have been wounded, my friend, by religious fools who understand nothing about the heavenly Father of Love. If I were in your position, I would begin healing recovery by continually "feeding" myself positive spiritual literature. If you are interested, we do have a couple of our books on cd. Just say the word, and send us your snailmail (geographic, ground) address, and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Beyond that, you need to reject all thoughts of the hateful god of mythology and illusion. You need to invite the true God into your heart. This is not done by ceremony or formal prayer. It is done by loving yourself and others. So, do whatever you can for others, and for your own happiness. God is Love, and wants for us all to be as happy as possible.

He does not want us to hurt ourselves or others, through selfishness, but He does want us all to be as happy as we can be. So, give yourself little treats during the day; give yourself plenty of rest, take a nap, go to the gym, eat something delicious, listen to tv or radio, listen to birdsong. Each time that you enjoy something, thank God, for He is the Source of all goodness.

Also, thank the God of Love for a new day, for sunshine, for rain, for both are beautiful in their own way. Thank God, as Love, for all your loved ones, and shower them with expressions of Love. If they think that this is odd, just tell them that you have discovered that God is Love, and that God contains none of the brutality, cruelty, and other messed-up mind-diseases of people.

Perhaps most importantly of all, keep your mind occupied. Always stay busy with "work therapy." Work in whatever way you can to aid the world; if you work for others, to improve their lives, this will be the work of God in the world.

If you are seeking your interior natural talents, abilities, or skills, I could help you. Just send me your birth-date, birth-place, and the minute that you were born, and I will do some research for you.

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