Monday, July 24, 2006

Political Morality

The idea that America thrives on diversity is not a popular view during the attempted evolution of a neofascist state. "Uncle Sam" is evolving in some ugly and repellant ways, under the far right; but happily, these alterations do not seem irreversible. This view of diversity of thought has always seemed, imho, to be one of the healthiest facets of democracy. The jw cult also taught the horrors of mindless conformity, the death of creativity. Since human beings are intrinsically creative beings, it can also mean the death of productivity, and even of happiness. I have seem more, and more blatant and shameless, immorality in this present administration than ever before in our largely noble history. I am not anti-American,as many "liberals" are. But I believe that the most sincere form of patriotism is dissent, as long as it is constructive as well as critical. But a lot of criticism goes toward the false god worshipped by the extreme right; the right is wrong about its god. We do claim the right and power to kick out of our "personal" (experiential) realities any god of which we disapprove. And, since "Uncle Sam" and Jehovah are both monstergods, we prefer to live lives of interior peace in their absence. That by no means makes them "go away," and no sense of such megalomania exists. But we do have the delightful freedom of Mind to delete them from personal thought, contemplation, and even conscious awareness. This is with the faith that, someday, they will be "scoured out" of even the preconscious mind. then,later, they will be cleansed from the personal unconscious; and perhaps centuries after the beginning of the catharsis, they might be neutralized in the soulevel of Mind. That,at least, is the hope, after having worked for centuries on this cathartic project. Its real core-challenge is the defeat of fear. The "devil" is the conceptual opposite of Love, which is fear. This creation of support for fear, always scaring the public, proves that the work of extremists serves the false god of fear-- the "devil." If gods were really alive, and not just the product of distorted and woefully incompetent human imagination, would not many, if not most, be parasites? One actually wonders what real functions some gods fill; they seem to be all but worthless, if they do not call people to improve their lives, or their views of the universe. (Here, what is in mind is mostly the ancient forms, including various anthropomorphic forms, fertility deities, rain-makers, etc.) We do not see Love as a pure symbiont, for She does not really "need" us human beings, but we surely need Her. (Without human beings, the Love of Goddess could and would express in countless other lifeforms spread through the galaxies.

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