Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mental Influence Limited; "Born Again"

The Christian Scriptures do imply that faith has great power. Some people make the false assumption that they can do anything, if only they can "talk themselves" into "believing. But, of course, you cannot "talk your way" into faith. Faith is a decision made at a very deep level of the Unconscious. It is a gift from God, through the deepest Mind.

These people are scared to death of life, and trying like mad to control everything. this is because they have no faith. This is the opposite of the mystical view, which says, "Trust and let God be God," and says always to God, "Thy will be done."

But this cranky and unspiritual attitude of positive thinking and visualization tries to take away God's job of running the cosmos. Some people are so arrogant that they actually believe that the divine Power needs their guidance.

This is only a version of wishful thinking. Psychologists call it "magical" thinking. Most healthy people outgrow this kind of fantasy-thinking by age seven or so, but some do not. They are always, again, antimystically, trying to "take over" and "control" the universe.

They speak in hushed and awed tones of the "power of Mind," and often imply that they can do anything. But, when put to the test, they often grow suddenly quiet, or even embarrassed. It was Jesus who said that people could not change the color of a single hair on their own heads. So, please test these people with their amazing claims: Ask them to change the color of a single hair upon their own heads.

Lao Tzu, Jesus, and the other great saints, sages, teachers, and mystics of history tell us to turn away from this dangerous and wrong

Being "Born Again"

The experience of being "born again" is a completely mental and spiritual one. It does not usually create somatic (bodily) sensations, and it is not designed to do that. With strong emotions, however, there are often some physical sensations-- a feeling of chills, warmth, or tears, for example, can come with this experience. But the intended effect is on the transformation of the mind. People who get caught up in somatic sensations, and who compare notes, are not striving for Love, but merely for "bragging rights." Anyone who boasts about her experience is betraying it.

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