Friday, June 06, 2008

The Sigh Heard 'Round the World


On 060308, yesterday, the world's largest sigh of sheer relief was heard around the world. For after that historical day, it became a real possibility that we, as Americans, would and could replace the worst president in history! George w. bush, also known as "dubya," or, "the shrub," has been the most dishonest, corrupt, and incompetent of any public official in our history. He made it impossible for an aware person to respect the office of the president, for he proved that it could be bought with money, and then, prostituted to corporate management. In doing this, he ignored, and even reversed, hard-won laws determined to protect our planet, Mother Earth, and showed that he was willing to end the world as we know it for a fistful of dollars in his personal bank-account.
Now, it appears that it will at least be possible to replace this mindless, heartless greedmonger and warmonger with a simpler man. This man has perhaps not been "tested" yet by the Office, but, at present, is a relieving alternative to the crooks and criminals who have "bought" the U.S. political system for years. Perhaps, someday, the "people" will once again have a "voice."
For the common person-- the average, middle-class worker-- has been ignored if not abused for years, while corporations and the filthy rich have put the president in their "back pockets." Bush has been but the puppet of rich oil-men and other wealthy supporters. Thus, he has been useless-- and, worse, harmful-- as a legislator. From the start, he and his Republican Party have been studies in dishonesty, secret procedures, and operations for money. (As president, bush has stowed away millions.)
Dare we hope that a new president might speak, and work, for the common people-- for you and me? This is the high ideal of this country, although it has been stomped into the mud, and hidden under filth, for years. Is the sunlight of this pleasant vision starting to shine again?
Are we starting to wipe away the thick filth of greed?
We do hope so. Let us have at least the courage to dream again; for without its dream, a people is nothing.

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