Thursday, June 05, 2008

Genetics and Nutrition


In looking at the overview of the health of the physical body, there might be no simple answers. People who jump on the bandwagon of new "nutritional theories" often make absurd claims that a particular seed, fruit, or vitamin can cure just about anything or everything! And this is a very attractive idea! Although entire books might be written to defend the latest nutritional "fad," actual experience generally disproves that any single or simple substance can serve all people as a "cure-all." Even when "much evidence" is presented, it is not scientific, or does not necessarily apply to all people. Human biochemistry is so complex that virtually any substance might have a positive effect on one, or a few, persons. But this "healing effect" is not generalizable to the public or population in general. Nature, even in her wide, breath-taking abundance and variety, appears to have created no "cure-all."

Why? Because biological imperfection is an important part of the "test" or "exam" of this physical life. We are supposed to learn compassion from this biolife on earth, and limitation teaches compassion. She who has never suffered knows little compassion; she who suffers more can love more.

So, earth is a school. And our "textbooks" include illness and other limitations. And even though it is a great fantasy, the simple truth is that nutrition cannot cure all biological imperfections. For some illnesses and general imperfections are the result of the molecular structure of dna, the molecular "blue-print" for the physical body. This is "designer-dna," for it is designed before birth by the Soulmind (deep in the Unconscious).

The products of dna are called "genetic." Here, we will call them "karmogenetic," for genetics always expresses karma. And dna is a molecule of great complexity; it has nearly a billion smaller molecular sub-units within the molecule.

We are just beginning to understand which sub-molecules influence which characteristics, which can create certain imperfections, disorders, or dysfunctions. To discover these molecular causes was the purpose of the famous "genome project."

If a condition is genetic, it cannot and will not be reversed completely by nutrition; for the problem is structural, not nutritional. And even if the dna could be changed by visualization, as some believe, one would have to know the detailed construction of this very vast molecule in order to change the appropriate sub-molecule.

Visualization can be a powerful healing-technique, but it cannot reverse all conditions; neither can "positive thinking." For simply denying a condition, as the Christian Scientists do, does not make that condition miraculously disappear! (If it were that simple, everyone would have perfect health, all the time!)

It is important to love your body. This is a form, and aspect, of selflove. You want to feed it with food that is natural, good, and of high quality. But if your Soul has chosen a condition for your body, and it has been expressed "karmogenetically," then your lesson on earth is to learn to live with that state, and to adapt to it. Your challenge might not be to force the condition to change, or to heal it. Your challenge might be to learn to adapt to it, to live with it, even to draw compassion from your suffering.

Historically, this is why some of the most beautiful, enlightened, and powerful Souls have suffered from biological limitations. These wise sages and mysticsaints did not simply lack the "good sense" or the "faith" to be able to heal themselves. Some conditions simply do not respond to mental changes, while others do.

We do have some biological control over our bodies, but it is limited; it operates only within certain parameters. Beyond them, we cannot go.

Why? Because, as in all other facets of our lives, we are here to learn faith or trust. We are here to learn to trust the cosmic Mind of Love.
Only those who do not trust It will try to grasp control of the world and give it to the ego. And this is spiritual illness-- much more serious and long-lasting than any physical illness.

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