Saturday, July 22, 2006

Reality, the Cosmos, and the Conscious Mind

States of Mind have been studied through many lives-- not so much with the tools of sad, backward, and primitive human psychology as experientially and experimentally. Neophysics is just now beginning to discover that There are causal links between Mind and matter.

But please note that these links have nothing to do with the supposed connections between the conscious mind and matter, as is often suggested, rather facilely, by "new age positive thinkers." The conscious mind exists only to know and experience the world. It makes discoveries and creates karma based on its free will decisions. But it has nothing at all to do with the construction of the "material" world. So many new-age people, desperate and feeling hopeless and helpless, try to present the conscious mind as if it were God: All that we have to do is really want something, with our whole heartmind, and then, say the right prayers or formulas sincerely, and viola! As in a Disney movie, we will get everything that we have ever wanted.

This belief is the result of understandable desperation and a large volume of gullibility. For what do people want more than anything else? They want to be in control, to find a genie in a bottle, to have three or more wishes. The conscious mind has no effects on "external" matter. Stated differently, it does not impact on deep collective levels of Mind. (A single exception might be the matter within your own bodymind.)

There is a collective level to the Unconscious that dreams up the world. The world is guided by laws of stability and dependability that are as reliable and as inviolate as the usual "scientific laws" of Newtonian (macroscopic, antique) mechanics and physics.

In the final analysis, there is nothing but Mind. And that Mind wants nothing but integration into harmony. In Mind, this conclusion was endorsed by Elohim, Solomon, and other teachers.

Instead of desperately grabbing for control, the mystical Way celebrates its absence of control. For you are not responsible for what you do not control. But you are fully responsible for anything that you do control, so the chimera of control also has a hellside.

Through life after life, whatever the nature of the learning-experience, we have worked, often struggled, to become beings of peace and compassion. For, underlying all knowledge, and much more important, is wisdom. That is what is called "spiritual."

There is a place that is designed for cosmic meditation. You cannot go there in a physical body, for its temp approaches absolute zero. It is a place of great, gorgeous landscapes of blue shimmering crystal, some being sheets hundreds of feet across. Its purpose is the creation and maintenance of absolute silence, even at the molecular level. A few earthyears spent in this environment can stamp your soul with such utter peace that it can never quite be forgotten, never shaken from the unconscious Mind. To have once touched this profound motionlessness is to have your interior being changed forever.

Other systems are the yang opposite to this yin state-- all fire, all action, accelerated speed, at which chemical and other reactions occur at thousands of times their speed on earth. These are similar to great chemlabs, and there, very rare compounds are often created. It is such an ultrathril to have touched one of the worlds that, again, as in the world of silence, you are changed-- in this case, deeply energized-- forever. Heraclitus would have loved it; beings of pure "fire" are clearly how the ancients would have defined the energic beings that inhabit these places.

In other areas of the cosmos, vast superminds beyond all description are created by mutual Love among many beings. This Union, mergence, fusion, Mindblending is like good sex multiplied by a pleasure-factor of millions! In fact, the very best sex is an unconscious faltering, stumbling outreach for Mindmelding. Beings can spend entire earth-decades, even centuries, locked in this splendor and Love-union, which gets sweeter by the minute. It is all that the best earthlove could ever promise, and ten billion times as much.

By contrast, "Hellworlds" also exist. There are locations in the cosmos in which Love has been prohibited, as cold and impenetrable as ice-covered steel that has spent millennia in the arctic. Actual incarnations here are reserved for the truly, voluntarily, deliberately evil and Loveless, but it is possible to visit these areas without living in them. The most striking aspect of these hellworlds was their coldness, since hell is supposed to be so hot!:)

The cosmos is a school beyond all imagination. Very likely, in fact, anything that you can imagine can, and often does, exist somewhere. This does not mean that imagination is reality, but it does imply that the cosmos is far beyond the capacities of even the wildest of human dreams and imagination.

Sow, you asked about the "Homeworld." this is the name given by its inhabitants to the worlds of the afterlife-state, about which my novel, Luminous Ecstasies and Passions, was written. I've had several "tours" of the Homeworld following my biodeath in 1988, and compiled them in the form of a novel. Above the Homeworlds, where every material/sensual desire is fulfilled, lie the higher Mindworlds, and above them, the Blissworlds. It is one breath-taking cosmos, once we remove the "blinders" of human culture, and start to climb outside the human "box.":)

These worlds are enough to throw all the "breaker-switches" in the human nervousystem. Talk about sweet overload!:) And, as you might suspect, there are several million planets inhabited by sentient (selfaware) life, not only in this galaxy. We do have the option, in the Homeworld, to incarnate on any of these, although we are also impellingly, and compellingly, drawn by the shared karma with other people. But certainly not all incarnate on this poor nanodot that we call "earth."

In some of these incarnations, different sensory systems were explored, such as "synesthesia"-- the seeing of music as color and pattern, the tactile response to fragrances, etc. In other lifexperiences, empathy was developed. In other universes, what we call "five minutes" is time enough for the rise and fall of civilizations. In still others, symmetrically, their five minutes would be long enough to contain the Hundred Years War (which,btw, was 117 years in duration.:) The bodies in these lives sometimes leave impressions: Some are free of what we call gravity, and their weightlessness can still produce dream-memories of floating, and even flight. In other forms, group-telepathy is possible, and so, you get to share the sensual experiences of more than one person, etc.

The earthlife is created by Mind. This Mind follows similar patterns wherever It manifests in the cosmos. So, many life-forms are at least similar, in some ways, to earthforms. After having led this rather difficult life, however, I still hold to the vision of being a large sphere of light, with no moving parts, that shoots throughspace at nearly lightspeed! (That, however, is only a fantasy, and it is not "recalled" as a karmic memory.:)

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