Sunday, July 16, 2006

Richard Shiningthunder Francis Seminars

Seminars by Richard Shiningthunder Francis 2006

Sample Program: The "free and happy life" seminars, occur in the format of non-structured question-and-answer arrangements between Richard and the audience. So, be sure to bring along any questions you may have.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:
* the psychology of spirituality * the nature of universal love * practical applications of the mystical Way * comparative religion * the meaning of religious history * astrology * dream interpretation * relationships and self-image * honorable sexuality * various religious paths * the nature of cult-psychology * divination * omenology, and symbolism * Kabbalah * Tarot * Christianity * Sufism * Native American spirituality * the nature of visions and dreams * altered states * meditations * world-transformation * the nature of channeling * energy-transfer and non-traditional healing * the meaning of suffering * the dynamics of karma and multiple lives * the Way of universal love * the operations of angels and other spiritual entities * the nature of reality and the new physics
* solving psychological problems with spiritual principles.

Nothing is "out of bounds" when it comes to the questions that you bring, provided that they are spiritually oriented. You are invited to bring questions, share a feast of the soul with other like-minded persons, bask in a sense of love and harmony, and realize that in following a non-traditional spiritual path, you are by no means alone in the world.

To schedule this workshop in your area contact Richard S.T. Francis at rmfrancis (at)

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