Monday, June 02, 2008

Worship and the Pneumarium


When we do incarnate, we bring with us, deep in our minds, "contracts" that bind us specifically to other souls. This is all so that we can perfect our Love for ourselves and for them. A common caution is never to hate anyone, for that hatred can be a strong karmic force; so, next time around, you might be married to that person!

Happily, however, Love can also be an even stronger karmic bond, and will without fail bring you to the side of your Soulmate in a bright loving contract.:)

Jesus' recommendation re our Way of life was to keep it super-simple (the "K.I.S.S." principle). He held up to us as examples three ideals of living creatures who do not try to force life into human-created designs.

He used as parabolic examples the birds, flowers, and nursing infants. (See the latest uld.) What all three have in common is that they do not try to control; they do not force life into patterns that have goals. Instead, they live each minute-- only now-- going with the Flow. They do not irritate themselves by constantly asking what their "purpose" is. Perhaps it is a part of your life-purpose to stop asking this question.

Perhaps a closer study of the Way known as Taoism can help you here.
(Love Ministries has its own rendition of the little great classic of Taoism called Tao Te Cjhing. If you want a copy, just remind me!:)

God is best known, and served, by acts of Love. Love is the only true worship. Worship is not singing hymns, lighting candles, public prayer, going to church, or Bible-study. For none of these activities is, in itself, spiritual. You do much more worship in aiding an older person, a child, a challenged person, or a little animal than in giving a hundred long, drawn-out sermons. It is better to help and aid one creature than to spend a thousand hours doing "church-work."

Still, it is human nature to forget the truly important things, and to get lost in the trivia. This is why we have the Pneumarium gatherings.

Investing in spiritual education, and in spiritual stimulation, is also one of the fine, good, and worshipful uses of time.

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