Monday, July 24, 2006

Mysteries of the Polycosmos

Of course, in eternity and infinity, any number of unsolved mysteries do exist. One of the mystic's most pleasurable occupations, in fact, can be speculating about them.

In a delightfully unlimited and boundless cosmos, the solutions about which we can speculate are mindboggling and exciting.

For example, there must, it seems imho, be an infinite number of parallel universes. If this were not so, the education of the soul would have to be forever incomplete. Let us say that you, in this universe or time-line, are pb 1, just for a kind of shorthand. In the cosmos of PB2, he would have to have made at least one important decision differently than you. PB3 would have made still another decision differently. Whereas you chose path a, he chose path b, in situation x. That is pb2. But pb3 chose b rather than a, in situation y.

Perhaps, in consideration of the thousands of decisions that make up a life, you can see how mindboggling in complexity the "multiverse," "polycosmos," or "supercosmos" must be. At death, you come together with everyalternate pb in one unified psyche, and so, have a complete education, lacking nothing, from all the possibilities offered by the pb role or mask.

Please think about this, and let it incubate in the Unconscious.

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