Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Why make an already obfuscated message, Augustine's writing in Latin, even more complex by writing it in that strained, artificial, and pretentious English? The translator made him sound like the King James Bible of 1611.

Augustine strikes me, all these centuries later (he was born 354), as a grumpy old man who does not really love people, just puts up with them. Worse, his god is one of atrocity. It is understood from history that Augustine killed a group of innocents because they refused to live his brand of Christianity. Murderers are often a bit challenging in the Love-department. Happily, my God does not tell me to "like" everybody. And the "minimal Love" owed to all strangers is simply honestly, sincerely to wish them a happy life. I am much more a "Krishna" man when it comes to spiritual reading, not an Augustinian at all.

It is appreciated what little good (in comparison with the damage) that he gave to the world.

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