Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Disincarnate Masters"


I am not certain that belief here is strong re the "inner school" (that word "inner" has been used to death!:) That is, it is not proved beyond reasonable doubt that discarnate "masters" are working with us here on the physical plane, although they might well be. (Nothing disproves it.:) None of the objects in this material world can lead to God, and yet, paradoxically, that is where they all direct us. They are maya ("illusion"), all a part of the cosmic dream of the Dreamermind.

The Way directs us, not to disembodied (dead) "masters" or "sages," but to the deepest level of the collective (shared) Mind, deep within the Unconscious. This is Coremind, Lovemind, or Godmind, the Center and Nucleus of all minds everywhere. It is omniscient, and contains all the answers. Even more importantly, its supporting matrix is warm Love.

Disincarnates could well be working with us "incarnated types," but the "evidence" for disincarnates, such as it is, can more easily be explained by the selfevident fact that the Mind does exist, and has several "unconscious" levels. The principle in science called "Occam's Razor" suggests that when a complicated and a simple solution both exist, we choose the simpler. That principle can be a great guideline in spirituality as well, where things can grow rather rapidly into enormous complexity, and in which simplicity richly pays off.

But any philosophy or idea to which you feel resonant, if it works for you, should never be challenged by anyone else. We all must explore spiritual tools and use those that work for us.:)


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